A/N: I wanted to knock up Steve because he's all sweet and innocent and there seems to be a general lack of Cap. America mpreg.

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Ch. 1

Tony Stark never had a problem getting laid.

Never. He'd had hundreds of conquests, both male and female. People jumped at the chance to sleep with him, being the genius billionaire superhero that he was. Really, Tony had his pick.

So when Steve Rogers, aka Captain America bluntly turned down his advances, it was a shock.

At first, Tony felt angry. Who did Rogers think he was? Even though they were both superheros, Tony was clearly the better catch, at least, in his own mind.

Then he felt something else. Not anger. More of a feeling of determination. Steve presented a challenge unlike one Tony had ever faced. At the end of the day, he resolved that Steve would be his, one way or another, even if it took some time to trap him.


The next time Tony saw Steve was a few days after he had first attempted to seduce him. The two had met up in the kitchen one morning. Tony was making some coffee, and Steve was looking for breakfast.

Surprisingly, Steve did not bring up the incident. He seemed to be focused on maintaining a normal friendship with Tony. It was as if Steve didn't want one drunken night (well, Tony had been drunk) to ruin things between them. He was as friendly and chipper as ever.

Tony wasn't going to let it drop that simply, though.

"Hey, Cap," he said, taking a sip of his drink.

"Hey Tony."

Tony nodded. "So... I just want to say that I'm sorry for the other night. I shouldn't have come on to you so strongly."

Steve stopped looking through the fridge and turned to face him.

"Oh. It's... it's okay," he replied.

"I understand if you're not interested."

Steve's face turned bright red, and Tony did his best not to laugh. He'd never seen Captain America blush before.

Steve sighed. "It's not that. I mean...ugh," he sighed again, and returned to looking for food.

Tony was a bit taken back by Steve's answer. He'd expected Cap to nicely tell him that he was into women, or something to that extent. For a minute, Tony contemplated taking the conversation further, but decided not to. Clearly there was something more to this, something that Steve wasn't telling him.

He'd figure it out, one way or another. Rushing it now might make things more awkward, so he decided to wait.


Instead of working on his suit, as per usual, Tony spent the day digging through all of SHIELD's files on Steve. He then went through every newspaper article about him that JARVIS could pull up.

In the end, he really didn't get much more information besides what he already knew. Steve was a small, weak man who had been given the super serum during World War Two. Prior to that he'd lived with his parents, though both had died while he was young. While he was in art school he had lived with his friend Bucky, who had died during the war.

All in all it was nothing new. It frustrated Tony. But, maybe some of the others would have more information. Stuff that wasn't on record. Steve would've had to have talked to them at some point.

And who would he be most likely to share such information with?

Tony decided to start with Tasha. Since she was a woman, she may have gotten Steve to open up more than the others.


"Why are you asking?" Tasha asked, taking a sip of her drink. Vodka on the rocks. Tony had to laugh at that one. How very Russian of her.

"I'm just curious," Tony replied. "I just want to understand him better."

It had been a week since the incident, and Tony had made both of them drinks in the hopes that alcohol would relax Tasha enough to give him some answers.

Tasha rolled her eyes. "Steve is a good man. Leave him alone."

"I know he's good! He's great. He's the epitome of righteousness and all that. I just want to get to know him better."

"So why don't you ask him?"

"He won't tell me."

The agent sighed. "What exactly do you want to know?"

"Well... has he ever... you know, come on to you before? Or has he mentioned other women to you? Asked for advice, maybe?"

Tasha drained the last of her vodka, then held out the glass for Tony to refill it.

"The Captain... he does not have that much experience with women."

"But he must have had a girlfriend before, at least?" Tony asked, as he poured the alcohol.

Tasha shook her head 'no', and Tony's jaw dropped.

"Really?! But he's... he's gorgeous! He could have anyone! Wait, wait. Is he... ya know."

The red head raised an eyebrow.

"Is he into men?"

"Mmm.. I think he likes both."

"So has he had a boyfriend, then?"

"The only thing that I am telling you is that Captain does not have much experience with relationships in general."

"So... He's... Are you telling me that Captain America is a virgin?"

Tasha said nothing, but cracked a smile. "I've not said that myself."

"But he is."

Tasha just stared at Tony, still smiling.

"Wow. WOW. I really didn't expect that. I figured that he'd had a girlfriend or something before he got frozen. That Peggy woman that he's mentioned-"

"I do not think that he got very far with her. He was frozen before... Well, it is a very touchy subject for him."


Tony finished his drink while Tasha downed her second.

"You tell no one of this conversation," Tasha said, putting her glass down.

"My lips are sealed."