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Lunch and dinner never happened. The Normandy received an emergency mission to the Silean Nebula. Shepard found herself grateful for mercenaries for the first time ever. By the time that they handled the situation and got back to Arcturus, her mother would be gone. Awkwardness averted.

The mercs were trying to take over the fuel depot on Cyone. The only thing that fuckers succeeded in doing was blowing up several fuel tanks outside the depot and sending Shepard flying into the Kodiak. Cortez wasn't sure who took more damage; the shuttle or the Commander. He appeared more concerned about the shuttle.

"Hey Cortez, one more damn word about the damage to the Kodiak and I'm going to…do something drastic." Shepard collapsed on her back on the shuttle floor.

"I'm terrified." Cortez laughed. "You've got an incoming hail from Admiral Hackett."

"Tell him that I'm very busy on the floor." She muttered.

"Tell him yourself, Commander." Cortez patched the Admiral through to the vid in the back of the shuttle.

"Commander? Shepard? Where the hell are you?"

Shepard sent an annoyed look at Cortez before pulling herself up off the floor to head over to the comm to answer Hackett. "Hi."

"Is there a particular reason that you were on the floor?" Hackett frowned at her.

"It was comfortable." She shrugged and then winced.



"What happened to your armor?" Hackett's frown deepened

"It got in an argument with the roof of the shuttle." Shepard ignored the mocking sounds coming from Cortez and Vega. Bastards.

Hackett rubbed his forehead for a moment." Head back to Arcturus. I want to talk to you. Hackett out."

Shepard stared at the comm with a confused frown. "That was…abrupt."

A few hours later, Shepard strolled into Hackett's office in a tank-top, boots and cargo pants. She'd tried for her uniform, but it rubbed against her lovely new bruises. He was at his desk working when she stepped inside.

"The roof of the Kodiak?" He glanced at the bruises on her arms.

"You should see the shuttle." Shepard stood awkwardly in front of his desk. "You wanted to talk?"

"About the wedding."

"Oh…oh." She relaxed instantly. "What about it?"

"What did you think I wanted to talk about?" He asked.

"Nothing." Shepard grinned at him. "I vote for eloping."


"I'm allergic to ceremonies…and…"Shepard stuttered to a stop.

"I don't give a damn about ceremonies." Hackett moved out from behind his desk. "The chapel is open for another three hours."

"Is it? Don't we need…witnesses? Rings? A marriage license?" Shepard watched him place a small box in his pocket.

He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and guided her out of the office. "Everything's taken care of."

"Ok." Shepard raised an eyebrow at him.

He led her across the station down a few floors to the quiet chapel not far from the officers' quarters. She'd been there a few times over the last few months. It was a beautiful little space. She expected it to be empty, but found it full of her friends and squadmates. Her mother was standing beside the chaplain.

Later, when she was lying in bed looking at the two rings on her finger with her husband asleep beside her, Shepard chuckled to herself. She'd gotten married in a tank-top and cargo pants, completely covered in dirt and bruises. Her mother had been horrified when she refused to change. That had just made it even more attractive.

Hackett might not skip ever, but….she definitely had her Happily Ever After.