Chapter 7

Gendry woke up because of an earthquake.

Or so he thought. He opened his eyes, all wide because of panic. Then he heard a moan that said, "Oh, gods! Hot Pie!" and he knew he was wrong.

Gendry groaned and buried his head on his pillows in hopes of blocking the offensive noise. But the shaking continued (the bed was actually a double bed, he's the one who was on top, no pun intended) and the moaning and calling Hot Pie some god then screaming a Simpsons character (which is weird, super weird) continued. He wanted to go back to sleep, the old gods and the new knows how much he needs it, especially after what happened last night. But he can't. Because Hot Pie and Willow decided to have sex while he's fucking trying to sleep.

"Can you guys tone it down a bit?" he called. They seemed to be finish already.

"Don't worry, Gen, we're almost finished!" said Hot Pie. Willow giggled.

Almost? He didn't need to hear more of this porn fest. He jumped out of his bed, grabbed a shirt from his closet, while training his eyes away from the couple (because let's face it, seeing Hot Pie naked with his girlfriend is not on Gendry's bucket list, or anyone else's for that matter). He went outside, onto the straight to the kitchen and made himself a cup of coffee. He liked his coffee rich and black, with no added sugar or whatsoever, perfect for kicking his guts awake for this morning. He has a lot of work to be done. He has three cars to fix today, and he cannot afford to be sleepy or to think about a short haired grey eyed girl who managed to invade his mind as soon as he woke up from his sleep and hear Hot Pie's moans. He tasted the bitterness of the coffee.

He went to the couch of the living room to watch some TV. Some soap opera was on. Someone sat down beside him. It was Harwin. Harwin groaned upon seeing the actors on the screen, "The father was alive?"

"You watch that show?"

Harwin reddened, "Of course not."

"You looked tired," Gendry commented.

Harwin is a security guard in a mall who just had a two day sale that everyone went crazy about. He stared at Gendry's coffee and went, "Nah. I need to sleep. That shit won't help."

The two watched the soap opera. Gendry was not really seeing the actors crying about some last will of testament. All he could see was what happened last night replaying on his mind like his brain is a television that has a replay button, the scenes moving backwards moving towards the inevitable start...

Gendry didn't know why but Arya turned so pale it's as if she has seen a ghost.

"Arya?" he touched her shoulder. He didn't want to sound like a concerned boyfriend but dammit he couldn't help it. All of the sudden, he just felt the need to protect her though he knew she didn't need it.

Arya blinked twice then stared at him then at the hand on her shoulder, "I-i'm fine." She shrugged his hand off. Gendry put his hand back on his side.

The guy grinned at Arya, "Little Arya Stark?" he said it with amazement. His green eyes didn't seem so sure if that's really Arya. He moved away from Meera and proceeded to touch Arya's shoulders, his green eyes boring into hers, trying to search any ounce of familliarity. The girl stiffened at the touch but she just jutted her chin out, as if she wouldn't even tremble. The guy grinned, this grin that made little girls giggle and boys like Gendry roll eyes because the grin was too boyish, too innocent. He hugged Arya, clutching her to his chest, because even though he's as skinny as a twig, she's still a tiny girl. Arya looked like she'd rather swim in the Dead Sea rather than be hugged by this guy. Gendry's fist suddenly balled. It's a reflex. It's normal.

Arya didn't reciprocate, to Gendry's delight. She just mumbled a low, "Jojen."

"I thought you've forgotten me," he said. He pulled away, but he kept a hand on her left shoulder, "You're all grown up now, Arya. And a lot prettier."

Arya did not blush. She did not say anything. She has this blank look on his grey eyes, as blank as a snow land.

This Jojen guy didn't seem to notice. Instead, his eyes wandered over Gendry. He raised an eyebrow on him, "You look familliar. You're The Bull, right?"

He shrugged, "Maybe."

"His name is not The Bull. He's Gendry," said Arya. Gendry felt something in his chest when she said his name.

"My name is Jojen Reed. Meera is my sister, he said. He turned to Arya, "Oh. So you're now friends with," Jojen appraised Gendry. "The likes of him." His voice was filled with malice, as if him was synonymous with rat. "Things do change."

Arya's glare was as icy as the winter snow. She took Gendry's hand. His pulse started running faster than normal. "Yes, things do change. Except for you, apparently."

She rubbed her thumb around his hand. He reciprocated. Her hand was as cold as a marble even though it's the temperature was high in this place. He continued running his thumb along her skin, to warm her up. Arya smiled, but the blank stare was still on, "We should get going. Have a nice night." The two both left Meera and Jojen alone, still holding each other's hand; the Gendry's was impossibly warmer than the Arya's.

When they're as far as they could go from the two Reeds, Arya left Gendry's hand. Gendry felt his hand limp but he still followed Arya, like a puppy that he was. "Who is he?" he asked.

"No one," Arya answered. She grabbed a red cup from one of the dancing hip hop people. The hip hop guy said, "Hey!" but Arya continued to drink from the cup, not caring from the hip hop guy's protests. Her cheeks started to turn red, her nose scrunching up, "That's fucking gross. What kind of beer was that?"

Gendry took the cup away from her, "Then don't fucking drink it."

Arya rolled her eyes. She saw a girl handling out red cups filled of beer. She grabbed two cups and drank the first one, like she's been out in the dessert for a month and needed beer like she needed water. Gendry took the other cup away from her again, "I said don't drink it. It's bad for your liver."

"Fuck liver," her face was all red now "Why do you keep on getting my cups?" she managed to steal the cup away from Gendry. "Are you my mother? My father? My brother? You're just a stupid bull."

She walked away. Gendry followed her lead, determined to keep her alcohol intake in check. He wanted to find the DJ's booth; he was pretty sure the Jojen kid was there, probably taking a fag. He'll take the weed and will fucking put it on his mouth.

He saw Arya sitting on a couch; her eyes were in glaze already. A guy was sitting beside her with an interested grin, looking at her as if he's a leech and he's about to suck on her. Gendry pulled the guy's collar and set him aside. He sat his ass beside Arya.

Arya smiled at him, a sad, probably drunk, smile. "Gendry drink," she ordered, pushing a cup on his hand.

"You have a low tolerance in alcohol," he muttered before taking a sip.

"No shit, Sherlock."

"We should probably leave this place. We can eat in a diner if you want..."


"Who was that guy, anyway? Was he your ex?" He wasn't sure if he wanted to know.

"I told you," she slurred. "He's no one."

Gendry repeated his offer of a midnight snack in a diner when Arya went, "It's so hot in here."

She started taking her leather jacket off, his leather jacket. She's wearing a white wife beater underneath. He saw her bare skin of her shoulders gleamed under the lights, a bit reddish because of the alcohol. He wanted to touch it. She put the jacket on his lap, "Thanks for that." She smiled a bit dopily. She grabbed a bottle of tequila from someone else's hand and drank it straight up, only leaving the bottle half full. Her face contorted because of the taste. Gendry put the bottle away.

She pointed over Gendry's shoulder, "Is that..."

Gendry looked over his shoulders, "What?"

Arya didn't answer. For she's already gone.

And then the great search for Arya Stark in a rowdy house party has begun. Gendry moved along the gyrating bodies to find Arya. He went to the kitchen, because he's sure that more beers were there and Arya seemed to be inclined with anything alcoholic tonight. He went to every room, found different orgies happening all at the same time, and in the end, he realized that the Dayne house was so big; it will probably take him till tomorrow to finally finish looking. He went back downstairs where all the shenanigans were happening. Then someone grabbed him.


At first he thought that it was Arya, but the girl was too tall to be the Stark girl. "Um...Miss, I need to move..."

"My name is Bella! I'm in love with you!" the girl affronted. She was so drunk; Gendry can smell the whiskey coming from her clothes. "I won't normally say this because everyone thinks you're so scary but I think your scariness translates into hotness. I think you're so hot. I wanna have your babies."

Gendry tried to push the girl away but did not succeed. He wanted to push her really hard so that he can move on and find the Stark girl, but this girl, whatsername again? Ella? is a girl, and he still have notions on how to treat a girl properly even though everyone thinks that he doesn't have one. "I really need to-"

Bella kissed him on the lips. He was so shocked; his blue eyes went wide. It got even wider when he saw a small girl with an icy pair of grey eyes glaring at him.

He pushed the girl away. Roughly.


"What?" Gendry snapped out from his flashback. Harwin was looking at him in a weird way.

"You okay, kid?"

Gendry groaned and finished his cup, "Yeah, I'm fine." He stood up, stretching his muscles. "I just need to do something."

Gendry grabbed his phone from his room (both Hot Pie and Willow were now asleep) and called someone.


Willas woke up because he heard some aliens talking.

Or so he thought. Because when he opened his eyes he saw his brother, no, sister, Lora staring down at him, her hands on her hips with an evil smile that he often see on his grandmother do when she's about to say something nasty. They both looked so alike...

"Go away," he mumbled pulling his covers up so that he can sleep again.

Lora pulled the covers down, "Hakris ka, makyupa mushaba!"

"What the fuck!" he yelled though he's pretty sure his mother will smack him on his head upon hearing him curse on his younger bro-, no, sister.

"Hakris ka, Willas. Makyupa aliman maskyupa hangazi," Lora started pulling him out of the bed.

"She said, come on, Willas! It's time to get up from the bed," his other younger brother, Garlan said while biting on his apple.

Willas sat up her jaw unhinged, "What kind of language is that?"

Lora smiled proudly, "Mokrasi vashuyn maytekoy Missandei High Valyrian kalimantu Garlan mashipa Lora."

"She said that my girlfriend Missandei thought us how to speak High Valyrian," Garlan translated with a wicked grin.

Lora turned to Garlan, "Missandei nay kamorosa Garlan!"

Garlan rolled his eyes, "Missandei YAY kamorosa Garlan."



"Lora mahanti sabihan Missandei Garlan sabihan lahata kamorosa maship."

"Fine," Garlan reddened. "Missande is not my girlfriend. Granny Olenna paid her to teach us High Valyrian."

"Oh," Willas did not know that. Where was he when his siblings started learning a new language? Oh, right. He's at Pod's place, planning Edric Dayne's downfall and blueprinting the Venn diagram of the possibility of Sansa falling in love with him.

"Willas," Lora slumped down to his side, her lips pouting. "What happened to you? Are you alright?"

"Yeah. You looked ill," Garlan sat beside Willas too. "Do you need a doctor or something?"

It warmed Willas to see his two siblings look so concerned. He shook his head, "No. It's just that lots of things happened last night."

"At the party?" Garlan asked excitedly. "Are there any hot chicks there?"

Lora threw a pillow at Garlan. "What happened last night?" she asked. His two siblings were looking up at him with his own brown eyes.

The memories started falling back and he could not help it.

Willas was all alone even though Edric Dayne's house was jammed pack. Pod told him earlier that even kids from neighbor schools are going to attend their surprise party for Edric. But Willas felt no triumph, no pride.

He drunk from his cup and went off to find her. Her, meaning Sansa, the root of all of these. Of course he wanted Edric to pay for all the shit that he has done to him and to his friend Pod, but he also wanted to throw this party so that Sansa would know how awesome he is, how cool he is. And because this party looked like an awesome and cool party he was so sure that she will finally see that.

As he went to find her, he saw Edric running all over the house screaming fire, fire, fire. He checked on it and saw that there was no fire. Edric was just doing this act of a fake fire so that everyone will go and leave this party.

Back to finding Sansa, he saw her at the corner, surrounded by the most popular students of Baratheon Prep, laughing while tapping her foot against the beat of the music. She's holding a cup of beer in her hand. He smiled at her.

"Willas!" Sansa grinned when she saw him. "Come, join us!"

She clapped her hands. Her royal court, her popular friends, all leaned towards them, excited to hear what Sansa has to say. "Guys, this is Willas." She held Willas's hand. "He threw this party."

Her friends, her popular friends, stared at Willas as if he's a frog and they're going to dissect him. A girl with short hair said, "You're Willas Tyrell, right?"

"Yeah. I am."

"Your father was like the mayor of Highgarden, right?"


The girl grinned, "Cool. I'm Mya Stone."

The populars started shaking Willas's hand one by hand. Some of them even tapped his shoulders. Sansa winked at him.

"Thanks for the party, man."

"Congrats, man."

"Fucking party!"

Willas blushed under the praise and turned to Sansa. Sansa was smiling to him, as if she's a mother who has seen her son win an award at school. "I need a refill. Can you lead the way Willas?"

As if she's a queen and he's a knight, Sansa put her hand on Willas's arms. He did lead her to the punch and snacks room, formerly known as the Dayne's kitchen. He also refilled Sansa's cup with a mango punch spitted with vodka.

"Nice party," Sansa said.


"A bit naughty too. Edric will kill you."

"Nah, he'll be shipped away to Sunspear after this."

Sansa punched his arm, "You're evil."

The two sipped their drinks. Sansa said, "Thank you. If not for you and for Gendry, I won't be able to attend this sheband."

"You're welcome. I hope you're enjoying yourself."

"I am. It's just that it's too crowded and rowdy but you know, I have good company," she nudged him. "And good 'ol mango punch."

"Cheers to all mangoes."


They clinked their cups together. They talked about the latest twist in Hannibal (the urgent nagging of Pod to them to watch the said series was almost unbearable, but the two found out later after the first ten minutes of the series, that Pod has good taste in television), lemon cakes and later, Willas impersonated Will Graham for Sansa. Sansa giggled so loudly, so cutely, Willas wanted to hug himself for a job well done.

Willas was finally having a good time until someone called Sansa. It was the girl named Mya. Sansa told Willas that she'll be back in a bit. Willas waited in the punch corner, a smile playing on his lips. His plans, his dreams, are finally coming true. Later, when Sansa comes back, the two of them will talk and laugh and later he will drive her home safely and before she said goodbye, she will kiss his cheeks with a smile on her lips. And it will be the start of something new.

Fifteen minutes has passed but Sansa did not return.

Willas became worried. What if something happened? He walked away from the punch and snacks to find Sansa.

He did find Sansa. But she was not alone.

Sansa Stark, the girl of her dreams, was kissing Joffrey Baratheon.

Willas returned to the punch and snacks, his heart finally died.

"Willas!" Garlan said. "What happened?"

Willas has now gone back to reality. He's now sitting on his bed, on his Granny Olenna's bedroom. He shook his head with a sad smile, "Nothing? Come on let's eat breakfast!"

"Fucking finally," Garlan groaned.

"Garlan, your mouth..."

Garlan made a face. Willas followed his two younger siblings to the dining hall wherein his grandmother was waiting. Granny Olenna suppressed her questions about Willas's state because all of her grandchildren were here on her dining table this morning and though she will never admit it, she was really happy about it.

Willas realized, as he listen to Garlan talked about his football team and chow down his bacon, that he missed his family. Garlan and his "little man" persona, Lora and her girliness and how she grinned when she talked about how she would teach their up and coming baby Margaery how to use make up. Even Granny Olenna and her regal attributions. Willas has missed a lot of his family, because of all these drama and this infatuation with Sansa.

Yes, he was not in love. He must admit. That was only an infatuation. He was in love with the idea of Sansa, her perfectness, the idea that he was the favored knight and she was the princess that he will save. Chivalry and all that shit.

He can finally let go.

Granny Olenna raised an eyebrow at him, "You looked cheerful my dear."

Willas smiled at his grandmother.

"We quite missed you on the dining table Willas. Tell us what happened to you in school."

A lot. "Nothing that's interesting."

"Hmmm. Oh, I remember my high school years when I used to date Tywin Lannister..."

Willas and Garlan both groaned while Lora went, "Tell us more Granny!"

After the horrendous story about how Tywin got kicked in the ass by Granny Olenna's father, the conversation started turning into a different point. Granny Olenna clasped her hands under her chin as she spoke to Willas, "Oh, by the way. I asked Daenerys to come by next weekend. She will now teach us how to speak in Dothraki," Granny Olenna announced. The younger Tyrells whooped their happiness especially Garlan. She turned to Willas, "Will you join us, Willas?"

Willas nodded, "Yes. I will."


"You looked like hell," Bran said when Sansa descended from upstairs.

"Thank you for the update Bran," she snapped as she slammed the refrigerator door closing it from the world.

Bran snickered, "Someone's PMSing."

Sansa did not smile or answer his younger brother. She was always the understanding older sibling, the one who was all smiles even though the younger one was tripping on her. But this is a different kind of morning. She has a terrible headache, for she kept on crying when she arrived last night. She did not have a proper sleep. She's pretty sure that there's a pair of ugly eye bags underneath her blue eyes right now. Thank the gods she didn't have to do anything today.

"You and Arya looked you've gone through a lot last night," Bran said using his psychiatrist voice. "What happened?"

"You wouldn't want to know," Sansa answered. "Can you make me French toasts?"

"Sure," Bran stood up. "As long as you're telling me everything. I learned somewhere that keeping emotions inside will be bad for you and will result into getting pimples."

"You're too young to know these kinds of stuff."

"Oh please. As I can remember I have an ongoing, fruitful relationship with a hot girl in school right now which makes me more capable in handling these things." Bran heated the pan. "This is about boys, right? I'm a boy. I can help."

"You're a gossip. So shut up now."

"Come on, just spill it."

"Why are you so keen on knowing it?"

"Because my English teacher wants us to write a short story and I need an inspiration."

"You're not going to turn this into a short story..."

"I won't. I just need an inspiration."

"Fine. Just give me a good breakfast."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"But promise me you won't tell a soul about it or else I'll kill you."

Bran chuckled, "You sound like Arya. I won't. I promise."

When the breakfast was already laid in the table, Bran sat beside her sister and listened as she talked about what happened last night.

Sansa was truly enjoying her time at the party. All of her friends were there, and even the ghastly Jeyne Poole was tolerable. She even drank a beer which is something that was out of the norm for her. She was also giddy because she saw Arya holding hands with that Gendry boy. They're really cute together, she thought when they passed by. Sansa felt like she's truly a teenager these past few days, with her going at a local club and now attending a normal high school party and being normal. And she all has to thank Willas for it.

Later, Willas appeared. He smiled that boyish smile of his that made Sansa always confused about her disposition in life. Why does she feel flutters around her stomach whenever Willas used that smile?

He really did a good job for the party and Sansa couldn't help but to feel proud for him and for Pod, for a job well done. They talked for a while and Sansa felt like comfortable. She couldn't help but to compare it with the feeling she have whenever she hung out with Joff. Joff was the kind of high maintenance guy, she always have to make sure that he was not bored with her, that she looked pretty and that she looked like she's having fun even though all they talked about was his crossbow (and the other uses of crossbow). But she was sure while she conversed with Willas that she can tell the Tyrell boy everything, without feeling the need to be perfect.

She left Willas when Mya called her. Mya led her to the game room of the Dayne mansion. They were playing cards while drinking, shouting at the loser and doing dares. Joffrey saw her, his green eyes glinting as he walked towards her. "Hello, babe," he said as he snaked his hand around Sansa's waist and kissed her on the cheeks. He smelled like he already puked his hearts out earlier. The kiss on the cheeks was slimy and disgusting. She moved away with a polite smile on her face.

"Can we go somewhere else?" Joffrey asked. "It's a little crowded here."

"Oh, I don't know. I mean all of our friends are here and..."

"Come on," Joffrey led her out of the room. Sansa wanted to stomp her foot and yell that she wants to stay. But she saw Jeyne Poole's hiss and she realized that this might be her moment of triumph, the time wherein she can finally snatch the heart of the school's most popular, the king, Joffrey Baratheon.

But it didn't felt right. It didn't felt right when Joffrey opened a bedroom door and told the couple who were making out there to get the fuck out. It didn't felt right when Joff kissed her fully in her lips. It was not her first kiss; she kissed someone before on her first party when she deliberately used her lying skills to her parents saying that she will be in a group study. But Joff's kiss was rough and persuasive, not the good kind of rough and persuasive that she used to read in the Sterke fanfictions that Mya made her read. This was the kind of kiss that probably creeps do, when they finally caught the woman that they've been stalking on in a dark alley. She heard the door open but she couldn't see who entered. She wanted to scream but Joff's lips were blocking her sound. She felt Joff's fingers at the edge of her skirt, about to travel to the place where she was not yet ready to be discovered. She pushed it away and screamed, "Stop it!"

"I can't," Joffrey said. "You're so fucking hot, Sansa..."

Sansa felt disgusted.

"I'll fucking kill that Joffrey," Bran swore, his blue eyes shining with fury.

Sansa smiled at her brother and continued...

She pushed Joffrey's shoulders and when he scurried away, she grabbed an ancient perfume on the bedside table and sprayed it on his face. He screamed, telling her vile words. Sansa left the room, tears streaming down her face.

When she went out of there, she quickly looked for a friend. She saw Pod making out with a girl. She pulled Pod's head out from the girl that he's sucking face with and asked, "Have you seen Willas?"

"No," Pod said with a smile. "But I've seen an angel." He went back to his partner.

Sansa sighed. She pushed the tears away, trying to find a familiar face. She didn't know there were a lot of Baratheon students until she saw this party come into full circle. Someone grabbed her hand. For a second, she thought it was Joffrey, finally capturing her. But then it wasn't. It was Mya.

"Sansa, your sister is going cray cray."

"What?" she asked. She followed Mya.

At the dining hall, she saw Arya dancing. Arya is dancing? She was doing those kinds of moves that can only be seen in burlesque clubs. Or in the latest Step Up movie. She was on top of the table grinding around, with a determined pair of grey eyes and a grim smile. She's as drunk as fuck. Everyone was hollering, everyone was recording this momentous event in their life filled of nothingness with their cameras. Sansa saw Joffrey snickering, enjoying the view. Joffrey stood up in the long table, shouting, "Dance for me now, baby!"

Sansa moved forward, "Don't fucking touch my sister, you bastard!"

She was about to go up to the table when she saw Gendry Waters knock Joffrey out of the table and carry Arya away.


"Care to tell me what happened to you, last night?"

"There's nothing to tell," Arya pulled her blankets up to her cheeks. She already took a bath and drank coffee but she still felt sick. There's a situation in her stomach that she could not comprehend and her head was still stirring. Her sister sitting in her bed was not helping. She moved to her left side, not looking at Sansa.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah. I feel fabulous."

"That's good," she can hear the evilness in her sister's voice. "Because I have good news. Your dancing video has now two thousand hits on the Youtube."

Arya raised an eyebrow, "Dance video?"

Sansa put her IPhone on Arya's face. Arya saw a girl dancing in the video. The girl was her.

"Oh my gods!" she screamed. She almost threw the phone away. "What the fuck is that?"

"You're drunk. You danced. No big deal."

"We have to put that down!"

Sansa chuckled, "Don't worry. I have this friend who knows how to do those things. He's doing that exactly right now."

Arya put her hands on her face. She has never felt this embarrassment in her whole life. After seeing the video, she saw the things that happened again last night and she could no longer stop it from coming down.

She saw him again. She thought she will no longer see him, since Meera assured her tons of times already that he transferred to Coldhands Arts Academy, and will never return. Her hands felt limp and her heart started beating so hard she almost puked.

He still looked the same, handsome and self-assured, and she's sure that he's still the music god that she adored back then, even worshipped, maybe even better than he was before.

And then all of the sudden, all the feelings that she had buried down to her subconscious came up. Those feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, insufficiency, all those fucking words that started with fucking in. It was all too much.

And so she drank cups of beer after cups of beer, even tequila, which she cannot tolerate ever. She remembered drowning herself into her sorrow, into her panic until she could feel numb again. She remembered stumbling as she navigated around the party, this little circus filled with animals growling and mewling and prancing. She remembered Gendry kissing someone else. She remembered puking.

She didn't remember dancing. But she did remember what happened afterward.

Gendry was carrying her away from the party. She kept on mumbling some illiterate things, maybe cursing him a little. She heard him chuckle which only made her furious. How come even at her state of distress, he still managed to make her angry?

He brought her down. She realized that they're in beside the pool. It was surprising how people didn't notice the pool; shouldn't they go straight to the people and skinny dip? But they didn't. She lay at the white seat beside the pool, raising her feet up into the sky. Gendry sat at the seat beside her.

"Are you alright?"

"I feel fabulous."

"I need to get you home."

"Just go away."

"I won't."

"If you think you can drunk rape me then I feel sorry for you. I can still cut your balls."

He laughed again. Is she a fucking clown? She stood up and moved towards him, her hands were about to open the zipper of his pants. "What are you doing?" he asked as he shooed her hand away.

"I'm going to cut your balls, you asshole."

"You can't do that."

"Why not?"

"Because first of all, you have no scissor or whatnot so you'll have a hard time cutting my balls off. Second, I quite like my balls so I won't let you."

She smiled at him, "I won't have a hard time cutting your balls."

"But I'll have."

She blinked. How come he can have a hard time cutting his balls? It's his balls.

"I'm going to find a scissor to cut yer balls. Don't worrshy."



She sat beside Gendry and laid her head on his chest. She can feel his breath hitching up. She looked up to his face, to his bright blue eyes that still glimmered even under the moonlight. His eyes were quite hazy; his lips were parted as if he's having a hard time breathing.

"Is she your grilfriend?"


She blinked twice. She snickered, "Do you even have an idea who I'm thinking about?"

"Yeah pretty much. Her name is Bella. She's in love with me, or so she say."

"So girls always throw themselves to you and tell you that they love you?"

"Not always."

"Are they always like this? Oh, Gendry! I love you!" she put her arms around him. She felt him breathe harder.

"Do you have asthma?"

"No," he said while smiling, but his blue eyes were sad. She touched his face and smooths the creases around his eyes. It always creases when he frowns. But he's not frowning which is silly...Maybe he does have asthma.

She stood up and asked him, "Am I ugly?"


"You're lying."

"You're the most attractive girl I've met."

Attractive but not beautiful. She felt chills. She started walking. She heard Gendry stood up from his seat following her. She was about to tell him to fuck off when she landed on the pool.

Arya knew how to swim, but she was still drunk and shocked about her landing that she started screaming, paddling her hands around her. She heard a splash and then suddenly she felt strong hands moving around her waists, lifting her up, crashing her chest against the other person's chest. It was Gendry. Of course it was Gendry. It was always Gendry.

It was an impulsive action. So impulsive, so sudden, she never had the chance to think if it was smart, if it was something regrettable or unforgettable. She just let her lips touch Gendry. She just let her teeth bite his lower lips. She just let her ears hear his growl. She just let the side of her body feel his huge hands, wet but capable. She just let her tongue dance with his. She just let.

And it was fantastic. She snaked her legs around his waist, her hands trembling from the cold and from the heat as they grasped his black hair. They kissed until her hands were puny, until she felt him shiver from the cold.

"Arya are you alright?"

Arya looked at Sansa. She nodded. She's fine. And she's now sure about it.

"Are you sure you do not want to talk about it?"

She shook her head. There's nothing to talk about. All she wanted was to rest.

Sansa patted her hand, "Okay. I'm just going to tell you that Bran, Rickon and I are having an Iron Man marathon. You want to join?"

"You hate Iron Man."

"No I don't. I think Steve is a hottie."

"That's Captain America."

"Whatever. So are you joining, or what?"

"I'm going."

"That's my girl."

"Ugh, you sound like Dad."

"I'm just messing with 'ya," Sansa stood up. Her sister looked like she has no rest. Probably it was because of her. She had no idea how she came home last night...

Arya checked her phone before getting up. There were three messages from Meera, saying that she was sorry. She ignored them. There were five missed calls and two voice mails from an anonymous number.

She opened the voice mail.

"Arya this is Gendry. Call me back. Please."

Her heart sped up. She opened the second voice mail and listened.

"Arya this is Gendry and I've been thinking about something. I don't think you're attractive. I think you're beautiful and I can still see your face even though I'm here sweating at the garage." Arya pictured him sweating at the garage. "Okay, this might sound like a cornball but I cannot stop thinking about you. And I want to treat you to a proper date. Please say yes. Call me."

After a few moments, Arya called the number and said her answer.

Nyar. What is Arya's answer? Find out. Soon.

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