Hi guys! So, back in 2009 I wrote a story named Green Eyes along with a couple of other stories with extra chapters and alternate endings. I was reading it the other day and saw SO MUCH that could be improved or edited, so I have decided to re-write the whole thing, including all the bonus chapters and even some new ones that weren't included in the original story. This story is named after the song 'Outta my Head' by Daughtry as I feel it goes very well with Kerry's feelings. You don't have to read green eyes before reading this, but if you wish to that's great and if you have before, then I hope you enjoy the bonus material in this story! On with the show I guess….

Chapter 1- Kerry Singer

If there was one thing Kerry Singer was certain of, it was that she was in love, and had been since she was old enough to understand what love meant. One man had always made her heart swell and though he made her so angry she could happily shoot him at times, he also had the capacity to make her feel like the most important person in the world. Unfortunately, though she was now 20, Kerry knew that he was the one person in the world that would never see her as anything more than a younger sister.

Dean Winchester.

She was in love with Dean Winchester of all people. Growing up she used to curse at whoever was listening, asking them why it couldn't have been Sam, the kind, gentle giant that loved everyone close to him. She had spent most of her teenage years wishing every day that she could grow affections other than sibling ones towards Sam, but she just didn't see him the same way she had done with Dean. Dean was just something else, despite his boyish charm, there was a deeper, dangerous side to him and Kerry had to admit, that was part of the attraction.

It had always saddened her every time she attempted to gain Dean's attention, only to have Dean ruffle her hair and walk off, but she never gave up, always carrying on in the hope that one day Dean would wake up and realise that he had everything he could ever need right under his nose: Sam, John, Bobby, and herself. And the Impala. Couldn't forget the car. Never forget the car. Not that she ever would, the car was magnificent and even the dumbest person in the world could see how much the owner loved her, despite the never-fading layer of dirt she'd accumulated over the years.

Kerry had known the three Winchester's all her life, and still fondly remembered the first time she met them.

/Flashback /

Bobby heard the familiar sound of the Impala roaring up the drive and scooped his four year old daughter up into his arms, where she quickly buried her head in his neck. She had only met John twice, and so it was to be understood that she didn't remember him all too well, making her nervous to be around him. Bobby kept a light hand on her back the whole time he moved out of the house, both to hold her in place and give her the feeling of security he knew she was needing from him at that moment.

As they walked out the front door, Bobby noticed that this time, John had bought his two sons with him. Bobby smiled at Dean, who he'd met a couple of times before and the twelve year old smiled back, his expression of someone much older than himself. He then gave a small smile to Sam, who was still standing by the car, slightly nervous. The boy gave him a timid smile in return before turning his gaze back to his older brother. John was quick to move forward and put a hand on Bobby's shoulder in greeting. He tried to look at Kerry but in shyness, she simply buried herself further into her father's neck, in the hope that by doing so, she would become invisible.

"Hey baby girl, it's only John, you've met him before remember?" he coaxed, but she stubbornly shook her head and refused to move.

John stepped back, amusement and understanding at her behaviour, but he was quickly replaced by a twelve year old Dean, who had a determined look in his eyes. He calmly walked up and moved round to Bobby's back so that she could see him. She peered curiously at him, and straight away found herself unable to tear her light blue eyes away from the bright green eyes staring back at her. Slowly, she turned her whole face to watch him and gave him a small smile.

"Atta girl." Dean encouraged, smiling back at her.

After a few more seconds, Kerry pushed against her dad, and so Bobby put her down on the floor. As soon as he did, Dean stepped forwards to her and held out his hand. She did the same and he took it gently.

"Hi, I'm Dean. What's your name?" he asked.

After a few seconds, she responded with a timid "Kerry" and Dean's smile widened.

"That's pretty. Would you like to meet my little brother Kerry?"

She nodded and Dean took her to meet eight year-old Sam. As they walked away, Bobby and John shared smiles before calling over to the kids to come indoors. They all moved towards the house, Kerry standing in between the brothers, holding each of their hands. From that moment, the boys had 'adopted' her as their little sister.

/ End Flashback /

Since that visit, every time the boys were there, Kerry spent as much time as she could with them, until Dean reached the age of sixteen and started doing his own thing in town. She lost count of the number of times she felt heartbroken over his bragging about all the women he'd been with. Those were the days when her emotions got too much for her, and that was when Sam would often step in, hot chocolate in one hand, tickets to see a movie in the other. He alone was the only person who knew her true feelings about Dean. She truly adored Sam, always acting like the big brother she never had. Always being there to protect her and guide her through life, especially when it came to Dean.

Still, Dean always managed to spend some time with her each visit and she used to love their presence around the house. Then, when she turned thirteen, came the argument that caused her dad and John to fall out. After that, she'd not seen John or Sam at all and had only seen Dean a handful of times, yet she still found herself unable to forget about him, unable to even try find herself a boyfriend to settle down with. Instead, she spent her time focussing on being the best hunter she could be, under the strict eye of her dad, that is. Though she showed potential, Bobby knew her strengths lay more in the research side of hunting that the physical, so for now, she usually went out with him as her back up. Not that she minded. She loved her dad too much to argue and knew that he wasn't trying to stop her from being independent, but was actually stopping her from getting killed. There were still the odd times she wanted to throttle him, but, then again, most kids felt the same way about their own parents at some time in their lives.

Life as a hunter's daughter had been hard; her dad would leave for days, even weeks at a time, she'd almost been killed a few times, her training was tough going and she had almost no friends, being seen as the freak at school for believing in ghosts. Still, she'd graduated school, opted out of going to college and had taken up hunting as her career. It was a lonely life, but thinking back on it, it wasn't all bad. She had an extremely loving family, she had a pet dog that idolized her, she owned her own 67 gt350 mustang that not many sixteen year olds would get for their birthdays and though it was tough, she genuinely loved hunting. Deep down, she knew that if she was offered the chance to live a different life, she wouldn't. To change her life would mean no Sam, no John and most important of all, no Dean, and that was something she couldn't live without. She loved her life.

Little did she know that her life was about to change, in a drastic way.