Hey people! This is my first attempt at non-halo FF, and please forgive me if any canon is wrong. I'm very misinformed on some topics,

Somethings you need to know. This is the battle of Jabiim, during the clone wars. The situation is AU, and our protagonist, Asher, is a constant boy reappearing in my books (If you've read 'Dawn')


The clone wars.

A 14 year old boy would know little of the politics, but he did know one thing.


Days since the Republic had come, but no help.

Asher tried to wriggle his way out of the rain. It kept dripping on him, through the trees.


Asher was a sharp boy, he detected everything and anything. Quickly, he slipped over towards it.

A battle droid. Huh.

Their problem was, when they massed in the hundreds, they became deadly. Even to the Jedi. The clones.

And they almost never travelled alone.

Asher sized it up. Its markings were not similar to any he'd seen before, in his short life. Maybe it was a scout. Maybe it was alone.

Maybe, he whispered. Maybe Mum and Dad could be alive, they would be with me and -

Asher raised a blaster pistol and fired.

The "swip!" slashed through the air and cleanly sliced the droid into a few seperate pieces. Asher quickly moved in, policed its weapons and ammunition, and was going to creep out when -


Idiot, Asher.

He raised the blaster he was holding. "Identify yourself," he hissed.


He quickly retreated. Laser fire whipped through the trees, and a constant "Roger, roger," was in the air, as well as cries of dying clones.

Not that Asher cared. He was a born survivor, and alhough his mother had taught him to value life, he also learned to accept death.

Creeping through the trees, he scrutinized the main point of attack: the rebel stronghold.

The Jedi were amazing, he observed, slashing, turning, tearing the droids to pieces.

He used to wish that he could be one. Now those dreams had died with the rebels and the Sith on the planet. All he wanted was survival.

Anakin swung his lightsaber in a precise move, slashing through the last droid. Area secure.


One of the Padawans approached him.

"Vabeesh?" He kept his lightsaber in a ready position.

The Padawan looked around uncertainly. "There's something wrong," he said uneasily.

As Anakin he concentrated, he could feel it. A ripple in the force.

And he knew what is was.

Another Sith apprentice.

He probed the waves from the ripple, coming towards him. No, definitely not a Jedi. But it didn't feel... Sithy. It was raw force, controlled but not filtered. And powerful.

Anakin didn't have time to think. This was a battlefield.

Asher watched the Jedi enter the building. After they had left, he quickly examined the dead Padawan.

So many dead, he mused. The war must be taking a toll on Jedi numbers.

He found what he was searching for. A lightsaber.

As soon as he picked it up, it seemed to balance itself. Something disturbed him about it. He wondered whether he could use it.

Examining the dead padawan, he tried to examine it. Mentally scruitinizing him,

And then he lost consciousness.


How the... What in... he quickly withdrew his mind from... Whatever had just happened.

Asher looked around uncertainly. The Jedi could do insane things. He wasn't sure what sure how they did it, but they did - and that was what mattered.

Pushing the thought aside, he ignited the saber and walked through the door. Stepping through the carnage of droids and dead men, he heard the sound of blasters firing.

Quickly climbing the steps, he formulated a plan. Survival first; he'd link with the Loyalists and Jedi and get evacuated.


"Annihalite," went a loud, irritating voice. A droid aimed and fired at him.

Asher twisted round the blaster bolt - he'd always had incredible speed - and sliced the droid in half.

Lightsabers were hard to handle, he decided. The handle was the only thing that weighed anything, and though it made the weapon light, it also took the momentum away.

Like fighting with a pretend sword.

He ran forward, through another broken door, and into a hall.

It was a battlezone.

Droids were falling to pieces, the taller Jedi was slicing with incredible skill, the Padawans behind him. However, there were a few dead Jedi on the floor.

A random droid examined Asher. "Unconfirmed target. Firing."

Asher flicked up the blade, guided by instinct, and deflected the bolt. Stepping forward, he bisected the droid. Feeling a bolt coming in from behind, he twisted, deflected, and killed that droid too.

Turning, he raced towards the Jedi.

Aubrie Wyn finished off the last of the droids. It collapsed, firing a random bolt.

With a strangled cry, the last of the Padawans apart from her dropped.

Aubrie rushed to his side, but Anakin stopped her. "Aubrie!" he shouted.

Aubrie turned back, trying to sort out her emotions. There were so many dead today.

You will pay, she hissed mentally at the rebel leader.

She dived forward, towards Stratus, lightsaber whirling in a deadly arc.

"Aubrie!" came Anakin's voice again!

Aubrie turned slightly, and noticed out of the corner of her eye, a boy. From him, was pulsing the strongest force signature she had ever felt.

Momentarily distracted, she heard Stratus's blaster fire.

Basically this is an AU. About Asher, who changed the course of the galaxy. And I will change a few things in canon from here.