Author's Note: Guess who's back with a new story? Me! This is Fimogen, which is one of my Degrassi OTP's. Now, I don't know if this story could be considered AU or not, but this is my take on how Fiona and Imogen meet, and how their relationship progresses. The first few chapters may be a little boring, but bear with me. So here it is, I hope you all enjoy, and be sure to leave a much-needed review. Thanks guys!

I remember the day we first met. I remember like it was yesterday.

It was a brand new year starting at Degrassi Community School, and I, Fiona Coyne, was a grade 11. Surprisingly, I was one of the new kids, because I had just transferred from a preppy private school.

The school hallways were a mess as I walked through the front doors wearing some skinny jeans and one of my v-neck blazers. All I saw were students trying to get to their classes. Was I late to school? Typical. Suddenly, the bell rang, and I was correct. I was late for the first day of school. Great.

I began walking down the hall in my ballet flats, they were really comfortable shoes, and I looked at my schedule, unsure of what class I was supposed to be in right now and I finally figured out that I had to be in english. I hated school, like really hated it. I would rather be someplace in the fashion industry, designing clothes, making jewelry, someplace other than high school.

As I was lost in my thoughts, that was when I saw her.

She was sitting on some entry steps inside the school, and it looked like she was crying by the way her small hands were covering her face. She looked new too because I didn't recognize her.

She had a skinny frame, and she was wearing a weird outfit too. A short dress with little skulls printed on it, and some fish net leggings, with what looked like some black platform shoes. The outfit was cute on her though, and her style was different. To accompany her outfit, she was also wearing her brunette hair up in some anime buns and they matched her outfit perfectly.

At first, I was hesitant to go talk to her, but then I figured that she probably needed a friend, or someone to talk to so I approached her slowly.

"Hey... Are you okay?" I asked, tapping her slender shoulder gently. He head immediately snapped up and her chocolate-brown eyes stunned me through her square framed glasses. She had mascara down her cheeks, but I couldn't get over how lovely she looked. It was quiet for a moment as she studied me, partly from the shock, and then she spoke.

"I'm fine." She said in a gentle voice but I could tell she was lying.

"Mind if I sit?" I asked politely and she nodded. "Fiona Coyne." I introduced as I outstretched my hand towards her to shake.

"Imogen Moreno." She replied back as he hand grasped mine and a small smile formed on her lips. It was an instant connection. For a second, I pondered if I should have kissed her hand due to how beautiful she was. Imogen, what a unique name.

"Are you new here, Imogen?" I asked, and her name felt so good rolling off my tongue. She nodded, her buns bouncing on the top of her head.

"I'm a grade 11." She explained to me and I smiled at her.

"Me too." I said, and she smiled the most beautiful smile I ever saw in my life. Imogen was literally giving me butterflies. "Now, are you going to tell me what's wrong?" I asked again. Imogen smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"I couldn't find my class." She admitted sheepishly. "That's why I was crying." She continued and I nodded. Been there, done that. Being the new kid in school wasn't always easy, but I got used to it because I switched schools so many times. "I hate being new. I don't know anyone, I don't have any friends..." She rambled on but I stopped her right there.

"I'm new too." I said.


"I'll be your friend." I offered with a small smile, and she returned it.

"I'd love that." Imogen answered.

"Good. I wonder if we have any classes together..." I pondered. "Can I see your schedule?" I asked and Imogen nodded.

"Of course." She said as she pulled her schedule out of her cute pink and black checkered hobo bag.

"We might have some classes together." I said hopefully as I looked over the piece of paper and compared it to mine. We had english together, but that was about it, but we had lunch together too.

"Any luck?" Imogen asked as she peered over at the papers.

"We have english together this period, I could show you were it is." I offered. "We can sit together at lunch too, only if you want." I added, since I didn't have anyone to sit with either.

"Okay." She said smiling. "I'd like that, Fions." She added, giving me a cute nickname.

"Shall we Immy?" I asked as I too, gave her a cute nickname and offered her my arm.

"We shall." She replied as she linked arms with me and we were off on our way to english class. We even sat beside each other, and we were english partners. It would definitely be an interesting year with Imogen, and I was happy to have met her. At lunch, we exchanged phone numbers, and I got to know her better, we had a lot of the same interests.

Finally, at the end of the day I found her locker, and it was surprisingly close to mine.

"Good afternoon." I said to her.

"Hello Fiona." She greeted as she was pulling things out of her locker. I was really nervous as I stood beside her and watched her. "Can I help you with something?" She asked as she looked over at me. I nodded.

"I was wondering, in honor of our new friendship, if you wanted to come over to my condo to watch movies...?" I asked hopefully with a smiled.

"I'd be delighted." Imogen replied then smiled. "Can I tell you a secret?" She asked as she closed her locker.

"Sure." I answered with a shrug of my shoulders.

"We're going to be best friends forever." She whispered in my ear. "I know it."

"Promise?" I asked, holding up my pinky.

"Promise." She said intertwining her pinky with mine. I knew that this was going to be the start of a really great friendship.

Author's Note: To be continued...?