How Do I Loathe, Thee

Based on the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. Eddard Stark has new rule: Sansa cannot date until her younger sister finally does. Her suitor, Willas will ask the help of the school bad boy Gendry Waters to 'tame the untamable beast'. Modern AU.

Chapter 1:

When Willas Tyrell woke up in the middle of the night, he thought everything was fine. He's safe in a big bed, underneath his covers. He didn't go blind, amputated or died during his sleep which is always a good thing. He smiled to himself, relishing the feeling of the bed underneath him, sleep pulling him again towards unconsciousness. Then he realized that his bed was bigger and the ceiling that he's been staring at was not the ceiling that he has in his bedroom in Highgarden.

Because he's not in Highgarden anymore.

"Holy shit," he muttered, sitting himself upright. He looked around him. This is not the bedroom that he grew up to. It's a lot bigger with walls that are too cold. It's a lot tidier too. And...girlier? For the curtains are the colors of pink. He groaned again, and then pulled up his covers to sleep again. When he woke up, he'll be back in Highgarden with his mother's famed yellow roses and waterfalls and good weather...

But when he woke up for the second time, he's still in King's Landing. In his grandmother's home.

Willas finally got to the point that there's no point in pretending that he's no longer in Highgarden. And so he swung his feet out of his bed, found his cane and walked himself towards the bathroom to make himself ready for the first day of school.

During the summer, Willas was horseback riding with some of his friends. They were racing around the massive land when one of his friends Oberyn knocked him out from the horse. It was an accident. That left Willas a cripple, needing a cane to guide himself when he walks. And because of that Mace, Willas's father, wanted Oberyn to be expelled in Highgarden High and go back to his hometown which is Dorne. But the principal of the school did not take his shit. So instead, he transferred all of his children to Baratheon Prep.

The only thing that Willas liked about his new school, Baratheon Prep High, was that even if it's supposed to be a premiere private school, they do not have school uniforms. They let their students wear their own clothes, their own style to promote 'creativity and one's own true identity'. That's okay with him, he hated uniforms, and he'd rather wear his own blue jeans and hoodie jacket matched with his Nikes. It made him feel more comfortable. He made sure his curly mop of brown hair looked tamable, put enough men's cologne so that he won't smell like shit. He grabbed his backpack and made his way towards the dining hall.

When he got to the dining hall, he saw his grandmother Olenna reading Westeros Times and sipping a cup of tea. His brown eyes bulged when he saw the breakfast table. Hotdogs, bacons, eggs, a basket filled with bread, fruits and other stuff Willas doesn't know what to call are all lying on the table, ready to be eaten up. And at the center was a plate filled with small pieces of his favorite lemon cake.

"Oh, you're here," said Granny Olenna, raising a drawn eyebrow.

He was startled by her voice. He's been busy eyeing the lemon cakes.

Granny Olenna rolled her eyes, "Gods, and he has the courtesies of his father. Have your mother did not thought you to greet and kiss your grandmother's cheeks in the morning?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," he muttered embarrassed. "Good morning Granny Olenna." He kissed her over perfumed cheeks.

"Better. You better sit now and start eating. Your siblings are still changing into their school clothes."

Willas obliged. As soon as he sat himself on Granny Olenna's right side, he hastily put his first lemon cake on the plate and some eggs too. He was pouring himself a cup of coffee when his grandmother asked, "Would you like some cheese?"

He shook his head, "No, thanks."

"Well I would love some cheese," she turned to a young man wearing an apron who looked so afraid when Olenna called him. Willas did not notice him standing there.

"Where is the cheese?" she asked to the said man.

"Um...the cheese will be served after the meal, Madam," the boy quavering answered.

"I will have my cheese when I want my cheese. BRING ME MY CHEESE!" Granny Olenna thundered.

The poor boy bowed his body shaking, "Yes, Madam. In a minute."

He scurried away. Willas sighed. This is why he hates being in Granny Olenna's presence. She' so murderous even in the smallest things.

"Hows' your knee, dear?" his grandmother asked.

"Fine Granny Olenna."

"Those horses, you can never trust them. You sure that Dornish man who made you cripple didn't hate you? I can beat him for what he had done."

"I'm sure grandmother," Willas mumbled. Oberyn is a nice guy, though a bit cocky, and they still kept in touch. He remembered how he profusely apologized after what happened but Willas do not blame him. It was an accident.

Then Willas' little brother came in. His second brother, Garlan was wearing a pair of shades and his King' Landing Middle School uniform, his face smiling. He took his shades off when Granny Olenna told him so. He smiled at Willas, "Do I look like an eighth grader or what?"

He scrunched his nose up when Garlan sat beside him, "What's that smell?"

"It's my smell," Garlan answered proudly. "I stole Dad's Old Spice."

Willas wanted to tell his little brother that he smelled like an old, rotting guy but Garlan looked so excited he didn't have the heart to say it. Maybe Garlan was nervous too about starting to a new school. He's just better at hiding it. Out of the two of them brothers, Garlan is the more charismatic and confident. Willas was a bit more bookish and silent, much to their father's expectation that his first born will be Hercules-like.

"I'm here!" a little girl wearing a pink tulle and a white frilly top came in. She twirled around the dining hall and Granny Olenna laughed and clapped her hands while saying, "My precious baby girl!"

Only she's not a girl. She's a he. Willas and Garlan's baby sister, Margaery was still in their mother's oven, readying herself up to the craziness of the Tyrells. Willas was pretty sure that the brown haired, brown eyed 'baby girl' was his youngest brother, Loras. He and Garlan looked at each other to confirm that their having the same thoughts.

"Uh...Granny Olenna," he spoke.

"Yes boy?" Olenna was now carrying the all dolled up Loras into her arms.

"That's not a girl. That's my brother Loras."

"I'm not a brother, I'm a sister!," Loras protested. "And my name is not Loras. It's Lora."

Willas' mouth was now agape. Willas knew the female tendencies of his youngest brother but now he's shock that Loras is now full blown into outing himself. At the age of six.

Granny Olenna smiled at him, a bit steely, "I heard that Willas. Good thing you have my cheekbones and my weight, God knows I will disown you if you're as fat as your father. I would have smacked your face on the wall because of that comment. The little lady here has spoken. Underneath my roof, she's Lora Tyrell, not that Loras you claim that exist. Go on, eat your breakfast. You will be late."

Loras, no, Lora, snucked his, or her, or whatever, tongue out at Willas.

Willas wanted to hang his self.


Baratheon Prep looked just like its photo on the brochure Willas' Dad has given to him months ago. The school has four square buildings, which are made of glass walls as if it wanted the whole world to see kids running down to the stairs or taking their Math exams. Palm trees are all over the place and so thus white benches wherein different group of friends are sitting doing whatever they do during the break. There's also a long track field and a stadium reserved for football events and such.

Willas felt a deep churn on his stomach as he showed his ID to the huge guard standing in front of the iron gates. When he got inside, he fished out his schedule from his backpack. He looked around the school and saw students huddled in groups, wearing the same kind of clothes expected to be wear by them by their group. It's as if Baratheon Prep still has a uniform policy. Willas sighed then read his class schedule, ready to see if Baratheon Prep is truly worth packing his bags and leaving Highgarden behind. Then someone knocked him down, making him land on the cement.

"Look at your way, cripple!" a blonde guy said laughing his ass off. He's wearing the school's varsity jacket. With him were a bunch of other guys wearing the same jacket. They all pointed and laughed at him.

Willas sighed. His cane was too far to get. Good thing a boy picked it up and helped him to his feet.

"Those shitfaces," the boy said after he gave back Willas' cane. "Don't mind. They're as stupid as a sponge."

"Thanks," he stared at the Good Samaritan. He's a pudgy looking guy with a Bieber style hair, wearing a long sleeved polo with matching black neck tie and has a smile plastered on his face a bit timid and a little creepy. Willas thought he was a teacher first because of the tie, but then the guy just looked so young to be one. He seemed to be his age, which is 17.

"You're Willas Tyrell, right?"

He nodded, "Yeah. That's me."

The guy smiled toothily, "My name is Podrick Payne but you can call me Pod." Pod offered his right hand. Willas shook it. "Principal Cersei Lannister-Baratheon asked me to tour you around the school."

And so Pod toured him around the school, to the canteen, to the second canteen, to the canteen where you can buy booze, to the gym and all other stuff that Willas needs to know. Willas was amazed, Baratheon Prep sure has better buildings and facilities than Highgarden High. Then Pod stopped walking when they reached the huge green field wherein there are a lot of benches.

"Okay flower boy, this is where things will get serious," Pod took Willas' shoulders then prompted them towards the great field. "Like any other high school, Baratheon Prep is contaminated with different cliques that you must know or else you will find yourself into the pits of hell!"

Pod shouted the word hell. People walking by stared at them.

"Uh...okay?" Willas said.

Pod pointed the girls sitting on one of the benches wearing faces of some dudes that Willas do not recognize, "Those are the hot girl gamers. Do not touch them. They post weird pictures of themselves on the 'net licking their game consoles."


"Yeah. I know. What website. Don't worry, I'll tell you later. Meanwhile those are the Science Geeks and the Math geeks. They don't agree with each other," Pod now pointed little girls who looked like they is in their freshman years. "Those are the Daarionatics. You know that Daario Naharis? That blue haired guy on Westeros Got Talent?"

Willas nodded. One time he saw Loras, no, Lora, dancing to one of that guy's songs. Loras, no, LORA, even bought tickets for him and Garlan to see Daario Naharis live when he held a concert in Highgarden. How do six year olds buy tickets?

"Well they really love him," Pod continued. "They're the Beliebers of Westeros. Only less life-threatening. Don't talk shit about Daario in front of them."

Willas turned to his left "How about-"

He stopped. For he has seen the most beautiful sight.

It felt like air can no longer enter his body. It's under his nose and yet he has no energy to let it in, for he's too busy seeing the most exquisite human being of all time. The most beautiful sight is a she, tall and has the bluest of eyes. They reminded Willas of some lake in Highgarden, beautiful and cool. Her hair was a massive curls of red, that resembled fire. Willas thought for a moment that he already died, for the girl walked passed them, in a rhythm that reminded him of slow motions in the movies. The girl caught his eye then she smiled a coy smile. A smile that will haunt Willas forever.

"Oh. My. God," he said, not ashamed that he might sound like Loras when they saw Daario Naharis live.

He heard Pod sighed. They guy also tapped his shoulders, "Oh, another poor soul."

"What do you mean?"

"I've been touring transfer students here since my sophomore year and you all have the same faces when you saw the beautiful Sansa Stark. Even the girls."

"Sansa," Willas muttered. It felt so good to say her name. "Sansa. That's her name."

"Yup. She's also called Ice Queen and Ms. Chastity Belt."

"Ms. Chastity Belt? Why anyone would call her that."

Pod whispered to him, "It's because she's the epitome of chastity. No one has dated Sansa Stark. No one, even though she's Aphrodite personified."

"But why? Why no one would date her? Is something wrong with her?"

"Nah, she's perfect. Everyone wants to date Sansa Stark, even the female of the species. The only problem is that her father won't let her."

He asked Pod why. Pod pulled him towards one of the white benches and made him sit there. He could still see Sansa Stark's red hair, blowing against the warm wind of Baratheon Prep. She's sitting on one of the benches, too far away from him. Pretty girls not as pretty as her are around her. He sighed as he listened to Pod.

"No one really knows but the popular theory is that Eddard Stark has a younger sister named Lyanna who gotten kidnapped and raped by some mad fucker. That's why he's so over protective of his precious daughters. They can't date until they finish their masters."

"Until they finished their masters?!"

"I'm serious. Or else Eddard will probably commit suicide or kill the guy who will dare touch his daughters." Pod must have seen Willas' face for he said, "I know my friend, I know," Pod nodded solemnly. "You have no chance on banging Sansa Stark."

"I don't have to bang her. I just want to...get to know her."

"Well, you still have no chance either. Sansa only hangs with the IT crowd. And you my friend," Pod looked at him from his head to toe, focusing on his bad knee. "I'm sorry, man. But you're a loss cause."

Then he watched as the guys who laughed and knocked him down earlier moved their way to Sansa. He saw Sansa smiled at one of the varsity jacket boys. The blonde dude who made him land his ass down to the floor.

"That's Joffrey Baratheon. His Dad owns the school."

Joffrey Baratheon was now sitting beside Sansa. Willas felt a surge of anger into him. What is happening to him? Sansa Stark just smiled at him so prettily he thinks he can no longer recover and now he's fucking jealous? What happened to him? "What's he doing with her?"

"Joffrey wants to open Sansa's belt since, I don't know, the first time that he laid his eyes on her, just like you. The only thing that is different is that Joffrey actually has the chance in getting the price. Joff's Dad and Sansa's Dad are besties since fetushood. So Eddard might not actually kill Joffrey, he might amputate his hand though, nothing big."

"Please don't talk to her like she' a commodity."

"Oh, so you're being the gallant knight not a sick leecher like that cunt," Pod pointed on Joffrey. "I like that."

Then all of a sudden they heard a loud noise. It's a sound of a motorcycle. Willas turned his head towards the parking lot and saw a huge black motorcycle being driven by a huge guy. The huge guy took his helmet off, revealing a dark hair and a pair of blue eyes, darker than Sansa's. The dark haired guy took the keys off from his motorcycle, then started walking towards the field, with a mysterious ease. People who walked passed him shivered and made way for him. Clearly, the guy was feared by everyone.

And Pod made that notion very clear to Willas when he whispered, "Okay don't look at him. Look at your feet."

"Huh? Why?" he asked. The guy doesn't look that scary. Yes, he's huge and muscular, but that doesn't mean he's scary.

"I said look at you feet," Pod ordered, yanking Willas' brown hair down so that he would be looking at the floor.

"What was that all about?" he asked Pod when they're already sure that the guy was already far away from their periphery.

"That's Gendry Waters. No one talks to Gendry Waters. No one dares to look at him if you still want to live, go to Harvard and have ten kids."

"You're overreacting."

Pod sighed. A group of students were talking at their left side. Pod easily called them, "Dudes!"

The group of students stared at Pod like he's crazy. Then Pod smiled an easy smile, "How do I even begin to explain Gendry Waters?"

Then the students talked one by one.

"Gendry Waters is dauntless."

"He has two motorcycles. And a war hammer."

"I hear his abs is insured for one hundred thousand dollars."

"I hear he fixes Japan."

"His favorite movie is Rambo."

"One time Jon Arryn talked to him. And Jon Arryn died."

"One time he punched me in the face. It was awesome!"

"So you see my friend," Pod tapped his shoulders again. "Do not mess with the Waters. He's a bastard and you know what they say about bastards, they're hot blooded. Legend has it; Gendry Waters brutally assaulted this kid Micah. And now poor Micah is forever blind. That's why you shouldn't mess with The Bull."

Willas wanted to roll his eyes. He's sure Pod was just being a qualm, no one's got to be that fearing right? Right?

Then they heard another sound. It came from a shiny, red convertible. A girl, small in height, got herself off from the car. She's wearing tight jeans that have holes in it and a dark t-shirt that has slashes on the back as if someone knifed it. She's also wearing dark pair of sunglasses and has huge headphones against her ears. She has a spiky dark hair that fell just below her jaw line.

Just like Gendry Waters, people parted when the girl walked towards them. She stopped abruptly when she saw the bulletin board containing the latest posters for that year's Homecoming Ball. To everyone's surprise, including Willas', she scratched the poster off from the bulletin board then crumpled it into nothing.

"Arya!" Sansa Stark gasped, her face filled with shock.

The Arya girl blew Sansa a flying kiss then stormed off towards the buildings.

"Who's that?" he asked Pod.

"That's your girlfriend's sister, Arya."

"They're sisters!"

"I know! If Sansa is the ray of sunshine, the pinnacle of perfection, Arya is the head case. She's really a bitch, dude. All the professors hate her, kids here despise her because she made does things like that, scratching Homecoming posters. She's Karl Marx and Sylvia Plath's love child. Just like Gendry Waters, do not mess with her."

It seemed like Willas has no other choice but to hang around Pod. He can't introduce himself to Sansa, for she's too perfect and he's just a provincial boy from Highgarden. And there are a lot of scary people here in Baratheon Prep like Gendry Waters or Arya Stark. He was glad when the bell finally rang off.


Arya hates dinner with her family.

She'd rather stay lock up to her room and call her friend Meera Reed and discuss about their future gig in The Peach on Saturday. Arya is the lead guitarist for the band Valar Dohaeris, an all girl rock band that she started during her freshman year in Baratheon Prep. She started the rock band because well, King's Landing sucks (it still does), she misses her hometown Winterfell and she found the most talented musicians in this place. And so, it has saved her sanity from her crazy ass family.

She was already having a bad day. She saw heinous posters for that Homecoming Ball, which for her is a stupid, pagan, capitalistic attempt of Principal Cersei Lannister-Baratheon to raise funds so that she could continue her botox procedure. And of course dances like the Homecoming teaches the girls to become stupid.

Add to that, she has the worst classmates ever in her West Lit class with Tyrion Lannister. Who hates her because she wrote that article in the student paper about the misogyny in his choices of lit in his class.

Turns out Tyrion flunked a lot of students in his class last sem who will retake his class this sem. And those students are Joffrey Baratheon and Gendry Waters.

She hate Joffrey because he's an arrogant piece of shit and a maniac. Meera has told her about a creepy thing that happened to her while she's at the girl's bathroom after her PE class.

There's a small window at the shower cubicle where she's taking a bath when suddenly she saw Joffrey sneaking a peek to her. At the window!

Since then Arya bowed to take Joffrey down. And save her stupid sister who thinks Joffrey was godsend.

And then there's Gendry Waters.

She hates Gendry.

He beat her friend Micah during her freshman year.

The worst part was that Joffrey was sitting on her left side. Joffrey, upon her arrival, whistled at her and said, "The bitch is here!"

She gave Joffrey the middle finger.

And Gendry was sitting on her right.

She saw him staring at her.

She made a face at him.

He made a face too.

She really hates him. As much as she hates Joffrey.

And now all she wants was to listen to this new band Meera has reccommended to her. To ease the stress.

But Eddard Stark, her father, was miraculously on the house today. Her father is a sellout CEO of a record company who would rather die than give her daughter's band a label. He's always busy making sure his talentless 'talents' are in tip top shape and so he's always away.

When her mother called her saying, "Dinner is ready!", Arya begrudgingly left her room, her feet were heavy as she descended from the stairs.

The half of her family was already there. They're still incomplete. Her brothers Jon and Robb are now working. Jon joined the army a year ago and Robb was busy in his small business in Winterfell which is selling gears for hikers. The only siblings who are present are her two younger brothers Bran, who has a bruise on his lower lip and Rickon who kept on playing his Temple Run on Bran's smartphone. And of course Sansa, who raised an eyebrow at her when she sat her ass on one of the chairs beside Bran.

"What are you wearing?" Sansa hissed.

"What?" she asked annoyed. She's wearing a t-shirts that says 'I LOVE BOYS'.

"Dad will grill you. You know him," Sansa warned.

Arya made a face at her sister. Of course she knew about their father's tendency to go psycho when the subject boys and his daughters came up. But of course Arya didn't care. Sansa rolled her eyes at her.

Their parents finally arrived at their dining table. Arya started digging her food and of course her mother has to say something about her "...mess of a hair that looked like some hurricane ransacked it". Meanwhile his father sternly looked at her tee like he's having a diarrhea.

"What happened to Bran?" she asked to shove the limelight of the dinner table away from her.

Bran stared at his food in a very sad way. Catelyn was the one who answered, "He got into fight?"

"With who?"

"Garlan Tyrell, the new kid in school."

Sansa's face puckered in interest, "There's a new student whose surname is Tyrell in our school too, right Arya?"

"Yeah whatever."

Her sister smiled at the soup, "He seemed nice."

"Well he's nice but Garlan," Bran's face was filled with fury. "Is Satan's son!"

"Brandon!" their mother thundered.

Everyone was silent for awhile until Sansa said, "Dad. You know Joffrey Baratheon right?"

"Yes," Eddard quipped. "And no. You cannot date until you get your masters."

"Dad," Sansa said in an exasperated tone. "He just invited me to his back-to-school party."

"Nope," Eddard answered with a loud pronunciation at the p-sound.

"Please Dad. I really want to come!"

Arya interjected, "Joffrey Baratheon is the biggest cunt in school." Catelyn hissed because of her choice words but she continued, "His parties are known for being filled with booze, jerks who like to grope ass and hormonal girls who might get pregnant early. I heard some girl has gotten a sex disease from one of his parties." She smiled sweetly at Sansa who's so furious, her nose was flaring, "You're welcome."

"I told you Sansa. No dating 'till you finish your masters. Why can't you be like Arya? She never pester me with these dating questions.

"But she's abnormal!" Sansa thumped her hand on the table. Catelyn chastised her too.

"I'm not abnormal. I just know that boys are stupid," she turned to her brothers, "No offense."

Catelyn put a hand on her husband's shoulder, "Ned, Sansa is already seventeen. I think she should start dating. It will be good for her."

Arya rolled her eyes. Leave it to her mother to support her sister in every way.

"But Arya's right. Boys like Joffrey Baratheon are dangerous. You know a friend of mine's fifteen year old daughter got pregnant. Fifteen! Do you want your daughter to be like that."

"The girls are smart. They will not do a stupid thing like that," Catelyn turnes to her daughters. "Right girls?"

The two girls nodded though Arya's nod was a bit too forceful.

Eddard sighed, "Fine. We have a new rule. Sansa you're allowed to date."

Sansa fist pumped the air like she's Hannah Montana. Arya groaned a loud, "Noooo!"

"If Arya dates."

Now it's Arya's turn to fist pump the air like Hannah Montana. Sansa went, "Noooo! Arya will never date. She doesn't have a romantic bone in her body!"

"You got that right," Arya mumbled.

"I repeat and this is final," Ned has to clear his throat. "Sansa can date if Arya dates. Arya can date and if Sansa dates. Final."

Arya clapped happily at her sister's remorse. Catelyn just shook her head.

They went on eating and stopped again when Rickon announced something.

"I kissed someone today in school," the six year old said.

Sansa beamed at her brother, "Oh Rickon! That's wonderful! Who was it?"

"I kissed Lora Tyrell."

I hope you guys will enjoy this. I just really love this movie and I kept on thinking the parallels between Patrick Verona and Kat Stratford to our Gendry Waters and Arya Stark. And also Bianca to Sansa!

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