Even at such an early start to this new unsettling life ideas, dreams even hope, soared through the small ever growing city of the new Greece.

The large court located in the centre of a bustling town was the main focus for where people would go, when not making sacrifices to their new masters. The gods. There could be found radiant market stalls, a fountain well carved in the likeness of Poseidon and the most masterful of all the execution plank. To soon did the gods demand such a contraception. It was a way to in force their new laws, to bring forth the wisdom of their words. But in every new demanding city there were those who preferred to cheat their way around the new law, to make a name for themselves. Even if it meant committing acts of murder.

Chapter One:

My brother was eaten by wolves on Athena's hill

A large group paraded around outside a magnificent temple coloured pure bone white from the hands of artists not by tricks of the light. The women wore long dresses, the tips of their toes just pushing out, they were curved to push deep into the chosen foot wear. Upon curved olive skinned faces laid masks which balanced on the curve of their noes. The men wore imitations of armour, within their right hand they held onto thick pale white sticks, their masks hiding away all of their face. They changed from happy to sad, each man danced depending on his mask not his inner thoughts. In the centre of the excitement bore a great fire, it cackled, it spit. Once grey stones now turned a deep crimson red like a threatening sunset. Beside the fire bore in a small pen grazed two animals. A deep brown bull and a snow coloured goat.

Sacrifices. Not to one god. To all of those dwelling in Olympus. Expect for the most feared. Hades. Sacrifices made to him were private.

As the music began to die down, families, couples, even foes joined together as they looked upon the high priest of Zeus's temple, his arms risen towards the skies copying the statue which dwelled within the surrounding pillar building. As all eyes bore upon him he allowed, his arms to fall down towards his sides. No smile came across his face, instead he bellowed out a laugh.

"Greetings friends."

The people began to cheer. Bellies growling with emptiness.

"Ten years ago we cowered under the gaze of Kronos, while our former queen protected us by bringing us a son. The one true saviour of Greece. Zeus!"

As he shouted out his statement goblets were raised in the air, wine mixed with water sloshed some spilling onto the clasped hands. Bringing the carved goblets towards lips the liquid was glugged down in a matter of seconds quenching thirst making stomachs churn.

The cry of the bull grasped everyone's attention. A thick velvet rope wound around the strong vein pulsing neck, sharp horns curved almost piercing through the skull. Large ears flapped in confusion not understanding why it was here. The sight of the fire made it press all weight into its hind quarters as it tempted to rise. The five who dragged it from its pen yanked backwards bringing the bull as close to the fire before shoulders would be ripped from the sockets.

"Behold. The main sacrifice to our beloved god."

Sliding his hand within his sleeve the caller pulled out a threatening looking dagger, it was placed against his back as he approached the bull hand out stretched he touched the damp muzzle, feeling the heat of the breath against his palm. In the blink of an eye the throat was cut. The bull cried out as it stretched its neck opening the wound wider, the blood caused the fire to sizzle as it burnt. The rope became lose as the bull collapsed upon the ground, blood trickled over the steps making it look like a well fitted carpet.

A vase was thrust under the gapping wound of the thick neck collecting the blood which poured from the wound, it would be given to Zeus along with the hooves, horns and heart.

No words spoke. As the spit was removed from the fire people turned their heads as it made its way through the bulls mouth to come out the other end, making the tail stance. With great effort the bull rose up from the ground to placed on the fire. Mouths started to drool. The bull's belly heated up in a matter of seconds under the heat of the fire, the fire hairs covering the pink belly began to redden, it pulsed and blistered the organs sizzled within side the thick muscles. Turning towards the people who descended on the temples steps he barred his teeth in an open mouth grin.

"Feast. The bull will be brought to you when its flesh is blackened and juicy."

As another cry soared through the many hidden faces people turned to the tables collecting the bountiful food. Bread, olives, cheese, pastries, fruit.

People began to talk, they thrived with people who they wouldn't normally give the time of day too.

A man's hand brushed against a woman's. It wasn't uncommon. There was so many people hands even knees were bound to touch, but this touch was deliberate a note with a red ribbon slipped between the delicate fingers of the female who gently clasped upon it. The man dressed in black with a frowning face walked past her heading deeper within the moving crowd. The woman who dressed herself within deep blue uncurled the note eyes, gazing over the faint words above a drawing of her face.

Her smile was her acceptance to the unknown words of an invitation.

Sliding the invitation up within her sleeve she glided towards a tall bronzed male, standing upon her tip toes she pressed her lips against his cheek causing him to turn. She whispered hushed words about getting something to heat. The mans arm wound around her waist moulding her against his side, a brief flicker of fear caught within her gaze. Unheard words snarled in her ear making her flush before she was free from his hold. Fighting back her tears she wondered towards the table of food, grasping hard on the note given to her by the stranger.

They meet in an alley created by the west wall of Zeus and a building flocked with rooms to rent. No hand shake passed between the two, they dove in for the kiss, hands pulling at hair knees pushing apart willing legs causing them to almost topple. They laughed in each others mouths. Blue clashing with black. Twirling. Tugging. Swaying. Grasping his hand the woman collected her dressing in her right hand, she fled with him in tow towards the entrance of the silent large building.

Crashing into the first room they picked, clothing became torn from bodies. Mouths fighting for dominance. Who fell on the bed first was unknown, all that was clear was the naked clash of olive flesh with pale chalk. A shimmering painted tattoo danced on the woman's stomach, the man curved his back as if in fear he would smudge the art work. The woman laughed in his mouth, her legs wound around his hips spinning them so that she bore control she rocked her hips as she clung to his chest to prevent herself from toppling over as the sinful desire coursed up her spine making her lower back ache.

Back in the excitement of the sacrifice the bull became crowded by carves men.

"The bull is ready! Bring your plates and feast upon the thick hide of the flesh!"

People grabbed their plates as the pace within the locked bedroom quickened. With each slice of the crisp burnt flesh the female would gasp. The goat was soon dragged from the pen, its bellowing sickening cry covered the manly scream passing strong tensed lips of the man, who ran his hands up and down the smooth back of the rider. The tear of the bulls flesh from the bone matched the tear of fabric which covered the bed spread.

"The goat shall join the bull, its blood an owner to those who dwell beside the great Zeus. King of the gods."

The sound of cheering caused pieces of chewed flesh to fly into goblets. As the goat cried out when the cold blade sliced open its hairy throat, the man and woman cried together in relief of their completion. The goat received the same treatment as the bull, only its blood was taken to another temple rather than one behind it.

One hour later...

Sweat trickled down their bodies. The female sat upon the edge of the bed, the bed quilt wrapped loosely around her hips, her legs crossed. Head turned to the side eyes gazing at the man who rested upon his stomach looking at her from the corner of his unblinking eye. Smiling he rose himself up on his knees his hands rested on his meaty thighs.

"Your husband isn't going to be happy when he found out about us."

The way he spoke it sealed the imagination that the couple had been playing this affair for more than just during a sacrificial night. Crawling forward the woman placed herself behind the man, her chin rested against his shoulder allowing her to whisper in his ear.

"You saw me, desired me. Add in the fact I am forbidden fruit. You've sealed your fate."

The woman's voice was devious she opened her mouth taking a light nip at his shoulder, her tongue gliding from her wet cavern to sooth the already disappearing marks of her teeth. Dragging her fingers down his back stretching her fingers so her nails wouldn't cut into his flesh. She laid herself back down upon his bed, her long blonde hair covering her breasts, while her flat stomach began to rise up and down slowly causing the painted tattoo of a diving seat serpent to be stretch.

The man she made her bed with, turned slowly he kissed her bare feet listening to her giggle as she stayed still as he travelled up further, the fine hairs upon his chest tickled her legs. She arched her back hands stroking his soft hair, fingers digging deep into his scalp.

Placing his tongue to good use by burying it within her heated core between her thighs, the woman didn't notice the cold blade which danced across her stomach, he bite down gently against her nub when he pinched her belly button with the tip of his blade.

Rising his head he licked around his lips looking down at the woman who pouted for not allowing her completion. He smiled as a mother smiles to a sick young child. Resting himself against her chest he enveloped her passionate kiss, tongues clashed making backs curve. Disgust? Maybe. But it didn't stop them. She rose her hands gripping the back of his neck as she bucked up her hips in a bid to claim what she sought as her own. Removing his mouth from her own he buried it against her neck biting at her flesh, creating large purple highlighted bruises which only made the female moan for more.

He wasn't a man who would deny a woman's desire.

A sharp strangled gasp passed her curved lips. But it wasn't one of great pleasure, it was great pain. She rolled her head looking down at the fist hidden between their bellies, the glimmer of his blade clashed with the darkness of her almost ebony coloured blood. Tears began to fill her eyes but only one managed to trickle down her face, as she looked up towards the man who now snarled like an over consumed untamed beast.

"I give you attention, its just not the type you can brag about to your high classed friends."

With each word he spoke the man gritted his teeth as he yanked his hand up further, the sound of cracking signalled the breaking of ribs. Yanking his hand back the man turned his head at a flinch as blood spluttered on his unshaved cheek. Looking down he could re-in act every time his hand trembled under the pressure of the bone, or when his anger got the better of him as he spoke about life he couldn't claim for himself. The woman who lay bellow him was still alive. She gurgled, choking on her own blood. Crawling up towards her so that he could look deep within her eyes, he moved his hand towards her open mouth. Two fingers slithered inside feeling her quivering tonsils causing her gag reflex to tighten, in a bid to prevent herself from vomiting around the intruding objects.

Pulling his hand back he rubbed two fingers against his thumb feeling the velvety texture of the blood. Picking up his blade he placed it against his throat, allowing her blood to dribble down his chest. His muscles quivered under the butterfly flutter.

He noticed the woman attempt to roll herself away from him. Instead of grabbing her he allowed the movement.

Making it upon her stomach she crawled from the bed, her body twisting to accommodate the wound. The hand she didn't use to grace herself she wound around herself, her wrist rested between bloody breasts. The rug soothed her knees before she made it upon the jagged cut marble slices. Tears poured down her face as she felt something sliding from the opening wound, as her fingers glided across the organ a small cry passed quivering lips.

Sliding his naked form from the bed the man twirled the blade in his hand he walked beside the female, his arm stretch allowing the blade to press against the back of her neck, making her look like a sick dog on a weak piece of rope.

At the pressure against the back of her neck the woman began to sob. Stretching a bloody hand forward she grabbed hold of the door as she began to pull it open. Peering around the wound she gurgled out a low sob as the blade slashed across her flesh exposing a fraction of her spinal cord. Chin began to quiver. Eyes grew blood shot. The same movement descended a centimetre bellow the first slice.

Eyes grew wide when her damp hair was grabbed, she was pulled from her moment of safety as the door slammed in her face blocking any curious eyes to her gruesome fate.

Three hours later...

Walking down the long open corridor of the grand temple of Zeus, a hooded figure kept his eyes cast down as if fearing the many eyes hidden within the pillars.

Climbing up the stairs. The shadowed figure moved to the left allowing the large toe of Zeus to brush against his shoulder, he stood in front of the sacrifice made to him earlier the very same evening. The crisp heat of the bull was removed placed in a bag. Out of the same bag came a smaller heart it had been painted black to look like it had spent time on a spit. Placing the heart on the golden plate the hooded figure bowed his head in mock respect. Turning with the bulls heart in his bag the replaced heart flinched as if pulsing.

The unknown figure walked past the temple, past the frantic screaming of a inhuman crime found in a building now becoming swarmed with soldiers. Two young children; a boy and a girl both cried in distress, when the unclothed female was brought out of the building. (Along with the deep wound upon her chest, some of her organs were missing. One of them being her heart. A deep wound covered her throat where it had been sliced. Bruises covered her hips and legs.) A familiar bronzed man who held them back looked with heart break upon the woman the he wed.

"Mother! Mother!"

The children began to scream as their tears drowned their flesh. The supposedly father didn't allow himself to shed a tear, instead he dragged the children away from the gory sight, he shoved himself past the ever growing crowd heading towards a cart pulled by black steeds.

The hooded figure must have seen this for he allowed his walking to stutter before collecting the even paced walk once more. A breeze created by a figure running past the hooded stranger caused the hood to fall to rest around his hunched shoulders. A stubbed coated beard. Highlighted by splashes of a ruby red liquid. Blood.

As the sound of the steeds charging past him, their flaring nostrils expanding while the cold bit pulled within their mouths, he pulled his hood up and over his face just before he caught sight of the young child who gazed back at him. He nodded at her as she passed. Just for a moment her tears stopped spilling, a small smile grazed her lips. However as he looked away due to the ground being churned up the fast moving wheels, the child's cries replaced the confusing happy smile.

Waving towards a cart as he hobbled, in mating a leg wound he brushed his hand against the quivering neck of the bay mare who arched chewing on the contraption in her mouth which helped the man control her every move. The hooded man was in luck. The cart was empty and for sale. Along with the mare. Handing over some money which the owner bit to make sure it wasn't fake. Shaking hands the hooded figure climbed up behind the mare, taking the reins in hand when he sat himself down, he slapped them harshly against the curved hind quarters making her dance before she charged.

Leaving the scene behind him he heard a new distressed cry from the temple of Zeus.

"The bull of the heart! Its been replaced with a humans!"

The hooded mans laughter was covered by the rise of cries. His eyes focused on the road, following the tracks left by the cart who took the children and the widow away. He was going to pay his respects. His blood blade glinted as the sun shone down upon it. The gods were watching him. Rising his head he bid a glance towards the sky, his eyes squinted. Moving the reins into hand he saluted the gods, in a manner most foul and ill respected. He cackled as he brought his hand down to regain control of the mare who started to gallop to the side.

As he left the once lively city of Greece the head of the statue of Zeus turned slowly, the small movement caused the art work to crack. Marble eyes glared. The lightning bolt within his hand sparked for just a moment. No one noticed, not even the weeping cleaner who rested upon her knees trying to scrub away the horrific act. Dark clouds came from no where, they rumbled angrily lightning highlighted the hidden demon inside. A punishing storm was brewing. What consequences it would hold was unknown. For now it went unnoticed.

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