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Chapter Eight


Oh god run!

Run like your life depends on it because it does!

Logan's breath came in labored gasps as she did just that, sprinting around corners blindly, nearly running into walls on several occasions. All she could think about was putting some serious space between her and ET.

She only stopped running due to the stitch in her right side throbbing rhythmically with her frantic heartbeat; "Ohh that hurts, oh good grief on above-." Logan gasped breathlessly, clutching her side and staggering into a wall for support. She sucked in a breath only to experience a severe coughing fit from doing so.

After she was certain she wasn't about to hack up anything vital to her survival Logan stood fully, glancing over her shoulder nervously but unable to see anything behind her. Clearing her throat she winced at how loud it sounded in the labyrinth around her. Only then was she aware of the tears drying on her cheeks.

She had seen Lex! She had seen her and wasn't able to do a damn thing about it. The wall had descended as soon as she reached the room, closing her off from the rest of the group before reopening less than a minute later. By then Lex, Sebastian, and Weyland were long gone and she was alone yet again...


"Holy shit," Logan whispered upon entering the circular room, eyes locked on Max's dead body. Blood had gathered in a dark pool at his feet, deep gashes present on his skin from some sort of metal net he was stuck in. What really got her attention was the fact there was a fucking spear sticking out of his body.

"Poor bastard," she muttered. As much as she didn't like the prick, no one deserved to die like that. Raising her light blue eyes from his body and swallowing down the bile that had begun to creep up her throat she spotted one of the 'warriors' that had attacked them in the hall earlier lying in a heap on the ground several yards away unmoving. What looked like glowing green liquid was still oozing from the gaping wound on his chest and she grimaced, turning away from the gruesome sight.

"Fantastic, so there's something worse than these guys running around huh?" Gingerly taking a step forward a yelp of alarm escaped her when the floor abruptly crumbled beneath her feet. Her arms wind milled wildly as she tried to regain her balance, grabbing blindly for anything to hold on to.

"Shit!" She squealed pitifully, clinging to the spear that had ended Max's life. Logan's body hung limply over the chasm for a brief moment before a sick wet noise reached her ears. Fearing the worst she glanced up, seeing the spear begin to dip slightly.

"Aw, damn it." She rearranged her grip on the handle before hearing a faint clicking noise as she hit a button of some sort. A choked-back yelp escaped the blond as the spear suddenly retracted and she fell about five or six feet to the ground with a solid thud.

Wincing she sat up, fumbling for the torch hanging from the strap of her backpack and ignoring the ever-persistent throbbing in her joints. Switching it back on she nearly screamed when she realized she was lounging on a pile of what looked like human remains. She scrambled up, eliciting several sordid-sounding crunches from the bones underfoot.

Trying (and failing miserably) to keep calm Logan was about to turn tail and haul ass before an unearthly roar sounded behind her. Against her better judgment she looked over her shoulder, seeing one of the alien warriors going at it with some sort of insect-like black armored creature. The creature lunged forward in a burst of preternatural speed, tackling ET to the ground as bits of bone fragment burst into a cloud of dust around them.

She clutched the spear tightly to her chest, glancing down at it wildly before looking up.

'Pick your poison,' a little voice said mockingly in her head. Who did she stand a better chance against when this fight was over? No one probably but it looked like ET could be killed apparently if his buddy up top was any indication.

Swallowing thickly the blond staggered forward, clicking the trigger mechanism on the handle once more as what looked like a wicked three-pronged spike emerged from the end, still glistening with Max's blood. Forcing down the nausea she leapt forward, driving the spear into the base of the bug's skull.

A weak gurgling noise escaped it, its body twitching sporadically a few times as the warrior shoved it off him. Logan staggered back to avoid being hit by it, mourning the loss of her only weapon. ET stood then, albeit rather unsteadily, towering over her by two feet at the very least. She watched with morbid fascination as it reached over, giving the spear a violent twist before removing it from the bug creature's body before looking back at her.

Logan hadn't really gotten a good look at the alien before, due to the fact that it seemed much more interested in trying to kill her though now it stood silently before her, almost scrutinizing her. As though he (she had dubbed ET a 'he' now because all things considered for an alien he had quite a rocking set of pecs and abs) was deciding whether or not she was worth a spear to the gut.

She raised her eyes, powder blue locking on its almost feral gold gaze. Silence was present for a moment before a sound reminiscent to 'WARGALHABLARGHLAG!' or something to that effect escaped her. In a stunning feat of agility she then spun around, avoided face-planting on the ground and shot off like a bat out of hell.


Logan sighed, rolling her shoulders back to ease the ache and tilting her head from side to side. How was it that she got herself into such sticky situations? Inhaling shakily she checked her digital compass, wincing when she saw how turned around she had gotten. The only way back up was the way she had just come from.

Problem with that was it was the way she had last seen ET...

"This is nothing. You do things like this for breakfast. Just follow this bearing. Who knows? Maybe we'll hit some stairs at some point…god I hope we hit some stairs." Tears of frustration collected in her eyes though she scrubbed them away with the back of her hand.

The only things that should ever be soft on a lady is her hair, her smile and her breasts. Remember that Logan because if you don't they're gonna eat you alive out there.

A weak laugh escaped the young woman as she recalled the words her wise mother had spoken to her on her first day of junior high. It was funny really, the little things a person thought of when they were being stalked by aliens from outer space in a temple that belonged in an Indiana Jones film rather than Antarctica.

Logan clutched her flashlight tighter, the pale yellow beam bouncing off the floor and surrounding walls. Had she not been in fear for her life she would have taken time to marvel at the complexity and beauty of the pyramid around her. But as it were…

A soft purring growl came from several feet ahead of her, causing the young woman to freeze in place. The sound of something liquid dripping steadily onto the floor reached her ears as not moments later did one of the reptilian-like bugs saunter into view. Its body was a glossy black color; reminding her of an insect's exoskeleton, elongated head held level as it came her way which showed Logan he/she/it meant business.

"Aw, shit," she groaned, seeing its tail lash back and forth behind it almost playfully. This was most definitely one of things to add to the now ever-growing list of 'things Logan Perry could happily go the rest of her life without seeing ever again'.

The creature hissed, saliva dripping from its razor-sharp maw as Logan forced herself to stand her ground. She wasn't about to go down without a fight, weapon or no weapon. It was then the metaphorical light bulb switched on over her head. She did have a weapon, one of the strange guns that Maxwell had taken from the tomb which caused the initial shift of the pyramid. She had (unwillingly) stowed it in her bag, having just enough room for it along with her medical supplies. The only problem was when she examined it the first time there didn't seem to be any sort of trigger mechanism on it.

Swallowing tightly, a grim smile graced her lips as she eyed the creature once more, slowly slipping her backpack around to her front to give her some sort of protection; "You are one ugly ass bitch." Logan wasn't entirely sure if it could understand her or if the creature was female to begin with but the word 'ugly' seemed to elicit a hair-raising shriek from the monster as it began running her way.

"Guess it answers that question," she muttered sardonically as it closed the distance between them in several bounding steps before leaping into the air and lunging at her; "Ooh, this is going to hurt. Badly."

Before it could tear her open with those claws Logan was suddenly aware of a strange distortion in the air before her as the, for lack of a better term, alien slammed into the distortion, falling back several paces before righting itself.

"The fuck?" She managed to say before the shimmering gap filled, revealing the alien warrior that had been tussling with one of the creatures back in the room of bones.

She stumbled back out of harm's way (or as close as she could get to it at that point in time), clutching her bag fearfully to her chest as though it would protect her. Bug boy (or girl she assumed) snarled at the Jolly Green Giant, tail lashing warningly behind it though ET over there didn't seem impressed or intimidated. An almost deafening roar she likened to that of a lion's escaped him, the volume of it making her clasp her hands over her ears to muffle it.

Bug Girl shrieked in response, brandishing sharp talons as it launched itself towards ET. Logan barely had enough time to dodge her 'savior's' falling body as Bug Girl (Boy? Thing?!) slammed into his chest, knocking him clean off his feet. A sloppy combat roll carried Logan to safety. Rolling gracelessly to her feet Logan pressed her back against the shadowy alcove she had landed in, watching the battle taking place before her with wide eyes.

It seemed ET had the upper hand for several moments until Bug Girl wrapped her prehensile-like tail around his neck, throwing him back into a pillar as dust exploded around him. Logan fumbled through her bag, withdrawing the gun from the center compartment as the black-armored creature turned its 'gaze' on her, it's attention having been drawn her way by the sound of her rummaging about in her knapsack.

"How the fuck do you work this damn thing?!' She ran her hands over the sides several times, feeling for anything that could be used as a trigger before three red beams emitted from the weapon. Logan trained it on the alien lunging her way, feeling a depression in the side. She shoved her fingers into it, a sordid-sounding click eliciting from it right before a blue projectile shot from the barrel, colliding with the alien in midair as yellow-green blood spewed almost violently from the gaping wound on its chest.

She raised her arms to protect her face before seeing ET rise from the debris, jamming the end of his spear into the writhing creature on the floor and ending its life. Lowering her arms her nose wrinkled slightly upon realizing her jacket was smoking slightly.

"Shit!" She suddenly cried out in pain, wrenching the zipper down and yanking it off as quick as she could. The pain was gone as soon as it had come however. The repulsive scent of charred flesh reached her nose, making her gag in response though she had nothing in her stomach to throw up as she looked in horror at the wound on her left forearm. It was almost as though the creatures had hydrochloric acid in their veins rather than blood. Logan could only describe her injury as a fourth degree burn; the acid having eaten right down to the bone, blackening and beginning to corrode it even, the edges of her skin still bubbling.

"Oh, shit," she whimpered. ET removed his spear from the base of the creature's skull before turning his gaze to her. Another pitiful whimper left her lips, eyes clouding with tears and spilling down her heated cheeks as she tried to backpedal away only for him to kneel and grab her left ankle, pulling her back his way.

"Please don't hurt me! Please-," Logan croaked weakly, breath coming in short labored gasps that she recognized as the beginnings of a panic attack.

"Please don't hurt me." Her eyes widened comically at the sound of her voice coming from ET. It sounded oddly metallic and robotic, mocking even but it was hers nonetheless. He snorted, grip loosening a bit on her leg as she felt his sharp nails lightly stroke against the skin of her ankle beneath her water-resistant pants almost as though her were trying to reassure or comfort her. She shivered violently before hearing a soft, rumbling purr elicit from her 'savior'.

A strangled laugh escaped her, sounding much too high-pitched to be hers as her vision began tunneling. It was too much; being separated from Lex, being attacked by aliens, nearly dying several times, probably going to die this time, and ET was just chilling there purring like a fucking diesel engine. Against her better judgment Logan didn't even fight to stay conscious, a tiny part of her hoping she wouldn't be waking back up to the nightmare that awaited her...

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