Chapter 5: A Special Pokemon

"No! Don't!" Hotaru yelled.

"Stop struggling, you will only hurt yourself," one scientist said to her while trying to grab the girl's hair.

Hotaru was held by two scientists of Team Rocket. Another one wanted to inject her with a weird green liquid but Hotaru tried to escape with all her might. She struggled in the grasps of the scientists when she saw the metal needle of the shot. She was terrified of getting hurt again. Hotaru kicked around and tried to hit the scientist to get away.
One week had passed since Hotaru had been used for the first experiment. She had to suffer a lot. Team Rocket tried to copy her ability over and over but they still didn't get it. The girl reached her limit, she had almost no more power for struggling but she still tried to stay brave, just without success. Hotaru didn't want to give up her hopes of escaping.

"Stop it! Don't!" Hotaru yelled. "Let me go!" she screamed as the scientist with the shot came closer to her. Her body trembled, she was shaking in fear. In fear of pain. Her eyes were watery.

The scientist sighed. "Please, stop struggling. If-..." he was cut off as Hotaru kicked at him, she hit his hand and kicked the shot away. The little shot fell to the ground and the glass broke, the green liquid ran out on the ground. The scientist turned his hands into fists, he wanted to beat the girl but didn't as Professor Sebastian entered the lab. Obviously, he wasn't in the best mood. Pierce also came into the lab. Looking at Hotaru, they seemed to become angry. The girl gritted her teeth and looked at the ground.
"Pro...Professor Sebastian..." the scientist stuttered. He gulped quietly.

"Aren't you done yet?" Sebastian asked with a hint of annoyance in his voice. All of the other scientists gulped.

The man who got kicked by Hotaru glanced at the girl slightly. "Well...the girl doesn't behave...she doesn't listen to us and she..." the scientist explained, glancing at the girl. Professor Sebastian looked at Hotaru angrily. He went over to her, the other scientists let go of Hotaru. Glaring at the young girl, Sebastian stepped in front of Hotaru, and raised his hand. He slapped her with full force, causing Hotaru to wince loudly. The sound of the slap echoed through the laboratory. After the smack, Hotaru lost her balance, she fell to the ground hardly. Lowering her head, she carefully touched her jaw, it almost got dislocated. She was sobbing slightly, even though she didn't want to but her frustration grew every single second. Everyone watched the girl whimpering. She almost cried but she tried to suppress it. One of the scientists bent down, grabbed her and forced her to stand up again.
After a couple of seconds passed, Sebastian grabbed her chin again and lifted her head up. He looked into her terrified eyes. His look mentioned Hotaru to behave and to be quiet. Then he let go of her.

"Hold her," Sebastian hissed. He mentioned to put Hotaru onto the metallic lab table which was right next to them. All of he scientists nodded and tightened their grips on Hotaru. They lifted her up and placed the girl on the table, pinning her down, and holding her hands down next to her head.

She actually was scared of struggling again but she slightly tried to fight. Her whole body was shaking. Tears began to roll down her cheeks and she started begging. "" she stuttered and sobbed. Pierce walked to the girl and covered her mouth with his hand. She tried to turn her head but she couldn't. The three other scientists pinned her down to the table.
She couldn't move and couldn't escape.

Sebastian took the shot from the other scientist and lifted Hotaru's top up. Little bruises from the shots covered her whole belly.

He slowly pushed the needle into her stomach. Hotaru screamed through Pierce's hand, she pressed her eyes close and tried to endue the horrible pain. A little whimper and sob escaped her, her tears ran down her cheeks, landing on the metallic table.
Slowly, Sebastian injected her with the green liquid. Then he took the needle out. "We can start as soon as it shows an effect. Get the wires ready," the professor commanded. The scientists picked up a few wires which were connected to a huge computer and a special device.

They attached the wires to Hotaru's forehead, collar bone, and her belly. The wires were attached with small needles which were causing Hotaru to whimper.

A couple of minutes passed.

Professor Sebastian stepped closer to Hotaru and stroked her cheek slightly, he wanted to scare the girl as much as possible. Hotaru closed her eyes tightly. A strong shiver was sent down her spine when she felt this icy touch. It made her skin tingle. Suddenly, Hotaru winced, she felt a strong pain running through her body. It was the effect of the liquid she had got injected.

"Everything is ready now," Pierce reported.

"Very well. Turn on the machines," Professor Sebastian said. He pressed a small button underneath the lab table and two metallic clasps were suddenly wrapped around Hotaru's wrists and ankles, they held her wrists on the table tightly. She couldn't go anywhere, she was tied to the cold lab table now. Hotaru tried to struggle against the clasps a bit but she couldn't do anything.
Evilly Sebastian chuckled and snickered. "Your attempts to escape are quite funny, little mouse."

As Hotaru heard those words the rage within her raised to a very dangerous level, she gritted her teeth.. She hated being called 'little mouse', she hated nicknames so much. But this name was just embarrassing, it showed her weakness against Team Rocket.

"I have a name," Hotaru muttered. But she turned her head away as Sebastian glanced at her. He chuckled in a sinister way. After a while he stopped stroking her cheek and stepped away.

The scientists in the room sat in front of giant computers, they made weird and scary sounds. Hotaru shivered, she closed her eyes tightly. She knew what happened next, she was afraid of it, just as always. The weird device, which was connected with her showed weird numbers and symbols on its screen. Suddenly, electricity surrounded Hotaru, she was in huge pain. Trying to suppress more tears, Hotaru bit her lip.

"Go to level 2," Pierce said, watching the screen, those weird symbols changed every second.

"Please, stop!" suddenly, Hotaru screamed. She couldn't stand this any longer. "Stop, it hurts! Please...stop this..." she begged whimpering. She screamed even louder as another shock surprised her.

Team Rocket ignored her. The girl winced in pain as another strong shock ran through her, she tried to suppress the loud screams.

A few minutes passed again. Suddenly a red light blinked on the screen and the word 'error' appeared. Professor Sebastian sighed. "Shut the machines down." he said. The scientists did as they were told. They turned off the computers and the devices. Slowly, the electricity around Hotaru disappeared. The girl panted heavily, she was relieved, it was finally over... for today.

"The system is overloaded," one scientist exclaimed nervously.

"How long does it take to reset it?" Professor Sebastian asked.

The other scientist shrugged with his shoulders. " day," he said.

Hotaru listened to their conversation. She could barely move. Her body felt limp and every part of her body hurt. Hotaru also suffered from a strong headache, she was just whacked. Professor Sebastian went to her again. He watched the girl gasping for air.
"We didn't succeed again." he murmured, turning his head to Hotaru and leaning on the table with his arms. "Tell me. Why can we not copy your ability?"

"How should I know?" Hotaru growled. She still panted a bit. "I don't even know what you are doing to me exactly...except of hurting me."

The professor smirked. "Even now you are trying to sound brave. But maybe you will understand how the machines are working," he said. "You can talk to Pokémon through a special level in your subconscious. The liquid you got injected a few times helps to increase your brain power. We want to find this special level with help of those machines," Sebastian pointed to the devices and computers. "If we find it, we can copy your ability with a computer program which I invented., he explained.

Hotaru glanced at him weakly. "And how... how does the program work?" she asked. Suddenly, she winced again as the side effects of the test were showing up.

Professor Sebastian stroked her cheek again, and then he ruffled her hair. "Your brain releases little electrical signals to other parts of your body every single second. That's how your body works. When you talk to Pokémon the electrical signals possess a different encoding. With my new developed program we can decrypt that code and we can copy it. We will just copy those electrical signals and produce them in an artificial way," the professor explained. Hotaru understood what he was talking about but she didn't like it. She was even more worried now.

"The principle is simple but the real challenge is the implementation, " Professor Sebastian said. He explained everything to her while freeing her from the clasps which bound her wrists to the table. Hotaru carefully sat up, she rubbed her wrists. They were badly scraped by the clasps. Hotaru wiped her dried tears with her arm away. She still felt dizzy, however she still tried to get to her feet but she almost fell down. Sebastian caught her and held the girl. She tried to stand normally and pushed herself away from him. Touching her forehead slightly, Hotaru took a deep breath to calm down.

"It looks like you are exhausted, aren't you, Hotaru?" Sebastian hissed, mocking her.

"Can't you see?" Hotaru snapped quietly. "You have no clue what it means to be your experiment," she tried to be silent with her statement but the scientist in front of her still heard her. He was surprised by the attitude showing up again. Hotaru actually tried to sound brave. She didn't want to seem weak, she wasn't the weak little girl or the weak 'little mouse'. Meanwhile, all the other scientists left the lab, Hotaru, Professor Sebastian and Pierce were the only persons left.

Professor Sebastian raised one eyebrow. "That's a surprise. You are still able to argue, little mouse," he said with a slim smirk.

Turning her hands into fists, she growled. Her anger raised to a very dangerous level. "I am not a little mouse. I have a name," Hotaru hissed in anger. She glared at the Rocket scientist. The girl felt pure hatred when she looked into his eyes. Also pure fear but she didn't want to show it.

"As long as you are here, we can call you whatever we want," the professor said.

Pierce watched the little argument, he snickered in a mean way. Amused, he watched the girl who was getting angrier and angrier.

"I don't belong to you!" Hotaru yelled. "I am not a weak-willed puppet, I won't let myself get controlled!" Hotaru almost screamed in frustration. She was so angry but also scared at the moment. Hotaru tried to suppress a sob but unsuccessful. Hotaru covered her mouth with her hand, she started crying silently.

Professor Sebastian only chuckled, he didn't take the girl serious. "I thought the pain would tame you, but I was wrong," he smirked. "You still are too impertinent," Sebastian said. Suddenly, he slapped Hotaru across her face. Hotaru dropped to her knees. She didn't dare to say something, she closed her eyes tightly. Pierce watched everything, he snickered slightly when Hotaru got smacked.
The girl's body began to shake.

Sebastian bent down to her and grabbed her chin forcefully. "You are too cheeky and impertinent for my opinion. If you still try to oppose I will have to use much more pain to control you," he told her. Every second he tightened his grip on her chin more and more. Hotaru pressed her eyes close. "And I won't show any mercy. Do you understand me?" the professor asked.

Hotaru glared at him but her look changed into a very frightened one. She nodded and looked to the ground. Then her body and her mind started to become tired. She could barely sit. Hotaru tried to stay awake but she became really tired. She felt her eyes closing a few times. She was tired and all in. Hotaru closed her eyes now, darkness came over her. She fell forwards and hit the cold ground, collapsing there. It was too much. She was exhausted, too exhausted. Hotaru didn't move.

She just heard Sebastian chuckling a last time. Then absolute darkness surrounded her.


A dark room. Everything was dark. Hotaru looked around, she couldn't see anything. It was scary.


"Who is there?" Hotaru asked. "Quilava?"

"Help me," the voice said.

"Who are you!?" Hotaru asked. She looked, where the voice came from, while turning around. "And where are you?"

"Please, help me. I'm not far away. You have to help me,'' the high-pitched voice said. Hotaru couldn't recognize it, she didn't know her voice. It wasn't her Quilava. She turned around, but nobody was there. Just absolute darkness surrounded her.

"Who are you?" Hotaru repeated her question.

"You are the only one, who can help me," the voice told her. It started to disappear.

"Wait!" Hotaru screamed, "How can I help you?" response.

"Who are you?" Hotaru yelled.

Again, no response. Then the ground disappeared. Hotaru fell down, there was no ground anymore. She fell into the emptiness and darkness.


Hotaru slowly opened her eyes. She had a weird dream but it seemed to be so real. She still remembered the voice which was talking to her. Hotaru's sight became clearer. She laid onto the cold lab table, where she was before. She turned around. Looking around, Hotaru noticed that she was alone. Alone in the scary lab. She wasn't even bound to the table again, she just laid on it.
Hotaru sat up. Her stomach still hurt from the shot. She wrapped her arms around her belly.

"Weird dream," the girl mumbled. She touched her forehead, Hotaru noticed a small bump, she had hit her head on the ground when had she collapsed.

Hotaru looked around once more. She glanced at the door for a few seconds and jumped onto the ground. She still felt dizzy but she felt much better than before. Slowly, Hotaru walked to the door. She hesitated for a moment but she pushed the door open. It was open. Team Rocket didn't locked her up. Hotaru glanced around the door to the corridor. Nobody was in sight.
She took a deep breath, before going out of the lab.

The girl was still surprised, she mentally slapped herself. Now she was fully awake. She was so lucky now, it was her chance to escape. But she had to hurry. That was her only chance to escape.

Hotaru left the lab, she peered around carefully. Hopes raised within her. This is my chance, she thought. She ran along the dark corridor, but she tried to be silent with her steps. Hotaru stopped for a moment and closed her eyes. She connected her mind with Quilava's.
Quilava? Quilava, where are you?

She waited for the response, a sweat drop rolled over her forehead.


Quilava, where are you? Hotaru asked her Pokémon mentally.

Right beneath you. They locked me into a room in the floor beneath you, the Pokémon told her about its location.

I will get us out of here. Wait for me, Hotaru said.

She opened her eyes again. She started to run through the corridors. Somehow, Hotaru was alone, but she still had to be very careful. She had to get free, she had to escape! The girl ran along another corridor, it was cold and scary, she didn't know where she was now. It was a giant labyrinth.
She ran around the next corner, but immediately stepped back when she saw some Rocket agents, she hid herself behind the corner. Her pounding heart became faster and faster. But luckily they didn't noticed her. Hotaru waited for the agents to go away. As soon as they were out of her sight, she sneaked along the next gangway.
Then she reached a lift. There was also a staircase right next to the lift.

Hotaru ran into the staircase and ran downstairs. Voices echoed through the staircase, she had to hurry up even more now. Hotaru didn't even want to imagine what would happen if she got caught again.

She went downstairs to the floor which Quilava was talking about. She couldn't believe it. But then it became difficult. Three huge gangways were in front of the girl. Which one did she have to take? Hotaru looked around then she heard some voices again. Hotaru took the corridor in the middle and sprinted through it. She sneaked around the corners.

Hotaru, you are almost there, Hotaru heard Quilava's voice again.

A little smile appeared on her lips, it was full of her hopes. She couldn't wait to see her Pokémon again. She ran around the next corner and...

Suddenly, Hotaru crashed into someone. She fell backwards and landed on the ground. Rubbing her head from the crash, Hotaru looked up. Her eyes widened in shock.

"What are you doing here?" Pierce hissed at her. She accidentally crashed into Pierce. Behind him where two normal Rocket members. Hotaru backed off, she crawled away. Pierce tried to grab her collar but Hotaru quickly stood up and ran away.
"Get the girl!" Pierce yelled. He and the other Rocket agents were chasing after Hotaru now. The girl had to run for her life. She ran as fast as she could. "Stop!" Pierce screamed. Hotaru didn't listen, she ran even faster now. She dashed along two more gangways. The Team Rocket agents were still after her.

Then she dashed around the next corner, seeing something she didn't like at all. Immediately, Hotaru stopped. In front of her were Professor Sebastian, Hun, Attila, two other scientists, and three other Rocket members.

"Hotaru!'' as soon as he saw her, Sebastian growled angrily.

Hotaru stepped back but behind her was Pierce. She was trapped now. Trapped like a little mouse... Hotaru's body started trembling. Team Rocket blocked her way. Looking around hastily, she realized that she was trapped, there was no way to get out.
Then she saw Hun holding something weird. A little glass tube, and inside of it there was an egg. A Pokémon egg. It was white and green and on the green side were little yellow points. It caught her attention. Something told Hotaru that this egg was special.

Please, help me! that weird voice appeared in Hotaru's head again.

Suddenly she got a terrible headache. Hotaru grabbed her head and held it, it hurt so much. She groaned painfully. "No...ngh..." the girl winced and screamed.

Help me! the voice echoed in her head.

Hotaru winced. "Stop...who are...y-..."

"You little brat," Suddenly, Pierce smacked her from behind. He hit her right in her neck with the side of his hand clench. Hotaru fell to the ground. Pierce quickly bent down to her and pinned her wrists behind her back. Hotaru struggled weakly. Then, Pierce twisted her wrists out of the sudden causing Hotaru to scream, she had tears in her eyes. The group of Rocket agents and scientists came closer. Professor Sebastian stepped in front of Hotaru, he glared at the girl who was lying in front of him. Hotaru gulped nervously.
Pierce forced Hotaru to stand up, he still held her wrists behind her back. Hotaru didn't dare to look in Sebastian's eyes. She looked at the ground. Hotaru had a bad feeling, her stomach almost hurt. She expected bad things and pain. Her body was trembling in fear.

Professor Sebastian put a finger under her chin and lifted her head up a bit. Hotaru's eyes showed her fear, she knew what would happen. Sebastian was really angry now. Growling, he raised his hand, with all of his force he slapped Hotaru with the back of his hand, leaving a red hurting mark on her cheek. The girl yelped in pain. She lowered her head, also feeling a drop of blood running down her chin. The painful slap let her bottom lip break, it was bleeding now and the blood was slowly dropping down. The professor grabbed her hair again, lifting her head up roughly, and made her look into his eyes, he wiped the drop of blood on her lip away with his thumb.

He came closer to her.
"That wasn't all. You will regret your action, little mouse. When I'm done with you, you won't ever think a single time about escaping again," Sebastian whispered into her ear. Hotaru's knees where shaking. "I will take care of her now," he said to Pierce. Hotaru looked to the ground again, gulping fearfully. Pierce nodded and let go of her, Sebastian grabbed her wrist and tightened his grip to a very painful level. Hotaru bit her lip. Tears rolled down her cheeks, they fell to the ground.

"Don't even try to-..." Sebastian wanted to threaten the girl again but suddenly the egg in the tube which Hun held started glowing in a bright light. The light was too bright. Everyone closed his eyes. Accidentally Hun let the tuberous fall down. The glass broke into hundreds of pieces when it reached the ground. After a few seconds the light disappeared.

A little green hedgehog hatched out of the egg and appeared. It was green and white.

"Mii?" His voice was high pitched. Hotaru knew this voice, it was the voice, which spoke to her in her dream.

Hotaru dropped to her knees again as Sebastian let go of her in surprise. "" she mumbled. Shaymin looked around curiously. Then it saw the blonde-haired girl.

"Shay? Shaymin?" it went to Hotaru and looked at her with his cute, black eyes. After sniffling on her, it smiled at her. "Miii."

"This is a Shaymin," Professor Sebastian said in surprise.

Everyone looked at the little Pokémon and Hotaru. There was absolute silence. Hotaru carefully raised her hand and stroked the little Pokémon. The Shaymin enjoyed it, it chuckled. Hotaru also smiled a bit, she forgot what happened for a moment. Then she stopped stroking it and just looked at Shaymin.

"Please, don't stop," it said.

"Okay..wai..." Horaru's eyes went wide. She backed away and stared at the Pokémon in surprise.

"What is it?" Shaymin asked with its cute voice.

Hotaru couldn't believe it. It didn't just talk with her. Everyone was able to hear the Pokémon. It really talked. The Shaymin was able to speak. Everyone stared at the Shaymin in disbelief.

"What..." Pierce mumbled.

"Did that thing just..." Attila looked at the Pokémon.

"You can talk?" Hotaru asked.

"Yes. Oh..." the Shaymin said, "I already talked to you. You are that girl. I've heard your voice," it smiled again.

"Uhm...yes..." Hotaru said. She closed her eyes for a moment and opened them again. She couldn't believe it. She looked at Shaymin with a surprised expression.

Shaymin smiled at Hotaru. "Nice to meet you."

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