Hello there! Blackangel257 here with a Naruto fanfiction this time! Also, I will be making many more Naruto fanfics in the future. Why? Because there is so much more stuff to do with the Narutoverse than with SAO. This is a fic where Naruto has Uchiha blood and Senju blood inside him. However, he will not have the rinnegan. Why, because to have a rinnegan, you have to have pure Uchiha and Senju blood in side you. Naruto has Namikaze blood within him. If he didn't have that, he would have the rinnegan, because Uzumaki blood is just another branch off the Senju blood. That's how Nagato got the rinnegan. Naruto will have the EMS and wood release bloodlines, though. Also, Madara will not have the rinnegan either. So, without further ado, Grandson of Madara.

Chapter 1: switched at birth (with a clone)

The Kyuubi was destroying Konoha. Carnage, blood, and broken buildings lay everywhere. Fake-Madara was standing on top of the gigantic fox, controlling it, laughing mercilessly all the while. Namikaze Minato and his wife, Uzumaki Kushina, were standing there with their only son, Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto. They had to seal the Kyuubi. There was no other option. Minato summoned the boss of the toads, Gamabunta.

"Kushina, get ready. I know you're dying, But please . Lend me a bit of chakra so I can seal the fox!" the Namikaze pleaded.

"Hai! let's do this, 'ttebane!" Kushina replied with vigor, despite her life draining away from her. After all, when she was determined, not even Kami, Yami, and Shinigami combined would stop her.

The blonde Hokage ran through the hand seals to summon Shinigami. Minato pointed at the Kyuubi, and the Grim Reaper knew exactly what to do.

"Shiki fuin!"

A bright light, and a monstrous howl were all that was seen and heard.

The Kyuubi was sealed, And Naruto's parents were dying. All was quiet. Peace had returned.

For about 5 seconds.

Out of the shadows, a man appeared. He wore red armor similar to the samurai, bore a red crescent with a white fan under it on his shoulder, and carried a large white war fan. He also had blood red eyes with three tomoe in it.

"Uchiha Madara." Minato whispered. But Minato just saw Madara. How could this be? Madara saw the question in the Yondaime's eyes.

"The other was a fake, Senju." Madara answered. Oh. Wait- Minato was an orphan. He's not a Senju. could he simply have Senju blood running through him, but not be purely Senju? Yes, that must be it.

"Kushina. You've grown. You look so much like your mother." The ancient Uchiha warrior replied.

"How do you know who my mother is, 'ttebane?!" Kushina spat angrily.

"Simple, really. I'm your father." the raven-haired man replied.

Everyone's eyes (except Madara's) widened at that. Madara quickly scooped up the newborn child, going into Naruto's mindscape, and sending the Kyuubi away to a void between dimensions. Not that The child's parents knew that the Kyuubi was now gone. This was possible because after a biju is sealed, then you can remove it within 30 minutes and have the container still live. After the 30 minutes is up, you would kill the host. Then, he made a blood clone of Naruto and two corpse clones of Minato and Kushina, as they had just died. He brought the baby and the real corpses with him.

"Konoha doesn't deserve to have these two." Madara spoke with a slight anger in his voice.

In this moment, everything had changed.

8 years later

"Grandfather, you still haven't told me why we are going to the old abandoned Uchiha clan compound. What could be there that we would need?" an eight year old Naruto asked, calmly, but curiously. Over the years, Naruto had become calm, mature, and skilled. His speed was about half the Yondaime Raikage's speed when using the raiton no yoroi, when Naruto wasn't using chakra. He had mastered hundreds of fire, wind, and lightning jutsu from C to S-class, as those were his affinities. He also had an affinity for wood, but not it's sources, water or earth, even though he can use many water and earth jutsu. Also, he had another minor Uchiha bloodline, the affinity of blaze, its sources fire and lightning. Blaze release could only be used if you had a mangekyo sharingan or eternal mangekyo sharingan, and were an Uchiha by birth. Enton, or blaze release, basically allowed you to summon and control the mangekyo jutsu Amaterasu, at will, though it is much easier with the eternal mangekyo. On another note, Naruto could also decide what he wanted Amaterasu to burn and not burn. On top of that, he got the mangekyo only a year ago.


Naruto had made a friend. He didn't believe with friendship with a lot of people, but to be a friend with one, maybe two or three people, but not more than that. He had made a friend around 23, the name of which was Kuro. The man had dark brown, ruffled shoulder length hair, a tall stature, with a straw hat, and samurai robes, complete with a tanto. Kuro, to Naruto, had possibly one of the friendliest personalities. Until two weeks later. He heard rumors of a rapist gang going around one of the villages of Ta no Kuni, so he investigated. What he saw ignited hatred in his heart.

His best friend, Kuro, was the ringleader behind this gang.

In their camp, he saw a cage filled with women, ages ranging from about 14 to 20, eyes filled with fear, in either ripped clothes, their underwear, or just naked. The men were laughing and drinking. He activated his three-tomoe sharingan, not even bothering to cover it up with a genjutsu. Black lightning encased his hands. Justice would be brought upon the wicked. He dashed into the camp, slamming his hand through one of the grunts' face, the lightning making it possible.

"Raikiri!" Naruto yelled. He hacked and slashed his way through every last member of the gang, saving Kuro for last. He stopped the lightning to one hand, so he could pin his once-best friend down, holding his left hand (black lightning encased) above his face.

"Why?! Why would you do this?!" The 7 year old killer roared, in an anger that could make Shukaku proud.

"Please, spare me! Weren't we friends?! Doesn't that mean anything to you?!" Kuro pleaded quite pitifully.

Naruto's eyes hardened. "People like you don't deserve to be spared." With that, the blond Uchiha shoved his lightning enveloped hand through Kuro's heart, thus ending his life. Naruto fell down and wept. Why did this have to happen? He then felt a harsh pain in his eyes. he opened them after the pain was gone, searching for a piece of metal. When he looked into his eyes, he was shocked.

His eyes were now 3 hollow tomoe, with tails flowing behind them, connecting them all together. The design was black, with the background red. (Madara's normal mangekyo, not eternal) He felt a dark power within those eyes of his. He knew he would have to show his grandfather them.

End flashback

"I want to see something that should still be there. It should be still locked up," the ancient man replied. Naruto, satisfied with the answer, kept up the trek. Within an hour, they reached the abandoned village.

The place actually looked eerily like the Uchiha clan compound in Konoha, from what Itachi told them. The Uchiha clan massacre had happened two years ago, but Itachi was framed. It was really the Uchiha with the orange spiral mask. Apparently, he had the mangekyo sharingan as well, Since Itachi was asked by Shisui to kill him. Danzo had taken Shisui's right eye, so Itachi was asked by Shisui to finish the job so Itachi could gain the mangekyo as well, then that means it could only be one other person. But that was impossible, wasn't it? Unless he got an extra set of eyes... yes... that could be plausible. But if he survived, then... was Madara framed as well?

The two walked into a secret basement under the 7th tatami mat in the clan head's house. (another similarity, something hidden under the 7th tatami mat, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong) The passage was lit with torches. Even after all these years, the torches were burning. How? Nobody knew. When they reached the end of the passageway, there was a tall, locked door that read: "Only the blood of the eternal may enter."

'Hmm... Eternal, eh... there is no true immortal, besides the gods, so they must mean something else... eternal... eternal mangekyo!' Naruto realized, and activated his own mangekyo sharingan (he doesn't have EMS yet, so I didn't make a mistake) and with a loud creak, the door swung open, torches lit inside. at the center of the altar, there was a blade that Naruto (and Madara) thought to be a myth. The blade that could cleave mountains in two with one swing. The sword thought to equal the Kyuubi in pure strength. This was Masamune, the blade of Uchiha Sephiroth.

"Naruto..." Madara spoke after a moment of awed silence.


"That is your new weapon. I will train you with it the day after we get back home."

Naruto grinned.

4 years later

Naruto Had grown unbelievably strong for a 12 year old. He was nearing SS-class level in terms of skill, and was unparalleled in terms of raw chakra, rivaling Hachibi's chakra levels. He had an ace up his sleeve with each of his elements: wind being Fuuton: gotatsumaki (grand tornado), his fire being control over Amaterasu, and his lightning being Kirin(Sasuke doesn't deserve a jutsu of that caliber). The reason why his black lightning wasn't the most powerful was because no matter how powerful it is, it's still just chakra based lightning, and is nowhere near the power of Kirin, which is real, natural, purely elemental lightning. If he tried to add black lightning to real lightning, he would just power it down, because the pure, untouched element would be tainted. (don't flame me on this, people, because this is how I perceived it to be and this is how I'm sticking with it.) He also could create a pocket dimension in his mind (Like the one Tobi has) and can use the jikukan ninjutsu Kamui (Also Tobi's).But, after a bit of messing with it and his father's Hiraishin (translation: a bit= 3 years) he was able to combine them, giving The jutsu the speed of the hiraishin, but the ability to go anywhere, like the Kamui self-teleportation. The slightly black-streaked blonde had dubbed it the'void hiraishin' as the flash was jet black, unlike his father's bright gold flash. The sharingan apprentice had truly created the ultimate jikukan ninjutsu. Naruto also became a master with his nodaichi Masamune, but he saved that for the ace up his sleeve, as only Madara and himself knew about it, so he became very proficient in his father's fighting style, the hummingbird style. He also mastered his mokuton jutsu.

He was dressed as a cross between his father (Namikaze Minato) and his grandfather (Uchiha Madara). He wore a haori, but unlike his father's, which was white with red flames on the hem, his was black with white lightning on the hem. He wore a long-sleeved crimson undershirt, which was actually made of the same material as his grandfather's armor, but was as lightweight and comfortable as a regular shirt. He wore navy blue loose pants, for easy movement, and black ninja sandals. He also kept a seal on his wrist, sealing Masamune. Now, as Masamune had chosen the whiskered blonde (being a semi-sentient blade), Naruto gained not one, but two jet-black wings, making Naruto the second heartless angel.

"Naruto!" Madara choked out.

Naruto's eyes widened. What was happening? He ran to his grandfather's side, who was getting clammier by the minute.

"Naruto, I'm dying. My time has come."

"What?! But I thought that the eternal mangekyo granted you immortality!" Naruto spoke frantically.

"No, it only gave me a much longer lifespan. These are your parents' and my last wishes. Travel to Konoha. Become a shinobi. Make your parents and me. But you'll have to find your chuschi bunshin and dispel it. Make yourself known and feared. Restore honor to the Uchiha clan. Most of all, though... kill the traitor of your clan, the one in the orange mask... I'm guessing you already know the name..."

"I will do as you wish, grandfather."

"And one more thing... take my eyes."

"...Very well." Naruto felt choked. His grandfather was his family. the one who raised him, taught him everything. However, the boy would do as his grandfather wished.

Naruto transplanted Madara's eyes to himself, giving Naruto the EMS, which was exactly like his grandfather's. He felt proud that he wielded his mother's father's eyes, as his grandfather was now a part of him. He quickly buried the ancient sharingan warrior, and held a funeral for him. Soon after, he used void hiraishin to warp over to the forest, near Konohagakure.

As his sharingan warped into the eternal mangekyo...

"Now, the world shall feel the power of the grandson of Madara."

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