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"Mr. Weyland, we were able to contact Alexa Woods. She has agreed to meet with you sir."

"Very good."

"But the fact remains that we still do not have a medic on the payroll. The Board will not let you out of the country without one, especially with your health as it is."

"I know Maxwell," the older man sighed, the action causing another round of hoarse coughs to be heard over the radio headset. Maxwell patiently waited for him to catch his breath before continuing.

"I do have a suggestion, however."

"I'm all ears."

Max turned his gaze to the mountaineer sitting behind him him in the chopper; "During your travels and expeditions you have an EMT accompanying you at all times, correct?"

Alexa's eyes narrowed slightly at being addressed so informally but she answered him anyway; "Whenever the situation calls for it."

"We need his name, telephone number, and address."

"I'm not sure I can tell you that-."

"Ms. Woods, Alexa. May I call you Alexa?" He didn't wait for her to reply before continuing; "Alexa, I can assure you he will be graciously compensated for any travel and life expenses."

She sat taller in her seat, folding her arms neatly over her chest; "That is private information, you can't just buy-." He paid no attention to the rest of her statement, instead turning forward and conversing in hushed tones with his employer before raising his eyes to hers after several moments.

"Mr. Weyland has agreed to further fund your organization an additional two years if you provide us with his name." Alexa chewed her lower lip, frowning a bit before a defeated sigh escaped her.

"Logan Perry. Her name is Logan Perry."

And so it begins...