Authors Note: HETALIA! Welcome to my second fan fic. I am a huge fan of Hetalia; in fact after I first saw the first few episodes I spent hours watching the others. I'm so excited for season 5 The Beautiful World. The new animation looks awesome and I can't wait for it to be dubbed. I will try to make this different from the other Harry Potter and Hetalia crossovers. Takes place during 5th year.

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Chapter 1

England was in a horrid mood. Voldemort was loose and the Ministry has done diddlysquat. They even denied his return. The blonde nation sighed irritably as he paced in his room; trying to figure out how to convince the Ministry of Magic that Voldemort was back and still at large. Such a feat seemed impossible to the irritated man. It wasn't like he could show them the pain of his recent victims both muggle and wizard. The feeling of fear and helplessness as they begged for mercy at Voldemort's feet. No, they would never understand, they even denied his very existence. All the records about England were burned long ago, and no one remembered the great wizard Arthur Kirkland.

Arthur released another sigh. He guessed he should consider himself lucky to still be able to use magic. The wizarding communities around the world were drawing far away from their own countries. The wizards have done their best to keep themselves away from the rest of the world and because of that their own countries cannot even remember them. America still has a little bit of magic although it is untrained, and England doubted that he would know what magic was let alone use it. Thank heavens France didn't know about the wizarding world. Norway still knew, but England did not want to ask him for help unless he was desperate. All three of his brothers have already trying to help him; spreading propaganda about Voldemort's return. Maybe he could ask America's brother ….. what was his name again?

The island nation then turned his attention to another problem. Harry Potter was still in danger, and the Boy Who Lived was a sign of hope for the people who had accepted his return. Mr. Potter is Voldemort's greatest enemy second only to Dumbledore. Now Arthur debated whether or not that Dumbledore was capable of protecting Harry.

Suddenly a loud knocking sound came from his front door. England's already increasing headache just skyrocketed when he heard the knocking. From door another knocking sound was heard, but it was much quieter. However the Englishman did not hear it as he was already annoyed with a certain American.

"DON'T KNOCK SO LOUD GIT!" England screamed at America as he opened the door.

"Iggy, I'm bored and Mattie won't play catch with me." America wined childishly.

"Mattie?" England asked.

"Yeah, you know Canada my sidekick brother." America answered.

"Alfred you know I've been here the entire time, eh?" Canada whispered. The two men looked startled as America's twin appeared holding the polar bear Kumajiro. Alfred was the first to recover.

"Hey, Mat didn't see ya there." he replied cheerfully, but then turned sour, "Why wonchya play catch with me?"

"I don't want to be part of a game where you slaughter me with a ball." Matthew answered bluntly. America was about to respond when England interrupted him.

"That still doesn't explain why you came to my house git!" England yelled. He was about to go further when he bent over in pain. Voldemort was attacking another victim. This time it was an innocent muggle village. All of America's childish behavior evaporated and was replaced by a serious expression. Canada's face was full of concern for his fellow nation.

"Artie, what's wrong?" America finally dared to ask.

"He's killing … them … all …" Arthur croaked out.

"Who is?" Canada asked in a whisper.

"Voldemort." England answered before passing out from the pain and lack of sleep.

The North American twins took England into his out and set him on his bed. After a few minutes of rare silence from America he turned toward his twin.

"Who's Voldemort?" he asked.

"I don't know." his twin answered, "We just have to wait until England wakes up."

"How long will that be?"

"I don't know Alfred, I just don't know."

After a good ten minutes England woke up. Blinking at the sudden light entering into his eyes he slowly sat up. To be greeted by America.

"Wow Iggy you look awful." America then received a slap from his twin, but didn't seem to mind it. It was true though, England did indeed look awful. He had huge bags under his eyes and his hair was more of a matted mess than usual. He looked like he hadn't showered or slept in days.

"England, who's Voldemort." America ventured.

The said nation sighed in defeat. He would have to tell him or he'll annoy him even more than usual.

"Fine," he started, "but first I have to tell you the whole story. Everything I'm about to tell you is true." He then explained everything to the twin nations. Both of them listened to him intently hanging on to every word. He explained about the wizards, past history, and recent history including Voldemort.

"So this Voldy dude died and came back to life?" America asked.

"Yes America that is correct, but the Ministry of Magic refuses to believe claims of his return." Arthur stated

"England how are you going to protect Harry?" Canada asked.

England barely registered the question, but he indeed heard it. He looked at Matthew with thoughtful eyes as he tried to think of an answer. Suddenly it hit him, if the Ministry refused to protect him then why not have his country protect him.

"I will Matthew, I will protect him."

"Not alone your not!" America snapped.

"Alfred." Canada wined.

"Matt what I'm saying is England shouldn't go in there alone without the hero and his sidekick as backup." Ignoring America's ego the island nation thought for once America did have a point.

"Your right Alfred, you two should come, but as students instead of a teacher." England sighed as the two young nations complained about having to go to school again. Finally Arthur could not take it anymore.

"Enough! Merlin, why can't you two be quiet and listen!" Arthur screamed. When the noise calmed to quietness England continued. "Now as you know we can't just abandon our lives as nations, but we can just do our paperwork at Hogwarts and only attend important meetings. Now I'm going to send a letter to your future headmaster; school starts on the first of September so don't be late!" England directed his last comment toward Alfred. The two nations left shortly after and Arthur went to work on his letter.

Dear Dumbledore,

My name is Arthur Kirkland and I am aware that you have a vacant spot for History of Magic. I would like to take it upon myself to become the History of Magic Professor. I also have some brothers in North America by the names of Alfred F. Jones and Matthew Williams that would like to attend your school. I ask for their enrollment and I will take responsibility for them.

Sincerely Arthur Kirkland.

When England was satisfied with his letter he gave it to his owl, Calandore. He flew off to Hogwarts with England's letter when England started to wonder if he was doing the right thing.

And the end of the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it! R&R