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Eyes widened. Harry Potter stood, shocked. Cammie exchanged worried glances with Liz. The two frowned and shook their heads slightly.

"He didn't put his name in that Goblet, Liz. Either that or he is a phenomenal actor. Better than any us, even," Cammie admitted grudgingly.

Bex watched as Harry progressed up to the front of the room. In her mind, she calculated the speed his head turned. She measured the length of his steps. He was genuinely surprised. Surprised he had actually gotten away with it, or surprised he was in the goblet in the first place, Bex didn't know, but she knew she did not like it. She whipped her head around, her eyes flashing quickly to where she knew Macey and Jane were sitting, although she not previously looked in their direction. Catching Macey's eye, she shook her head lightly.

Meanwhile, Ron was grumbling to himself. "How could he?"

Bex turned back to respond, but Zach beat her to the chase. "Well, we don't know for sure that he did, Ron."

"Maybe he had an older student do it for him," Bex pointed out cheerfully.

Zach turned to give her a look before continuing. "I mean, maybe he wasn't aware. He seemed pretty surprised."

"Only a fool would put their name in that Goblet," Snapped Hermione at Ron.

"Who says he isn't?" asked Bex.

"I do," replied Hermione with a sharp glare. "I also happen to say that you don't know him well enough to make such conclusions," She finished as she turned back to cup and stared into it, as if willing water to appear.

Zach cleared his throat and turned to Bex who adjusted herself in her seat so that she could stare into his eyes, worried.

After meeting Bex's eyes, Macey turned to Jane, a worried look on her face.

"Do you think he figured out a way?" Macey murmured. "The age line-"

"We got past it, didn't we?" Jane pointed out. "But, I don't think he was expecting this. He had no idea. His face . . ." Jane turned back to Macey as Harry disappeared from view.

"Either that or there are no words to describe his acting talent. He looked crazy scared," Macey cringed. "I might be regretting putting my name in the goblet. Not that it matters. It's between Bex, Cammie, and you," She noted analytically.

"Well that's not true," Jane disagreed.

"Stupid Potter. How'd he get his name in there? I hope he gets himself killed," Draco Malfoy sneered.

"Actually, if he managed to get a cross the age line, I wouldn't classify him as stupid. It doesn't take much brains, but he he's not stupid," Jane added her input, either oblivious to the fact or not caring that Draco did not care or want to hear it.

"If you're so brilliant, how'd he do it?" Draco sneered. Macey glowered at him.

"An older student did it for him," Jane revealed, an expression of shock on her face. "But surely you knew that, if you're not stupid . . ."

"Who would have done that for Potter?" Draco Malfoy inquired, triumphant.

"They didn't have to know they were putting his name in," Jane sighed, disappointed. "Honestly, what do they teach you here?"

"How was he supposed to do that? This is what they get for integrating muggle and magic students. Crazy mudblood witches," He turned back to Blaise Zabini.

Macey's jaw dropped and her eyes flashed to Jane. "Jane, it's not worth it. Jane!"

"Excuse you?" Jane towered over the seated Malfoy.

"You heard me," He responded, rising.

"Take it back," her eyes burned with pure fury.

"Make me," he challenged, noting that her wand sat on the table, out of reach.

He was on the ground in under half a second, moaning. Jane planted a foot on either side of him. "Take. It. Back," she spoke slowly and calmly, but Macey could hear the scream behind the words.

"What the-" Draco moaned.

"Take. It. Back. Now," she repeated in the same controlled voice. "Five." He rubbed his head. "Four." He looked up at her, terrified. "Three-"

"I take it back, I'm sorry," He scrambled to his feet and took his seat. Jane calmly walked back to hers.

"Expel her," Snape ordered Dumbledore.

"He cannot, she didn't use magic." Minerva McGonagall kept a straight face, but the sound of a smile was obvious in her voice.

"Too bad," Dumbledore murmured. Another piece of paper came flying out of the Goblet. "The Blackthorne champion is . . . Zachary Good."

Zach stood and ambled up to the front. He exited through the door. Bex stood up and whistled with two fingers. "Zach!" She cheered.

Cammie and Liz grinned hugely and cheered.

Macey and Jane waited anxiously for the Gallagher champion.

The other Blackthorne boys clapped, but expressed no interest otherwise.

"And, finally, the Gallagher Champion," A wad of papers came flying out of the goblet. They were stuck in a roll. The ink had been wet when Professor Morgan had thrown them into the goblet and she hadn't separated the papers. "Well, this certainly interesting. I believe the goblet only wanted one of these girls, but seeing as they are stuck together, Rebecca Baxter, Jane Riddle, Macey McHenrey, Cameron Morgan, Anna Fetterman, and Elizabeth Sutton. I'm sure we'll figure something out. Please exit," he turned to Headmistress Morgan, who was mumbling under her breath.

"In the spirit of Gallagher. As a team," she sighed.

Bex stood and stepped over the bench. She walked over to the Hufflepuff table and grabbed Anna's arm forcefully. Meanwhile, Cammie had disappeared, and Liz, assuming she was following Cammie, tripped and fell in the front of the great hall. Her face turned a violent shade of pink. Hurrying even more, she fell through the doorframe. Macey and Jane walked arm in arm, heads bent, and whispering.