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"You asshole"

Hurricane looked up, mildly surprised at Victoria who glared at him with a look like thunder, her hands balled into fists at her hips.

"What're you talking about?" he asked, not really sure he wanted to know the answer

"I mean Molly" she growled "I mean you treating her like dirt, give me one good reason why I shouldn't kick your ass here and now"

"Woah woah woah"

Shannon got up and stood in between them, not allowing Hurricane to get up from the locker room bench. He looked from one to the other slowly before speaking

"Lets talk about this before any asses get kicked" he said calmly "Vic, what are you talking about?"

"Molly, who else? She's been miserable for days but I can't convince her to take any days off, she keeps on wanting to work, said something about it clearing her head, but she's hurting inside"

"But that's it guys, I've fixed it" Hurricane got to his feet, a beaming grin on his face "I've got Nidia off our backs"

"How?" asked Shannon, momentarily distracted

"Somehow, don't ask how, I've managed to make her forget any of the events of the past few weeks happened, as far as she's concerned we aren't her enemies"

Hurricane looked at his friends, still grinning. Victoria didn't lose her scowl, her anger still very much evident.

"You've wiped her memory? And we're supposed to believe you? Oh please" she snorted "it's just some pathetic excuse to spend nights with that slut Nidia, do you even know how much you're hurting Molly? Not even attempting to apoligise? She thinks you're avoiding her"

"Avoiding her? No, I thought she needed some space because of all she'd been through" replied Hurricane confused "besides, I've been leaving enough messages for her to phone me back"

"She doesn't need space, she wants you, but why I don't know, she saw you Hurricane, she saw you go into Nidia's hotel room when you told her you had something important to do" said Victoria, her voice getting louder

"She saw me?" said Hurricane quietly

His head span, how could she have seen him? He'd used the outside window, unless she was outside which she must have been to see him. That explained why she wasn't in his room when he'd gone back there, it explained why she hadn't spoke to him or even acknowledged him. She was hurt, she was more than hurt. She was devastated.

He sat motionless, his heart thudding in his chest rapidly. He felt empty suddenly, if the girl he'd done all this for didn't want to know him then what was it worth? He frowned, a lump in his throat that threatened to explode. Shannon saw his expression and turned to Victoria

"I think he got the message Vic, we'll sort this out OK?" he asked quietly

"You'd better, I don't like seeing my best friend hurt, especially by some low life loser who has nothing better to do than screw her around" Victoria spat before exiting with a slam of the door

Shannon sat down next to his friend and took a deep breath

"Want to tell me what's going on superhero?" he asked

"I've lost her" Hurricane said simply, his voice cracking a little "I've lost the woman I love all because I wanted to make her life better somehow"

"So make it better now, tell her how you feel"

"How? She saw me creep into my crazy ex-girlfriend's hotel room, that's one heck of a blow to recover from"

"You know her, you know what you have to do"

Hurricane lifted his head and looked at Shannon. Shannon smiled tentatively at him, a reassuring hand on Hurricane's shoulder. Hurricane smiled back shakily

"I guess I do"


"Mol, it's Hurricane again, please pick up the phone, I really want to talk to you and the things I want to say can't be said over the phone so please please call me back OK? Bye"

With a quivering hand, Molly deleted the message. He must have sent her at least a dozen today and each one she'd erased, she didn't want to hear his pitiful excuses, no matter how much she wanted to believe them. She knew what she'd seen and that was enough. It was enough to know that she'd been played for a fool. Now, she didn't want to see him again, it didn't matter that her heart was screaming for to reply to his messages, she wouldn't because she didn't want to be hurt anymore. There was a sharp knock at the door. Molly quickly wiped the tears that had frozen to her cheeks away and opened the door with a half hearted smile. Shannon beamed back at her, trying not to be shocked by her deathly pale appearance and downhearted aura.

"Up for a night out Molly?" he asked cheerily

"I don't think so Shannon"

"Oh c'mon, it'll be fun, Vic and I'll take you to this great restaurant and then to a couple of clubs, just to help you chill out and relax, OK? And it'll all be on us, I'm not taking no as an answer" Shannon said mock- fiercely, pointing at her

Molly laughed a little, holding her hands up in defence

"How can I refuse a free night out with my two best friends? Where we gonna meet?"

"Room 277 at about 8, see you then"

As soon as Molly closed the door, Shannon whipped out his cell-phone and speed dialled a number

"All in place superhero, all in place"


"You did what?!" yelled Victoria in complete disbelief

Shannon held a finger to his lips and hurriedly locked the locker room door to stop anyone hearing what was going on.

"I've invited Molly out for a free night in the city but she's gonna be spending time with Hurricane instead, only she doesn't know that" Shannon explained in a whisper

"I can't believe you'd do something so stupid, he cheated on her with his ex and now you want to get them back together? I don't believe you" Victoria crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at him

"But he didn't, he was just trying to get rid of her and have you noticed that Nidia hasn't been anywhere near us for the past week? I think he really has solved it"

"Solved it? Whatever, he's just held her off for a few days" snorted Victoria

"He really has solved it Vic and have you seen Molly recently? She looks like death"

"Maybe because the guy she was in love with jumped into bed with Nidia" replied Victoria, her voice getting louder again

Shannon quickly slapped his hand over her mouth, muffling her words from being heard

"You want everyone in whole arena to hear about that?" he hissed, then he broke into a smile "and stop kissing my hand!"

"Me? Why would I do something like that?" asked Victoria mock-innocently, once Shannon's hand had been removed

"So are you up for it?"

"Maybe, are we gonna have a night on the town anyway?"

"Sure will"

"Then I've got some things to deal with, see you tonight"


The corridors were stuffy and warm, making her feel uncomfortable. Molly sighed, brushing her hair off her forehead. She really wasn't sure if she wanted to go out now but she had said she would and it was being paid for her. She tugged at her dress a little, feeling vaguely uncomfortable, Vic had convinced her to buy it a while ago telling her that she had to have something sexy in her wardrobe. It was black and wrap around, clinging to her figure but not skin-tight. It did look good on her but right now, she felt like a sausage in it's skin. She reached room 277 and knocked lightly. The door swung open to reveal Shannon in black pants, a bright blue T-shirt and a black jacket.

"Hey Mol, you look great" he enthused before dropping to a more serious tone "there's someone here to see you"

Shannon swung aside and Hurricane stepped out of the darkness of the room. Molly's breath caught in her throat, he wasn't wearing his superhero costume, he was in civilian clothes; dark green pants, a lime green shirt and a dark green jacket. It made her smile slightly, he was still wearing his colours though. Shannon stepped out of the room, followed by Victoria who looked stunning in a strapless bright gold dress with a diagonal hemline.

"Have a good time Molly" she said quietly

Molly smiled, tears threatening to spill, she wanted to run but her feet were rooted to the ground. She looked at Shannon and Victoria, noticing for the first time that they were holding hands.

"Something you want to tell me Vic?" she asked, her voice throaty and husky

"Maybe in the morning" replied Victoria arching an eyebrow "right now, we both have things to attend to"

With a final wave, she and Shannon disappeared down the corridor, leaving Molly and Hurricane with an awkward silence.

"Come in" said Hurricane finally

Molly took a deep breath and stepped inside the room. She gasped when she saw what was inside. On every available surface there were lit candles, filling the room with flickering light. It reminded her of that fateful night that Nowinski had wanted to sleep with her, his room was full of lit candles too and she remembered thinking that if she had been with someone she loved, it would have been romantic. Well now it was.

"Want to sit down?" asked Hurricane softly

Molly nodded and sat down on one of the wooden chairs, crossing her legs before looking at him expectantly. He took a deep breath and sat down opposite her, ready to tell her all. She was almost startled by seeing his eyes without the eye-mask around them, they were intense and emotional, she could get lost in them if she wasn't careful. He handed her a small cloth bag, it was familiar, she opened it and saw the glimmering dust inside. Memory dust. She looked at him confused

"I used it on Nidia, she can't remember anything that's happened over the past few weeks" said Hurricane earnestly "that's what I was doing that night, nothing else I swear"

"Why didn't you tell me that night instead of keeping it a secret?" asked Molly stiffly

"I wanted to do this by myself, I felt like it was all my fault in the first place so I should have finished it personally" explained Hurricane "dumb I know but it felt right at the time"

"We should have finished it together" said Molly emotion shaking her voice "after all we'd been through together because of her, it should have been joint"

"I know" Hurricane impulsively took her hand in his, she didn't object "I wanted to do it for you, you were walking around like you were sleep walking, you needed to be cured, I felt so distant from you so I had to do something"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because it sounds stupid"

"No it doesn't and it isn't" she gently cupped his chin "look I love you Hurricane and I would have done anything for you, but you tore the trust I had in you to shreds, it hurt so deeply to see you go into that room, you have no idea"

"No I don't I know" he took a deep breath and plunged ahead "I want to be with you Molly because I love you too"

Molly felt dizzy for a second, he had never said that straight out to her before and it made her feel shivery. She knew then that she had forgiven him already and nothing more needed to be said. She stared into his penetrating eyes and brought his lips to her own, kissing him long and sweet. He responded, wrapping her up in his arms, all the hurt and pain melting away, at that moment there was only love. She pulled away and looked at him starry eyed. He could feel a lump in his throat, she had never looked so beautiful. He flicked the stereo on and pulled her to her feet.

"Care to dance?"

"Why not?"

Smiling a secret smile at each other, they clasped hands and began slowly moving to the music. Molly closed her eyes, leaning against his chest, her heartbeat speeding furiously. Hurricane rested his chin on top of her head and then had an idea. With a sly smile, he began flying upwards so that their feet left the ground. Molly's eyes snapped open and she looked down at the floor in surprise before laughing and holding him closer. She felt part of a partnership, not a silly sidekick who made mistakes, she knew she'd come through the other side. It made her realise a couple of things. What they had was special and what they had could last forever.

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