Summary: It was a routine visit to the bath house, or so Naruto thought. He was simply seeking to be washed, messaged and relieved. He never expected this visit to affect him so deeply. Certainly, he never could have fathomed how this one day, this single interaction, would change his life. NaruSasu.

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Thin shafts of light filtered through the thatched ceiling, illuminating dancing particles of dust. The room was empty, save one individual as he sat on his newly assigned bed. He looked down the row of identical threadbare cots stuffed with hay and straggling tufts of raw wool, and he felt nothing. His attention was drawn to movement at the open doorway as a lithe figure entered. A man manifested from the soft silhouette. His thin frame was wrapped in a simple linen toga. His hair, a deep auburn, was longer than the traditional Roman style and framed his face in unkempt waves. His light, emerald green eyes, like his smile, were soft.

"Claudius sent me to get you cleaned up," the man said. He was poised, his sandaled feet moving quietly over the packed-earth floor. "He said to call you Seraphinus. What is your real name?" he inquired. He received no reply, not even a fleeting look in his direction. "My Roman name is Gaius, but you may call me Gaara."

Seraphinus continued to stare on. Gaara didn't take offense to this cold response. He took the time to scrutinize this newest acquisition to the thermae. The man was clean... for a slave. There were no obvious signs of disease - no sores, no lice. He was pale-skinned with ebony hair and matching eyes, not a common coloring in this part of the world and not one typically favored.

"How old are you?" Gaara asked, eyes narrowed in curiosity.

Having worked in the thermae for many years, Gaara had become accustomed to the younger boys that Claudius purchased as puers. Few of them were older than 14. Gaara also knew the reason for this to be that Claudius believed it took time to mold a common slave into an attendant worthy of his bath house; and, by then, they only had a few years left before he declared them too 'used'. Seraphinus had a young, round face with smooth skin, a straight nose, and thin, sculpted lips. Even under the grime, Gaara could see the potential. But Seraphinus' eyes were weary, speaking of experience beyond the years of his appearance. Perhaps he was older than most of the puers, but his boyish features would serve him well for years to come.

Gaara sighed as Seraphinus remained stubbornly silent. "Why don't you answer me, Seraphinus? Do you not speak the civilized tongue of the Empire?" There was a bitter tint to Gaara's tone, as if the words stung. "Well, for your sake, I hope you can understand it."

Seraphinus maintained his obstinate gaze, focusing on the plastered wall behind Gaara. He did understand every word the man said, but he lacked the ability to respond in the same tongue. It was a harsh languagebrusque and flat. It lacked the lyrical, tonal quality he was accustomed to. It would be a challenge to learn to speak. Though, even if he possessed the tongue necessary to respond, he wouldn't. He had yet to reconcile his pride with his new status.

His former titlewith all the prestige and responsibility that it baredhad been stripped from him with the marginal success of a coup against his clan. Such events in the growing Yayoi population of Japan were rare, but he stood as proof of their occurrence. The dissident tribe pillaged what they could and sold off any captured clansmen to eager Korean merchants. Though these tradesmen more commonly carried silk and rice, they were happy to traffic humans as well. They knew of a civilization far to the West that seemed to have an obsession with exotic slavesan Empire that would pay well for such men.

That steady march westward took years. Seraphinus had been a boy on the verge of manhood when he was carried away from his villagehis family, friends, and betrothed. When he finally arrived in Rome, packed in a cart with other men, women and children acquired along the way, he was hardenedbitter, cynical and angry. But he was also broken, as most slaves were by the time they arrived at market. His outrage was nothing more than a festering wound that the Roman merchants seemed all too happy to pick at with their rough hands and spiteful words.

And despite Gaara's gentle demeanor, the toga he wore represented so much that which Seraphinus had come to despise. These Romans and their sickening lust for slaves. It was all he could do to cling to his few straggling remnants of outrage, though he knew that it was only a matter of time before he lost that as well.

"Come, Seraphinus. Let's make you presentable." Gaara held out his hand.

Those dark eyes finally shifted, moving to the upturned palm beckoning for Seraphinus to stand. He looked at it with a measured amount of distaste, but he knew that he had no choice. Taking the hand, he followed Gaara to the servants' private bath.

Seraphinus soon found himself lathered in oils that smelled strongly of foreign flowers. He attempted to cover himself as Gaara's hands smoothed over his body, but nothing was left untouched. Gaara stepped back to a stone basin and rinsed the excess slickness from his hands. He returned to Seraphinus brandishing a smooth bronze tool that was bent into a hook-like shapea strigil, he'd called it.

"Pay attention, Seraphinus," Gaara said as he moved forward. "You will need to know how to do this."

With practiced ease, Gaara scraped the tool gently along Seraphinus' pale, greased skin. Layers of oil, sweat, and grime peeled away. Each swipe of the strigil followed the line of Seraphinus' muscle like a cold, metallic caressover his arms, his torso, and down his legs. Once completed, Gaara instructed him to soak in the tepid bath water. Gaara watched him from the rim of the basin, simpering at the way that Seraphinus insisted on covering his genitals. Gaara let his hand fall to the water, his fingers skimming the surface.

"There are many worse fates for a foreign slave." Gaara's serene, green eyes, outlined in a thick layer of kohl, flicked over to Seraphinus. "You should consider yourself lucky. Claudius is a fair man. He will treat you well... so long as you do as you are told."

Seraphinus looked on impassively as Gaara regaled him with tales of insubordinate servants and the punishments they received. He explained what was expected of puers such as him.

"We are not simply aliptae meant to scrub the filth off patrons and hold their towels," Gaara said with a hint of pride. "We will service our customers fully. We will anoint, wash, and shave them; and we will submit ourselves to any other request that they may have of us. Do you understand?"

Gaara looked at Seraphinus intently, watching for signs of comprehension. Dark eyes stared vacantly back. It seemed Seraphinus would not deign to cooperate fully. Although, Gaara supposed, he at least took instruction.

It wasn't as if he didn't understand what Seraphinus was going through. Gaara remembered how casually his father had sold him to Claudius at the tender age of nine, though the exact flavor of his pain had dulled over the years to be nothing more than a somewhat acrid note in his memory.

With his frustration softened by empathy, Gaara quietly commanded, "Get out. I will shave you now."

Oiled up once more, Seraphinus stood rigid as Gaara slid the bronze razor blade along his skin until his entire body was depilated. Stepping up from behind the man, Gaara ran his fingers through Seraphinus' mass of thick, black hair. There were dense knots all throughout the shaggy mane, the result of neglect during his long journey along the trade route. Tugging the hair in one hand and slicing with the razor in the other, Gaara hacked away. What was left was a disheveled mess. It was shorter in the back than in the front. Gaara considered evening it out but, upon turning Seraphinus around, decided that the long, ebony bangs suited the man well. Gaara's eyes traveled unabashedly over Seraphinus' body, scrutinizing every detail and confirming that his appearance would meet Claudius' standards.

Seraphinus felt more naked than ever before and suppressed an embarrassed flush. He had never allowed another person, let alone a man, to touch him as thoroughly as Gaara had in the last hour. That, however, was nothing compared to what Gaara did next. He took Seraphinus by the shoulders and leveled him with a sultry, sea-foam gaze.

"Now I will show you the special duties of a puer," Gaara said, his voice low and provocative.

He, then, leaned forward and pressed his mouth against Seraphinus' soft, pale, petal lips.

Naruto entered the atrium and looked about the large, open space. He watched as men in decorated togas barked orders at their slaves while others in simple linen tunics, such as his own, moved into the dressing rooms alone, carrying their own supplies.

"Nereus Flavus!" a man called out in greeting.

Naruto turned at the sound of his Roman name. He smiled politely at the stout balneator of the illustrious bath house. "Claudius Paetus." He took the man by the arm in greeting. "I'm overdue for your services."

Claudius clapped Naruto on the back. "Come then."

Naruto proffered a few denarii as he spoke, "I'm afraid I am ill-equipped. Could you procure the necessary supplies?"

Taking the payment, Claudius smiled. "Of course." He slipped the coins into a purse on his belt, which was mostly obscured by his ample gut. "Will you be needing an attendant as well?"

"Yes," Naruto said as he ran his hands through his short, flaxen hair. It was a subtle gesture, a hint as to the sort of attendant he would prefer.

Claudius nodded knowingly. When he noticed Naruto reaching for more coins, he promptly put his hand up in refusal and donned a practiced expression, looking almost offended that Naruto would even think to do such a thing. "That won't be necessary," he insisted. "Your service to the Emperor is payment enough."

Naruto smiled patiently. He knew this game. He understood Claudius to be a shrewd man, one who sold readily information to anybody willing to pay a price. The man knew nothing of loyalty or privacy. He only understood the weight of the coin in his purse. Generosity was not in his naturenothing ever came free. Naruto was wise to this ploy and knew that while Claudius may not charge certain patrons for the use of a servant, that did not mean he would keep quiet about a their preferences. Thus, he withdrew another single denarius. "For your trouble," he said smoothly.

Claudius accepted the donation, the grin on his face belaying just how pleased he was with himself. "I will send your attendant to the dressing rooms."

Naruto nodded as Claudius turned to exit the atrium. He moved in the opposite direction, through the open room, in the long, confident strides that his position afforded him. He was not a plebeian, as most other patrons of this bath. He owned no land nor did he have any proper Roman pedigree; but what he lacked in a name, he gained in his title. He was an officer of the Imperial Guard, a member of the Scholae Palatinae.

He pushed back the scarlet curtain to the apodyterium with authority. As he scanned the dressing stalls for occupants, he could hear the echoes of splashing and banter coming from the natatio. A man stood at the entrance to the room with his servant, a boy no older than twelve. Naruto paid them no heed, though he did notice the way that the graying man stroked the servant's cheek before flicking his wrist in a silent command for the boy to follow.

Naruto disrobed, storing his sandals and belt in a small cupboard. He sighed as he pulled off his tunic. He could feel the way his muscles objected the motion, as they were tense and knotted. He wasn't just overdue for this, he was in desperate need of it. He had just begun to fold his tunic when Claudius entered.

"I have brought our newest puer to attend you," he proclaimed proudly.

Naruto stowed the last of his clothes and turned to face Claudius. His gaze traveled past the heavy man to the contrastingly thin frame behind him. The servant was fair skinned with striking, dark eyes and glossy, black haira foreigner without doubt, but the likes of which he had never seen. Naruto noted the puer's height, nearly matching his own, and the way that he stood up straight, looking him directly in the eye. He's a man. The very thought made Naruto's guts twist and burn with an excitement that he couldn't understand.

"Are you sure about that?" Naruto asked distantly as his eyes raked up and down the pale body a second time. He snapped his eyes back to Claudius and felt his stomach settle. "I would expect your newest puer to be a bit... younger."

Claudius didn't falter. Instead, he laughed heartily. "Seraphinus may be a bit older, but I assure you, Nereus," he ushered the man forward, "he will serve you well."

Naruto looked to Seraphinus once more. He performed a quick inventory of the lean lines of muscle shaping the man's angular frame and nodded. "Thank you, Claudius."

The proprietor took his leave, leaving patron and attendant alone in the dressing room. Neither man spoke nor moved. They simply stared.

It was an intriguing sight for Naruto to see a man and not a boy wearing the short toga of the bath house servant. Most puers possessed a waif-like form, having just begun to experience puberty. Seraphinus, however, had long legs that were exposed from the mid-thigh down, displaying strength and power in the muscles. Likewise, the exposed half of his torso and right arm bore even more evidence of his masculinity. Naruto clenched his jaw as the thought circled around again in his mindhe's a man.

His youth was, however, apparent in his face. Despite those defiant midnight eyes, Seraphinus' face was soft. Naruto spent some time just watching his mouth and studying his lips, imagining parting the supple flesh with his own girth.

Seraphinus watched unabashedly as this stranger's blue eyes scrutinized him. Let him, he thought bitterly in his foreign tongue. He won't find any apology. Even as he stood there in slave garb holding the utensils of his service, Seraphinus would not allow himself to be labeled as a lesser man.

Naruto hadn't grown up in a rich house. Thus, he'd never owned any slaves of his own. He'd never had anybody serve him unless he paid someone like Claudius for the privilege. Nonetheless, he knew the way that this man openly watched him was incorrect. It was defiant. Rude. And, for some inexplicable reason, it was... exciting.

On the occasion he was able to visit the thermae, Naruto procured male attendants exclusively. If questioned about his preference, Naruto would have his response ready and waiting. Women, you see, are made for such treatment. They thrive on the cocks of men. To take a woman means nothing. To take a man... now that is power. Although, even Naruto would have to admit that the puers of the bath house were always meek things. They performed all services as requested without argument. They were never a challenge. Nevertheless, Naruto did find satisfaction in plowing their asses like so many fields.

It was obvious in the few moments that they had been alone together that Seraphinus would not behave like the other puers. And the idea of dominating a mana manthat did not readily submit, was thrilling. Naruto felt a surge of desire that warmed his blood and made his eyelids sag.

Naruto cleared his throat and moved toward Seraphinus. He pulled the towel off his arm and wrapped it around himself as he turned to the exit. "Come," he instructed flatly.

Seraphinus did not bow. He didn't even nod. But he did follow as Naruto entered the natatio. The room housed a sizable pool that was roughly chest deep and filled with tepid water. It was intended for exercise, something which held no appeal to Naruto. Free time was a precious commodity in his line of work, and it was meant purely to relax.

A high archway connected the large, open-air room and its socializing patrons to the spacious tepidarium, where men set about the actual process of bathing. Here, red walls were lined with bronze benches and servants - women, men, and boys. Those owned by patrons were distinguished from the bath house aliptae and puers by their appearance. They were fully covered, the men in long togas and women in stolas. Some had tattoos and others, scarred brands.

Naruto moved to an empty bench in the far corner of the room, away from most of the activity. He stood awkwardly for a moment, knowing full well the process of being anointed but sensing that Seraphinus was less certain.

He sat down. "You can start with my back."

Seraphinus simply stared at him. Then, after a long pause, he gently set down his strigil. He tilted the ceramic vase containing fragrant oil and let the liquid spill into his open palm. He applied the oil thoroughly, smoothing it over the hard muscle of Naruto's back. His slick fingers slid down the valley of Naruto's spine, stopping just above the cleft of his buttocks, before retreating. He rubbed the oil into Naruto's tense shoulders, earning a groan for his efforts. Having greased Naruto properly, Seraphinus took up his strigil and set about scraping the tan skin clean.

Naruto could sense Seraphinus' inexperience in the handling of the strigil. He briefly wondered what other duties may be fumbled. His thoughts were pulled to the inevitable question of how Seraphinus would finally succumb. Would it be willingly or begrudgingly? Would he maintain this haughty air right up to the moment of penetration, or would he give in? The end result would be the same, he supposed, but the thought was still intriguing.

Seraphinus moved to repeat the process on Naruto's arms. The limbs were thick with muscle, too large for Seraphinus to encircle even with both hands. He found that kind of brawn to be unfamiliar; and, for reasons that he didn't quite grasp, it made him nervous. This Roman could prove to be a brute, he thought as he rubbed oil into the man's grimy skin. It wasn't that Seraphinus was incapable of defending himself. However, he recognized the risk in offending a patron, and he rather liked his head attached.

As he moved to Naruto's front and began oiling the firm chest, Seraphinus struggled to understand exactly what it was that made him so apprehensive? Was the twisting in his gut fear or excitement? Was he afraid of being handled too roughly? Or was the idea of such a dominating power strangely titillating?

His hands moved the oil from Naruto's collarbone down to his strong pectorals and then over rippling abdominals. He watched his hands intently as they splayed over the muscles. His lips twitched into a miniscule simper as he palmed Naruto's chest and rubbed his thumbs over dusky nipples. He considered what would happen should he pinch one of those pert nubs.

It had been a mistake, Seraphinus realized belatedly, to indulgeeven shallowlyin fantasy. As soon as he finished scraping Naruto's chest, the man stood and removed his towel. For the first time since their meeting, Seraphinus had to avert his eyes.

His hands trembled slightly as he poured more oil. He decided that it would be prudent to start at Naruto's feet, hoping that it would allow him the necessary time to regain his composure. He sank to the ground and slowly worked his way up. He stopped at the knee and applied the strigil. Then, he repeated the process on the other leg. He was avoiding the inevitable with as much tact as possible.

Oiling up his hands once again, he began to smooth the liquid into Naruto's thighs. Seraphinus cast his unfocused gaze down, refusing to acknowledge his actions. He moved his hands deliberately to spread the oil efficiently, though not enthusiastically. His fingers inched upward, gliding over the strong tendon connecting thigh to pelvis. With more effort than he would care to admit, Seraphinus schooled his expression into one of cool detachment as he slicked the liquid between Naruto's pendulous sac and leg.

Naruto looked down at Seraphinus as he worked, and frowned. He didn't appreciate the vacant look in those onyx eyes as the task was undertaken. He realized anything more would likely be pure pretense, but he was a paying customer. Pretense was expected. He looked back up, across the main pool, to a man who was receiving similar treatment from a brunette servant. Her oil-slicked hands smoothed over his thighs repeatedly, in time to the bob of her head between his legs. That was a woman that took pride in her work.

He opened his mouth to voice his displeasure, but his breath hitched. Seraphinus had slipped a hand between his legs, his slender fingers gliding along Naruto's acutely sensitive flesh to meet with the other hand that slid over his buttock. Naruto released an inaudible sigh and fought back an unbecoming shudder.

It would be a flagrant lie if Seraphinus said that he didn't appreciate Naruto's backside. He massaged the firm, yet pliable, muscle for a few seconds longer than necessary, digging his fingers in a bit harder than was required. The way that his hands slid along the flesh and squeezed went beyond 'thorough' and flitted into the territory of licentious.

But he didn't linger too long. He pulled his hands away and grabbed for his strigil.

Scraping the oil off the outer thighs and that strong globe of muscle was a simple enough task, but things became more complicated when he moved the tool to Naruto's inner thigh. Seraphinus remembered how simple this had been for Gaara, as he had cupped his own genitalsfor modesty's sakeand kept his anatomy out of the way. Naruto, however, was not moving to assist in such a fashion.

Taking a resolutely even breath, Seraphinus reached his left hand between Naruto's legs and, with a touch so light that it seemed almost apologetic, took hold of Naruto's cock and balls. Seraphinus' right hand moved with such speed and precision that one would think he had been using a strigil for years. Once the task was completed, he promptly removed his left hand.

The experience left Seraphinus feeling unnerved. Naruto noted the slight trembling of the hands on his thigh and the brush of air against his oiled skin as Seraphinus took deeper, shakier breaths. It was a fascinating reaction indeed. He had never seen a puer, even one as new to the position as Seraphinus, respond in such a way. Is he simply nervous? Or could it be something more? For a fleeting moment, he allowed himself to consider the preposterousthat Seraphinus was genuinely attracted to him.

Naruto snorted at the thought. It was ludicrous. A puer was paid to facilitate sexual release, nothing more. Attractionreal or imaginedsimply didn't play a role in this charade. Perhaps if he was in the company of a courtesan... but Naruto couldn't afford somebody trained in the art of seduction and pleasure.

Finished, Seraphinus picked up his tools and ducked away as he stood. He took a few steps back to wait for his next command. The moment of silence allowed him to tamp down the strange fluttering in his stomach. The tightness in his chest and erratic beating of his heart were absurd, Seraphinus knew this. He tried to rationalize his response as one of repulsiona reaction to being forced into servitude and required to bathe another in such an unspeakable manner. However, none of that explained the heat low in his gut or the occasional throb in his loins.

Naruto spotted an unoccupied private basin and gestured for Seraphinus to follow. He eagerly sank into the warm water and leaned against the cool marble side. It wasn't a long tub, so he didn't have room to stretch out. However, it was deep enough that, by the time he was settled at the bottom, he was nothing more than a neck and head.

Seraphinus stood next to the basin rim quietly, staring out into the room with disinterest. He had no defined duty during this part of the bath, except to wait for a request and acquiesce. Out of his periphery, he noticed Naruto dip under the surface of the water. His eyes moved of their own volition and were rewarded with the sight of Naruto resurfacing with a gasp and a spray of water as he shook his head. Seraphinus snapped his eyes forward before he could be caught staring.

Naruto moved to the side of the tub, crossing his arms on the rim and tucking his body against the wall. He watched Seraphinus for a long, calculating moment. He truly had never encountered a servant, puer or otherwise, that behaved as this man. Seraphinus performed his duties with such a harsh passivity that one could argue he was insubordinate. But then there were moments, however brief, when his actions became somewhat more impassioned, as if his true nature was seeping through the cracks of his facade.

It was out of stubborn pride that Seraphinus stood as cold and uncaring as the marble statues that adorned the bath complex. He wouldn't deign to appear tolerant of his subjugation. But inside... inside, his desire to be debased in the fashion expected of a puer roiled. Those azure eyes, staring unabashedly, weren't helping either. He risked a quick glance down and immediately regretted it. Fleeting as it was, that look confirmed what Seraphinus fearedNaruto saw right through him.

"Sit down, Seraphinus." Naruto patted at the marble rim.

Seraphinus grudgingly obliged. He sat back on his heels but kept his eyes fixed on the opposite wall.

"Hmm..." Naruto's calculating gaze did little to ease Seraphinus' growing anxiety. "I have seen a fair part of the Empire. I've seen Saxons, Syrians, and Huns... but I've never seen anybody like you. Your coloring... Your eyes... Tell me; what is your real name, Seraphinus?"

Naruto waited patiently while the puer stared on. He sighed. Perhaps it was too much to ask, too intimate a detail. He understood. As far as the public was concerned, his name was Nereus Flavus.

"I'm sure you heard Claudius call me Nereus, but that isn't my true name." Seraphinus flicked his eyes over, then away again. "I come from Gallia. I was adopted into the Scholae Palatinae after a Frankish raid destroyed my village. If you'd like, you may call me Naruto."

Seraphinus' treacherous mouth moved without his consent. "Sasuke."

Naruto cocked his head. "Excuse me?"

Dark eyes met his. This time, they did not look away. "Sasuke."

"Sahs-kay..." Naruto said experimentally.

Sasuke leaned down and repeated his name slowly. Entranced by the movement of lips, Naruto didn't gain much from the demonstration beyond a strong urge to put that mouth to a better use. He nodded anyway.

"Tell me, Sawskey... Where are you from?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes as his name was slaughtered but realized that he had no ground for complaint, as he lacked the language skill to answer such a simple question.

He lowered his eyes, ashamed in his ignorance. "No... Roma." His voice softened. "Gomen."

Naruto's eyes narrowed briefly before his expression cleared with understanding. "You don't speak the language?"

Sasuke shook his head, eyes still downcast in disgrace. "No."

"But you understand the words I speak?"

A short nod.

Naruto laughed. "That's fine. You understand my orders. That's good enough." He lowered his voice, his tone now teasing and suggestive. "Besides, the only words you need to know are 'yes' and 'harder'."

Sasuke was grateful that his head was still bowed, as an embarrassing blush swept across his face. It was horribly inappropriate... and yet a part of him, which he was desperately trying to ignore, wished that Naruto would make good on that promise.

"That is enough soaking," Naruto decided, standing suddenly.

Distracted by his illicit thoughts, Sasuke raised startled eyes, which widened and then dropped quickly as they witnessed Naruto's nudity. The man's thick musculature, tan skin, and generous endowment all continued to take Sasuke by surprise. Such a masculine specimen didn't exist in his homeland, save for in fables.

Naruto looked down at the bowed head and smirked. "Shall I wait for the breeze to dry me?"

Sasuke spared a look up and then raised the towel in offering. Time crawled by as Sasuke held his breath and waited for Naruto to wrap himself. Finally, the towel was received and Sasuke sighed as he sat back. His shoulders sagged under the weight of his growing conflict. He needed to get himself under control. If he was expected to perform this duty over and over every day, then he would need to maintain an impenetrable boundary. It was necessary to keep himself safe... and sane.

He could not allow this Romanwith his cobalt eyes and golden hair... and sultry voice that made even this hard language sound pleasantunder his skin. No. Such a thing could not be allowed.

Naruto stepped out of the basin and moved through the next archway, beckoning Sasuke to follow. He obeyed, sighing despondently as his eyes remained transfixed on the shallow dimples above Naruto's firm buttocks. It was a useless endeavor, this battle for self control. From the moment he first laid oiled hands upon that bronze skin, Sasuke had been finished.

What did it matter anyway? He was little better than a whore now. His life had been reduced to itchy garments that barely covered him, a lumpy cot to toss and turn upon, gruel served twice a day... and men.

He supposed that he should consider himself lucky though. At least this wasn't back-breaking labor under a blistering sun. The accommodations were clean enough, especially compared to the filth he had endured during his voyage across the continent. Then, of course, there was also the fact that he was actually attracted to men.

That had been a closely guarded secret, something that only his heart truly understood. Women were nice. They had soft skin and often smelled sweet. His betrothed had been a pretty girl with fine, dark hair and almond shaped eyes; but, truth be told, Sasuke had always found himself favoring the company of her brother.

While he was not so naive as to believe that all of his customers would be as fine a specimen as Naruto, he knew that his fate could have been much worse.

"Sahskay." Naruto's voice tugged him back to the present.

He blinked from where he had been absently staring at a swatch of tan skin and looked about himself. It was Sasuke's first time in the caldarium, and it took him quite by surprise. This was, by far, the most opulent room of the bathembellished with fine marble columns, intricate mosaics, and high vaulted ceilings. Naruto's gaze swept across the room, taking in the patrons, frescos, and smoldering braziers that kept the air warm and humid.

Alcoves lined either side of the main area. The small, private rooms were shielded by thick, scarlet drapes that trapped the moist air. They found such a room empty and waiting.

Slowly, Sasuke drew the drapes closed. This is it, he thought. This would be the room where he would perform his illicit duties. He promptly squashed his nervous excitement, still unready to acknowledge his own desire.

He turned to find Naruto already laying face down on a long, wooden bench. To Sasuke's chagrin, the towel had been folded up and now rested underneath Naruto's head. The orange glow of the brazier cast a warm light over the man's nude form. Sasuke's eyes roved over the freshly oiled skin, which glistened in the low light, and his jaw clenched against an unwelcome salivation.

"I am quite sore, Saskay." Naruto turned his head as he addressed the other man. "I hope you are good with your hands."

Sasuke moved forward and placed his tools along the wall. He crouched down in front of Naruto, eyes narrowed to reveal a hint of irritation.

"Naruto..." Sasuke pointed at the prone man, who nodded. Then, he pointed to himself. "Sasuke."






Satisfied in his tutelage, a small smile tugged at Sasuke's lips and he nodded. Naruto's eyes followed as Sasuke stood back up and walked around the bench. He stopped by Naruto's side and simply stood there for a moment, staring... assessing. He knew what was expected of him. He just wasn't confident in how to go about it.

In a bold move, Sasuke quickly threw a leg over the bench and mounted the brawny Roman. Naruto gave no protest, though he did visibly tense as Sasuke's weight settled down over his hips. Then, warm hands were smoothing over his tight muscles, relaxing him altogether.

Sasuke hands were strong... and large. A man's hands, Naruto thought with a spark of excitement. The only resemblance those hands held to a typical puer was the softness. They weren't hands hardened by years of labor. Whatever Sasuke's previous occupation, it wasn't a soldier or farmer. A merchant, perhaps? More important than the masculinity demonstrated by those hands was the way that they moved over Naruto's weary body. Thumbs dug deep grooves along his spine. Heels rubbed tight circles over knots. Sasuke's fingers pinched along his neck and shoulders, releasing tension.

Naruto groaned appreciatively. It wasn't a proper soundit had a far too heady, satisfied quality to it. Such a wanton display wasn't becoming of a respectable, Roman man. One should remain stoic and circumspect, especially in public; but this wasn't really public, and there was no doubt that similar noises could be heard coming from other private rooms. Naruto allowed himself this impropriety and heaved another graveled sigh.

Sasuke's kneading hands moved lower and lower. He scooted back until he was resting atop Naruto's thighs and his hands hovered above the man's firm buttocks. Licking his lips nervously, Sasuke placed a hand on either cheek and squeezed tentatively. Naruto inhaled sharply but gave no indication of disapproval. Sasuke pressed down, grinding the heel of each hand into the strong muscle.

Naruto hissed as his cock twitched against the wooden bench. He found it to be an oddly thrilling sensation as Sasuke's fingers slid over each globe and grazed the crevice between. Naruto got the distinct impression that Sasuke was rather enjoying himself too, as he rubbed the pliant muscle in leisurely circles.

And he was right. Sasuke watched his hands lecherously, as if they weren't his own. It was a strange, voyeuristic, out of body experience. He was filled with impure thoughts, things that he'd never conceived of before. His gut twisted with the desire to replace his hands with his mouth, to kiss and bite and lick the rotundas mounds of flesh.

Slowly, and without his conscious consent, Sasuke began to lower his head. His hands continued their slow circles, squeezing the cheeks together and then parting them to reveal the secret place hidden deep inside the crevice. Each brief exposure heightened his urge until everything else faded completely. There was no room in his hazy mind for warnings or doubt. There was only the need to taste.

His tongue slipped between the spread cheeks and made a quick swipe up.

Naruto shouted, the shock of the intrusion causing him to jump to his feet, and Sasuke was thrown to the floor.

He sat, dazed, his eyes wide and blank. He was processing a deluge of sensations - Naruto's musky scent and salty flavor laced with the bitter taste of oil. It was complex and intriguing. He wanted to taste it again, to take his time savoring the tang of such deviance. He focused his gaze up toward Naruto's towering form and realized that he wouldn't be getting such an opportunity.

Naruto was puffed up, his broad chest expanding in rapid, shallow breaths. His face was stained red, though it wasn't clear if this was out of rage or embarrassmentlikely both. Sasuke bowed his head low, ready to prostrate himself if it would spare him Naruto's wrath.

He should have known better. It was a violation. No upstanding Roman man would permit such a lewd act; but even as Sasuke cursed himself, he sucked his tongue to pull out any remaining flavor.

Naruto looked down at Sasuke's submissive posture. He took a deep, calming breath and brought his hand behind himself to where his skin was still tingling. He ran a finger along the path that Sasuke's tongue had taken, and it stirred him in a way that was too disconcerting to even acknowledge.

"Sasuke," Naruto said sternly, bringing his hands to his hips in an authoritative stance. Sasuke cowered lower at the brusque tone. In response, Naruto softened his voice. "That kind of... service... is only to be performed if requested."

Sasuke nodded vehemently, eyes still downcast.

Naruto sighed and ran a hand over his short hair, ruffling the golden spikes. "Why would you do... that? Sasuke, look at me."

Slowly, Sasuke raised his eyes. He lacked the necessary vocabulary, even in his own language, to explain himself. He didn't know if there was even a word strong enough to describe his desire. In the end, he opened his mouth and simply touched his tongue.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, trying to understand. "Tongue?" he asked. Then, "Taste?"

Sasuke nodded shortly and lowered his eyes once more, ashamed; but he glanced back up curiously when Naruto began to chuckle. He watched as Naruto moved back to the bench and sat down.

Naruto spread his legs and beckoned Sasuke forward. There was a licentious tint to his tone as he explained. "I have something you can taste."

Sasuke, in an act that would have dishonored him in his homeland, crawled over to the bench and settled himself between Naruto's thick legs. He looked up uncertainly, though he had a very good idea of what Naruto was implying.

With his right hand, Naruto gestured for Sasuke to lean in and, with his left, he grabbed his own cock. Sasuke kept his gaze firmly on Naruto's eyes, watching as they glinted down at him. Naruto slapped his flaccid length against Sasuke's cheek. Sasuke felt his stomach flip wildly. His nostrils flared as he inhaled the intoxicatingly pungent scent of Naruto's sex, though he wouldn't make another move until he was commanded to do so.

Naruto ran his right hand through Sasuke's ebony locks and curled his fingers around the back of Sasuke's head, pulling back to expose more of the man's face. Naruto's cock was slowly engorging, growing hard. He pulled back his foreskin and exposed the tumescent head. He rubbed it along Sasuke's closed mouth, smearing the first drops of precum across the man's lips. Sasuke fought the urge to lick his lips, and seeing the way that Sasuke's eyes pleaded doubled Naruto's excitement. He gently smacked his turgid length against Sasuke's chin, teasing him.

There was no precedent for this behavior. Naruto had never toyed with a puer in this fashion before. He'd never even spent this much time with one. He'd simply used them until he was satisfied and left without a lingering thought.

But there was something about Sasuke that made Naruto want to draw things out. He understood the desire to dominate the man, but there was something more, something intangible and deeply compelling. Perhaps it was that unadulterated pride that Naruto sensed at their introduction. Naruto had never considered himself a sadist; but, as he slapped his cock against Sasuke's mouth, it was obvious that he was enjoying this humiliating display. He had brought this proud man to his knees; and, more than that, he knew that Sasuke had wanted it. Watching a mannot an adolescent boy, but a mansilently beg to suck his cock thrilled Naruto in a way he had never before experienced. Because no proper Roman man would ever fellate another.

He prodded at Sasuke's lips and teased the flesh with the dripping tip of his cock, but he did not force himself in. After one last glide over the closed mouth, Naruto pulled back. He stroked his shaft leisurely as he stared into the wanton eyes looking up at him.

"Open," Naruto commanded, his steady voice belying his excitement.

Slowly, Sasuke's lips parted until his mouth transformed into a dark and inviting orifice. Naruto cupped the back of Sasuke's head and guided him forward until the crown of his cock was enveloped by the warm cavern. He, then, tugged Sasuke back and traced his tip along the circumference of the man's waiting mouth. Pushing Sasuke forward once more, Naruto admired the pale lips as they stretched over his thick, blushing flesh. This time, he didn't stop. He continued to until his entire length was wrapped in the moist heat. His cockhead brushed against the back of Sasuke's throat and tears sprang up in the corner of his dark eyes as he resisted the urge to gag. He took deep breaths through his nose, inhaling Naruto's heady aroma. His eyes fluttered closed as Naruto's essencehis scent, taste, and heatpermeated his senses.

Full as his mouth was, Sasuke still managed to rub his tongue against the veiny underside of Naruto's cock, exploring the organ with salacious twists and rolls. The length throbbed in appreciation and Sasuke could taste the thick drops of precum that seeped outstrong, salty and bitter.

Naruto tightened his grip in Sasuke's hair and tugged. He pulled him back, groaning as Sasuke swirled his tongue along the receding length, and then pushed him forward again. His hips jerked in time, extracting every drop of sensation.

Forcefully, though not violently, Naruto proceeded to fuck Sasuke's face.

Tears spilled freely from Sasuke's clenched eyes as he was repeatedly choked by the thick flesh. His jaw ached from the relentless stretch. He didn't want to stop, but he couldn't continue in this manner. Blindly, his hands moved from his lap and groped for Naruto's thighs. He trailed his fingers inward until they found their prize. One hand cupped Naruto's sac while the other wrapped around base of the man's cock. There was a short gasp followed by a loosening of the hand in his hair, and that was enough for Sasuke to take control.

He made short, quick strokes and pulled back, sucking greedily on the length as he retreated. With a final flick of his tongue against the slit, Sasuke released him. He stretched his jaw, felt it pop, and sighed in relief.

Sasuke's fist slid up and down the well moistened shaft. He squeezed and twisted, watching Naruto intently for his response. The man's reactions were subtlea small nibble of his lip or clench of his jawbut they were enough to guide Sasuke until he found what technique brought Naruto the most pleasure. He liked a loose, fast fist over his head and a gentle tug on his sac.

Unable to resist, Sasuke leaned in once more to suckle at the bulbous head and vigorously tongue the slit. The fist in his hair tightened and Sasuke found his mouth shoved onto the length, forcing him to take it in entirely in one swift movement. He choked and gagged against the intrusion but was offered no reprieve.

Naruto's balls tightened in Sasuke's hand. A soft grunt preceded the sudden hot rush of liquid. Surprised, Sasuke coughed and sputtered as he jerked back. Thick, white spurts coated his tongue, lips, cheeks, and chin.

Swallowing the viscous remnants, Sasuke sat back. He felt liquid dribble down his chin and brought his fingers to his face, swiping them through a clump on his cheek. His eyes moved from the pulsing cock up to Naruto's face, intending to send the man a wicked scowl; but he felt his indignation instantly melt away. Naruto was quite a sight with his head tilted up, eyes closed, and mouth gaping. The display of raw pleasure soothed Sasuke's burgeoning irritation.

Heaving a sigh, Naruto looked down with a satiated smile. Seeing his semen mar Sasuke's skin caused something akin to an apology to flash in his azure eyes. He'd never treated a puer like thatso disgracefully. The unparalleled arousal that bloomed as a result of Sasuke's submission had caused Naruto to lose control. Such a thing was inexcusable. He reached for his towel, which was still folded on the end of the bench, and gently wiped Sasuke's face clean.

After discarding the towel, Naruto brought his bare hands to the pale face. He took a moment to admire the smooth features and abysmal black eyes staring back. Naruto felt his heart clench inexplicably. Suddenly, submission wasn't enough. He wanted more. Exactly what, he couldn't say, but he had an urge to explore this foreign desire. His calloused fingers danced over Sasuke's cheeks and temples before sinking into his hair to brush back thick, black bangs. Sasuke allowed his eyes to drift shut as he felt a thumb smooth over his brow. Slowly, the hands moved downwardunder his jaw, along his neck, over his collarbone. Fingers slid along his shoulder and under the strap of his toga until it slipped off.

Sasuke didn't dare open his eyes, for the feel of Naruto's hands on his body was already too much. He trembled with every whispering touch, and he was certain that the sight of those tan fingers gliding over his skin would be the end of him.

"Stand up," Naruto commanded softly.

Sasuke didn't hesitate. He fought to take steady breaths as Naruto's hands cupped his sides and smoothed down his tapered torso. His heart hammered in his chest as Naruto pulled his toga down past his hips to fall into a heap on the floor. He felt another tug and flinched when his loin cloth fell away, exposing his nudity to Naruto.

A moment passed, then another, and still nothing happened. No sound. No movement. Sasuke blinked his eyes open and slowly looked down.

Naruto was staring up at him. His expression was unreadable, but his eyes were deep in contemplation. Am I no good? Insecurity flooded Sasuke and he resisted the urge to cover himself. He knew that he was older than most puers... perhaps, his maturity displeased the Roman.

Finally, Naruto reached out and grabbed Sasuke's hips. He ran his large hands up and down, squeezing intermittently. Sasuke was smooth and hairless, just as any other puer was, but his body wasn't like a boy's bodysoft and supple. Sasuke's lean muscles were tight and strong. Likewise, his manhood was nothing like a typical puer. It wasn't a fledgling phallus, small and overeager. Sasuke's cock hung dark and thick before a full sac. Naruto watched as the length twitched under his scrutiny.

Bringing his eyes up, he tugged and softly ordered, "Come here."

Sasuke fought to keep his apprehension at bay as he moved forward and straddled the lap before him. He slowly lowered himself, his poise disguising his uncertainty. Naruto smoothed his hands up and down Sasuke's hips, reassuring and encouraging. With his weight fully settled onto Naruto's thighs, Sasuke timidly brought his hands to rest upon broad shoulders. He stared into Naruto's eyes, which glimmered intensely in the low light. His heart pounding and breath shallow, Sasuke waited for the next command.

Naruto's hands slid around to Sasuke's back, caressing him lightly. There was something in the gentle toucha thrumming aura that spoke of restrained power; of need and lust.

He studied Sasuke's face openly, exploring the dark eyes and following the contours of his cheeks and nose. He stared at his mouth, but there was nothing lecherous about the way that Naruto looked at him now. It was more curious than sexual. Still, it stoked the low flame in Sasuke's core.

Palms sliding up his back, Naruto whispered, "Kiss me, Sasuke."

At once, the room turned into a vacuum. The air had been completely sucked out, pulling the very breath from Sasuke's lungs. Nothing existed but their bodies, neatly nestled together, and the request that lingered in the scant space between them.

A kiss, though not nearly salacious an act as the one that Sasuke had just performed, was not something that he was prepared to give. It was terribly intimate and unnecessary in the process of sexual release. Most men wouldn't care for it, let alone ask for it.

Sasuke was stupefied by the request. He sat frozen, eyes shocked and lips slightly parted. Naruto brought a hand up to cup the back of his head and guide him forward. Their mouths met softly and Naruto extracted only the smallest of reactions from Sasukea low whimper as they met, the gentle pucker of his lips reciprocating and the slow fluttering of his eyelids.

If asked later why he had ordered the kiss, Naruto would find himself without a suitable answer. He'd already experienced the softness of those lips as he slid his cock between them. He could have predicted the flavor of Sasuke's tonguesubtle hints of wine and laurel. Most certainly, however, he could never have imagined the electric pulse that sizzled through his body as their lips melded together. Though why he had done it was irrelevant. All that mattered was the way that Sasuke's tongue eagerly matched his own in long, luxurious rolls.

It was exhilarating to Sasuke, the way that Naruto's full, masculine lips crashed against his own. His mouth and tongue tingled with the rough, impassioned contact; and when Naruto pulled at his bottom lip and suckled softly, that flame in his gut transformed into a blaze. He forgot about his station and his sense of decorum. The barrier that Sasuke had tried to maintain came crumbling down as he wrapped his arms around Naruto's shoulders, his hands fisting into short, flaxen hair.

Naruto felt Sasuke's surge of desire and splayed his hands against the man's back in response, pulling him in closer. Their naked bodies collided to rub against one another. Their straining cocks, forgotten in the heat of their kiss, were now pressed tightly between their stomachs; and they screamed for attention.

Instinct drove Sasuke to roll his hips. It was an unrelenting need for stimulation that he could not control. Strong, languid gyrations offered him a reprieve from the aching. He felt Naruto's hands slide down his back and grasp his hips, encouraging his movement and grinding him down even harder.

Slowly, one of Naruto's hands drifted lower. His fingers softly stroked the skin of Sasuke's backside as they moved toward the cleft of his ass. They curved around the globe of muscle and dipped between the cheeks. Each roll of Sasuke's hips brought the tips of Naruto's fingers closer and closer to his pucker. Finding his prize, Naruto stroked the wrinkled ring of muscle and pressed down. Sasuke gasped in surprise, pulling his lips away.

But Naruto didn't relent. He continued to brush his fingers against Sasuke, probing gently but finding the tight hole quite impenetrable.

"Have you never been the receptacle of a man's seed?" Naruto questioned, his voice low and husky.

Naruto watched as Sasuke's brow furrowed slightly before his eyes cleared with understanding. Averting his gaze, Sasuke shook his head. Naruto hummed as if the answer both pleased and fascinated him.

He'd never had a virgin before. Normally, such a delicacy was beyond the reach of his coin purse. This day kept proving itself to be one of firsts.

Moving his finger in slow, enticing circles, Naruto brought his lips to Sasuke's ear and whispered, "You've never had a cock inside you?"

Dazed by the warm breath rushing over the shell of his ear and the deep, sultry timbre of Naruto's voice, Sasuke failed to answer. His mind was racing just to keep up with the sensory overloadlips, heat, whispers, aching, and fingers; fingers gliding between his cheeks and exploring his depths.

"Sasuke...?" Naruto prompted. He brought the pad of his finger to the pucker and prodded roughly. "Answer me."

A sharp inhale caught in Sasuke's throat as the ring of muscle gave under the pressure and parted. A fingertip penetrated him and wriggled as seconds passed without answer.

"Sasuke..." Naruto's tone carried a hint of warning and the finger pressed deeper.

"No!" Sasuke finally cried out, tightening his arms around Naruto's shoulders and burying his face into the man's thick neck.

Naruto pulled his finger out slowly and rubbed around the hole softly before removing it completely. He grabbed Sasuke by the shoulders and pulled him back until he was once again sitting straight. There was a blush on his cheeks, his hard gaze focused resolutely downward. Naruto grabbed his chin and forced their eyes to meet.

"I'll go slowly." The confidence and conviction in those cerulean eyes allowed Sasuke to relax... somewhat. Naruto's lips quirked into a soft smirk. "You're awfully tight."

He brushed his fingers through Sasuke's midnight bangs and leaned in for another kiss. Though this one was different than before. It was more demanding. Naruto's mouth moved powerfully as his tongue drove past Sasuke's lips.

Sasuke moaned into the deep embrace as Naruto's arm wrapped around him once again and pulled him flush to his chest. There was a stirring of ardor deep in his core that reignited the flickering flame of his lust. Nervous excitement caused his hands to tremble as they smoothed over the hard muscle of Naruto's back.

Naruto broke the kiss to trail his lips up the curve of Sasuke's jaw in order to rest at the fleshy lobe of his ear. "Fetch the oil," he ordered.

Sasuke didn't move right away. He didn't want to detach himself from Naruto's heat. His disobedience was punished with a hard nip to his ear that had him jumping. Quickly, he retrieved the small vessel and returned to the bench to find Naruto no longer sitting. Instead, the man was standing with his hands on his hips, his thick cock erect and swaying slightly. Sasuke stared at it for a moment, remembering how it felt in his mouth, and licked his lips.

"Turn around," Naruto said as he took the jar.

Sasuke obeyed. The next command didn't come immediately, and he shifted his weight nervously from one foot to the next as he waited. He could feel the heat of Naruto's eyes as they raked up and down his form.

Naruto moved himself into position, his chest pressed against Sasuke's back and his hard length rubbing against his ass. "Bend over," he commanded.

Sasuke bent at the waist until he formed a square angle and brought his hands to rest upon the bench. He'd never felt so submissive, so titillated. A wave of excited nausea weakened his knees when Naruto kicked his feet apart and brought a hand to his back, forcing him to bend further until his face was hovering just above his hands.

A slow drizzle hit his skin, running in warm rivulets between his cheeks and down the backs of his thighs. Naruto's hands followed after, slick with oil, to grope the firm mass of muscle. He spent a moment just kneading the flesh and watching the winking pucker, appreciating its tightness. His fingers stroked up and down the crevice slowly. Sasuke shivered as the digits extracted new and wildly exciting sensations. The blunt pad of Naruto's finger pressed inward and slowly began to part the ring of muscle. His slick digit plunged in up to the second knuckle and curled slightly as it withdrew.

Sasuke whimpered at the foreign feel of something inside himmoving and stretching, probing and tugging. His eyes closed as the rough slide of Naruto's finger gained in intensity and grew faster. It was strange and wonderful, and Sasuke didn't even notice when he arched his back as his body begged for more.

Naruto twisted and swirled his finger against the tight walls and was rewarded with the most beautiful sounds. Short groans rumbled in Sasuke's throat. Tiny mewls were released before they could be cut off. It was almost too much for Naruto to bear, the sight of the tight hole eagerly swallowing his finger paired with the delicious, soft sounds of pleasure escaping Sasuke's lips.

Sasuke felt the finger pull out of him only to be swiftly replaced with something thicker. He gasped as this new intrusion pulled on either side of his chute, stretching him more thoroughly. Two fingers. The thought came to him through a blurry haze of sensation. Two fingers were pumping in and out of him, wriggling deep inside. He had to bite his tongue to hold back his cries.

"Are you ready, Sasuke?" Naruto asked as his fingers continued to stroke.

It was all Sasuke could do to nod in response, but Naruto wasn't satisfied with just that. He wanted to hear it. He sped up, pounding his fingers into the pliant hole.

"Do you want my cock inside you?"

"H-Hai..." Sasuke panted.

Naruto stilled his hand and leaned over Sasuke's bent form. "Is that a 'yes'?"

Without the constant thrust of fingers in his body, Sasuke was able to think more clearly. He turned his head until he could just see Naruto hovering above him. He moved his mouth carefully. "Yes."

Naruto simpered. "Yes, what?"

"Yes, Naruto."

Immediately, those deep azure eyes disappeared from Sasuke's sight. He felt the fingers slip out of him just before his hips were gripped tightly. Then came the hot, hard length rubbing between his cheeks and teasing at his hole. The thick, blunt cockhead prodded gently at his entrance, and Sasuke sucked in a breath of anticipation.

Slowly, Naruto pushed forward. He eased in, savoring the tight heat and allowing the clenching hole to adjust to his girth. His eyes devoured the sight as that thin, pink ring of flesh stretched around him. A grimace of pleasure pulled at his features as he gradually sank deeper. He closed his eyes to the salacious scene and tugged Sasuke back onto his shaft harder.

Naruto heard the strangled mewls as Sasuke took him in and he tried, desperately tried, to maintain control. He didn't want to hurt Sasuke. He only wanted to show him a world of pleasure, a vast universe of carnal delight; but it was hard to be patient when those hot walls squeezed him so perfectly and clung to him, wrapping him in a cocoon of bliss. When his hips finally came to rest against the curve of Sasuke's backside, Naruto sighed.

With his lip caught firmly between his teeth, Sasuke held back his cries. His eyes, which he'd screwed tightly shut, blinked open and his brow slowly cleared of its deep furrows. He labored a few heavy breaths as he begged his body to relax and welcome this intrusion. With more concentration than he would have thought necessary, he repeatedly clenched and released the muscles of his chute. After a moment, the stretch became bearable.

Naruto rubbed his hands up and down Sasuke's sides, slid them over his hips and down his thighs, whispering words that Sasuke failed to comprehend. Nonetheless, the soft tone and deep timbre of Naruto's voice soothed him. With one last deep breath, he felt the tension throughout his body finally melt away.

When Naruto began to move, Sasuke's entire world dissolved. There was no gentle crescendo, no slow climb to the peak. This was not gentle lovemaking. Instead, he was thrown headlong into a white-hot ecstasy which ripped through him so suddenly that he couldn't hold back his howls. The sound of his voice was accompanied by the thick, slurping slap of flesh on flesh. The lascivious chorus bounced off the tiled walls and echoed in his ears. He clutched the bench until the wood creaked with each fierce thrust into his body.

It was fortunate that Naruto had such a tight grip on his hips, as Sasuke's knees constantly threatened to give out beneath him. He felt detached from his body, from every part of himself except that which Naruto relentlessly pounded into. That tight space, filled so completely by Naruto's cock, became the very center of his existence.

The wild, unrestrained thrusts grew unimaginably harder and faster, and Sasuke's eyes rolled back into his head as the blistering pleasure jarred his core. It was as excruciating as it was amazing.

Head hung low, Sasuke managed to open his bleary eyes and peer through a haze of unshed tears. He was met by a sight every bit as lewd as the sounds that surrounded him. He could see his cock, swollen and dripping, bouncing against his stomach. Looking beyond his bobbing length, Sasuke watched his sac sway back and forth with the momentum of Naruto's thrusts. He could just make out the pouch that dangled between Naruto's legs as it gently slapped him with each forward snap of hips. Once again, Sasuke found himself compelled to touch Narutothough he felt confident that this time his advances would be appreciated. He reached back and slipped a hand between his legs. He took a moment to palm himself and groaned, as his own aching need had been neglected until now. His slender fingers continued down their path, reaching back to trace along his sac and then even farther back until his fingertips brushed against Naruto's balls. He gathered the malleable sac and squeezed it in his palm against his own.

Naruto gasped as Sasuke's fingers curled around his pouch. Nobody that he paid had ever touched him in such a way. Perhaps a seasoned courtesan would deign to massage his balls if requested, but not a common puer and, certainly, not a virgin puer. This went beyond duty. It teetered on the edge of curious exploration. Sasuke wanted to feel him, wanted to play with him. Naruto slowed his relentless pounding to deep, languid thrusts that allowed Sasuke the opportunity to leisurely roll their balls between his fingers. Naruto had never felt the soft, velvety flesh of another man's sac against his ownit was incredible. His balls tightened and his cock swelled until he was certain he would burst. He picked up his pace once more, yanking Sasuke back onto his length with renewed ardor.

The uncontrolled thrusts made it difficult to keep his grip, and Sasuke gave up in favor of stroking himself instead. The erratic pounding and sharp grunts signaled to him that Naruto might not last much longer. He pumped his fist quickly, seeking his own release.

It didn't take long. His slick hand knew the contours of his shaft. He knew just how much pressure to apply and when to twist around the head to bring the most pleasure. His orgasm burst through him suddenly, sizzling up his spine and frazzling his nerves. He went rigid and convulsed, bucking back against Naruto's pounding hips. The cry of his release was a siren's song that drove the Roman into a frenzy.

Naruto came with a low, rumbling growl as he planted himself firmly within Sasuke's depths. Each pulse of his cock produced a short grunt as his seed spilled and spilled into the tight channel.

"Sasuke..." he groaned as he rolled his hips slowly, extracting the very last drops of ecstasy. Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke.

Naruto pulled out his softening length and stumbled back. Sasuke, unable to support himself, collapsed onto the marble floor. His lids drooped heavily in the wake of his crisis. He could have very well fallen asleep right then and there, propped up on the wooden bench, naked and dripping from the ass. He really didn't care. The very idea of moving was loathsome.

The quiet that followed was filled with soft panting and light shuffling. Naruto bent down at Sasuke's side and offered up his towel. A dark eye cracked open and regarded his tan skin sheathed in oil and sweat, damp golden hair and cerulean eyes shimmering with satisfaction. With effort, Sasuke lifted himself from the bench and took the towel. He looked away as a smile began to tilt the corners of Naruto's mouth. He cleaned himself gently but thoroughly.

"Sasuke," Naruto said softly in a hushed tone that halted Sasuke's movements and caused him to turn. Naruto didn't speak again. Sasuke returned his gaze to the task of running the towel down his thighs.

Cleaning himself in front of Naruto was awkward, and Sasuke could feel his face flush as he wiped the last remnants of cum from his stomach. Why does he just stare? Sasuke thought as he folded the towel and placed it on the bench. He sat back, feet tucked under his legs, and stared down at the hands clasped in his lap. He considered reaching for his clothes but decided to wait for further instructions instead. None came. Slowly, he lifted his eyes to see Naruto still squatting next to him. He had his elbows on his knees and his folded hands covering his mouth. He watched Sasuke intently, his gaze never faltering.

As the silence drew out, Sasuke could feel something inside him winding up tightly. Those searing blue eyes seemed to amplify the feeling of disgrace clawing at the back of his mind. How could I allow this? It should never have gotten this far. The moment that he had learned the details of his future, he should have found a blade and buried it in his chest. That would have been the honorable thing to do. Instead, he donned the garments of oppression and performed his degrading duties.

Had he the ability, he probably would have lashed out and demanded, "What? What do you want?". However, trapped by his own tongue, all he could do was clench his jaw and harden his expression. It was the same challenging look he'd held when he first laid eyes on Narutothe one that demanded respect, despite his position. His dark eyes and thinned lips displayed his resolvehis refusal to concede his status as a man.

Sasuke refused to submit to Naruto's eyes in the way he had submitted to the man's cock. He would not allow himself to be viewed as a common whoresimply a body to be used. Even if he had willingly bent over for this Roman and even if he loved the brutal way he was filled, he would never be seen as less than a man.

Naruto must have recognized the flash of defiance in Sasuke's eyes, as he decidedly dropped his hands and softened his expression. Slowly, he sat down and mimicked Sasuke's posture. He was still staring, but the atmosphere had shifted from scrutinizing to appreciating.

"I've never met a man like you, Sasuke," Naruto finally said. His soft tone and warm eyes had Sasuke's resolve wavering. "Before I leave, would you do one last thing?" Naruto asked. "Would you kiss me again?"

Sasuke blinked. This was not a command. Naruto wasn't ordering Sasuke to perform an act. He was inquiring as to whether or not Sasuke would be willing to do so. Sasuke watched as Naruto's lips twitched into a nervous smile and his eyes darted down to Sasuke's mouth. He wants to kiss me... He wants to know if I want to kiss him too. The thought was somehow strange to Sasuke, despite everything that had already transpired.

This felt intimate... the way that a kiss should feel. This kiss wouldn't be a transaction as the previous one had been. This kiss would be an expression. Though of what, he couldn't say for certain.

Sasuke lowered his gaze, shifting his eyes from the hands in his own lap to Naruto's. They were both still nakedflaccid and sitting in such close proximity that their knees nearly touched.

When Sasuke looked back up, he found a trace of anticipation in Naruto's eyes. Inwardly, he smiled. Outwardly, he simply nodded.

Slowly, Sasuke leaned in. As the space between them diminished, his heart rate quickened. His eyes focused on Naruto's parted lips and traced the full contour. He stopped just shy of contact and hovered there, waiting for Naruto to close that final distancebut the man didn't move. Sasuke flicked his gaze up to meet Naruto's. They locked eyes for a brief moment before those azure pools slipped away behind heavily lashed lids and their mouths collided.

There was a bridled ferocity to the embrace. Naruto's head tilted as his tongue pushed its way into Sasuke's mouth. His arms wrapped themselves firmly around Sasuke's torso, holding him tightly. Their bare chests pressed together. Sasuke couldn't be certain whether the pounding that he felt was his heart or Naruto's. Hands were sliding up and down his back, fingers carding through his hair, and nails dragging across his skin. The tongue in Sasuke's mouth was a furiously writhing thing that his own could not match.

Sasuke fought to hold his ground against Naruto's hungry mouth. He pushed against the consuming power with lips, tongue, and teeth. He didn't want to surrender to the force of such a kiss.

But he did.

One final, persuasive flick of tongue had Sasuke wilting against Naruto completely. He had to hold on to keep from sinking into the other's lap. He reveled in the hard muscle beneath his hands, the strong arms holding him firmly, and the insistent mouth that plundered him savagely.

Then, suddenly, it was all gone. Naruto pulled away and returned Sasuke, now lost in a lust-induced stupor, to his sitting position. Sasuke's heart was racing. He could hear his pulse thrumming in his ears and feel the heat of his blood as it pooled in his loins. He watched, dumbfounded and half hard, as Naruto stood and wrapped the soiled towel around his waist.

"I hope to see you again, Sasuke," Naruto said as he turned and moved beyond the curtain; and, for all the casualness of the words, there was a hint of affection in his tone.

It would be several moments before Sasuke had the wits about him to redress and gather his supplies. He was grateful that the day was coming to an end and that he would be able to retreat to the servants' quarters to reflect upon this encounter. He suspected that most people in this line of work remembered their first customer, though he didn't imagine it was for the same reason as this.

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