So. I've written, deleted, and re-written so many anime fics that I've forgotten how many... but I still feel as if I can't really catch the feeling in English... (Chinese is much better)... anyway *shrugs*... ^_^

This fan fiction is- as you can see- about Ouran High School Host Club, and it's a KyoyaXOC story.

I don't think I'll be doing anything really exciting with this one (like cross-dressing, the girl mixing into the Host club, the girl is a commoner and fights with Kyoya everyday, or with one a dark and haunting past and et cetera et cetera, because, let's face it, there's a lot of those on this website). I'm doing a more realistic approach of this whole concept- of course, I'll be adding in my own fantasies here and there as well. But I guess you can say that this story will be more... peaceful (?)

I have bought and read the final manga and have watched the anime and I've decided to set the timeline of this story after the anime (because in all honesty, I don't really get the manga- seeing that I just read the first and last book XP) so here, Tamaki and Kyoya will be third years; Honey and Mori will still pop in from time to time; Haruhi and the twins will be in their second years; and the main character will be in her third year- just like Kyoya.

And there's always something I really want to clarify: The schools here in Asia, on the contrary to Western Countries, have only three years of High School! And we don't change classrooms (except for labs and PEs) the teacher changes every period and we don't have lockers, we carry our stuffs in our bags everyday (horrible right? You should've seen all those poor seven-year-old kids carrying bags half their size... ) Depending on which country you live, there'll be slight changes as to how you call the years in school but the normal for high school is THREE YEARS, not four!

Okay, I'm done rambling, thank you so much for your patience.

I hope you'll enjoy this~

PS: The only thing that is not so realistic in this story is that the main character's father owns diamond mines and THIS idea, came from A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. And I do NOT own Ouran High School Host Club; the only thing that I own is my writing and my characters (not the diamond mine thing though, but it won't be mentioned so much in the story)

Chapter 1- Akino Eri

Pale blue eyes gazed out at the scenery outside, ignoring the blabber that was growing around as time ticked pass. The owner of those quiet eyes was a slender girl with long locks of honey brown hair tied up with a simple white ribbon; she had a pleasant face, sweet, and though not the most beautiful, had a charm of its own. She had fair skin, with long eyelashes brushing against her cheeks.

If anyone ever asked about her, most people would answer, "Oh, that girl? She's the daughter of Akino Hiroto, the man who owns diamond mines."; and if asked about her personality, they would say, "She's quiet, doesn't have much friends- if any- and is very hardworking."

The fact was, no one knew much about her- not her interest, her preference, even her character. She read books, was never seen without one, and was one of those 'teacher's pets'. At the beginning of the school year, she had taken up the post as one of the librarians and since then, she disappeared from view more and more frequently.

She talked, of course, when necessary. And many couldn't help but lose themselves in her voice- a soothing voice with a very slight breathy undertone. She was polite, yet not overly-so. And as much as she was considered a 'loner', she had an undeniable presence in the class of 3-A. Some would say she was an 'acquaintance' but they would never call her a 'stranger'. She was always there when troubles arises, never stepping in, but something about her stance told them that she was supporting them in her own way. Indeed- she was not cold hearted by any means.


Eri turned her head slightly to see one of her female classmate standing in front of her with curiosity burning in her eyes, "Yes?"

Her classmate fidgeted, "A-are you going to the host club's annual opening celebration later on? Everyone of us had agreed to go there together."

Eri blinked and involuntarily shifted her gaze to look at the two hosts that were seated just a few seats away from where she was. The girl followed her gaze and said, "Tamaki-san invited all of us earlier on before you came back to class and Kyoya-san had left invitations on our desks, so I was just wondering..." she paused, "Won't you come along, Akino-san? You never attended any of their meetings."

Invitation? Eri flipped the pages of her book and took out a lavender envelope, "This?" she muttered, tearing it open and slipping the paper out.

'Dear Princess,

You are cordially invited to join us in our 3rd Annual Opening Celebration. As a treat, today's hosting will be free of charge and will last for an extra of one and a half hours. You are welcome to bring your friends along.

I, Suoh Tamaki, King of the Host Club, humbly awaits your arrival.'

She gave the girl a slight smile, "Maybe I will, I don't have anymore duties in the library today. Thank you for asking, Hayashi-san."

Hayashi Mayu smiled tentatively back at her, "I'm glad you're considering, you always seemed so lonely."

Eri was silent for a moment before saying, "I am, sometimes," she admitted, but her admission sounded more like she was talking to herself.

She hesitated outside the door of the third music room as squeals and chatters came from the inside. Should she enter? She had to be honest- she was a little curious about this club all the while but not enough to spend that large amount of money just to 'flirt' with the guys, of which two were her very own classmates. She rarely talked to guys, though she grew up with them (her cousins were all males and she was the only daughter). The only time when she interacted with Suoh Tamaki was on the second day he came to Ouran and had found the time to interact with the other students in his new class-

"And who might you be, beautiful princess?"

He had asked her as he knelt on one knee beside her chair and held her hand in his large ones. His bright, alluring purple eyes burning deeply into hers.

She had gently pulled her hand out of his grasp and bowed her head lightly, "I'm Akino Eri, it's nice to meet you, Suoh-san."

"Ah, such a beautiful name for a beautiful person! And I believe, that your heart is as beautiful and pure as well."

That was all it took for her to grow uncomfortable, she recalled with a small frown. She disliked physical contacts, especially from male strangers.

As for Ootori Kyoya, they had actually spoken for a handful of times- since they had been classmates for almost six years. He was the cool and logical one among their weird combination of a dual, yet she was always envious of their friendship. It was not hard to see that Suoh had melted the unmoving heart of the Ootori and had broken down his barriers. In fact, he had seemed... happy since the Host Club started- to the delight of many girls.

Placing a hand on the handle, Eri quietly pushed the door open.

It was a grand sight to behold.

Since she had arrived just thirty minutes before they closed, no one greeted her at once and she felt out-of-place, wondering if she should just turn and leave. But she stopped as she took in the scene in front of her. Everyone was so glad and merry, so relaxed and carefree. For a moment, she wanted to be like that.

"Akino-san! You came!"

She recognised Hayashi Mayu's voice from across the room and at her cry, many heads turned towards the newcomer.

Mayu was at the table where the twins were doing their thing- Hitachiin Hikaru and Kaoru, if she remembered correctly. Their mother was a famous fashion designer and her very two aunts were faithful 'supporters' of hers.

The girl who caused all the unwanted attention to her came over with a huge smile lit up on her face, "I waited and thought you're not coming anymore!" she exclaimed.

Eri smiled her small smile, "I thought I could just check this out,"

"Ah, Akino-hime!"

At that moment, Suoh Tamaki interrupted them with his dramatic gesture, "I have been waiting for you to come for so many years," he said, bowing low before her, "I am humbled by you presence."

'He learned', she thought, noting the way he avoided holding her hand the way she had seen him do with the other girls. "I'm glad I came, Suoh-san," she said.

"So, dear princess, who do you want to request as your host?" He asked, "Many of the girls are leaving now and you can request anyone you want- even Mori and Honey-senpai that had come back just for this occasion."

Hayashi Mayu took it as her cue to slip back to where she sat and bid the twins goodbye before leaving the room with a backward glance at her 'queer' classmate and gave her an assuring nod of her head. 'I'll see you tomorrow,' she mouthed before closing the door behind her.

Eri surveyed the room, and noticed that her other classmate's table was almost empty, unlike the other hosts' which were all still half filled. She said, "I think I'll have Ootori-san."

Suoh Tamaki gave her another dazzling smile before bowing once more, "Of course, just go over to him. I hope you'll find this meeting enjoyable, Akino-hime."

Eri went over to her dark haired classmate and paused in her tracks as the girls from his table stood up and left. Now it was just him and her. She resumed her steps, this time slower, "Ootori-san," she called softly.

He turned and gave her a smile- the polite host one, she realised-, "Akino-san," he greeted, "I was not expecting you, please, have a seat," he said while pulling out a chair for her.

She placed a hand on the backrest of the chair, "I hope you won't mind me, Ootori-san, I was actually hoping to just observe how this club goes."

"Of course not," he said.

She eyed his open laptop as she sat down, he began typing, keeping her in the peripheral field of his vision. She looked around the room, seemingly interested at the working of this unique club. Her eyes darted over one host to the other, until it landed on a certain brown-haired one. Her brows furrowed, he seemed too feminine... perhaps- surely, it must be? But she kept her mouth shut.

The two of them did not talk for the rest of the fifteen minutes. This was actually what she wanted when she requested Ootori Kyoya. They had been classmates for so many years, and though they did not speak much, they knew each other just a bit more than mere acquaintances. They were both lovers of silence and to them, silence was more comfortable than talking. She knew he was the third son of the Ootori Corporation; he knew that she was the heiress of her fathers unnumbered inheritance, yet neither of them brought it up.

When the time came for the host club to end, she got up, and he stood along with her. Pushing up his glasses with his finger, he said, "I suppose this will be your one and only visit?"

Eri glanced at him and offered a smile, "I don't know. It seems so pleasant here, will you-" she paused, "Will you mind if I drop by now and then to watch all of you? Not to be entertained by anyone but be just an observer?"

He thought for a moment, "I don't see why not, honestly. I do agree with you, though," he said, "Watching and observing is actually more pleasant than to entertain and be entertained. How often do you plan to stop by?" he asked, opening his black note book and flipped the pages to their meeting schedules. He jotted down a few notes at the side and snapped it shut, "And also, it would be greatly appreciated if you could give some comments and feedbacks after your visits, and in return, your visits here will not be charged."

Eri blinked, surprised that his suggestion but agreed nonetheless with a knowing smile, "A feedback from an outsider?" she laughed softly, "I will do it then. Thank you, Ootori-kun,"

And as she said that, both of them noticed the change in the suffix but neither mentioned it. In return, he gave her a bow and said, "Thank you again for coming, and for your future contribution to this club... Akino."


And that was how their paths started to intersect with each others.

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