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Hotaru no Hikari


Chapter 1: Sinister Plans

A loud noise echoed through an abandoned area. It was the noise of a helicopter which flew above a huge forest, heading into a lonely territory. On the left side of the helicopter was a crimson red 'R' written. As the forest disappeared behind the horizon, two large, well-hidden buildings appeared in front of the helicopter. Separated by a river, the buildings were connected by two glass passages. They were built between the hills in this abandoned area. Slowly, the helicopter flew above one of the buildings and went lower. It landed on top of one of the units. A sinister and cold atmosphere surrounded the whole area.

Two people came out of the helicopter: a tall man with blonde hair who was wearing sunglasses, and a woman with silver hair and cold silver eyes. Both of them wore Team Rocket uniforms. They were members of the evil Team Rocket.

Those two Rocket agents were already expected by a group of other Team Rocket members. Waiting for them were a scientist and two other Rocket agents. Seemingly the leader of this group, the scientist, who had grey hair with a white streak and a beard, stepped forward. He wore glasses and a white lab coat.
"Good, that you two have come so fast," he said.

"We've got the information about a new mission," the silver-haired woman said calmly. Her voice sounded icy, "My name is Hun and this is my partner Attila," she said, introducing herself and the man next to her. The blonde haired man nodded with a smirk.

"Well...Let's talk about the details of the mission somewhere else," the scientist started, "First of all, follow me, please," mentioning to follow him, he went into the huge building.

All the Rocket members started to follow him. They went into the secret hideout of Team Rocket. The corridors of this building were dark and scary. They seemed like dark holes that leaded into the cold nowhere. All at the end of the corridor appeared a door to an office in front of the group of Rocket members. The group entered this office. Just like the rest of the building, it was cold and dark. The metallic blinds were almost completely closed and let only some single rays of the sun into the room, creating a dimmed atmosphere. "Okay, so, what kind of mission is this?" Attila asked, closing the door behind himself. "Do we have to catch a legendary Pokémon?" His excitement could be heard in his voice. He didn't have much patience.

Smirking evilly, the scientist shook his head slightly. "No. The target isn't a Pokémon."

Suddenly, the door to the office opened again and a man with dark blue hair and olive-green eyes walked in. "Professor Sebastian, you wanted me to come?" the man asked.

The professor looked at the man and nodded. "Yes," he said, turning to Hun and Attila again. "I want to introduce you to Pierce, he will help you with your mission," Professor Sebastian said.

"I will do my best to help you," Pierce added with an icy voice. He was surrounded by an icy expression. His aura was cold and dangerous

"Now about the details," the professor started, "You have to catch a girl and bring her here."

"A girl?" Hun repeated, raising one of her eyebrows confused. She couldn't believe what she had just heard. Her voice raised sightly. "A girl is our target?"

The scientist nodded with a sinister grin. "Yes. Her name is Hotaru Natsukawa, she is a fifteen years old," he said, walking to a desk. The scientist picked up a photo which showed a girl with shoulder-long honey-blonde hair and sapphire-blue eyes. The girl on the picture didn't smile, neither did her face show any kind of emotion. Professor Sebastian raised the hand with the photo and showed it to the other Rocket agents. Hun looked at it with curiosity. She suspected that there was something special about this mission. Meanwhile, Attila glanced at it with a hint of annoyance.
The two Rocket members raised their heads and looked at the scientist in confusion. A Pokémon as target was normal, sometimes a legendary Pokémon. But not a girl. This had never happened before. Until now.

Attila crossed his arms over his chest. "And why her? What is so special about a little girl? And why does Team Rocket need her?" he asked confused. Obviously, he saw that as insult. Never did he get such a strange mission.

"This girl isn't a normal girl. She has a rare and special ability nobody else in the world has. She can communicate with Pokémon verbally and telepathically," Pierce said, nearly interrupting Attila. "She developed this ability after a horrible experience a few years ago. In her school she has the best grades and she has a photographic memory. She is very athletic, she has mastered a high-grade of some martial arts and got many prices for her efforts. That girl can speak more than five languages fluently which she learned all by herself. And she is quite a good Pokémon Trainer, too. This girl is a genius," Pierce explained. Hun and Attila listened to him carefully.

Professor Sebastian turned his head to Hun and Attila "Anyways, even with all these facts about her, we are only interested in her ability." Professor Sebastian gave the photo to Hun. Curiously, she looked at it with interest. Even though it was just a photo, the girl on it had a special aura. Then, Hun packed the photo into her pants pocket.

"Hotaru lives in Ecruteak City, here in the Johto region," Pierce said. Leaning against the office wall with his back, he continued to explain, "We have to find and capture her as fast as possible. That means we have to devise a good strategy."

"Okay, then we will pay a little visit to this girl," Attila laughed confidently, yet annoyed.

"But be careful. She is a good Pokémon Trainer and because of her ability, it will be very difficult to identify her tactic. So, don't underestimate her," the professor warned them. An evil and sinister smirk appeared on his lips. "But still... you have to capture her. It isn't important how, so if she tries to defend herself, use force to get her. But even though she is very intelligent she has some weak spots. Find them and you will win easily," Sebastian said in a cold voice.

Attila nodded, sneering. "This won't be a problem at all," he said, "Even with her so-called 'ability', she is just a little girl. It won't be too difficult to capture her."

Hun, Attila and Pierce were ready to leave, now. They left the office and went through those scary corridors again. Pierce' look changed into a more sinister one. "A group of Rocket agents will come with us. They were chosen for this mission," he said, almost mumbling.

Shrugging with his shoulders, Attila turned his head to Pierce. "All these wasteful preparations to get a little girl? That's ridiculous," he snapped. His partner, Hun, glanced at him with a hint of annoyance.

"There is a reason for these 'wasteful' preparations," she muttered. "What do you want to do with that girl when we've got her?" Hun asked, looking at Pierce.

The blue-haired man didn't even turn his head to answer. "We will try to copy that ability for our plans," he said while walking.

Raising her eyebrow, Hun stopped walking. "Do you think that she will let you copy it voluntarily?"

"No, but we have our 'special' methods to get her cooperating. She won't like them, but she won't have any other choice," Pierce said not mentioning any emotions. The word 'special' rolled over his tongue and made him chuckle in a dark way. He continued walking.

"I understand," Attila said, smirking evilly.

The two men walked along the corridor. Hun walked behind them, she suspected something, but she couldn't say what it was. Hun took the picture of the girl out of her pocket again and looked at it for a while. A grin appeared on her lips. "We will meet you soon, Hotaru Natsukawa."

This fic is rated: Adventure ( and Drama, Humor and Friendship.)
The title comes from the song 'Hotaru no Hikari', which means 'light of the firefly'. I chose the title, because 'Hotaru' is also a name. My favorite Japanese name to be honest :D It's more like a crossover between Anime and Game but with my OC as main character.

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The characters Hun and Attila (Bashou and Buson) just appeared in the Pokémon Chronicles episode "The legend of thunder." Actually Hun is a guy, but in the English Dub he is female. First I wanted to make him a guy again but I like him better as a woman. So, Hun will be a woman in my story!

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