"At you service Bilbo." They whispered in his ears one night, making Blibo's heart race as he felt the heat come from the two dwarf's cocooning him.
His eyes were wide open as he looked at the pair's gleaming chocolate eyes that held a bright smile.
"W…What?" Bilbo asked.
Smiling Kili moved away and stood up, Fili moved beside him and they held out their hands.
"At your service Bilbo." They said again grinning from ear to ear, Bilbo sat up and looked at them for a moment.
"Wh…at are you offering your services for?" he asked looking slightly worried and blushing at the same time as he took their hands and they pulled him up and lead him away from the camp site.
"For anything you need." Kili said, as they pulled Bilbo into a small clearing.
Swallowing, Bilbo watches as Kili went in for a kiss on his lips. "Ummm~!" Bilbo moaned out in shock as the young dwarf took his mouth and pushed his tongue into his mouth.
After the rude awakening Bilbo melted into the dark hair dwarf lips, while they were kissing Fili got to his knees and pulled Bilbo's breeches down and started sucking on his length. "Ummm~! oh God what are you doing?" Bilbo gasp as his knees start to tremble.

Thorin saw the boys take Bilbo away, once he saw them pass the tree line he got up and decided to follow them. He found them not to far from the camp site, Bilbo was standing as Kili and him snogged the life out of each other and Fili was on his knees sucking on Bilbo's **. "Placing our mark on you before uncle does." Thorin heard Kili say as he sat by the tree line and looked down at the clearing and watched them, he grumbled at their comment as continue to watch them.
"W…What do you mean before your uncle does?" The Halfling asks, his hands gripping Kili's clothes. The dark hair dwarf pulled Bilbo's hands away and moves behind Bilbo and pushes his fingers into the small Hobbit, making him whimper and tighten his fingers in Fili's hair.
"Well,we know he likes you a lot, but the trouble is so do we, so we are getting in first before he does." He said pulling his fingers free after a while of fingering the poor Hobbit.

Thorin knew his nephews were devious but they were taking his Hobbit first! He was going to go down there and yell at them for what they were doing but when he heard a moan from his Hobbit it made him freeze, he swallowed a lump in his throat as he realised he was going to watch this. Kili had pulled his ** out of his pants and pushes it into Bilbo.
"Ahhhh!" He cried out spilling his ** into Fili's mouth, the blond Dwarf smiled as sucked him until he become hard again, standing up he pulled his own clothes off himself and let Bilbo, see his throbbing member.
Fili pulled Bilbo's legs up and pushed in beside his brother. Bilbo moaned and cried out at the sudden stretch, he moaned loudly as the two dwarfs thrust inside of his hole.
Thorin watched as they moved, the poor Hobbit cried out and moaned saying things that were garbled, he prayed that Bilbo isn't going thought the Hobbit heat at this moment in time and that when he does take him he wouldn't have to share him. The sounds of Bilbo crying out as both of the brothers cried out as well, as they came inside of Bilbo, he let out a sigh and when he looked down he notices he had a wet patch on his trousers …Great…he thought.

The brothers pulled away from Bilbo and held him as they got dressed, when they heard Thorin walking down towards them, they froze as Bilbo was swaying on his feet. "What do you think you're up to?" He asked.
"Just helping out, relax."Kili said.
Thorin and his puff sound sent the brothers on their merry way.