Robbie's Comments

Okay, sure. What I did was kinda jerky...maybe a lot. But I didn't do it just to save a relationship, I did it to save our relationship. Me and Wendy.

Maybe what I did was 'bad', but how many other guys would hypnotize their girlfriends so she won't break up with you... er, uh.

So I did sorta blow off some dates and hangout time with her, but... she should get that I got to have time with my bros, too. You know, bros before- you get the idea.

Yeah, I lied. But no one would've gotten hurt, I could've made out with Wendy - win win.

But the squirt had to come screw everything up, make Wendy get all sappy on me, and ruin everything I've worked for in thirty seconds flat.

Look, I could've picked any girl to fall in l- choose as my girlfriend. And that means something. Probably.