YES, I know I shouldn't be starting a new story… but I just can't help myself! This rated M because it is a student/teacher relationship and there will be smut in the future. Don't like, don't read, simple as that! This was written for the Forbidden Relationship Competition! JKR owns everything, I'm just playing along! A huge shoutout to RussianDestruction for betaing this. You're wonderful! xx

Chapter 1

Hermione quickly hugged both her parents goodbye. "I'll miss you both so much!"

Jean Granger smiled at her daughter. "Oh honey, you know we'll miss you too! And be sure to write to us."

She nodded. "Of course I will. Promise."

"Love you, princess," her father said, pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

The train whistled. "I'll see you both soon!" Hermione ran off towards the train. Climbing aboard, she immediately started looking for Harry and Ron.

Hermione had spent the past summer in Greece with her parents. They had been surprised when she suggested the impromptu vacation, but agreed readily with her. Together the Granger family had visited various museums, historical sights, and shopping centers across the Grecian mainland. It was wonderful there, and Hermione had been a bit sad to leave.

But the truth was, she had just needed to get away from England. She wanted to get away from the Wizarding World. At the end of their last school session, He Who Must Not Be Named came back from the dead. Hermione didn't really understand the logistics of the whole thing, but knew it was going to cause problems. She just had a feeling that this would be the last summer before things really started to change, and she wanted to enjoy it with her family while she could.

So when Hermione received an owl from Professor Dumbledore asking her to come stay with the Order, which he still hadn't really defined, she politely declined. He insisted it was for her safety, but she really just wanted to spend time with her parents. The Headmaster was a bit miffed, but Hermione was sure he would get over it.

She hadn't spoken with Harry and Ron at all. She didn't think it'd be easy to write them when she was all the way in Greece, so she just decided they'd speak when she got back. She hoped they weren't too upset with her.

Hermione had been ecstatic when she received a letter telling her that she had been made a prefect. She couldn't remember the last time she had been so excited. Her parents didn't really understand, but they were proud of her for trying so hard in school. They knew she got the best grades, and were very supportive of her. She loved them both dearly.

Hermione knew she had to make her way to the prefect carriage. Vaguely, she wondered who else had been made prefects. Walking down the hallway, she was glad to hear everyone chatting and laughing. It seemed that people were in high spirits.

Not noticing where she was going, Hermione bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry!" she said, bending down to grab her things. Looking up, she was surprised to see Ron staring at her. "Ron?" she asked, a smile breaking out onto her face. "Oh Ron!" she cried, flinging her arms around her best friend. "I've missed you so much!"

Ron chuckled, hugging her back. "I've missed you too! Hermione, where have you been all summer?"

Hermione pulled away. "My parents and I went on holiday to Greece."

Ron nodded in understanding. "I was a bit worried, but Dumbledore insisted you were fine."

"Yeah, he wanted me to come to the headquarters" - she whispered the last part- "but I just wanted to spend some time with my parents. I've been out of the loop, though, so I don't really know what's been going on."

Ron nodded. "Harry's been a bit angsty lately; don't know if it's puberty or what…"

"Ronald!" she hissed, smacking him in the arm. "Don't talk about that."

Ron shrugged. "You'll see when you see him later."

Hermione nodded. "What are you doing down here, anyways?"

"Me?" Ron smirked, puffing up his chest. "I've been made a prefect."

"Really?" Hermione asked, trying to keep the tone of surprise out of her voice.

"Yeah, me, I know, I would have thought it'd be Harry, but eh." Ron shrugged.

"Well, come on, let's go."

The two of them continued down the hall, stopping at the compartment. Pushing it open, she saw the Head Boy and Girl, Roger Davies and Alicia Spinnet. She and Ron took a seat near the door. Casting a glance around the room, she noticed that there were two students from every house. She stopped herself from making a sour face when she saw Pansy Parkinson perched in Malfoy's lap.

"Well, firstly, I'd like to congratulate all of you on your success. Being a prefect is a very important job, and I hope you all take it seriously," Roger said, giving them all smiles.

Hermione smiled back, excitement bubbling up within her. She leaned forward, ready to hear what they had to say.

Ron simply rolled his eyes at her behavior.

"The rules are simple, and most be followed at all times," Alicia said. "Firstly, you're only allowed to take house points away from students in your own house. So you can't take them from other students or the other prefects. If someone is in need of punishment, and you can't take points, then you should give out detentions."

"As a prefect you must follow all the rules. You can't be lenient with your friends or harsher on other houses. It just isn't fair."

Roger nodded. "We'll create a schedule, and you'll have to patrol the halls at night to be sure students are not breaking curfew."

"You should wear your badges all the time. Being caught without yours will lead to house points being taken away."

Ron grumbled something under his breath. Hermione nudged him, telling him to shut his face.

"The prefect bathroom is open for all of you to use, and the password is now "blue jay." The room is located at the fifth floor to the left of the statue of Boris the Bewildered."

"I think that's all, so just patrol the halls for a bit, and keep an eye out for troublemakers."

Hermione exited the carriage and started walking down the hall. Someone pushed her from behind, causing her to trip.

"Out of my way, Mudblood," Malfoy hissed, a smirk on his face. Pansy giggled loudly at this. The two of them continued to walk down the hall.

Ron went to follow them, but Hermione stopped him by grabbing onto his robes. "Just let them go," she said.

Ron looked furious. "But he pushed you, and called you a...a..."

Hermione simply shook her head. "I'd rather just find Harry. So come on."

They continued down the hall, looking for Harry. They finally found him, surprised he wasn't alone. Walking in, Hermione placed her trunk on the overhead, putting Crookshank's cage in her lap.

"I'm starving," Ron said, plopping into the seat. Reaching over, he grabbed one of Harry's chocolate frogs.

Hermione rolled her eyes. All Ron ever cared about was food. "Hi, Harry," Hermione said, giving her friend a smile.

He half smiled back. "How'd the meeting go?"

Hermione made a sour face. "Well, there are two prefects from each House, a boy and a girl."

"And who do you think the Slytherin prefects are?" Ron interjected, wiping the chocolate from his face.

"Malfoy," Harry replied almost immediately.

"'Course," Ron grumbled, eating another frog.

"And that cow, Pansy Parkinson," Hermione added, with a hint of disgust. "I don't know how she got to be a prefect when she's thicker than a concussed troll…"

Harry's eyes widened. He wasn't used to Hermione being so rude about someone else.

"What about Hufflepuff?" he asked, trying to change the subject.

"Ernie Macmillan and Hannah Abbott," Ron said, closing his eyes.

"And it's Anthony Goldstein and Padma Patil for Ravenclaw," Hermione said.

Silence descended over the carriage. Looking over, she saw Neville and Ginny playing some sort of game. And then her eyes moved onto the blonde girl in the corner. Why was Loony Lovegood sitting with them? The girl was absolutely insane, always talking about make believe animals and plants. Hermione thought she ought to get herself checked out.

Suddenly, Ron chuckled.

"What?" Harry asked, giving his friend a glare.

Ron sat back up. "I can't wait to get Crabbe and Goyle for something."

Hermione smacked him once more. "Ronald, you can't abuse your power!"

"Yeah right, because it's not like Malfoy won't abuse it at all either," Ron said sarcastically.

"It doesn't matter what Malfoy does, Ron, it matters what you do! And I won't have you disgrace Gryffindor by abusing your power," Hermione said coolly.

Ron ignored her. "I'll make him do lines." Lowering his voice and scrunching his face up, Ron imitated Goyle. "I must not look like a baboon's backside…"

Everyone laughed loudly except for Hermione. With a humph, she crossed her arms. Why did no one ever take her seriously? She wasn't trying to be a killjoy for fun. She was just following the rules, and rules were there to be followed! Why else would they exist?

Turning to look out the window, Hermione zoned out a bit. She was sick of no one listening to her! She loved Harry and Ron to death sometimes, but sometimes they just annoyed the hell out of her. They could be so stupid.

Suddenly, the compartment door flew open. Turning, Hermione groaned inwardly when she saw Malfoy standing there smirking at them, flanked by Crabbe and Goyle.

"What?" Harry asked aggressively.

"Manners, Potter, or I'll have to give you a detention," Malfoy drawled. "You see, I, unlike you, have been made a prefect, which means that I, unlike you, have the power to hand out punishments."

Hermione rolled her eyes. Seemed like Malfoy was already abusing his powers, that little prick.

"Yeah," Harry answered, "but you, unlike me, are a git, so get out and leave us alone."

Hermione burst out laughing. When on earth did Harry get so sassy? She remembered Ron mentioning Harry was acting differently, but this was just too funny! The others laughed as well.

Malfoy glared. "Tell me, how does it feel to be second best to Weasley, Potter?" Malfoy asked.

"Shut up, Malfoy," Hermione said sharply. He was taking this too far.

"I see I've touched a nerve," Malfoy said with a smirk. "Well, just watch yourself, Potter, because I'll be dogging your footsteps in case you step out of line."

"Get out!" Hermione shouted, standing up.

Malfoy shrugged, giving Harry one last evil glance before turning and walking away. Hermione slammed the door shut behind them. Turning, she saw Harry's face had turned white. Something was wrong. What did Malfoy mean about dogging…? Her eyes widened. Did Malfoy know about Sirius? Glancing at Luna and Neville, Hermione knew she'd have to corner Harry and ask him later.

Sitting down, Hermione turned towards the window. She watched in silence as the rain came down, streaking across the window.