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Aladdin woke up he was in the woods. He brushed some dirt off him and fixes his clothes, there were some small cuts and bruises which he got from his fall "Oww" he said as he touches it. He looks up to see the cliff he had fallen from, it was high up. He would've died from that fall but miraculously he was alive, yeah he got a little bit of bruises and cuts from that fall but the important thing he was alive. He look around for an exit or any sign of a person but there was none, all he can see is the trees and bushes. He was definitely lost.

"I should find an exit, I'm sure Alibaba and the rest are worried" he mutter to himself as he started to walk around in the woods. First he was still energetic but after a few more rounds of walking he felt so lifeless and depressed. "Why must this forest be so huge?" he said walking like a zombie. He can get out of here with his magic turban but unfortunately he didn't have it with him it could have fallen off somewhere.

Getting sad for a moment to the situation he is in right now, he heard a sound, it was the sound of a waterfall. He rushed a bit there with hopeful eyes and there he saw a figure, it was human, he was sure about it. He thought it was a woman with her silky long wavy black hair.

"Yay! A person!" Aladdin said happily running to the other then he trips and falls making them both fall into the water.

"Oh sorry Miss I tripped are you ok?" Aladdin apologizes getting up "Miss? You got some nerve Chibi" by the sound of the other's voice Aladdin knew who it was and it was "Judal?" he said "yeah can't you see" the young blue haired boy look up to see the other's face and it was really him, his hair wasn't braided like always but instead it was flowing down. It made Aladdin thought it was pretty.

"Not a woman" Aladdin said a bit disappointed which made Judal feel irritated and smack the kid."oww! What did you do that for?" The young boy said rubbing his head in confuse "You're irritating" the black haired magi said.

"Now look what you have done, my things are all wet even my clothes" Judal complained pinching both Aladdin's cheeks " sowwy~" The boy said as the other stop pinching his cheeks looking annoyed at the other "Are you lost too, Judal?" Aladdin asks "I'm not like you kid, I always come here" the other replied flipping his hair back "Eh? Then you know a way out here then?" The boy said happily coming closer to the other.

Irritated at the happy face in front of him, the black haired magi pushed the boy aside and said "Yeah just go north" trying to point which the young blue haired magi followed with those big blue hopeful eyes but Judal seemed to be confuse and unsure where he is pointing with all the many trees surrounding them. Aladdin noticed it which made his smile fade "You don't know do you?" he questioned looking at the other.

"Shut up, Chibi" Judal said pushing the boy aside and started to walk by himself.

"wait! Judal!" The little magi said as he run to Judal who is pretty walking fast. Then a cold breeze of air passes by them making them both stop and shiver. "I think we should stay here a bit, I could make fire" Aladdin said "Fine" the other said sat down on the ground making an irritated face, it is clear he doesn't want to stay here but he got no choice. "ok then" Aladdin said gathering some woods and dried leaves and uses his magic to make fire.

"Yes!" he said feeling proud about it. While Aladdin places everything that needs to be drying, Judal just stared at the proud little blue haired magi who is starting to hang his magic carpet on a branch of a tree near the fire and he noticed that there some small cuts on the boy's body

"hey Chibi how did you get those bruises?" Judal asks "I fell on a cliff" the boy said warming himself to the fire now.

"No worries licking them would be fine" Aladdin said being postive "I wasn't worried~~" Judal trailed off Licking huh? he thought then a smirk run on his face. As Aladdin turn to face the fire once again, Judal moves closer to him setting aside the hair blocking the boy's neck and licks it slowly with his tongue which startled the boy.

"Judal you surprised me" the boy said stepping back a little and covering his neck. There was a little blush showing on the boy's face.

"Well you did say licking would be fine" Judal said with a smirk on his face making the other wonder "No~this~umm...I can do this" the boy said making an embarrass face which makes Judal want to tease him more. "hmm~then how can you reach that?" Judal asks pointing at the small cut on the other's shoulder near his neck "well~~umm I think it's not necessary" the little magi a bit troubled didn't notice that Judal was moving closer to him until their eyes meet.

the little blue haired magi was about to move backward but he felt a hand going to his waist pulling him a bit closer. He knew this is getting dangerous.

"Wait Judal.." he said slightly pushing the other "don't worry Chibi this won't hurt" Judal said as he took one hand of the other pulling him even closer.

This is bad Aladdin thought. He wasn't sure what will happen but he got a feeling that this is going to be dangerous. His heart was beating faster as he go closer to the other unable to get out. Then Judal's head bent a bit to the area he was pointing earlier and slowly licks the boy's shoulder then the neck then going to the boy's face until he reaches the ear and nibbles on it. He felt the boy shiver "Judal...stop" Aladdin said but Judal pretended not to hear it and continue.

He glance at the boy's face, the boy was looking away from him blushing, he haven't seen this kind of reaction from the chibi. This is quite new to him and interesting, he wanted to make the little Aladdin flustered more then *Slap!* Judal was slapped by the other hand of Aladdin which made him let go of the blue haired boy.

"Uh sorry my hand moves on his own and did that suddenly" moving a little bit away from Judal. Aladdin was surprise at what just happened. Judal was quite surprise himself too with that hand. There was silence between the two magis.

"Judal? sorry does it hurt? I think I didn't slap you that hard" Aladdin moves a bit closer to Judal feeling guilty, forgetting the fact that he was harassing him earlier. He look at Judal's face worriedly then suddenly "pfft" Judal started to laugh which surprise the other making him back away again

"Chibi what was that? you're pretty interesting" he said still continues to laugh. He seem to be amused.

Aladdin was confuse at the other's reaction. He was worried about him for a moment but it was just a waste, with that thought he bit his lower lip and stood up and moves to distance himself from the other. Judal who was busy laughing noticed the other magi was trying to distance himself from him and felt annoyed about it.

"Where are you going, Chibi?" he said as he grabbed the long blue braided hair of Aladdin and pulled him back, making the other fall landed on both Judal's hands.

Aladdin with that pull, bit his lip hard making it bleed a little "Oww" he said "Chibi, you're lips are bleeding" the black haired magi said as he put a playful smile on his face looking at the other. Aladdin glared at him which Judal seemed to like. "Why don't I treat that wound?" Judal smirked making the other feel terrified. Aladdin tried to move away but he was trap by both hands of the black haired magi which was around him.

Aladdin was feeling lost unable to understand what the other is thinking of doing this things to him. If only he had his things with him, he could escape this easily "Judal you should stop this" Aladdin pleaded but the other ignored him and kisses the little magi, Judal started licking the lower lip making the blue haired magi twitch. Aladdin was feeling weird, he wasn't comfortable about this.

Aladdin "Ju~~" trying to speak, let's Judal gain access. The other slips his tongue through his mouth not letting Aladdin to finish what he was about to say. Aladdin could feel the other's tongue dancing with his. The heat was getting to him. He doesn't get this sensation. He felt weird inside.

On the other hand, Judal didn't plan to get this a bit longer. He was just suppose to make this quick but as soon as he taste the other he got quite carried away and making this a long kiss. Aladdin couldn't handle this anymore and pats the other's shoulder which made Judal stops and pulls away for a moment taking a deep breath.

Judal looks at the boy in front of him who was breathless and getting all red from that kiss they shared. This is really a rare sight to him and indeed it was. He was enjoying this that is a sure. "Judal...I can't take it anymore" the other said looking somewhat teary and panting as he grasp on Judal's shoulder. Interesting that's what Judal thought looking at the little magi.

With that helpless look Judal see on the other, He pushes Aladdin down making him over the other. He stared at Aladdin's face, his hair was falling down to the ground. He wanted to see more of Aladdin's flustered, weak, and embarrassed face, he wanted to tease him more so he dive down to kiss the little magi once again but it didn't last longer like earlier.

Judal stopped as he notices two balls of light coming to their direction "tsk" disappointed "Playtime is over kid" he said as he took the other's hair band "but I'll be taking this" he added tying his long black wavy hair with it. "wait Judal that's mine" Aladdin said getting up trying to catch the other but Judal have took his magic carpet which was dried up and disappeared into the darkness "till next time, Chibi" Judal said before disappearing.

Aladdin blushed at Judal's last sentence. What does he mean by next time? is he going to do that again? Aladdin thought touching his lips remembering everything that had happened and blush even more. He covered himself with his long blue hair feeling embarrass.

"ALADDIN!" a voice startled the young boy. He turned around to see his friend, Alibaba, running to him and hugged him."I'm so glad you're alright" he said in relief. He saw Morgaina is also with him she seem to be carrying some of Aladdin's stuff. "sorry to worry you both" Aladdin said smiling.

"Did something happen to you while we are gone?" Alibaba asks "Ah.." Aladdin remembered again and turns red "Aladdin?"

"Nothing, nothing happened" Aladdin docking hiding his blushing face "well the important thing is that you're alright. By the way did you lost your hair band?" Alibaba said looking at Aladdin whose hair wasn't tied and touching the ground. "ye-yeah" Aladdin said though he know it he hadn't lost, it was taken by the other.

"Ok then let's go back and get you treated" Alibaba said offering his hand to the young magi. "Un" the other nodded and took the hand and the three of them left and went back.

While going back, Aladdin keeps on remembering that had happened, the way he was licked by the other and that kiss he had shared which was his first. His heart is beating non-stop. He could feel the heat raising to his cheeks again. He shake it off trying to clear his mind and just continue on walking together with Alibaba and Morgaina.

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