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Sasuke sighed into the fine linen bedclothes and luxuriated in the heat rolling over his back as Naruto slowly pumped in and out of him. These were his favorite nights, when slumber waned and was replaced by somnolent rounds of love-making. The balmy summer air helped—keeping the body hot, sheathed in sweat and primed for sex.

Naruto slid his hands forward, entwining his thick fingers between pale, slender ones and finding new leverage for his thrusts. His hips canted forward a little harder, a little faster, with each passing breath and Sasuke's sighs grew tight and trembling.

There was rarely a night that didn't end like this—slick bodies moving in tandem, finding the easy, ancient rhythm of pleasure—not since the relocation several months ago.

Shisui had offered such a simple solution to their delicate problem, providing them with the perfect alibi. 'Merchant contacts' he had called them, mainland ambassadors for the village craftsmen. It would provide them with the distance and privacy their relationship required while maintaining ties to the clan. It would also give Sasuke an opportunity to advance his trade, learning the Serican pottery techniques that were, truthfully, far more advanced. And so, with a carefully crafted explanation, Shisui, Naruto and Sasuke left the village.

They established themselves in the port city of Yuhang, settling in a complex shared by a half dozen other families. The rooms were small and simple by city standards, but elegant compared to the living arrangements they'd had in Japan. The quarters came furnished with a low table that was worn but sturdy, a small mirror of brass that offered Sasuke a daily reminder of his brother in its finely polished details, and, lastly, a soft mattress that quickly became the epicenter of all activity.

Those first nights of loud, raucous rutting sessions earned them more than a few glares from neighbors the following morning, but they wouldn't be deterred. Only the call of their vocational responsibility could draw them apart, and it did so regularly. Sasuke found a master potter willing to teach him, thanks to Shisui's gentle persuasion. The man was ancient, weathered and frail, and more than happy to have a strong back and pair of dextrous hands in his studio to perform the grunt work. Naruto found himself work on the docks, loading and unloading cargo, but that didn't last long. Within the first month, he managed to insinuate himself within the company of a merchant dealing primarily with Western empires who found him indispensable as a translator.

By late summer, they'd established themselves, become comfortable in their routine and learned what it meant to live together. Domesticity was awkward at first, as they stumbled about their old habits and forged new ones. Naruto was an early riser, a trait trained into him after years of military service, and Sasuke often grumbled in irritation at being awoken so close to dawn. He preferred his morning sky to be a soft blue, not the fading blanket of violet that accompanied the rising sun. They squabbled over the piles of dirty clothes and stacks of plates and bowls. Neither was terribly accustomed to cleaning, and they both came to appreciate what—if nothing else—a woman could be good for. But, eventually, they agreed to take up the mantle of housekeeper in equal measure, sharing the duties of laundry and dishes.

Shisui made regular visits, though he'd had the foresight to take up residence in a room well out of earshot of their nightly sessions. They shared dinner several evenings a week, each of them trying to accustom themselves to the new cuisine. Sasuke and his cousin both appreciated the prevalence of fish among the Yuhang staples and Naruto found the use of spice appealing to his palette. They haunted a small tavern that seemed to specialize in cheap food and boasted a variety of wines and mead.

Tonight they had indulged, knowing that none of them had any obligations the following day. They joked and laughed and drank, and when Shisui departed the lovers didn't wait for a moment before stumbling home. The door made a solid sound as it latched shut and the silence of their dark room was immediately filled with breathless sighs and the sound of clothes sliding off skin.

Naruto took Sasuke against the wall, unable to make the five steps necessary to guide them to the bed. He held him up, guided his cock twixt Sasuke's supple cheeks and let him sink down. Sasuke wrapped his legs firmly around Naruto's waist and rode out the arduous storm with gasping cries. Ecstasy clawed three parallel lines into the muscle of either bronze shoulder and Naruto retaliated with a ruthless, biting, sucking kiss that blotched Sasuke from chest to neck. It was a fast, furious fuck—fueled by a roiling passion that simply refused to be contained.

Afterwards, they collapsed onto the bed, naked and spent. Sleep found them both quite quickly, dragging them to slumber and leaving their bodies sprawled out across the mattress. As the night progressed, they rolled and tangled until their limbs intertwined and Sasuke's long hair tickled against Naruto's cheek. A bleary, azure eye cracked open and made an assessment of their bodies. Silver moonlight draped over them, covering them in a pale, ethereal silk. He smiled drowsily and gently repositioned them, pressing himself firmly against Sasuke's back and draping an arm over his waist. Nuzzling into the fine, ebony mane, Naruto easily drifted off once more.

The next time he woke, Naruto found himself hard, his cock prodding insistently along the cleft of Sasuke's buttocks. Still only semi-conscious, he brought two fingers to his lips and wet them thoroughly. He received no objection as he pressed the saliva-slicked digits against Sasuke's hole and slowly plunged them inside. Placing feather-light kisses across Sasuke's shoulder, Naruto stroked at a leisurely place, twisting his fingers just enough to elicit a pleased hum without rousing Sasuke completely.

Before long, the fingers were pulled free and Naruto had moved to cover Sasuke's body with his own. His cock easily found the ready and waiting pucker, as if Sasuke's chute was its natural home. With a gentle canting of his hips, Naruto carved his way inside. It wasn't until the rhythm gradually changed from a lazy roll to a more purposeful thrust, that Sasuke finally woke completely. A small, unseen smile pulled at his mouth and he stretched, tightening the muscles of his rectum as he did so. Naruto's movement stuttered, a small, pleased grunt rumbling in the back of his throat.

The tempo steadily quickened, hastening towards a crescendo that echoed through their small room, and most certainly out the window and down the hall. Sasuke was still hard, having not yet found release, as Naruto pulled out and rolled him over. There was no more hesitancy or uncertainty as Naruto bent down and took Sasuke's cock into his mouth. He bobbed his head confidently, rolling his tongue along the velvety shaft and seeking out the sensitive spots under the crown. Reaching down to fondle Sasuke's pouch, Naruto felt the wetness of his own seed under his fingers. He palmed the tight sac for a moment, then let his hand drift further back into the slickness. Three thick fingers slipped easily into the well-used hole, and Naruto wasted no time in curling them to gently stroke the walls and seek out Sasuke's hidden pleasure-point. It didn't take long after that. The suction on his cock and the persistent brush of fingers inside him threw Sasuke headlong into his climax. Fisting the linens and arching back, he keened to the ceiling. For all the wildness of the sound, he may as well have been howling at the moon.

A few days later, Sasuke was seething. He aggressively sorted through the laundry, bundling robes and tunics together to be washed. However, it wasn't the growing pile of soiled clothes that had Sasuke in such a rage.

He'd arrived at the apartment complex in high spirits, but was soon accosted by a neighbor wearing a sneer. The man, whom Sasuke had had the misfortune of meeting when they first moved in, glared with dark, beady eyes. His entire expression bore that of accusation and disgust. Sasuke attempted to ignore him, striding past without so much as a backwards glance, but the man pursued. He hurled one derogatory statement after another, questioning Sasuke's masculinity and slandering his character. It made Sasuke regret learning the Serican language.

By the time he escaped the vile man and slipped into his room, Sasuke could feel a nauseating ball of wrath churning in his gut. He'd hoped that by leaving his homeland, he would be able escape persecution. It seemed he'd been mistaken. He tried to soothe himself with the knowledge that this man knew nothing about him and spoke purely out of fear and blind hatred. Perhaps he was disturbed by the way Sasuke's throaty howls of pleasure piqued his own interest, or that he was incapable of arousing such a response from his own wife. Jealousy. The thought did placate Sasuke some, but his anger still simmered beneath the surface.

When Naruto returned home, some time later, Sasuke had managed to tamp down the most volatile of his emotions. He looked up from the low table, where he was practicing his calligraphy, and smiled tightly.

"I've bought you something," Naruto said, his eyes a warm sapphire as he looked down at his lover.

Sasuke stood and moved around the table. "Oh?" he asked and took the package held out to him. He untied the course linen wrappings to reveal an assortment of brightly colored silk. He pulled out a deep crimson piece and examined it more closely. "What is this?" he asked, incredulous. "Scarves?"

Naruto frowned at the tone. He'd expected a little more enthusiasm than the distant confusion Sasuke was displaying. "Show a little appreciation," Naruto admonished and crossed his arms. "Do you have any idea what that cost?"

Sasuke replaced the fabric and looked up to Naruto. There was a spark in his eyes, annoyance with a hint of scorn. "You do know I'm not a woman? Right?"

Naruto's brow furrowed. This was not the reaction he'd anticipated. "Don't be absurd," he said curtly.

"Then why are you treating me as such?" Sasuke demanded. He clutched the bag of silk and held it up as damning evidence. "Showering me with women's accessories. Shall I wrap this around my head and bat my eyes? Would you like me to swoon when you look at me?"

Naruto took a step forward, fists balled at his hips. The posture and position had him looming over the smaller man. His voice was low and sharp with warning as he advised, "You are out of line, Sasuke."

But Sasuke would not be cowed. "Am I?" he asked, haughtily. He raised his chin and cocked a challenging eyebrow. "Maybe you should put me back in my place."

Naruto closed the scant distance between them and ripped the bundle from Sasuke's grip. He lifted it to Sasuke's face in demonstration. "This isn't an instrument to subjugate you…" Naruto said, his steady voice belying his upset. He took a breath and softened his tone before he continued, "It's meant to restrain me."

Sasuke's brow pleated in confusion. He peered into Naruto's eyes in search for clarity and found it in the azure depths underneath the tension and behind the frustration. His expression cleared, his entire demeanor relaxing. He took a step back and lowered his gaze in silent apology.

"Gods, Sasuke," Naruto said with an irritated huff. "There really isn't enough space in this room for both of us and your enormous pride."

Sasukes lips twitched into something between an embarrassed grimace and a small smile. He took a moment to release his unwarranted and misdirected anger. When he felt the last of the tension melt away under Naruto's warm gaze, he looked back up. "What do you mean... restrain?"

Naruto cracked an impish smile. "Have your interest now, do I?" He crowded Sasuke even further, until their bodies pressed together. He lifted a hand to gently stroke down Sasuke's cheek. "I know you have a desire... a wish to dominate me. I see it in your eyes when you ride me. I want to give you that, as best as I am able. I won't submit to you, Sasuke. Not now, maybe not ever. But I will give you my power. Give you control."

Sasuke's heart began to race, thumping hard and fast in the cage of his ribs. He could feel heat pooling in his loins and moisture gathering along his hairline. The prospect of what Naruto was offering—the very idea—sent his body atwitter with anticipation. Sasuke reclaimed the bundle of silk. He stared brazenly into Naruto's eyes and asked, "You will give me your trust?"

"Completely." Naruto didn't hesitate in his answer.

Sasuke smiled, broad and lasciviously. His eyes became a searing, volcanic glass as he licked his lips and spoke. "Excellent. Then strip. I've some ideas in mind."

Naruto eagerly removed his tunic, pulling it up over his head and throwing it blindly across the room. Once divested of his clothes, Sasuke gave Naruto his next command with a simple flick of his eyes to the ground. Naruto knelt, gaze trained on Sasuke as the man selected an indigo scarf. Naruto's expression changed from lustful excitement to nervous anticipation as the length of fabric was brought to his face, covering his eyes. Sasuke tied the blindfold securely, leaving the ends to dangle freely and brush Naruto's nape.

Sasuke ran his hands over the curve of Naruto's shoulders, soothing the subtle tension. His palms slid over thick biceps and down Naruto's arms to his wrists, where Sasuke gripped him firmly. Naruto didn't resist as his arms were pulled and secured at the small of his back with another length of silk. He could feel Sasuke's presence behind him and imagined the look of satisfaction that must certainly be adorning those haughty features.

The hands moved into Naruto's hair, sinking into the thick golden strands that had grown out in the last few months. Fingers curled and tugged, then released and soothed. "I'm sorry, Naruto," Sasuke said on a sigh. "I've been too sensitive." Naruto heard the voice moving around his left and felt the heat of Sasuke's body move with it. "I had the misfortune of meeting our neighbor this afternoon. You know the one: bald with the sow of a wife. He said some hateful things."

Naruto nodded and wished he could look into Sasuke's eyes as he spoke. "You know you shouldn't listen to those ignorant cretins."

Sasuke's fingers trailed down from Naruto's temple and finally pulled away. He stood back and admired the complacent man before him. That Naruto could kneel there, bound and blindfolded, and still offer calm words of comfort filled Sasuke with a warmth that had little to do with arousal.

"I know," he said after a moment of silent appraisal. "I just forget sometimes."

"Forget?" Naruto asked, head cocking slightly. "Forget what?"

"That people don't understand," Sasuke answered. He sank to his knees in front of Naruto and lifted his hands to the man once more, tracing the strong lines of muscle across his chest and over his shoulders.

Naruto sucked in a sharp, shuddering breath as the tips of Sasuke's fingers ghosted along his skin. "What don't they understand?" he asked softly.

"Us. You. Me. The way we love each other," Sasuke answered, equally breathy. He leaned forward, nuzzling under Naruto's jaw and whispering against his fevered skin. "They don't understand that I would sooner slice out my tongue than speak another lover's name. Or that you would give up your life and travel to the ends of the Earth to find me."

Naruto tugged at his bindings once, desperately wanting to wrap his arms around Sasuke and crush him to his chest. Sasuke pulled back in silent censure of Naruto's defiance. He waited until the muscles of Naruto's arms relaxed before resuming the searing brush of his lips along Naruto's rough chin. He lingered at Naruto's parted lips, savoring the taste of desire that permeated every breath. Gently, Sasuke pressed forward, melding their mouths together and slowly licking his way inside. Naruto slumped forward, leaning his weight against Sasuke's body and allowing his mouth to be plundered. Several long laps and swirls later, Sasuke pulled back. He sighed, soft and lazy, and opened his eyes.

Naruto was a beautiful sight, panting lightly and swaying forwards, seeking reconnection. Unable to resist him, Sasuke leaned in and pressed his cheek to Naruto's. "Tell me, Naruto," Sasuke rasped and licked his lips. "Tell me the ends you would go to. What did you endure?"

Naruto smiled. Sasuke could feel it against his cheek. "Again, Sasuke?" he asked, light and teasing.

Once more, Sasuke pulled away, leaving Naruto's skin feeling chilled in his absence. He waited a moment in silence, allowing tension to build. When Naruto's mouth twitched with the faintest hint of impatience, Sasuke reached out and cupped his jaw.

"I'll make it worth your time," he said huskily as he dragged his hand down over Naruto's torso. Just as his fingers reached the golden thatch of Naruto's bush, Sasuke pulled away. He wasn't about to give him that much.

Naruto never pretended to fully understand Sasuke's obsession with this tale, though he had his ideas. An affirmation seemed the most likely answer. Sasuke liked to be reassured of the lengths that Naruto would go to in order to be with him. He wasn't a demanding lover in most any other capacity—he didn't require daily declarations of love or grand romantic gestures. No, Sasuke was simple; he liked to fuck when and how he wanted and he enjoyed being reminded of the ordeal Naruto willingly underwent in the pursual of his love.

"I knew, as soon as you left, that I couldn't be without you," Naruto began, knowing the phrasing would please Sasuke. He'd told the story enough that he had been able to create an easy narrative. It reminded him of the lore shared around a campfire. "But I had to bide my time. I couldn't just leave. I needed resources and a plan."

As a gentle, teasing reward, Sasuke returned his hands to Naruto's body, running them up and down his sides. It was too a light touch and nowhere near intimate enough, but it encouraged a satisfied sigh from Naruto.

"Luckily," he continued. "I had comrades—friends—who wished to see me happy. And I had money… everything I'd saved to buy your freedom. I used it to buy bribes instead."

Sasuke's attentions quickly diverted to Naruto's nipples, which he tweaked firmly. Naruto hissed. Was that admonishment or approval? It didn't really matter either way. He continued, "There was a festival, a royal envoy from Egypt visiting for one diplomatic reason or another. The politics weren't my concern. What mattered to me were the horse races. I'd arranged to patrol the stables with a friend. He stood sentry for me as I commandeered a horse and snuck out of the city. All along the way, every guard who should have stopped me seemed blind to my existence. It was quite convenient."

Sasuke laughed at this point, a soft snicker. He seemed to find enjoyment in the surreptitious nature of Naruto's departure from Rome. "So sneaky, Naruto," he said before running one finger down Naruto's stomach, down to his navel. He circled the divot slowly. "I shudder to think of what you might have done with your life had you not entered the Emperor's service."

Naruto smirked and responded puckishly, "I can think of better ways to make you shudder."

No doubt Sasuke would have seen the suggestive way Naruto's brow tweaked, had it not been covered by the blindfold. As it was, he barked a laugh and dropped his hand. Sasuke immediately brought it down to Naruto's legs, running his knuckles up the inside of his thigh. It was a light caress that set Naruto's nerves alight with sensation. He swallowed thickly, respecting Sasuke's ability to create an air of tension. There was something arousing about the anticipation of waiting, wanting, to be touched. Though Sasuke gave him far less than what he desired, Naruto could still feel his arousal growing by the moment.

Suddenly, he felt Sasuke's breath blaze a hot path up his neck, starting from his collar bone and stopping just below his ear. "That's not your job tonight. It's mine," he whispered, his tone bordering something dangerous. A quick dart of his tongue along the shell of Naruto's ear sealed the warning.

Naruto's heart was pumping wildly in his chest and he boldly challenged, "And I have yet to shudder."

Sasuke snorted and pulled away again. "Perhaps you're not doing a good enough job with your narration," he suggested, intending to make Naruto work for his reward. "Now, back to the story," Sasuke said petulantly, as if that playful interlude had been an unwanted disruption.

Naruto heaved a sigh. "Let's see…" He pondered where he'd left off. "Oh, yes. I made for Nisibis. A friend there, a whore name Sakura, helped me locate a guide. He was a messenger that worked the trade route, couriering missives and small packages. He traveled light and fast and knew several languages. I must tell you Sasuke, if it weren't for Sakura's assistance, our lives would be so very different."

"And how is that?" Sasuke asked, amused and a little dubious.

"I wouldn't be bound in silk right now, that much is certain," he answered vaguely with a hint of a smirk. "She gave me so much, Sasuke," Naruto continued. "Money, aid, that ostrich feather," he nodded in the direction of the table, where the feather lay in its proper place. "And she gave me leave to explore my feelings for you. She gave me permission to accept what I felt. That I love you."

Sasuke sat back and let the words marinate. He felt a small stab of jealousy, knowing that this woman acted as a confidant in Sasuke's stead, but that was quickly washed away. He put his hands on Naruto's shoulders and ran them up his neck. Cupping his jaw and tracing one thumb over Naruto's bottom lip, Sasuke asked, "Did she really need to tell you that?"

Naruto's lips parted and Sasuke took the opportunity to sink his thumb between them, exploring the warm, wet flesh, pressing against Naruto's teeth and prodding his tongue. The man shook his head and Sasuke withdrew his thumb. "She didn't tell me, she just showed me what I already knew."

Sasuke trailed his fingers down Naruto's throat, feeling his pulse thrum. "Now it's my turn to show you something," he said, his voice soft and heavy with meaning.

In the next moment, Sasuke stood and grabbed Naruto by the shoulders to lift him to his feet. He guided the blond to the mattress and persuaded him down with a gentle nudge. Naruto sat on the edge of the bed and listened as cloth shifted and fell to the floor. In the darkness, behind the cool press of silk against his eyes, Naruto imagined Sasuke's nude form being revealed. He could see the smooth, ivory skin, tantalizing in the warm glow of the setting sun.

Caught in his fantasy, Naruto didn't sense Sasuke's movements until there was a hand on his chest, guiding him backwards to lay on the bed. He was now highly aware of Sasuke's actions as the man repositioned him, parted his legs and settled between them. Naruto lay, exposed and anxious, waiting for Sasuke's next move.

Sasuke's eyes raked over Naruto's body. He noted the strain of muscles in the arms, as the man was laying on his bound wrists. He let his gaze linger at Naruto's nipples, still pebbled with anticipation. His attention moved down over the hard stomach, dappled in light and shadow, and settled on the blushing cock that laid on Naruto's pelvis, rigid and straining up towards his navel.

In his hand, Sasuke held the ostrich feather. It had found its way into the bed on a few occasions, when the lovers felt playful. Tonight, Sasuke would use it to bring Naruto's arousal to a fever pitch. He twisted the drooping tip of the feather around his finger, contemplating his next move.

Carefully, Sasuke brought the feather to Naruto's collar bone. It was a fleeting touch, just a flick of softness against the skin. Naruto strained up, finding both relief and frustration in the contact.

"Do continue, Naruto," Sasuke ordered. "You had just acquired a guide..."

Naruto continued the tale, describing the journey across the continent. He fought for concentration as Sasuke drew trails all across his torso. He told of how he and his guide made fast progress to the heart of the continent, where they confronted a fork in the road. They chose the southern route that skirted the vast Himalaya mountains and took them through the... Oh gods... He couldn't remember. The feather was tracing the juncture of thigh and pelvis, tickling against his sac.

"Sasuke, oh... Fuck. I can't think," Naruto groaned, sounding equally pained and pleasured.

Sasuke relented, moving the feather to a less sensitive part of the body. It swirled innocently over the peak of Naruto's hip bone. "Better?" he asked, coy and teasing. "Now, where did you go?"

Naruto sighed. It was an aching sound, almost a whimper. He grappled with his thoughts and finally found the words that had escaped him. "Gupta," he finally answered. "We traveled south, through the Gupta Empire."

While the terrain was much smoother, the frequent monsoons slowed them considerably. Naruto described, with a hint of embarrassment, how he had raged at his guide—called him foul, biting names—each time they had to stop.

"Eventually, we made it to Serica," Naruto said, panting.

Sasuke had moved the feather back to his pouch and was running it in long, slow strokes from the bottom of his heavy sac up to the very tip of his length. It was blissful and anguishing, overwhelming and not nearly enough. Sasuke could see the tension in Naruto's muscles, pulsing through the thick vein of his cock and forcing a steady stream of precum to seep out.

His own arousal was becoming a distraction. Teasing Naruto into such a frenzy didn't come without certain repercussions. Sasuke, too, was hard and leaking. His cock throbbed in commiseration with every moan Naruto choked back. He discarded the feather and reached across his lover's supine form to retrieve an oil vessel from the bedside table.

"And that is where the search truly began," Sasuke prompted as he slicked his hands.

Naruto could smell the familiar, woody scent and hear the soft, wet squish of the oil. He thrust his hips up in anticipation. Sasuke watched as Naruto's desperation grew—it seeped from his pores and covered him in a fine sheen of wanton desire.

The sight tilted Sasuke's lips into a dark, licentious grin. He reached out and skimmed his fingers up the hot, rigid flesh of Naruto's cock. "Go on," Sasuke ordered as he took the turgid length up, stroking it in earnest. "Tell me about Serica."

Naruto canted his hips, seeking more friction in the glide of Sasuke's fists. "What kind of devil are you?" he groaned, breathless in relief and no small amount of frustration.

Sasuke tugged and twisted, pulling up the slack skin from just behind the swollen head of Naruto's cock and sliding it over his sensitive glans. His answer was soft, yet sharp. "The kind that wants to know what you did once you reached Serica."

With a groan and shallow roll of his hips, Naruto continued. "We stayed in the southern region for as long as we could, as ah—" A short gasp interrupted him. He took a moment to calm himself before finishing, "...as there seemed to be conflict further to the north."

Naruto was quickly becoming incoherent. His attempts at speech degraded into choked phrases interspersed with heavy sighs, moans and pleas for more. He was straining, body and mind alike, desperate for a reprieve.

The atmosphere was pulsing with need, the air saturated with lust. Sasuke could feel it in each breath that passed his lips, in the ragged beat of his heart against his ribs, and the tremble of the body under his ministrations. It was quickly becoming unbearable.

Sasuke dropped the hot flesh in his hands, much to Naruto's chagrin. The man was ready to rear up and demand Sasuke cease teasing him when he felt the mattress shift. Suddenly, there were warm thighs straddling his hips and slick fingers wrapping around his cock, guiding it between supple cheeks.

"Gods yes, Sasuke!" Naruto cried out, thrusting his hips up and seeking to sheath himself.

Sasuke pulled up and away from the blunt, questing cockhead. Naruto thumped his head against the mattress and growled in frustration. Taking the length in his hand, Sasuke dragged the tip twixt his cheeks, from the smooth cleft of his buttocks to the rough pucker of his entrance. The velvety, bulbous head slid against his skin, inciting Sasuke further.

He brought the weeping head to his hole and prodded. A shared moan of desperate relief filled the room as Sasuke bore down and let the tip push into his eager entrance. His muscles stretched and grasped, his nerves sang and sizzled. Sasuke lifted himself off, waited one panting, breathless moment, and then sank down again. Nothing compared to this moment, when their bodies joined. The burn, the stretch, the dense pleasure that pulsed out to engulf his entire body. He repeated it again and again: the slow, shallow penetration and rueful withdrawal.

"Tell me," Sasuke whispered on a moan as he teased himself with Naruto's cock. "What happened in Serica?"

Naruto's heart was hammering a desperate rhythm, his mind blown asunder. He fought against his bindings, wishing he could grab Sasuke by the hips and slam him down, bury himself in the sweet torment of his lover's body. Knowing that this was impossible, there was only one way he was going to get what he needed.

"I..." he started, then caught his breath when he felt the heat of Sasuke's chute enveloping him. The movement paused and Naruto instantly understood. He continued, "I sought out traces of your clan in every city. Every merchant stall. I..." his voice cracked, his words choking in his throat as Sasuke sank down. He felt more of his length wrapped in the pillowy channel with every passing word. "I'd remembered what you had said about your clansmen... a-about their trade. Ahhh..."

Sasuke was fully seated now. Naruto's thick cock pulsed in his depths. Slowly, Sasuke rolled his hips. "Go on."

"I saw your family crest, on the robes your brother and cousin wore to the auction. Sasuke... Oh yes, Sasuke!" Naruto was being ridden in earnest now. Heat and friction and that special way Sasuke rocked against him all worked together to rend Naruto's thoughts into mangled pieces.

He was taking too long, focusing too much on sensation instead of his narrative. Sasuke didn't slow down, as he may have been inclined to do earlier. He didn't see the point in punishing himself for Naruto's floundering. Instead, he continued his steady grind and reached forward to firmly tweak both of Naruto's nipples.

Yowling in surprise, Naruto reared up, straining once more against his bindings until the fine fabric tore apart and slipped away. Naruto immediately pulled the blindfold from his eyes and focused his frenzied gaze on the man astride him. Sasuke's expression was flushed and alarmed. He looked like a child who'd been caught misbehaving. Naruto gently placed his hands on Sasuke's waist and stroked him, calming him with false reassurance. Gradually, the grip tightened until it was Naruto controlling Sasuke's movement. He was pulling him up and down in hard, fast jerks—punishing himself as much as Sasuke for this delay in gratification.

Relenting himself to this well-earned abuse, Sasuke threw back his head and cried out. Naruto's fingers pressed bruises into Sasuke's flesh as he slammed him down in merciless succession. It was wild and unrestrained, the exact opposite of the calculated, controlled foreplay that brought them here.

Naruto drank in the sight of Sasuke as the man brought a hand to himself and began to stroke. He was a scintillating sight—an erotic combination of dark on light, writhing in pleasure and moaning to the heavens. Fist flying over his cock, Sasuke arched his back and exploded with a surge of milky ropes.

There was a moment of stillness as Sasuke trembled in the wake of his crisis. Naruto watched the pulse in Sasuke's throat and the play of shadow across his ribs as his chest heaved. He memorised this vision, down to the last pearl of cum that rolled down Sasuke's throbbing length.

In a blur of motion, Naruto wrapped his arm around Sasuke's waist and threw him to the mattress. He pinned Sasuke's wrists to the bed and pressed his body down firmly, trapping Sasuke beneath him. Naruto brought his mouth to Sasuke's, hot, wet, and greedy. Not so much a kiss as an assault of lips, tongue and teeth. The forceful pistoning of his hips did little to maintain any sense of order to the embrace. Eventually, Naruto's mouth slipped, trailed across Sasuke's jaw and settled against his ear. Heavy pants washed over the sensitive skin, tickling fine hair and raising gooseflesh along his neck. Sasuke closed his eyes and crossed his ankles behind Naruto's back, bracing himself against the furious thrusts. Deep rumbles of ecstasy grew in volume and voracity as Naruto quickened his thrusts. Pounding into the clenching vice of Sasuke's ass, Naruto grunted and buried himself deeply. Sasuke clung to him throughout, as the branding iron of Naruto's cock seared his walls and coated them generously.

Sasuke sighed contentedly, relaxing under the weight of Naruto's body as the blond collapsed. He slipped his wrists free and moved his hands around to explore the smooth planes of Naruto's back, tracing patterns of adoration into the skin. Soft kisses graced Sasuke's jaw, his cheek, his temple. A huff of breath, utterly satisfied, fanned over his face.

With a heavy groan, Naruto slid out and off of Sasuke, rolling onto his back and resting one hand upon his chest. His fingers trailed down to his stomach, stopping at the tacky remnants of Sasuke's release. His eyes drifted closed, too spent and lazy to keep them open a moment longer. As the last tendrils of consciousness began to loosen and release him to slumber, he felt the warm press of Sasuke's body against his, a leg thrown over his hip and a hand lain over his own.

There was no sense of the passage of time, only the darkness that blanketed the room and a rumble in his gut that reminded him of a missed dinner. Naruto's bleary eyes traced the faint silhouette of the room's meager furnishings, then moved down to explore the pale beauty sprawled out over him.

Sasuke's foot, slender and a bit bony, rested on his shin, his slightly knobby knee pressed against his thigh. Following that long leg up, Naruto appreciated the gentle curve of Sasuke's ass and the dip of his waist. The shadows that painted the divots between his ribs shifted with each steady breath. His arm, lightly muscled and relaxed in post-coital bliss, rested against Naruto's chest in a stark contrast to his own dark skin.

His gaze settled on Sasuke's fingers as they stroked against him. It was a whisper of a touch, but enough to tell Naruto the man was awake. He reached up and laced his fingers between Sasuke's. The air around them was calm and peaceful, and yet he had a sense of something left incomplete.

Naruto's low voice reverberated through the room. "I looked for your sigil on every piece of pottery and every bronze ornament." Sasuke shifted, pulled away just enough so that he could peer up at Naruto's face. He smiled sleepily and Naruto continued, "I arranged passage to Japan, still unsure where to find you. I'd have scavenged the entire island, if that's what I needed to do." Sasuke lifted himself up on one elbow and leaned over Naruto's recumbent form. "I'd have done anything."

Sasuke untangled his hand from Naruto's and brought a finger to still the man's lips. He knew the rest of the story. He knew all of it. There was an intensity in the depths of his eyes as he stared down. It was as if he had innumerable words to speak and didn't know where to start. In the end, he used his lips, not to voice his thought but sear them into Naruot's flesh. From mouth to nose, temple to cheek, Sasuke imprinted everything—every hope, desire, fear and gratitude—across Naruto's skin.

"You love me," Sasuke whispered against the stubbled jaw.

It wasn't a question, but that didn't stop Naruto from confirming. "I do."

Sasuke sighed and brushed his lips softly against the hard edge. "You are my heart."

"I am." Naruto stated with absolute certainty.

Silence reasserted itself around them, warm and comforting. Their bodies entwined, pressing together along every conceivable plane. Eventually, Sasuke's eyes fluttered closed and his breathing deepened and slowed. Before the last threads of his consciousness disappeared, he placed one last kiss against the corner of Naruto's mouth. "I want you inside me when the sun rises," he husked, voice sleep-roughened.

Eyes closed, Naruto grinned. His fingers stroked a path up and down Sasuke's arm as it draped over his middle. "Anything for you, Sasuke."

The End

This may be the last you hear from me for a while, as I am hoping to get started on an original fiction. I will be sure to update my profile with information on where you can find me if you feel inclined to follow my work. Thanks again for your endless support!