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Dean angrily threw his phone down on the bed with a frustrated yell, just as Sam walked through the door.

"What's wrong?" he asked at the sight of his brother.

He then noticed the lack of the third member of their group.

"And where's Kerry?" he added.

Dean thrust his hands in his hair and Sam immediately frowned; Dean only ever did that when he'd messed up big time.

"Dean?" he prompted his older brother.

Dean let out a deep, long sigh before answering

"I'd just gotten out of the shower when the woman from reception knocked on the door. I thought it was Kerry until I opened it and the receptionist came in. she took me by surprise and managed to knock me onto the bed, then started kissing me. Kerry walked in at tat exact moment. Didn't take long for her to leave again and now I can't reach her."

Sam frowned, forcing himself not to react by punching his brother. Instead, he focused on pulling his phone out and dialling Kerry, knowing that no matter how upset she was with Dean, she would still answer him. When the phone rang continuously with no answer, his frown deepened and he ended the call, turning to face Dean, his expression grim.

"No answer. We have to find her now."

Dean said nothing, his face growing serious as he pushed past Sam and grabbed his keys before slamming the motel room door open and disappearing out. Sam followed not a second later, his concern shifting slightly to his brother, who now had a look of panic creeping into his eyes, an extremely rare occurrence for the normally flippant older brother.

"Where do we even begin to look?" Dean asked the moment they were in the Impala.

Instantly, Sam had an overwhelming feeling in his stomach telling him where to go.

"The woods." He answered, his voice so sure that Dean didn't even bother responding, instead simply peeling out of the parking lot, his foot pressing down harder on the accelerator each time Sam failed to reach Kerry's cell.

Kerry awoke with a moan, her head throbbing. She quickly assessed her situation, noting with dismay that she was tied up, her arms above her head, causing them to fall asleep. She fought to keep conscious as her head began to throb harder, making her light headed, but she refused to give in to the darkness as she was unsure where she was or what happened to her, even though deep in her heart, she had a strong suspicion she was about to be the next victim for the spirit they were tracking. Angrily she grit her teeth. 'Damn you Dean bloody Winchester!' she growled in her head as a movement from the room next to her forced her to shut her eyes in the hope that whoever or whatever it was would assume she was still unconscious.

"I know you're awake, don't try to hide it from me my dear." Came a soft voice.

She wasn't fooled, especially as the room dropped drastically in temperature.

"Do not ignore me!" the voice then screeched, turning the room even colder.

Something sharp slashed across Kerry's side and her eyes flew open as she yelled at the pain. Something warm began running down her ribs and she bit back a groan, wandering to herself not for the first time, how her body put up with losing so much blood all the time without her being seriously anaemic. She glared at the spirit, noting with a heavy heart that the woman looked much less human than many spirits she'd seen before; this was one seriously pissed spirit.

"Now, you aren't going to try and escape are you?" the spirit taunted, her features turning more grotesque when she smiled.

"No, I'm not. In fact I love being trussed up like a turkey so much I thought I'd stay here for a while." She replied, sarcasm oozing through every syllable.

The spirit glowered at her and Kerry let out a yell as the woman slammed into her, making her head swim and her stomach lurch even more violently than when she woke up. She watched out of the corner of her eye as the spirit picked a small knife off the counter, and as it turned towards her, she started to struggle again.

"Stay away from me you crazy bitch!" she yelled.

"Now, I don't appreciate swearing. I always used to tell my daughter off for swearing, but she never listened to me."

The spirit moved forward again, placing the knife against Kerry's arm before slicing across the smooth skin. Kerry cried out and kicked out at the spirit, sending her backwards.

"Look, I know you were destroyed when your daughter was murdered, and I can understand why you would want to kill those that did it, but they're all dead now! You have no reason to stay anymore!"

The spirit paused for a second, but then her face turned almost demonic and she lurched at Kerry once again, sending a blow to the hunter's head that rendered her unconscious.

"I will avenge my baby and your poisonous words will not stop me" the spirit hissed as she once again grasped the blade, unaware of the sounds of a car coming closer.


"Dean! Over there!" Sam yelled the moment he saw a hut in the distance.

"Yeah, I got it!" the older Winchester yelled back as he skidded to a halt.

Within seconds the pair were moving to the hut, weapons drawn as they looked for any signs of their fellow hunter. They burst into the building and started looking around, but just as they reached the final room, the door flew open sending them both crashing into the wall behind them. Dean groaned as he sat up, and as he looked, he could see the spirit moving towards Sam, which meant that he was free to race into the other room. Sam nodded to say he could handle the spirit, so Dean jumped up and launched himself into the other room, slamming the door shut behind. He winced when he saw Kerry strung up, but wasted no time in running to her before gently cupping her face before he began to cut her down using his knife.

"Come on Kerry, wake up." He murmured as her eyes stayed closed.

A soft moan came from the woman's lips and Dean breathed a sigh when her lashes began to flutter. Seconds later, she began struggling frantically, and Dean finally cut through the rope, gathering her into his arms even as she began to lash out at him.

"Kerry, it's me! Snap out of it!" he yelled.

Her eyes flew open and the second she realised who held her, she immediately stopped her barrage of hits, relaxing enough that he could let her go. She swayed once, twice, then righted herself and asked where Sam was. Dean opened his mouth to respond when the door burst open and Sam fell onto the floor in front of them with a groan.

"Hey Kerry" he greeted breathlessly as Dean began shooting the spirit, who screamed when she saw Kerry had been freed.

"No! She must pay!" the spirit cried.

Kerry wasted no time in running from the room, desperate to try and find the woman's body and burn it before any of them ended up seriously injured. She recalled her research mentioning the woman's body being dumped near the hut, but without an exact location, she was pressed for time.

As she started to look around for the corpse, she could hear Sam and Dean fighting, and as she continued looking, Dean suddenly came flying through a window, landing a few meters away from her. Kerry ran over to him, dropping onto her knees next to him, concern etched in her expression.

"Dean! You ok?" she asked as he picked himself up gingerly.

"Yeah, I'm just peachy. Eww."

Kerry looked down at his last comment and grinned triumphantly. Fate for once was on their side, and Dean had found the skeletal remains by landing on them. A yell from Sam had them running to the Impala to grasp a bag of salt and lighter fluid.

"Dean, you get this ready. I'm going to draw her out." Kerry ordered, running back to the hut before he could argue.

"I can't believe I'm doing this" Kerry muttered as she stood away enough from Dean that the sprit couldn't see what he was doing, then raised her voice to shout. "Okay you bitch; I admit it. I'm the one who killed your daughter! What are you gonna do about it, huh?"

Barely had the words left her mouth than the spirit appeared in front of her. Kerry stepped back and the second the spirit advanced towards her with a chilling scream, she shouted out to Dean.


Immediately, the body was engulfed in flames and the spirit let out a cry as she vanished in a flash of flame. Kerry sank to the floor, too exhausted to stand up any longer.

"That was close" she mumbled as Sam made his way over to her.

A grinning Sam helped her up, pulling her into a hug the moment she was off the ground. She gladly returned it, assuring him she only had minor injuries.

"Honestly Sam, I just need a decent sleep then I'm heading back to my dad's. I think I need a break from hunting for a while." She spoke in his ear.

Sam didn't fail to notice the sadness in her tone and knew the real reason for leaving had nothing to do with needing a break from hunting; more a break from a certain green-eyed hunter. He simply hugged her tighter briefly before releasing her and gently ruffling her hair, grinning as she swatted his arm away. As she moved to the impala, Dean gave her a cautious smile, but she looked away, sliding into the backseat silently, her mood once again lowered in sadness.

When they got back to the motel, Sam offered her the first dibs at the shower and she smiled appreciatively. It wasn't until the door was securely locked and the water was running that she finally allowed her tears to fall. Sliding down to sit in the tub, she wrapped her arms round her drawn up legs and allowed herself to cry, angry and hurt once again that she'd allowed herself to believe that she could be around Dean and not get her emotions destroyed. Once her tears ended and she began to pull herself together she decided to quickly finish, knowing the brothers would start to worry if she took much longer. She hissed as the soap washed over her body, entering the various cuts and scrapes on her body and she winced at a particularly deep cut on her side that still continued to bleed as she rinsed the dirt out of it.

As she turned the shower off, the raised voices of the brothers filtered into the room and she sighed deeply when she realised that not for the first time, she was the topic of the argument.

"Tell her Dean!" Sam shouted.

"Tell her what? That I was pinned by the woman? Because she's absolutely going to believe that!"

She almost sniggered at that, and felt her pain begin to ease in relief that for once, he hadn't been taking advantage of an opportunity in front of him. Unlocking the door, she stepped out and the pair turned to look at her, identical expressions on their faces of children caught with hands in the cookie jar. She smiled at them both, noticing Dean's eyes flash with what looked like relief, before turning to her bag to pull to her first aid kit. She threw it over to Dean and Sam discreetly slid into the bathroom to give them a moment and to ensure Dean didn't use up the hot water as he'd done many times before. Dean looked at the kit then back up at her, his expression puzzled. Kerry simply raised her top up to reveal the deep cut and he nodded in understanding, silently indicating for her to lie down so he could patch her up. After a few moment's silence, Dean finally spoke.


"Don't" she said softly.

After another pause, she sighed and glanced at him over her shoulder, smiling to see he had a frown on his face as he put the last couple of stitches in.

"Look, I now know it wasn't your fault with that woman earlier and I apologise for jumping to conclusions and consequently getting caught. Let's just put this one behind us okay?" she asked.

"Not just yet. Why did you react like that?" Dean asked.

Not even pausing, Kerry responded with her rehearsed answer.

"It's like walking in on my brother having sex. It's a nasty sight I don't wish to really see."

Dean pursed his lips, not believing a word she spoke but wisely chose to keep his mouth she and think about it more later on. Instead, he finished her stitches, dressed her wound and patted her gently on the shoulder.

"All done. Are you serious about going home?" he asked.

Kerry nodded.

"Yeah. I just want to break from going on hunts for a while. Plus it'll give me more time to try and find a way to get you outta that dumb deal, or at least expand on the time you've been given."

Dean nodded, once again thinking there was more to it than that, but Sam's re-entering the room pushed the thought to the back of his mind as he made his way to the shower.