A/N: I haven't written a smut in a long time. /Hitbytruck/ I hope you enjoy this incest smut. Haha. And yes, I enjoy seeing Hiroshi as bottom. Maybe I'll write a serious story in the future, featuring Soumei. I think all of my stories are going to be rated M. And there are going to be parings in every one of them. /HITBYPLANE/

I hope I don't destroy your mind with my horrible writing.

"Do-Don't go any deepe- Aah!" Strong thrusts racked his body, forcing him to rock back forth. His hands took ahold of the bedsheets which was slowly drenched in sweat. He bit his bottom lip, attempting to not let any moans slip through his lips.

"Now.. Let out your voice.. Nii-nii." The voice from above him whispered in a seductive manner, as his nails digged into the older male's body.

"H-Haruka... Sto- Ple- Aaaah!" His toes curled as a sensitive spot was found inside of him. That reaction. Haruka licked his lips, finding that to be a signal to go even faster, pounding mercilessly at the new found spot.

A strangled moan escaped Hiroshi's lips, unable to contain the moans that were forcibily being let out. "No-No.. Haruka .. Please sto- " Haruka had already took notice of his brother's words, showing that the older was close to climax. A wider smirk tugged at Haruka's lips, feeling himself growing more aroused. "No.. You can't cum yet, Nii-nii.." His hands travelled towards Hiroshi's erection, and pinching the slit. "You can't cum yet, Nii-nii." He repeated, not allowing for the other to ejaculate just yet. Another thrust was racked in Hiroshi, letting another moan depart his lips but louder. "Haruka.. Please let me cum.. I'm begging you.. Please.. " He needed to do whatever to cum. It was far too much for him. Tears rolled down Hiroshi's cheeks, his body trembled at the prevention of his climax. "Hurry up.. Haruka.. "

"Since you begged so nicely.." He released the slit of his member, watching as the other climax. Not too long after, Haruka's face clenched, cumming inside of the redhead.

A strangled, and loud moan escaped from Hiroshi's mouth feeling the hot, and thick liquid flow through inside of him. It even began overflowing. His entrance poured out the white, hot and thick liquid as his brother had pulled out. Heavy pants escaped from Hiroshi, his eyelids slowly fluttering close, absolutely exhausted.

"What? Sleeping already. Well.. Whatever." Haruka leaned down, softly pressing his lips against Hiroshi's, pulling the other into a rather tender kiss. He pulled away, his smirk still plastered onto his lips. "Goodnight.. Nii-nii." He plopped down right beside Hiroshi, yawning. He soon gave in to his exhaustion as well and fell to sleep.


Yuuta immensely scratched at the wall, gritting his teeth, watching the two fall asleep. "Sensei.. Do you really.. care about your brother that much.. Over me..?" He softly asked as tears trickled down his cheeks. " I am going to kill him. I'm going to kill him. I'm going to kill Haruka and take revenge. I am going to kill him. "

Haruka's ears twitched to the thoughts that were visible to his ears only. A sweatdrop formed on his head, finding Yuuta's aura to be incredibly strong with a killer's intent. He pretended to snore, as he clinged onto Hiroshi.

"THAT DAMN BASTARD." Yuuta literally broke the wall. "I'll... get you next time.. " He gritted, turning to walk away with a devious plan forming inside of his head.

Haruka blinked as a blank expression had been shown. "Whatever he's going to do.. It won't work."

"Well whatever. As long Nii-nii is with me." He pulled Hiroshi close, falling into sleep.