Aurum Maculosus

Arc 1

Chosen Children


Page the Eighth: Decision

"You're lucky I'm such a generous sister, or else I wouldn't even bother taking you," Jun exclaimed once again, glaring at Daisuke through the rear-view mirror.

"Yeah, yeah, I know," Daisuke muttered, looking sullenly out of the car window. This just had to be the day didn't it, that his parents left one of their cars home? And Jun just had to be there when Takeru called? If his stupid sister wasn't there, he wouldn't have even had to come!

That stupid, manipulative Takeru! How dare he tell Jun that they were supposed to be doing a project yesterday, but Daisuke had gone out to play instead?! How dare Takeru drag Daisuke out on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon, and force him into school?! Inwardly, Daisuke seethed.

Finally, the car screeched to a stop. As soon as the car stopped moving, Daisuke smacked his door open, and jumped out of his seat. Without a word to Jun, he slammed the door back shut, ignoring the cry of 'Ungrateful brat!', and turned towards the school. For a brief moment, Daisuke considered just leaving, and never showing up at all, but a sudden call from above shut down that thought.

"Hey!" Takeru called, his head poking out of the second story window as he waved down at Daisuke, "Finally! You're here!"

Yeah, he was here, whether he wanted it or not. Sighing, Daisuke made his way into his school, weaving his way through the familiar corridors until he was directly in front of the computer room. It was now or never, he supposed. He still had the chance to go home now; because he knew as soon as he stepped foot inside, Takeru would never let go.

Again, the choice was taken from him. The door was swung open, revealing the smiling face of the blond. "Well? What are you waiting for? Come in!"

Daisuke stepped inside.

"Did you bring your D3?" Takeru asked lightly, but there was a funny glint in his eyes.

It was his automatic reaction to nod his head, but then he hesitated. He wasn't sure if he brought it or not. Daisuke didn't remember packing it, and in some ways, he kind of hoped that he hadn't brought it. He dug his hands through his pockets, poking out a tongue as he concentrated on digging around his other junk, and looking for something that might be useful.

Finally, his hand closed around a familiar shape, and pulling it out, he revealed the blue D3 clutched firmly between his fingers.

"Great!" Takeru exclaimed cheerily, looking way to happy about the fact. The blond spun around, leaning over a blinking computer as he quickly performed a serious of clicks, "Let's get going then!"

"I don't want to."

"What?" Takeru's entire body froze, as if he had suddenly turned into a bronze statue, "Why not?"

"I forgot to tell you yesterday…" Daisuke shifted uncomfortably. It wasn't so much as a 'forget' as 'didn't have time to'. They both knew that as soon as Ken had left, so had Daisuke. He had ran, too afraid to face his friends and tell them why he had stopped Ken. "I don't think I can come to the digital world for a while."

"Daisuke," Takeru's voice was low, anxious, and it instantly set Daisuke's nerves on edge, "I didn't want to tell you this way but… Vmon…"

Vmon? Daisuke felt his blood turn to ice. What had happened with Vmon?! When Daisuke had left him in the digital world yesterday, the little blue digimon had certainly looked fine. What could have happened? Was it due to the jogress thing? Was it because Daisuke hadn't taken Vmon back to the real world?

Before he knew it, Daisuke had taken a step forwards, gripping Takeru by the shoulders, "What happened to Vmon?!"

Takeru looked down, not meeting Daisuke's eyes, "You'd better see for yourself."

Frantic urgency overtook him. Hands shaking, Daisuke fumbled with his D3, and thrust it towards the computer screen.

"Digiport Open!" He choked out, and in a flash he was gone.

He landed with a thud, but Daisuke didn't waste any time to register the pain. Immediately, he jumped up, searching frantically for his digimon. A light flashed behind him, registering Takeru's entrance, but Daisuke didn't care. He needed to get to Vmon!

"Vmon!" He shouted, his voice desperate. Please, please, don't let his precious digimon be… "Vmon!"

"Yeah? What'ca calling for Daisuke?" Looking as cheerful as always, the little blue and white digimon bounced out of the woods, arms wide for a hug, "Though it's really Chibimon now."

"Chibimon!" Daisuke nearly cried, crouching down and scooping his digimon in a fierce hug, "I thought you were— are you alright?!"

"Woah, woah!" The little digimon squirmed slightly, "Not that I'm unhappy with all this attention, but why wouldn't I be alright? Is there something wrong with me?!"

Daisuke blinked. What…?

Takeru's cough brought Daisuke back to reality, and out of his jumbled thoughts. The blond looked at Chibimon apologetically, as Patamon settled on his shoulder, "There's nothing wrong with you Chibimon, I'm sorry. I just said that to get Daisuke to come here."


Chibimon fell with a plop to the ground, as Daisuke felt rage consume him. "What do you mean? So you mean you lied?!"

Not looking the least bit guilty, Takeru nodded.

Daisuke clenched his fists, feeling the urge to punch the arrogant blond. But no, he wouldn't, because there was only really one thing he wanted to do. He took a step towards the T.V.

"I thought you'd be chicken," Takeru smirked, as Daisuke fully took in the sight of the digital port.

It was smashed to pieces. There was no way he'd be getting back the way he'd come.

Eyes widening, Daisuke whipped his head away from the smothering mess, and back to Takeru, "You—you—"

"It was the only to ensure that you'd stay here," Takeru said wisely.

Daisuke reacted without thinking. He leapt towards Takeru, and slugged him.

Takeru's head went flying back, and the blond stumbled, managing to catch himself only at the last second. Wincing the green clad boy turned back to him, his expression pained.

Daisuke immediately regretted his actions. Takeru didn't deserve that, not when Takeru was the one trying to help Daisuke's worthless hide. Only… only he wished Takeru would just leave him alone!

Takeru rubbed his bruising jaw, and let out a rueful smile, "I guess I deserved that. But Daisuke, there's somewhere where I want to go."

"Why can't you go with anyone else?" Daisuke asked dully.

"Because, it's a place only you and I know about."

A place only he and the blond knew about? Where? There must have been plenty of places where Takeru and Hikari only knew—a fact Daisuke thought of with jealousy—but Takeru and Daisuke? There really weren't any, except… except… "Oh no."

Takeru nodded earnestly, "Yes, there. I would like to make a trip."

"Turuiemon warned us against it!"

Takeru shrugged, looking for all the world like the devil reincarnate, "When have we ever listened to what others tell us to do? Besides, didn't you want to see the village that Ken lived at before?"

"I did," Daisuke's voice sounded flat, even to his own ears, "but not anymore. There's too many dangers."

"So…" Takeru's eyes took a dangerous glint in them, "So you're afraid? The great Motomiya Daisuke, afraid. Guess you didn't deserve the mantle of courage after all."

Those words struck a chord within Daisuke he didn't know he had. That wall of fury lanced through him again, "I do too!"

"Then prove it," Takeru taunted, "Prove that you aren't afraid."

"I will!" Yeah, he would! Then he's show Takeru who didn't deserve their mantle! He'd show… hey, wait a minute. "You tricked me again!"

"Too bad," Takeru laughed, skipping off with Patamon giggling beside him, "You've agreed."

"That was low," Chibimon muttered, "Dirty. But, we did agree, right Daisuke?"

Daisuke mashed his teeth together, but knew there was little else he could do about his situation, "Yeah. Yeah we did."

Shaking with anger, Daisuke followed after the blond, hoping viciously that Takeru would get lost. But they didn't. Takeru knew the digital world too well; knew how to use his D-terminal too well. They arrived at the village within half an hour.

"Well this is it," Takeru said with a grin as they stood at the village perimeters. There was a wall around the village, but it was a low one and most likely only put there because they wanted to keep the young digimon in, rather than with any intention to keep anybody out. Besides, the large archway that was the gate to the village was huge, and held no guards. "Last chance to back out, Daisuke."

"I'm not backing out," Daisuke grounded out, "You've made sure of that."

"Great!" Takeru said cheerfully, not even looking the least bit affected by Daisuke's bad mood, "Let's go then!"

Without another word, Takeru ambled to the gate, and disappeared into it. Daisuke gritted his teeth, and followed. The sight that greeted him across the archway almost made Daisuke forget his anger. Almost. As it was, he seemed to forget his breath.

A crowd of Gabumon and Gotsumon's lower forms smashed into him, laughing and blushing, swarming the poor seventh grader. How had they known that Daisuke was here? And then he realized. Oh, right, Takeru had come in first.

"Chosen Children! Chosen Children!" They chanted, giggling and bouncing around Daisuke and his digital partner, rubbing themselves up and down as if they could steal away luck and fortune just by being near them. A tsunomon jumped on Daisuke's head and shoulders, and some even fought to be hugged by him.

Daisuke was stumped. Sure, he'd visited baby villages before, and they'd been beyond friendly, but this was a little much. Or maybe it was the fact that wherever he visited, he was always with Iori, Miyako, Hikari, and Takeru, so that the baby digimon's attention had been even divided between six chosen children instead of just him.

Where was Takeru, anyway? Daisuke looked around, and thought he saw a pile of digimon that looked suspiciously like a human body. It looked like Takeru had gotten smothered.

Well, Daisuke thought viciously, he deserves it.

"Hey! Stop bothering the Chosen Children!" A Chuchidamon—an alternate adult form of Gabumon—seemed to appear out of nowhere, an apron tied around his waist and a fierce expression on his face. "I know you're excited, and you can play with them later, but right now it's lunch time!"

Instantly, all the Tsukumon dispersed, though some did look disappointedly back at Daisuke as if they still wished to play with him. But apparently, lunch was too good of an offer to refuse. Well, Daisuke would have thought the same thing, really.

"Sorry," Chuchidamon said apologetically when all of the Tsukumon had gone, "I'm the mayor of the village and consequently the highest level of evolution here. My charges get excited very easily."

"I can see that," Takeru laughed, scratching Patamon behind the ears. Patamon preened with pleasure. "But it's nice to see that some places weren't affected by the Kaiser's rule."

Chuchidamon sighed, taking off his apron and rolling it up. Then, it disappeared somewhere in his body. Daisuke didn't want to know where. "Yes, we were very fortunate. I've heard about him from travellers, but the Kaiser never even came to this area. Welcome to Chida Village by the way."

Takeru exchanged a look with Daisuke, and the brown haired boy felt his heart speed up. Was it possible that Ken had subconsciously spared this village, even while he was the Kaiser?

And just then, Chuchidamon seemed to catch sight of Chibimon.

"Oh!" He exclaimed, jumping up in surprise. A light had entered his eyes; the light of recognition and welcome. "Vmon! What are you doing in your baby form? Had a tough battle recently?"

"You bet'ca!" Chibimon chirped, hopping up and down, "We defeated a perfect level digimon. A perfect level!"

A light of respect entered Chuchidamon's eyes, "Amazing. You were a fine warrior before, but I suppose having a Chosen partner really is different huh? Where's Ryo? Is he travelling behind?"

"Eh...?" Chibimon scratched his head, "You've met me before?"

"Huh?" A flash of surprise across Chuchidamon's face, "Are you not the Vmon who came here four years ago?"

Chibimon shook his head, "Nah-uh, I was just born recently."

"Oh," Chuchidamon blinked, "How odd. There's two Vmons for digital partners."

"I'm the only Vmon around!"

"Oh?" The tone of the word had completely changed. A hint of worry, maybe. "Then what about Ryo's Vmon?"

"Actually," Takeru interrupted before the conversation could get more confusing, "That's what we're here to talk about. Who's Ryo?"

"What?" Chuchidamon looked startled, "You're Chosen Children right? How come you guys don't know Ryo?"

Takeru shook his head, "That's what we came here to find out. A lot of weird things have been happening recently, and we just recently found out about a Chosen Child called Ryo who was in the digital world four years ago. We thought his past might hold some answers, and that if we came here, we could find those answers. Maybe then we could stop all the distortions in the digital world."

Chuchidamon was silent for a moment, and then he nodded. "I see. Alright, I'll tell you everything I know. It isn't much, though.

"Around four years ago—this was one year after the defeat of the Dark Masters—another Chosen Child showed up in the digital world. Many digimon were ecstatic, because everyone loved the humans—well, those who weren't viral types, anyway. However, us older digimon who still remembered the Dark Master's reign knew differently. We knew that Chosen Children were only called on in times of great crisis.

"One day—and I still clearly remember this day, will remember it till the day I die—a boy named Ryo came to our village. The clouds were high and the skies were blue. The motimon and tsunomon were having the time of their lives. Vmon (I suppose it's not you, Chibimon) was with him. Now this Vmon was well-know; he made quite a name for himself during the year after the Dark Masters were destroyed. He was practically as well-known as the Leomon of Primary Village! He was a warrior for hire, a fighter for justice, and apparently also the digital partner for a Chosen Child.

"I instantly knew something was wrong when a Chosen Child and a warrior digimon showed up in our peaceful village. But I knew what they were here for. Near our village is the portal to the Town of Beginnings on File Island, though I didn't know what they wanted with Primary Village. Or maybe they just wanted to go on File Island, I don't know. I thought maybe they wanted some information on the previous Chosen Children. What I thought isn't important though, I suppose. I'll get on with the story.

"Just as I was about to show them where the portal was, a huge explosion came from inside the village. My charges were in danger you understand, so I had to abandon the Chosen Children to stop the fires. I later found out from a Gabumon that had watched the fight that a Lynxmon had attacked, and Ryo and Vmon had stopped him. After that, I believe that Ryo departed for File Island which was his original destination. He stopped by a little afterwards with another Chosen Child in tow and his Wormmon. They stayed and helped out a little before moving on again. The little ones really loved them…"

Daisuke felt a jolt of electricity along his spine. Chuchidramon's 'another Chosen Child and his Wormmon' had to be referring to Ken!

"And then what happened?" Daisuke blurted out, "What happened to Ken?"

Chuchidramon startled, broken out of his memories. He blinked slowly at Daisuke, "Ken…? Oh yes, that was the other Chosen Child's name. I'm afraid I don't know much about him. They left soon afterwards you see."

"Then, how about the situation in general?" Takeru asked hesitantly. "Did you ever find out what the great threat was?"

Chuchidramon shook his head, "We try to keep out of these things, here at Chiba Village. I do recall some disturbing weather and dark talk, but nothing that would really help. But oh! If you do want to know, Leomon probably has the information you'd need. He keeps track of worldly going ons."

Takeru's eyes widened, "Leomon."

Chuchidramon nodded vigorously, "Yes yes, and now that I think about it, he's likely to know more about this Ken of yours too. I believe that the other Chosen Child came from his direction."

"You… you mean the Leomon who protects the Village of Beginnings?" Takeru's voice was strained.

Daisuke's gaze slid to Takeru's form, wondering what was causing the usually calm boy to sound so tense. And then, he remembered. Taichi often told him stories about the original eight's first journey to the digital world, and there was one unpartnered digimon who featured above all in their tales. But surely, it couldn't be?

"Yes," Chuchidramon appeared confused, "which other Leomon could I be talking about?"

Takeru only shook his head, "It's nothing. Thank you. You've been very helpful."

"Anything for the Chosen Children," Chuchidramon smiled. "Now, may I offer you two some lunch?"

Daisuke opened his mouth to protest. He didn't really want to wait. With the new information regarding Ken, he wanted to go to the next location right away.

Unfortunately, his stomach did the answering for him.

It emitted a low growl that had Chuchidramon look around confusedly as if he expected another digimon to pop out of the woodwork, and Daisuke blushed.

"Yeah, um, we'd love some lunch," Daisuke said with a laugh, rubbing his head sheepishly.

Takeru's eyes twinkled, as if he knew exactly what had happened.

"Haha, Daisuke's stomach-mon strikes again!" Chibimon exclaimed, striking a pose.

Daisuke stuck out his tongue at the both of them.

Chuchidramon was more than accommodating. He led them out to the courtyards where the majority of the baby digimon were partaking in their noontime meal as well. Takeru and Daisuke settled down while Chuchidramon went off to ask the chefs to make some human food. The Gabumon heading the station was more than happy to do so—it seemed that it'd been a while since he'd been made some and wanted to test his skill.

As expected, Daisuke and Takeru were bombarded with curious questions from the rest of the digimon. They tried their best to answer, but the baby digimon couldn't seem to understand much and interpreted it all in manners which thoroughly broke Daisuke. He couldn't speak for laughing so hard.

Patamon and Chibimon on the other hand, were having the times of their lives as they bragged to the crowd of wide eyed onlookers. They even tried to show off their fighting moves from their adult forms, which made more than a few funny crashes and made both Takeru and Daisuke just crack up.

Daisuke almost forgot the reason that he was here. He certainly forgot why he'd been so reluctant to come in the first place. He did love digimon and the Tsunomon, Gotsumon, Pagumon, and Gabumon of the village were certainly not making things hard for him.

They were playing hide and seek in one of the huts when it happened.

Daisuke had squeezed himself and Chibimon between a particularly small couch and the wall to the giggles of the baby digimon watching when suddenly, the entire room shook like an earthquake had just penetrated into the digital world.

"Ack Daisuke, what's that?" Chibimon asked as he shook like miniature jello on top of Daisuke's head.

"I don't—"

Screams suddenly sounded throughout the village, and it was then that Daisuke knew that this was no surprise game.

He quickly wiggled himself out of the hiding place to find that Takeru had done the same. Patamon was already on his arm, ready to go in the event of danger.

It was just then that Chuchidramon burst in, eyes wild, "Chosen Children, you have to see this!"

Daisuke and Takeru exchanged worried looks, and hurried out of the hut.

What they saw made Daisuke go pale.

A large, beetle-like digimon was systematically crushing all the huts on the west side of Chida Village. It roared with anger and superiority, not caring for whomever it hurt. Child and baby digimon were scrambling everywhere, trying desperately to get out of its path.

Okuwamon was back.

"Wh—why is it here?" Daisuke asked weakly.

"You guys know this digimon?" Chuchidramon demanded.

"It's not really a digimon," Takeru hastily explained. "But it's made to look like one and has all the abilities of a real Okuwamon. And yes we fought it recently but failed to destroy it."

Chuchidramon's face was grim, "That explains it then. Okuwamon are known for their grudges. If you've fought him then chances are that he remembers and was just waiting to pick up your scents once you set foot in the digital world."

"So you mean…" Daisuke swallowed, "it's here because of us?"

Because of me.

Takeru hadn't sounded at all accusatory when he'd made his statement, but Daisuke knew that the responsibility of destroying Okuwamon previously had fallen solely to him. Heck, Ken had been all for obliterating the monster in that freaky cold way of that time which really wasn't Ken-like, but at least the results would have been good.

But Daisuke had stopped them. And now the Okuwamon was seeking revenge on a village that had nothing to do with this. A village that Daisuke had promised that he'd keep out of it all.

Chuchidramon's eyes widened, and he whirled to face Daisuke, "No, you mustn't blame yourself. You couldn't have known. Besides, it was an honour for the Chosen Children to come here again."

Daisuke only shook his head. Did visiting Chosen Children always have to mean getting attacked? That was such a lame trade off.

"Chibimon," Daisuke said through gritted teeth, "let's go and teach this guy a lesson."

Chibimon nodded determinedly, and hopped off of Daisuke's head just as the digivice on the brown haired boy's belt flared. The food he'd eaten earlier gave him all the energy he needed. "Chibimon evolves to… Vmon…. to XVmon!"

Done with the transformation, the blue dragon roared before it sped off towards Okuwamon, no doubt intending to end its destruction.

"He's not a dark type so Pegasmon's attacks won't be as effective," Takeru muttered to himself before grinning apologetically at Patamon, "is it alright if we don't use your true form today?"

Patamon nodded with a smile and with two pumps of his wings flew up to shoulder height, "Patamon evolves to… Pegasmon!"

XVmon and Pegasmon both worked to engage the dark ring monster, trying their best to keep its attacks from hitting Chida village. That part at least was working. Chuchidramon had run off, doing his best to quickly organize his dependents into safe areas that wouldn't be hit by the destruction.

But the part of actually defeating said digimon was not going well at all.

The exact same problem as when they had first encountered Okuwamon reigned its ugly head again. XVmon and Pegasmon were both extremely powerful Adults, but the fact of the matter was that Perfects were on a whole other level. No matter what amount of trickery or attack combos Takeru and Daisuke shouted at XVmon and Pegasmon, they couldn't seem to make more than a dent on Okuwamon.

Slowly Daisuke could see that the two Chosen digimon were tiring, and soon they'd be forced to devolve and then they'd have no defence against the dark ring digimon.

Daisuke clenched his fists.

Nothing! Nothing was working!

Except… except there was one thing that Daisuke had noticed that Takeru hadn't yet. Maybe it was because it was Paildramon who'd inflicted the weakness, and Daisuke had been better situated to see it. In the end it didn't really matter. All that mattered was that if Takeru noticed it, Daisuke knew that he'd act on it, and Okuwamon would die.

It was just then that XVmon suddenly let out a cry of pain, and a moment later he was skidding along the floor, sending up a plume of rocky sand in its wake.

Daisuke's eyes widened, and before he was even aware of what he was doing he was running towards his fallen partner, "XVmon!"

And then the dust cleared and he realized that it wasn't XVmon anymore, but just regular Vmon. The hit must have been particularly hard.

Daisuke was on his knees, checking his partner over. But, with a shake of his head and a look of resolve in his eyes, Vmon pushed himself up.

"Daisuke," Vmon said through gritted teeth, "let me evolve again. I still have enough energy to do it. I was just caught off guard by Okuwamon is all."

Daisuke swallowed. Normally he understood his partner's 'do or die' mentality. He was much the same after all. Nothing could keep them down for long. But how could he send Vmon out with the knowledge that Daisuke himself wasn't doing his best?

"Wait, Daisuke!" Takeru shouted, waving a hand to catch their attention. "Use your Digimental! Since Okuwamon is an insect type digimon, maybe fire would work better?"

Daisuke could have smacked himself for being so stupid. Vmon had taken a harder beating than he needed to because Daisuke hadn't chosen the right evolution.

"Sorry Vmon," he said guiltily.

"Not a problem Daisuke," Vmon said with a shake of his head and a huge grin on his face, "besides I like my real evolved form. And we could kick ass either way."

"That we can," Daisuke responded with a smile and a fist bump, though his heart wasn't really in it.

"Digimental Up! Vmon evolves to… Fladramon!"

With a battle cry the red plated digimon was off again, engaging with Okuwamon along with Pegasmon.

Daisuke didn't know what to do.

On one hand he really wanted his digimon to succeed. No, they needed to succeed. His eyes slid from the heated battle to the trampled part of Chida Village that Okuwamon had laid waste to. They couldn't allow Okuwamon to do more damage.

On the other hand if they just beat back Okuwamon without killing it, then Okuwamon would seek revenge. If it came after Daisuke that was okay, but what if it came back to Chida Village when Daisuke and Takeru weren't around? What then?

They couldn't leave Okuwamon alone, but… but… Turuiemon's visage flashed across Daisuke's mind again. He couldn't handle someone else dying on him. He couldn't!

So caught up in his thoughts, Daisuke didn't notice the wayward Tsunomon until she was almost upon him. And then, he only noticed her because she started bouncing at his feet, going high enough that she blocked his vision for short spurts of time and replaced it instead with her round form.

"What are you doing here?" Daisuke asked in surprise.

As soon as he asked the question, he realized he knew the answer. She must have gotten separated from the others and, not knowing of the dangers outside of Chida Village, assumed that it was alright to continue playing. So she'd come to find him.

"Chosen Child! Chosen Child!" She repeated happily.

Daisuke froze in shock.

Chosen Child.

That's right. That's what he was. He was a messed up kid who for some reason or another had been chosen to help the digital world.

He didn't want to see it die like Turuiemon had died. He didn't want to see a digimon dissolve into data again. He didn't want to be the cause of it.

But that was really selfish wasn't it? And he thought he'd gotten over the selfishness a long time ago.

Daisuke bowed his head and smiled. It wasn't a happy smile, but it wasn't a bitter one either. It was simply accepting. Taking a deep breath, Daisuke raised his head, something of his old determination entering his eyes again as he shouted towards his human partner, "Takeru, we need to aim for the stomach! It was seriously injured there by Paildramon and I don't think it's recovered!"

"Roger that, boss," Takeru winked, before turning to his partner with a determined look on his face, "Pegasmon, distract it!"

Daisuke was momentarily surprised. He'd have thought that he'd be in charge of the distraction work, although if he took a minute to think about it, it made sense. After all, Fladramon was the one that Okuwamon held the weakness for.

"I heard, Takeru," Pegasmon intoned, before charging back at Okuwamon with a different style of attack. Instead of nibbling away at Okuwamon's armour Fladramon instead began to move even faster, playing dodge and defence instead of light offence.

It seemed to make Okuwamon more furious. It began to completely focus on taking Fladramon down, which was what they needed for…

"Go, Fladramon!" Daisuke screamed.

"Knuckle Fire!"

The ball of fire that emerged from Fladramon struck Okuwamon dead in the center of his stomach. Fladramon had waited until the dark ring creature had turned completely to face him, for a moment completely exposed because of its concentration on attacking Pegasmon. Okuwamon's face contorted in pain, before it raised its face to the heavens and dissolved in a shower of dark data.

For a moment there was silence.

"We did it?" Daisuke asked with wide eyes, before leaping into the air and pumping his fist as high as he could. Grinning he picked up the Tsunomon who only giggled, and twirled her around. This victory was all on her after all. "Yes! What was that?! We did it! We took down a Perfect level digimon with only two Adults!"

"Well, it wasn't at full strength," Takeru laughed, plopping down as Pegasmon floated over and devolved to Patamon. The little creature dropped in his arms, looking happily exhausted.

"Shush," Daisuke scowled at him, letting the Tsunomon go to hop back to her own. But, his twitching lips gave away his real feelings. "Don't dampen an awesome victory like this. We won, and that's awesome!"

Takeru only laughed again.

It was just then that Fladramon devolved into Vmon. The smaller blue digimon bounced over to Daisuke with an excited 'did you see me, did you see me' to which Daisuke responded by picking up his digital partner and swinging him around in congratulations. He nuzzled the smaller digimon against his cheek, "You were amazing, Vmon."

Now that the battle was over, the inhabitants of the village were slowly emerging from their hidden places. Takeru and Daisuke found each other again, just as the mayor digimon came up to them.

"Chida Village thanks you," Chuchidramon said with real warmth in his eyes.

Daisuke shook his head. It was really him who should have been thanking Chida Village. With the whole mess with Ken, Iori, and the dark ring digimon, Daisuke had forgotten something important. But he was back now, and finally it felt like everything would be alright.