"Thanks for a great night, Jo."

"My pleasure, Brainless. Now get in there and get it on with your man; god knows you need it."

With a roll of my eyes, I slam the car door. I run through the car park to make it into the lobby of my apartment building. The weather had held up all day but now it's like a torrential downpour of rain, soaking me almost instantly.

After climbing three flights of stairs, I make it to my apartment and put the keys into the lock. I decide not to call out, to surprise him, and close the door quietly. After putting my keys on the sideboard, I creep towards the kitchen. The light's on so I assume that he's getting a midnight snack, only what I'm greeted with is something not entirely the opposite.

They pull away from each other with a gasp, guilt on their faces. I am utterly stunned, unable to form any words.

"It's not what it looks like."

"It's not what it looks like," I repeat quietly. I glance over at the girl. "Get out."

With a last look at him, her bleached blonde hair and lipstick stained lips brush past me and out of the apartment, the door slamming only slightly. Now it's only me and him. Me and him, with his messy sex hair and rosy swollen lips. I stay quiet. This is what scares him the most. When I'm calm.

"She kissed me first-"

"You kissed her back." He doesn't reply and looks at his feet. "How long?"

"Kat, it's not what you think, I-"

"How. Long." My voice is still calm and his eyes show panic. This is where his fault lies; he can't lie to me. He's never been able to, in our year of dating. We moved in together last month, thinking it was the right time in our relationship.

"Three months," he whispers.

My heart almost stops. I almost laugh. I feel like laughing, at how naive I am. Instead I just smile and nod.

"Glad to know our relationship meant something to you."

"It does. Katniss, I made a mistake."

"A mistake?!" My voice has risen now, giving up my effort at being calm. "A mistake is a kiss with colleague at a Christmas party when you've both had too much to drink! A mistake is accidentally brushing someone's ass as you brush past them! This… this is not a mistake, Gloss!"

"I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

"No," I say. "No, you're not. I mean, three months? You could have just broken up with me, instead of asking me to move in with you. I gave up my plans to go to California for you. I gave up my dream of my bar, of auditioning for movies, for you!" I take a deep breath, catch my thoughts and all the obscenities I could yell at him and return to my calm demeanour. "Y'know what? Thank you. Thanks for… being stupid enough for me to find out. Now I can move on."

I turn to the bedroom and grab my suitcase from the wardrobe. I shove my clothes in and any other essentials before zipping it up and pulling it to the door. Gloss sits at the table with his head in his hands.

"Kat, don't go. Please," he pleads, but I'm numb. His teary eyes are doing nothing. I feel no sympathy for what he's done. I will not cry over him. Instead, I keep my face cold. I look in his icy eyes one last time before saying the last thing he'll ever hear me say.

"Goodbye, Gloss. I hope you're happy."

"Can you guys believe it?! We're all going to Cali together!" Johanna screams as she tops up our glasses with pina colada.

"And we're not leaving Kat behind anymore!" Finnick laughs.

"Well then, cheers to Gloss!" I laugh too, raising my glass.

"No, no. Not cheers to Gloss. SCREW GLOSS AND HIS BIMBO! Cheers to… cheers to us!" Johanna raises her glass with mine and Finnick does the same.

"Cheers to us!" we all shout.

It baffles my mind how only two weeks ago I found Gloss in our apartment cheating on me and already I feel like a new person. I feel like a weight has lifted.

I collected my things from Gloss' while he was at work. Unfortunately, while Johanna and Finnick were waiting for me in the truck, he walked in. He looked tired. He just stared at me as if he was seeing a ghost. He tried to talk to me, apologise again, just like he'd been doing in all the ignored phone calls and text messages. I deleted most of them but the ones I read were pretty pathetic. What surprised me is that he broke up with the Blonde in an attempt to get me back but it did nothing. The damage was done. I just shook my head at him, saying nothing, feeling disgusted, and got out of there as fast as I could, screaming "DRIVE" as soon as I got in the truck.

In two days, the three of us are moving to California, but that's a weight I can afford to ignore for the time being. We've got all of our stuff packed into boxes and shipped to our new apartments already so there's no need to worry about that. Johanna and I will be living together but Finnick opted to live on his own for the first time. Though, he's only down the road, within waking distance in fact.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've moved. The first time was right after University. Johanna, Finnick and I packed up and moved from home to the States, planning to spend a year here in North Carolina and then move to California where Jo and I planned to open a bar. Those plans were thwarted when I met Gloss but they're back on track now. Oh, I forgot to mention, home is England.

I met Johanna in my third year of Secondary School. She's was as loud and as boisterous as she always has been, but I was shy and practically friendless. One thing we found in common were books. We both loved to read. We could talk for hours about books; we lent each other our favourites and laughed about lines and embarrassing things the characters did and said. Eventually we both found out we loved to read comics, watch movies (that weren't romantic), skateboard and stargaze.

I was still my shy self, but she brought me more out of my shell. I would laugh more, smile more. I became loud whenever I was with her, although retreated to my old ways when I wasn't. Johanna is positively gorgeous, although she usually disagrees with you. Her eyes are a piercing green, much like Finnick's and her hair is jet black. In our first year of Sixth Form, we both shaved our heads to raise money for cancer in honour of a YouTuber that died of Leukaemia, and she decided to keep her hair in a short pixie cut afterwards.

Jo introduced me to Finnick not long after we met and he had much of the same effect she did of bringing me out of my shell. Finnick was incredibly friendly, maybe even a little overly friendly, but I soon found out that much of it was an act and that he, like Johanna, shared my love of all things nerdy, such as comic and also shared part of our hatred for the world, though not as much as us. Finnick began to make girls swoon in University, with his toned abs and dimples, but his golden brown hair and big sea green eyes have always been the same, making me see him as the loud kid I met when I was fourteen. The three of us were inseparable.

When I told them I was staying in Carolina, Jo and I got into a big fight. We rarely ever fight, but when we do it's advised to take cover. I hate fighting with Johanna and I am not upset to admit that she has won that fight, fair and square.

And now, we sit on the dirty wooden floor of Johanna and Finnick's (and once my) empty apartment with nothing but three sleeping bags, backpacks with clothes and essentials, bottles of cheap supermarket alcohol and three glasses, playing drinking games and laughing about old times.

"What are you guys looking forward to most?" Finnick asks, draining his glass.

"Opening the bar, decorating the apartment, getting to know my way around. Probably looking for a coffee shop that will be our 'place'. Like Central Perk in Friends," I say.

"BOO, you're boring! I'm looking forward to meeting the people. Scoping out the talent," Johanna winks. I roll my eyes. "What about you, Finn?"

"Much the same as you, Jo, but… I think I'm ready to try and find that one girl," he says with a shy smile.

I put my hand on my heart and sigh, leaning on Johanna, "Look at our little Finny, all grown up." He sticks his tongue out at me and fills up our cups. "This is nice. It feels like we haven't done this is forever."

"That's because we haven't," says Johanna bluntly. They both stare at me and I groan.

"I'm sorry, okay? You now have my complete and undivided attention, now that I'm not wasting my time on some arsehole," I mumble grumpily.

"It's not that we don't want you to spend time with some arsehole, it's that we just want you to have some time for us arseholes too." They both give me overly cheesy smiles and we laugh.

I can't help but finally feel like myself again, like I've been playing a part all this time… oh who am I kidding? I wasn't happy with Gloss. That wasn't happiness. This is happiness. The feeling I have right now, where I can't get the smile off my face and I'm constantly joining in on conversation without effort, this is what I haven't been feeling. This is what I needed.

"Can I just say thank you to you two for being my favourite arseholes in the entire world?" I ask.

Johanna and Finnick look at each other for second before both smiling.

"You're our favourite arsehole too, Brainless."

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