Chapter 7

Slowly opening his eyes, Aladdin stared at the ceiling "huh what happened?" He thought, he was wearing a white robe then his eyes shifted to the person staring at him "Judal?" he look at the person's face and it was….it was GLARING at him. Aladdin closed his eyes immediately not wanting to see the other's face, who knows what will happen.

The other's face was scary he doesn't dare to look at. "that was just a hallucination, a hallucination" he wished but when he peek again. The other was there still glaring at him. "Goodnight" Aladdin put on a smile and close his eyes once again.

"You BRAT! Don't goodnight me!" Judal mess the other's head "Ow Judal that hurts, I'm a patient" Aladdin whined.

"Fuck that! You fainted twice already!" Judal certainly is pissed is what Aladdin thought as the other is shouting at him "Seriously you're troublesome, I have to carry you again" Judal added. Aladdin couldn't talk back because what the other said is true, he fainted again and been carried by Judal.

"sorry" Aladdin look at the other with that big blue puppy eye which made the other sigh.

"say Chibi do you remember what you said before in the bath?" Judal suddenly asked and then Aladdin memories of that time came back and it made him gone red again. Now that he remembered what he just said to other, he became embarrassed.

There was silence between them Aladdin couldn't seem to respond to the other easily. Judal could see that Aladdin might have remembered it noticing the other's face is getting red again. His heart skipped a beat looking at the other hiding his face by continuing to look down.

"I can't look up" Aladdin thought, he doesn't really want Judal to see his face all red. He's feeling it again that strange feeling that he kept wondering.

"Chibi..." Judal was about to say something until the door slammed open and came the mother's son, Rin, "Big sister you're awake!" the kid came jumping onto the other which made Judal irritated and grabbed the kid from behind separating the two. "You damn brat" he glared at the kid and the kid glared back "I'm not allowing you to have this chance" the kid said by he mean by chance is to be alone with Aladdin.

"whatever kid go run back to your mommy" Judal said smirking at the kid but the kid got annoyed and kicked Judal by the chin making Judal let go of the child

"Ow! why you little" Judal snapped when he was about to grabbed on the kid, Aladdin laugh "hey what are you laughing?" Judal looked at the other who seem to be stopping his laugh.

"Oh sorry he was just excited" The mother appeared from the door "You're finally awake Aladdin" The mother have said smiling at the other.

"Ah yes sorry for the trouble" Aladdin bowed

"I know, why don't we eat first!" the mother said which the three agreed in an instant. The mother drag her son out and went ahead as she left the two behind.


"Judal what are you doing?" Aladdin said being carried by Judal "Why Chibi? you don't like it" Judal asked

"No" Aladdin said in an instant "Then that's good" Judal smiled and it made Aladdin's heart skip a bit. The smile that Judal made just now seems not like his usual mocking smile.

"is Judal weird,," Aladdin have thought before but "or am I the weird one?" it somehow change his opinion yesterday, maybe he is the weird one for feeling like this all the time when the other is close. Aladdin felt exhausted for some reason so he sighed and lay his head on the other's chest while being carried.


"Ow!" Aladdin was drop to the floor "why did you suddenly drop me? it hurts" says Aladdin trying to get up.

Judal actually didn't intent to drop the other but by the time Aladdin put's his head on Judal's chest, Judal automatically react and lets go of the other.

"You're heavy" Judal said but actually that was just an excuse the real reason is that he just don't want the other to hear his heart beat, it's embarrassing if he did. "I told you, don't carry me" Aladdin said still on the ground rubbing his but, his legs are exposing a bit and his white robe is slipping off his shoulder and Judal could see that.

"Hey you should stand up" Judal said as he lend a hand to the other while looking away. Aladdin stared at him and took the hand and stood up.

"Thanks" Aladdin said and smiled at the other.

Walking side by side with one another Aladdin realized Judal hasn't let go of his hands since then but he doesn't mind "Judal's hands are warm..." Aladdin thought and took a glance at the other walking beside him. He never thought Judal can be caring...

Judal caught him staring "what?" but Aladdin stared at his hand that is still being held and Judal notices it, it seems he just realize he have been holding the other's hand all the time and let's go suddenly "Oh.." Judal looks away again.

"what's with him...?" Aladdin doesn't really mind to have his hand held by the other. In fact it kinda make him happy, he wished he could hold hands with other longer...wait..what? what was I just thought? Aladdin didn't know why he thought of that it just that he wanted to be together with that person in front of him

"Ju-Judal..." A soft as his voice have said it, he was heard of clearly by the other "hmm?" Judal looked at him.

Aladdin wanted to say something but he don't know what the words to say.

"what? are you going to say you love me? Chibi" Judal was joking around when he said that but it made the other speechless it's like Judal have spoken the word that he was searching. It seems the word love is ringing on Aladdin's mind. Aladdin's face soon became red and he begun to cover his face, he couldn't help it but blush.

Aladdin begun to think "love...and why am I reacting to this? he just said that sentence and it made my heart beating faster" Aladdin was confuse and embarrass at the same time. It seems his feelings are overflowing. "maybe I do love him" the more he think to more he became red and redder.

Seeing the look of the other "huh? what?" Judal have said it and the reaction of the other confirm it. He only said it as a joke but he got it right, Aladdin didn't even try to deny it. This somehow surprises Judal and because of that he became red too. Judal didn't expect this reaction, he thought the other would have a violent reaction yet again...the other blushes and hides his face like he just got caught red handed.

Both their hearts is beating faster than usual. They both have mutual feeling. "chibi.." Judal moves closer to the other. He knelled down in front of the other who still covering his flustered face from Judal "You do have a habit of covering your face, huh?" Judal said.

"Chibi, how many times do I have to tell you..." Judal took Aladdin's hands out his face and slowly "Don't cover your face brat" Judal said and kissed the other on the lips gently.



"you look pathetic" Aladdin said still blushing though but Judal was expecting else.

"why you little brat, look who's talking" Judal pinch both cheeks of the little magi "you ruined the mood, stupid" he added saying.

"Judal..I waf you..(Judal I love you)" Aladdin said but couldn't say it right because the other was pinching his both cheeks "huh?" did Judal just thought what the other is trying to say and stopped pinching the other "say it again, Chibi" Judal said wanted to hear it again but...

Aladdin became shy and embarrass after saying that word. Now that the other wanted him to say it again, he couldn't and instead of saying it again he sticks his tongue out. The other smirk at him "such an uncute brat"

Judal suddenly lifted Aladdin from the ground and carried the little magi like a sack different from before. "Hey Judal" Aladdin was about to complain but he was cut by the other.

"I'm gonna make you say it again, chibi" Judal told the other as he continue to walk and carry the other.

"you're pretty determined" Aladdin said who is currently being carried by the other.

"Yes" Judal said firmly which made Aladdin blush again. "..."

"you guys are slow!" Rin shouted from the exit "yeah yeah shut up kid you're noisy"





Life is sure full of surprises...

This chapter is based on a dream(maybe a daydream, I forgot) I once had before. I just remembered it when I scanned my past notebook from high school and so decided to write it here as a chapter of this story. Of course the characters in that dream are different, I just made Judal and Aladdin as characters here and added some scenes.

I hope you all enjoyed reading it. :D