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(Pre-established Whoufflé)

Clara rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she woke up from a peaceful slumber. Turning over, she noticed the other half of her bed was empty, not to her surprise, though. The Doctor was usually up long before she was, fiddling around with the TARDIS and planning new adventures for the two.

Clara pushed herself out of bed and made her way down the long corridor, as she did every day on her way to the kitchen. She passed the usual doorways; Library, Art Gallery, Tennis Court, Nursery- wait, what was that last one? Clara did a double take as she turned to the door that had a metal plate titled 'Nursery'. That's odd, Clara thought, since when does the TARDIS raise plants? Perhaps the Doctor had made this addition in an attempt to make her feel more at home. While she loved traveling with him, she did miss the greenery of Earth.

However, when Clara entered the room, she quickly realized the room was not what she had originally expected. Instead of heat lamps and plants, she found herself in a child's nursery. Well, more so of an infant's. The walls were a light, happy shade of yellow. There was a soft, plushy carpet and a beautiful white oak crib. There were shelves filled with plush toys of both Earth species and alien races. It would be a beautiful room to raise a child in. But who's going to use this? Clara asked herself. It seemed odd that this would appear suddenly.

"She always knows when we're expecting a visitor," The Doctor commented, appearing in the doorway behind Clara, "and makes the necessary arrangements".

Suddenly, it clicked in Clara's mind.

"You mean this- it's for-we're…?"

"Yep" The Doctor answered her unasked question, "Congrats, mom. I rather enjoy this color, don't you? Neutral, so it will work for either out little Time Lord or our little Time Lady"

Clara could not stop herself from throwing herself into the Doctor's arms and grinning widely. "Doctor, we're pregnant".