Hi, guys!

I want to explain what this story is about.

This will be a retelling of the video games' story, Ni No Kuni.

Esther and Oliver will both be 13, maybe 14.
Esther will be a few months older than Oliver, and will reference that sometimes.

Swaine will be around 18.

Please understand that I know I have changed a lot of things,

and that I meant to do so.

I also understand that many characters will be OOC from the original game.

This is intended.

Also, I do not own Ni No Kuni, any of the characters, or the main story line.

© Level-5 Games, 2013

I only own the variations I make to the story.

Thank you very much for reading and understanding. If you have any questions at all,

feel free to PM me or comment anytime.

I'll be sure to get back to you