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Ch. 3: Revelations and waves

"Naruto. I want to know why you changed. You're different now, and I want to know why," Sayuri demanded of the blonde.

"Hmm... I suppose you could say the Naruto you knew was me, but at the same time, it was not me."

"Stop speaking in riddles!"

"Fine, ruin my only source of entertainment. The Naruto you knew was a blood clone. I dispelled it the night after everyone graduated, gaining every single one of its memories."

"So, where were you all this time?"

"With my grandfather."

"Who was your grandfather?"

"Uchiha Madara." Naruto spoke as he activated his eternal mangekyo sharingan.

Sayuri gasped. She had thought Madara to be dead. Also, he had Madara's eyes. This defied everything everyone else thought possible! How could this be?

"H-how? Madara's dead!"

"He is, but he only died a week ago. Until then, I was training under him."

"Well, what did he teach you?"

"Let me start at the beginning..."

30 minutes later

"So...The Uchiha clan were planning to betray Konoha? Itachi is still loyal? Madara wasn't evil and power hungry? You have Madara's jutsu and an arsenal of your own, and when he gave you his eyes, he implanted all of his memories into them? You have near-godlike power, have a sword that could rival the Kyuubi in raw power, wings, mokuton, and near infinite chakra?"

"That's not all I have."

"What else do you have?"

"Stunning good looks." Naruto said, using his AI. AI stood for attraction intent, which is basically a modified version of KI. Instead of making the other people within the area of effect feel fear, it makes them lust for the user, helplessly wanting that person. However, it only works on the gender the user is attracted to, so since Naruto is straight, it works on women. Though, it can be ignored, if ones will is stronger than the user's will. On that note, only Kami herself could have a chance of resisting Naruto. She would still fail, but at least she could try. All other women, well, they're boned.

Sayuri had a massive blush on her face. It took all of her willpower not to walk toward him and reach out to touch him, which she couldn't help but do anyway.

"Well then; I didn't know you were that forward. Did you bring me here just to get into my pants?" Naruto said, smirking as he cut off his AI.

Sayuri's jaw dropped. He did this! Sayuri didn't know how, but she knew that he had a part in this.

"You're going to catch flies like that." Naruto said, the smirk still on his raven-haired girl closed her mouth, blushing with embarrassment this time.

"However, that is all correct. Though, You cannot tell anyone about this. It is an S-class secret, and besides us, the only person who knows about is Hokage-sama,."

"Okay, I'm fine with that."

"Is that all you wanted to Know?" Naruto questioned.


"Very well. In that case, I bid you good night." Naruto vanished without a trace after that sentence was spoken, leaving Sayuri to her thoughts.

One month Later

Team 7 had to keep themselves busy over the month in the daytime with annoying, D-rank missions (which only Sakura, the 'smart one' didn't notice that they were just chores) and (most of) team seven were getting quite annoyed at having to do that which the civilians could and should do on their own. However, what nobody (except maybe Sarutobi, with that crystal ball of his) knew, was that Naruto and Sayuri were meeting at the Uchiha compound every night, so Naruto could train Sayuri in tai, nin, and genjutsu, though, without her sharingan, genjutsu was a bit harder, so they didn't delve into that subject too much. Now, though, Naruto had a feeling that she was ready to learn kenjutsu.

"Alright, Sayuri, I've decided that you are ready to learn kenjutsu. First, we must find you a sword, and get you comfortable with it."

They entered the Uchiha armory, finding it completely stocked with weapons. Swords, kunai, shuriken, spiked knuckles, nunchaku, staffs, explosive tags, and every other weapon you could think of, stocked in this one room. Sayuri was walking around, eyeing each weapon closely, testing out a few occasionally. She finally settled on a silver chokuto, bearing a sky-blue handle and sheath, with no crossguard on the blade.

"Naruto, I think I found what I want to use." Sayuri showed him the blade, with the sheath.

"Alright then. Let me see." Naruto took the blade, swinging it a few times, before tossing away the sheath.

"Hey! What was that for?! You just threw away the sheath!"

"So you noticed. You won't be needing it."

"Why not?"

"See this seal?" Naruto questioned, revealing the seal on his forearm.

"Yeah, what's it... oh." Sayuri spoke.

"Bingo! You'll have one of these as well. That way, few people will suspect it."

"So, what am I going to train in tonight?"

"Well, tonight we'll have a light spar, to get you comfortable with the blade, and increase your reflexes a bit, while actually gauging how you battle so I can give you a style that suits you."

The spar consisted of Sayuri getting knocked down, repeatedly. After a while, Naruto could judge her style, and gave her a scroll of the 'thief's style' which suited her best, as it was based on defense-and-counterattacking and speed, as she showed in the spar, before bidding her farewell and warping back to the Namikaze mansion.

The next day

"Hokage-sama, I do believe my team has completed enough missions to perform a C-rank now, if I'm not mistaken," spoke the voice of one Hatake Kakashi, jonin of Konoha. Yes, even he got tired of D-ranks, even if he's only watching his students perform them.

"Alright, I'll give you a C-rank mission. Let me see... yes, this'll do... you will be escorting a man to wave country," The aged man complied. "Tazuna, come in!"

A few seconds later, a slightly-over middle-aged man with a bottle of sake in his hand walked in.

"These runts are supposed to protect me? We've got a-" Tazuna was pinned against the wall, with a kunai at his throat.

"I suggest you keep your mouth shut. Appearances can be deceiving."came the icy voice of the second holder of the eternal mangekyo, as he released the man held at knife-point.

Tazuna stepped back, gulping in fear. "O-okay, I guess you g-guys are good. C-c-carry on."

"Alright, my young students! All of you go home, and pack your bags full of the necessary survival items that you need, and meet at the gate in two hours."

30 minutes later, Tazuna and team 7 were at the gates of Konoha, Kakashi checking over what his students packed for the mission.

"Alright, I'd like to know what is in your packs, so I know that you're prepared for the mission, and, uh... Naruto, where's your bag?"

Naruto reached into his haori, pulling out a sealing scroll, then setting it back inside.

Kakashi eye-smiled. "Okay. Well then, Sasuke, you first."

Sayuri checked her pack, listing off the items as she went. "I have 100 shuriken, 75 kunai, 50 caltrops, some jutsu scrolls, some calorie bars for energy, my tent, my sleeping bag, and my pillow."

"Good. Sakura, you're up next."

"Okay! I have my make-up kit, some spare changes of clothes, some dresses, the latest issue of Konoha fashion magazine, some hairspray, my hairbrush, and my new high heels."

Naruto grabbed her pack and punted it into the air, using the Uzumaki sealing method via his foot to form a combustion seal on the bottom. At the top of the bag's aerial arc, he detonated the seal via a minuscule pulse of chakra, resulting in a deafening explosion.

"Nice one, Naruto," Kakashi complimented.

"Thank you," Naruto bowed in response.

"WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO MY STUFF?!" a certain banshee screeched.

Sasuke was the one to answer. "Simple. Do you think this is a vacation?! We're ninja on a mission. We're not going to some tropical island! Get your act together or resign as a ninja." Tears started to form in the pinkette's eyes upon hearing Sayuri's harsh berating.

Kakashi tried to calm her. "Sakura, don't worry. I have a spare bag for you filled with the basic ninja essentials." He tossed her a backpack that she seemed to struggle under the weight of, despite it weighing only 15 pounds. Please. Naruto had about 6,000 pounds binding him down, thanks to his gravity seals. while it was a challenge to run, as the max he could do with the weights on was high chunin speed, it was even tougher for him to fly. On occasion, he deactivated the seals for a short time, just so he could fly and run without all the excess pressure on his body.

"Naruto, what do you have?" Kakashi asked.

"I have 1000 kunai, 1000 shuriken, some ryo, some jutsu and kata scrolls, and my nodaichi, Masamune," Naruto answered.

"Um, don't you need a tent or something to sleep in?"

"I have insomnia."

"... Oh," was Kakashi's ever-so-intelligent reply. "Well then, let's move out!"

About 20 minutes later, the team passed by two puddles that looked quite suspicious, considering that it hasn't rained in Konoha for over 2 months. The young warrior-on-his-way-to-godhood discreetly glanced at his sensei, who nodded in return, inwardly beaming with pride for his student, though was slightly disappointed, considering that his other students hadn't noticed the chakra in the puddles. As the team passed the twin water-spots, two ninja with oxygen masks, one claw on each of their hands with a chain connecting them, and the Kirigakure symbol on both of their hitai-ate's. They dashed at Kakashi, who seemingly didn't suspect them (keyword being seemingly), but were intercepted when Naruto gracefully slid under their chain, using s low circular spinning kick, enforced with wind chakra, in which was used to trip them both from a distance, seeing as the blonde's leg wasn't long enough to reach them both, before grabbing the chain and pulling it upwards, forcing them to slam into each other, while following up by splitting the chain, throwing them both against two separate trees, which put the two Kiri nin in a daze, before tying them both up with their own chain, to different trees, making sure that they were facing each other. The interrogation may now begin.

"Now then... who do you work for?" Naruto questioned them. The demon brothers struggled against their bindings.

"We won't tell you anything!"

"Oh really now... I doubt that," Naruto said icily as he went up to the brother on the left. "Why don't I make an example out of you then..."

"No... No! NO!" Meizu screamed as Naruto plunged his bare hand into Meizu's chest, ripping the man's heart out, before crushing it in his hand.

"Meizu!" Gozu screamed as his heart exploded in the Uchiha's grip.

"Now... I gave him the easy version. You will answer my questions truthfully if you don't want a much more torturous version of that. And don't even try to lie to me. I will know when you do. Now first question: who do you work for?"

"G-Gato," Gozu spoke with fear in his voice.

Naruto nodded. "Question two: who was your target?"

"The old man."

"Good... you are free to go..." Naruto created a small wind blade with his first two fingers, seeing the man's relief. "To hell," Naruto said calmly, slitting the man's throat with pure wind.

The blue eyed Uchiha walked back to the team, covered in blood. "Well, no matter what these two say, I'll help you, Tazuna-san."

"Thank you, kind ninja!" the bridge builder cried out in glee.

"Wait, what's going on?" Kakashi questioned.

Naruto closed his eyes. "I'll give you the short version. Gato's a villain. Wave is extremely poor because of him. He took over Nami no Kuni via the shipping trade, and anyone who resisted, he hired various people, from common thugs to ninja, to kill whoever's rebelling and/or their family. Tazuna is one of those people. He is a bridge builder. If he completes the bridge, they won't need shipping trade, so they can use the bridge to prosper, and not have to live under Gato's rule anymore. Therefore, we must protect Tazuna." The old man nodded furiously, confirming the lecture.

Kakashi sighed. "Very well, we'll help you."

In truth, this was part of Naruto's separate mission. He was told by Sarutobi to help with the Kiri civil war, in any way possible. Little did he know, that Naruto planned the war by himself. He planned to kill Yagura.

As they were walking along, Naruto noticed a chakra in the bushes. He formed a small wind bullet and fired it at the bush, scaring everyone around him. When the peered over the bush, they found the corpse of a small white rabbit, with a hole in it.

"NARUTO, YOU KILLED IT! HOW COULD YOU?!" Sakura tried to hit Naruto over the head, but he grabbed her arm and swiftly flipped her over his shoulder, onto the ground. Yes, he knew the rabbit was for a kawarimi, but didn't mention anything.

"GET DOWN!" Kakashi yelled out of the blue, taking Tazuna with him. Sayuri dove to the ground, and Sakura was still on the ground. Naruto simply turned around, facing the spinning blade of death, before closing his eyes and resigning to his fate. The zanbato collided with his neck, slitting his jugular vein, but not severing his head. He was finally free to face death. He could see his parents, his grandfather, everyone. The blackness overcame him, and he accepted the cold embrace of death.

Cliffhanger! Naruto's dead! How will the team go on without him? Did Naruto plan for this to happen? What about the Kiri civil war? Find out all this and more, next time!

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Core 001 is not the first arc reactor core. Core 000 is. When Ichika is kidnapped, he finds this core and takes up the mantle of a legend, while all others believe him to be dead, fallen. However, in the shadows, he trains, fights, and bonds with his core. When the world is being threatened by darkness, the holy warrior shall rise. He is the White knight;the fallen guardian.

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