Chapter 1

As Dimitri was dragged across the hall, grey beard hiding a tired face, wrists chained and body in rags, he could only regret on how easily he was captured. With his katana by his side he could beat how many men he pleased, but still. He had one arrow carved at his left shoulder and a deep gash across his chest, gifts from the Demacian military. All he could remember was how thirty golden and indigo city guards surrounded him at the road, at the edge of his escape. By then he was hopeless and could do nothing but surrender.

First he was brought to the Tribunal of Demacia, charged for the murder of Jean Laurent, some fancy-ass high-born commander, another victim of his katana. Then, he spent fifteen days meditating in a damp cell filled with smells of diseases, awaiting for some sentence. A death sentence probably. When he had lost himself deep into the voids of his mind and knowelege, as he did countless times before in the cold mountains of Freljord, they came. Dressed in purple robes accompanied by prision guards, faces hidden by shadows and aged beards.

They said nothing, and neither did Dimitri. The purple men only rounded the Freljordan and examined him, like he was an old horse put for sale. The northern stood still, not knowing who they were and what they wanted and as soon as they arrived, they left.

But the guards came later that night. Dettached Dimitri from the wall and carried him upstairs, covering his head with a black cloth. When they took it off, he found himself in some kind of hospital room, leashed to a bed. Then he saw a purple cloak again, an old man saying to another of his kind, "Put him to deep sleep and tend to his wounds. This one is coming to the Institute with us."

Next to him stood a woman in the same purple cloak who only nodded and said:

"Yes master"


So, hey guys. This is my first fanfic here, and this is just the intro so don't worry, there wil be smut in the next chapter. Please give me feedback, specially If you didn't like it, and if you want, you can request characters and i'll try including them. Oh yeah, sorry about my grammar, english is not my main language

Hoped you liked it!