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August 2106

I stretched the tarp over the camping gear and secured it to the sides of my truck. For once the sky was blue, but in Washington that often didn't last long and I didn't want us to reach our favourite camping spot with everything soaking wet. Edward was in the house collecting food supplies from Mom and when he emerged, his mouth was crammed full of fresh-baked cookie and my sisters, Claire and Chloe, were trying to make him laugh and spit crumbs.

"I wish you'd take us with you," Claire pouted, coming to standing beside me. "It's ages since we went camping."

"I don't know why you still want to sleep on the ground in the middle of nowhere with damp and bugs everywhere." Chloe pulled a face and shuddered. "Anyway, it's not ages, you went last year with Amber's family."

"It wasn't proper camping. We went to a camp site with showers and a swimming pool and everything. They even had bunk beds in the tent and a table and chairs and this massive stove; it was weird. It'd be much more fun with Jacob and Edward."

"Ugh, you are such a boy!" Chloe exclaimed.

I couldn't help laughing. My sisters were twelve now, about to start their second year in highschool and their interests had changed somewhat. Claire was tomboyish and had half a dozen young male friends from school whom she saw as buddies that she wanted to imitate, while Chloe had turned into a little princess and had begun to take an interest in fashion and makeup. She hated being dirty and untidy and was a typical 'girly' girl. At their last birthday her gifts had been clothes and shoes and a bag, while Claire's had been a skateboard, helmet and knee-pads.

"We'll take you next year if you still want to go," I said.

Edward put the box of food on the floor in the cab of the truck and climbed in and I slid behind the wheel. We had a week to enjoy each other and the isolation of the mountains and forest before our lives really started. Edward had transferred the money for the house we were buying to his lawyer, including a substantial fee, and the man was to complete the purchase for us. It would be ready for us to move in within three weeks and at the same time we would be starting our careers, Edward as a history professor at the college in PA and me as a sports coach at one of the elementary schools nearby.

Now I started the engine and within minutes we were leaving Neah Bay behind and heading for the Rockies. Edward selected some music to listen to while we travelled - something classical that I should have known the name of by now, but didn't. We had been married more than two years and been together approaching four and I'd had plenty of opportunities to listen to him playing his keyboard or the piano, or some of the vast collection of recorded music he had, but even though a lot of it sounded familiar by now, the only one I could name was Debussy. I grinned as I remembered the first time I had heard him play something by the composer. I had thought Debussy was a band.

"What are you grinning at?" Edward asked, glancing at me and raking his fingers through his wild bronze hair. He had gotten a haircut recently, thinking he should try to tame it at least a little before he went to work at the college, but he still looked like a mad professor to me, especially with his glasses on; my own mouthwateringly beautiful mad professor.

"Just stupid stuff. Remember when we first started college and I thought Debussy was a band?"

He chuckled and slid closer to me on the seat, resting his hand on my thigh.

"Before that I can remember storming out of the room because you made fun of my writing and called me 'Ed'."

"I was being a jerk to you, Ed," I teased, grabbing his hand in mine and stilling it as it stroked my leg. "Stop that, if you want me to stay on the road."

"I can't help it. You know how much I love your family, but sleeping in that damned bunk bed and not being able to do anything is torture."

"Yeah, well sitting here with you groping my leg is torture," I said, pushing his hand off again which had somehow slid free of mine and was caressing my thigh muscle. "What are you trying to do to me?"

"I just want to make sure you're as eager as I am when we get there," he smirked, adjusting his pants with his free hand.

"Fuck," I groaned.

"That's what I'm hoping for."

We continued teasing each other on what suddenly seemed like the longest drive I'd ever endured. Our only release during the few days staying with my family had been from jerking off in the shower - alone - and it was an extremely poor substitute for Edward's skillful hands and mouth or his tight heat as I made love to him.

I parked the truck up in the usual place, close to a clearing where we pitched the tent, making sure to position it with its front wheels on a large flat rock that we had discovered perfect for the purpose. On the first camping trip we had become stuck in the mud and Jasper and Charlotte had to push us out.

Edward moved away from me and got out of the vehicle, moving to the rear to untie the tarp and I stayed where I was for a moment, looking left and right, wondering how likely we were to find company in this area. We had never seen anyone on our previous trips, with the exception of a couple of the Cullens now and then. No one was in sight and I opened the glovebox to retrieve the small bottle of lube we kept in there for emergencies, got out of the truck and went to Edward.

"Leave that, come with me," I urged, grabbing his hand.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see." I tugged him along the path towards the trees, grimacing at the feel of my erection pushing against my zipper. I was beyond uncomfortable and when I looked at Edward I could see the unmistakeable shape of his arousal in his jeans.

"Can't you wait?" he grinned now.

"Are you kidding? You've been teasing me the whole way here."

I stopped close to an enormous tree, the trunk wider than my shoulders and the base partly surrounded by foliage. One more quick look around confirmed we were completely alone and I drew Edward into my arms, covering his mouth with mine in a heated kiss as I manoeuvred him back against the broad trunk and pressed my body against his. His soft moan was muffled by my tongue and he clutched at me eagerly, his hands sliding down my back to my butt and pulling me harder against him, our erections seeking each other through several layers of clothing.

I moved my lower body away from his slightly, just enough to get a hand between us to begin fumbling buttons and zippers undone, shoving my cargo pants down past my hips and lowering Edward's jeans. I broke the kiss with a groan as he touched me, his palm rubbing up and down my length through my shorts for a moment before he hooked his thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down, freeing my erection. He grasped it in one hand, stroking tormentingly slowly while I uncovered him, cupping his balls and squeezing gently for a moment before I took his cock in my hand. He was leaking and quivering and he moaned and thrust his hips forward eagerly as I rubbed my thumb over the head.

I backed away and dropped to my knees, feeling dampness from the ground soak through my pants and ignoring it. I quickly unlaced Edward's boots as he leaned against the tree, pulling one foot free at a time and sliding his jeans and shorts off before placing the foot back into the boot. I draped his clothes over a bush that looked reasonably dry and turned my attention back to him, grasping his erection around the base and guiding it into my mouth as my own bobbed achingly in front of me.

"God...so good..." Edward groaned, one hand coming to rest on my head as a I sucked on him gently. "Shit...what if someone sees?"

I released him briefly. "No one's around, but would you care if they did?"

"Right now...no...please, keep going," he groaned.

"Want me to make you come?" I teased.

"Fuck, Jacob!"

I drew him back into my mouth and he sighed with relief, thrusting himself steadily deeper until I felt him hit the back of my throat. I continued working him with my mouth and hand while I groped into the pocket of my pants for the lube and squeezed some onto my fingers. He didn't even notice until I slid my hand between his legs, searching for his hole and pushing one finger slowly inside. Then he moaned loudly, his thighs trembling as he moved his feet further apart to give me better access. Slowly I added a second finger, pushing them deep and curling the tips in search of his prostate.

"Holy shit!"

His nails dug into my scalp and he squirmed against the tree trunk, panting for breath as I increased the speed of both hands and mouth, pushing him rapidly towards orgasm. Often I liked to tease him when he was this horny, dragging things out until he begged, but I was too eager for my own release and instead I gave him what he wanted, repeatedly bumping the gland inside him while I sucked and stroked rapidly. He came hard, flooding my mouth and throat with his warm fluid, his cries loud in the otherwise mostly silent forest. I let him slip from my mouth and got to my feet slowly, licking my lips, grasping my own aching erection now and giving it a few firm pumps. Edward opened his eyes slowly and met mine.

"Let me catch my breath and I'll do that for you," he panted.

"I've a better idea."

I took another quick look around, confirming once more that we were alone and then took out the lube again. Edward watched breathlessly as I coated my shaft in it and put the small bottle away. I shuffled closer to him, my ankles hampered by the pants and shorts bunched around them and he rested his hands on my shoulders, pulling himself up on tiptoe and raising one leg over my hip. I tucked my hand under his thigh to keep it in place and guided myself awkwardly with the other hand. We had done this in the shower a few times before and it wasn't the easiest of positions, but certainly one of the most fun.

I groaned as the head of my cock pushed into Edward's tight hole. He felt so good and I held my breath as I eased myself deeper, bending my knees a little and pushing myself upwards. His softening cock began to stiffen again, bumping against my stomach as I filled him and I began to move slowly, grinding myself against him more than thrusting in and out, my hands gripping his butt and supporting his weight.

"You feel so good," I groaned. "It's been too long."

To us, a week was an eternity. The more we made love, the more we wanted to and everything about Edward seemed to turn me on; silly things like the way his hair looked as if he'd had a fright when he dragged his hands through it; the way his mouth twitched up at the corner into his crooked smirk; the way he shoved his glasses up his nose. Then there was the way he would tease me, nibbling at my ear and stroking my thighs, determinedly avoiding my cock until I begged; the way he would emerge from the bathroom wearing only a towel, tied low enough for me to see a hint of his pubic hair; the way he would touch himself and pretend he didn't know I was looking.

"God, Edward," I groaned. "I love you so much."

My thoughts were having just as much effect on me as the feel of his hot tunnel gripping me and I thrust harder against him, my balls tightening as my orgasm approached.

"I love you," he answered, writhing between my body and the tree as I impaled him.

We were made for each other. Fate had seen to it that we found each other for a second time and I was happier than I ever thought possible. He was the love of my life, my everything and it was sappy, romantic thoughts that filled my head when I came into him, clutching him against me, scattering tiny kisses over his face as I panted for breath. We drew apart reluctantly, Edward finding tissues in his jeans pocket to clean himself up while I quickly wiped my cock, pulled up my shorts and pants and took another look around us. Still no one in sight and I heaved a sigh of relief.

We made our way back to the truck and set to work pitching the tent and making up the bed for later. As was often the case, clouds were blowing in off the mountains now and it looked as if rain was on the way. We heated up some canned food on the camp stove and then retreated under the canvas as it began to shower, poring over a hiking map I had brought. We had decided to spend a day following a trail to higher ground and we marked the route on the map, hoping that we were going to get at least one dry day during the week. We had wet weather gear, but the excursion would be a lot more pleasant in dry conditions.

It rained all night, but when we opened the tent the next morning, the sky was cloudless and the sun warm. It seemed a perfect day for the hike, but we packed waterproof pants and jackets into the two small backpacks we intended to carry, in case things changed. Edward made sandwiches from some of the supplies we had brought and packed a bag of Mom's cookies and some bottles of water. We set off at nine-thirty armed with the map and our phones and headed up the trail through the forest. After about an hour we emerged from the trees under a blue sky with few white clouds and we continued steadily upwards, pausing occasionally to drink some water and look at the view.

"Better get some photos or my sisters will beat us up," I grinned, pulling my phone out.

I snapped away for a few minutes and we took pictures of each other before moving on again. The climb didn't really affect me, as fit as I was from constantly playing sports and training, but Edward grew a little out of breath. He had taken up running and his legs were strong, but he wasn't used to more varied activity. We eventually reached a peak we had been aiming for in the early afternoon and stopped to eat the food we had brought, gazing about us and spotting a mountain lion in the distance.

"I'd have had that once upon a time," Edward grinned and I remembered that mountain lion had been his favourite prey.

We watched as the cat stalked an unsuspecting goat from above, springing down upon it and making short work of the helpless creature.

"I was faster than that," said Edward smugly.

"You're big-headed too," I teased. "You used to be so sweet and shy."

"I'm still sweet. I'd be shy too if it wasn't for you."

I smiled and leaned closer to kiss him, then pulled away and got up.

"We better head down; it looks like it's going to rain again."

While we had been sitting there, the wind had picked up and somehow the little white fluffy clouds had been replaced with grey ones without us noticing. We probably had time to get back down to the tent before the heavens opened, however.

Edward gathered up the remains of the meal, we drank some water and then set off, taking a different, shorter route to the one we had hiked up. It was steeper, but led more directly to where we had left the truck and we were able to make quick progress off the peak. Lower down the path was rough, covered in loose shale and rocks of all sizes which we constantly had to step over or walk around and I began to wonder if it would have been quicker to go back the way we came after all. We were about halfway down, however, so it made sense to just keep going. We paused to take on some more water and then began to stride downwards again, almost losing our footing a few times as the ground alternated between slippery muddy areas created by the constant showers and coverings of loose stone. As we negotiated a particularly steep part of the path, Edward's feet shot out from beneath him and he crashed onto his back right behind me, almost taking me out with him and I stopped quickly.

"Are you ok?" I grabbed his hand and pulled him up.

"Yeah," he winced. "Going to have a nice bruise on my butt though."

"I'll see what I can do to make it feel better later," I said, blowing him a kiss.

We continued, relieved to notice the forest perhaps a mile ahead - or down, to be more accurate - and picked up our pace a little. We would have to take a small detour to get around a sheer drop a little way ahead and I knew that the alternate path would involve at least some climbing. I turned off towards the left, Edward following, and within a few minutes the path broke up and we were looking down a rocky outcrop.

"What happened to the path?" Edward asked.

"It's down there." I pointed to the bottom of the area we were going to have to climb down.

"I thought we were avoiding that cliff part."

"We are, look that way."

He turned to the right, eyeing the hundred-foot flat face where many years ago a huge part of the mountain had sheered off and collapsed, leaving a cliff which was well used by trainee rock-climbers.

"Fuck," Edward muttered.

"This part'll be fine, just follow me," I said. "It's not that steep; go backwards."

I turned around and began to work my way down, feeling for secure places to rest my feet and leaning over to support myself with my hands. Edward followed more slowly, his feet a little way above my head. We were about halfway down when he missed his footing and slid towards me with an alarmed yell, his arms flailing as he struggled to grab at something solid. I planted my feet apart on the large rock I was standing on and caught him quickly, wrapping an arm around his waist until his feet found purchase between mine.

"Shit!" he panted. "Sorry."

"Are you hurt at all?"

"Not really." He held up the palms of his hands which were badly grazed, but other than that he appeared unscathed.

"It's only about another fifty feet," I said. "You ready?"


I let go of him as I prepared to move and then grabbed him again quickly as I felt the rock beneath our feet shift. It had seemed firmly anchored, but with the weight of both of us and no doubt the ground around it being loosened by rain, it began to give way and I made a quick step to the side onto mud, pulling Edward after me. The rock continued to move, slowly working its way free, but at the same time the surrounding loose stones and soft mud began to slide and suddenly what was under our feet was no longer there and we were slipping backwards, losing our balance and falling.

I cursed myself for taking the shortcut as I heard Edward's yell of alarm and felt stones cut into my knees. I still had hold of him, but I didn't have hold of anything else and there seemed nothing solid to grab onto. Everything was heading downwards and taking us with it. I began to fall back and away from the ground and then my head hit something, sending a blinding pain through the back of my skull. I squeezed my eyes shut for a moment as everything stopped moving, praying that I wouldn't pass out.

"Edward..." I whispered.

"I'm ok."

He was close by and I heaved a sigh of relief, tentatively touching my head and opening my eyes to see blood on my fingers. Then I looked down and saw what I hadn't yet felt. All my focus had been on the pain in my head and now shock prevented me from feeling as I stared at the shiny white shin bone protruding through my pants leg, blood rapidly soaking the fabric around it. Seconds ticked by and suddenly the pain was there, drowning out everything else.


My scream seemed deafening and I felt my heart hammering, my body beginning to tremble in fright and pain.

"How badly are you hurt?"

I struggled to turn my head and look at Edward, who I found lying on his back a few feet away, unmoving.

"I broke my leg," I said through my teeth, grinding them against the pain. "The bone's...sticking out."

"Get your belt. Tie it around your leg above the break to slow the bleeding. Prop it on something. You need to keep the wound above your heart."

"I know," I muttered.

"Is your phone ok? I landed on mine; it's broken," Edward said.

"I don't know."

I was fumbling my belt undone, every movement slow and clumsy as the agony and fear I was feeling hampered me. What if my phone was broken too? No one else in their right minds would be up here. How would we get help? Maybe Edward was ok. Maybe he could go to find someone.

"Can you get up?" I asked, finally pulling my belt free of the loops and pushing one end under my knee.

"I don't think so."

"Is anything broken?"

"I don't know. I can't tell."

"Shit," I groaned.

I slid the end of the belt through the buckle and clenched my jaw. I could barely bring myself to look at my injury; it was like something from a horror movie and I could see my career as a sports coach rapidly slipping away in front of my eyes. Would I ever be able to run again? Even walk properly without limping? What if we couldn't get help quickly enough and I lost the leg? Hands shaking, I took a deep breath and pulled the belt tight, trying not to let on how bad it felt and alarm Edward, but another scream burst from my lips and I found myself hanging onto consciousness with grim determination. Somehow I managed to secure the belt and then I began to shuffle backwards to where Edward lay, my fear increasing as I realised he still hadn't moved although his eyes were open, watching me.

"Does anything hurt?" I asked.

"No. My hands are tingling."

He lifted one hand about an inch and then lowered it again. My eyes drifted down his body and noted he was lying completely flat, nothing twisted awkwardly, but I had the terrifying feeling that he had injured his back or neck. Remembering my phone, I slid my hand into my pocket quickly and pulled it out, but found it broken, just as Edward's was. We were stuck there until someone found us and panic began to rise in me as I took another look at Edward and noticed the dark stain spreading outwards from his crotch and part way down his thighs. He had wet himself and he wasn't even aware it had happened. I almost stopped breathing as I opened up my backpack and pulled out the waterproof jacket, tucking it around his upper body before I took his hand in mine.

"Squeeze my hand, baby," I said shakily. "We're gonna be ok, someone will come for us."

His hand remained motionless in mine, but he gazed back at me, his eyes the colour of moss and unnervingly serene.

"I doubt anyone's up here. You'll have to try to get up and look for someone."

"I can't move with my leg like this," I protested. "Anyway, I'm not leaving you. Never." I blinked rapidly, trying to prevent my tears welling up and spilling over.

"Jacob." Edward's voice was firm and gentle. "I can't feel anything. You have to take care of yourself and try to find help somehow."

"I don't want to leave you here," I whimpered.

He had closed his eyes and I let my tears spill over now he couldn't see them.

"I'll be ok," he whispered. "I love you."

"I love you too," I choked. "Stay awake, ok? Keep talking to me."

"I am awake."

I knew there was no chance of me getting up and going anywhere. The pain in my leg was blinding and I was beginning to feel dizzy from the blow to my head and probably blood loss as well. Instead I edged closer to him, propped my ankle up on a boulder to raise the wound and wrapped an arm around him, thinking if I kept him warm, if I tried to keep us both warm, we would be alright and somebody would find us.

"Edward?" I whispered.

I brushed my lips against his cheek, but he didn't answer and his eyelids remained still. He was breathing, but he had slipped out of consciousness and I could almost feel my heart breaking as I realised he probably wouldn't make it unless someone, by some miracle, turned up right away. As it was, he was paralysed and the future we had planned was probably lost to us. Is this what fate had planned for us all along? Were we just toys for it to play with? Each time we had been given brief moments of incredible happiness, only to have it snatched away again as if it had never been. I struggled to sit up, rolling from my side to my back and sucking in a deep breath before I opened my mouth and yelled at the top of my lungs.

"HELP! Help us, please!"

When I moved again, my leg slipped off the rock it was resting on and the broken limb hit the ground. The pain intensified to the extent where I couldn't think and my scream of agony echoed down the mountain, louder than my cry for help. I blinked rapidly as my peripheral vision began to shrink, struggling to fight off the blackness that was creeping over me, but it was too much. The pain in my head and my leg and my heart were too intense and I felt my head thump onto the rock beneath me as consciousness left me.