Chapter 46

Alone Again?

Thorin's POV

What the Lake-man gave us were not weapons!

"Thorin, why not take this offer and go? I have made due with less and so have you." said Balin.

He then looked up.

"I say we leave now!"

"You are not going anywhere." said Bard.

"What did you say?" Dwalin growled.

"There are spies watching this house and probably every dock and wharf in the town. You must wait for nightfall." he said.

He left the house and I started to plan.

Zora's POV

I went back inside and wished I had not. Kili looked even worse, Fili was scared, Balin was worried and Thorin…he was not himself. A knock came at the door and Bain answered it.

"I am looking for Lady Minuialwen." came a soft voice.

I went forward and the person lowered their hood. It was Vendethiel!

"Anthony come quick!" I called.

He came and Bain let Vendethiel into the house. She smiled at Anthony and he took her in his arms. I was happy for my friends, but it reminded me that I was alone again. Thorin had not touched me or even looked at me since we had gotten there. I felt lonely and cold. I literally felt cold, I was even shivering a bit.


I looked at Wayne.

"Are you…..are you shivering?" he asked.

"What now?"

Anthony and Vendethiel came over to me.

"It is probably just from all the swimming in the lake." I said.

Even as I said the words I knew they were not true. I sat down and looked at Thorin. He was still looking out the window. I shivered again and felt colder. Vendethiel wrapped her cloak around me and I smiled in thanks.

"Lady Minuialwen you are so cold."

"My skin is always cold. That is just the way I am." I said.

Wayne took my hand.

"You're never this cold. You feel like ice Zora."

"I am telling you I am fine!" I snapped.

I did not mean to sound so harsh. The only one wanted worried about me right now was Thorin. But he was not paying any attention to me.

Thorin's POV

Someone came up and hit me. It was Wayne.

"What in Durin's name!?"

He grabbed me and made me look at Zora.

"Look at her you fuck! She's sick and cold as ice! You haven't looked at her or even touched since you saw that damn wind lance thing. I thought you loved her!" He snapped.

My eyes widened in realization. Zora looked pale and her lips were blue.

"Save her or I swear I'll kill you."

I looked into Wayne's eyes and saw he was serious. I nodded and walked over to Zora.


She glared at me.

"Oh so now you look at me?!" she snarled.

I put my arms around her. She struggled but she was too weak. Tears rolled down my cheeks, knowing I had done this to her. I had started putting the quest before her. I hated myself for hurting her when I had promised to protect her.

"I am so sorry! This is all my fault Zora. I lost sight of what was most important to me. You. You are the most important thing in the world to me Zora Turner! You and my sister and nephews. Please forgive me my love."

She was still shivering and she was still so cold. I pulled back and looked at her. Her lips were blue and I stroked her face.

"I am a fool and I know it. I did this to you after I have promised to protect you. I do not deserve a woman as pure and beautiful as you."

I knew the others could see my tears but I no longer cared.

"No you do not." I looked down. "But you have me anyway." she said.

I looked back up. She was not smiling, but her lips were slowly turning back to their normal color. Her shivering had stopped and her skin was not as cold as it was. I sighed in relief and pulled her back into my arms.

"I have never been so scared in all my life! I am so very sorry my beloved Zora! I beg your forgiveness."

She made me look at her. A small smile graced her face she took my hand.

"I will always forgive you." she said.

I smiled and kissed her hard on the lips. They were warm again and her skin, though still cool to the touch, it was warmer as well. I pulled back and brought her fingers to my lips. I kissed each one and then looked into her eyes.

"When I find the Arkenstone…..I will destroy it." I said.

Her eyes went wide.

"But Thorin… that not the only thing that will unite the dwarves? You have come so close, you cannot give up now."

I smiled at her and kissed her lips softly. I pulled back and stroked her face.

"I have not given up on anything. But the Arkenstone may not be the only thing that can unite them."

She looked at me curiously.

"I do not understand. Was this not the whole point of your quest? To find the Arkenstone, reclaim Erebor and unite the dwarves?" she asked me.

I smiled and entwined our fingers.

"Yes, but plans can change my love. And my plans changed the day you said you would marry me."

She still looked confused. I chuckled and kissed her now warm lips.

I love you Zora and I will never hurt you again. This I promise you.