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The sun is shining in my eyes. I turn my head and look at the clock on my nighstand. 7:00 am. Kind of late for me. My mom and brother are most likely still asleep. My dad is probably at the bakery. I put on jeans and a plain green t-shirt and braid my hair. I grab my mother's hunting jacket and my bow after leaving a note in the kitchen for her.


Off hunting, be back in an hour.

Love, Lucy

Lucy Mellark is my name. My mother says it means "light" and that it was a name before Panem even existed.

"What existed before Panem?" I asked Mom once.

"A country called America." Mom answers. "A huge war destroyed it 200 years ago."

"Did the Hunger Games exist then?" I ask.

"No." My mother says, her eyes looking off into the distance, as if she remembered something from when she was in the Hunger Games. I remember asking my mom so many times about the Hunger Games and the war. I only know some of it from school. She said that she would tell me when I was old enough. Right now, I'm seventeen. My brother Rye is fifteen. We're both old enough. We're both old enough to know why Dad shuts himself in his and Mom's room sometimes and doesn't let us in. I want Mom to explain more about her being the Mockingjay. I want to know everything that happened and more about the country they call America. I want to know about Aunt Prim. Well, they will have to tell Rye and I soon enough. I walk into the meadow that was my playplace when I was a child. I open the gate that my mother said used to be electric. They used it to keep District 12 citizens from leaving. Now it just keeps wild animals from entering. Dad says I am just like my mom. I have the silent hunter's tread and the ability to shoot an arrow right through my prey's eyes. Sometimes I am the one that causes my dad to need to lock himself in his and mom's room. It makes me feel like I did something wrong, even though Mom reassures me that it's not my fault. She says it's hers.

"Everything's fine, Lucy." Dad says. "I'll explain it to you when you're old enough. He said that to me two weeks ago. I have a feeling that my parents won't tell me anything. I have a feeling that I'll find out the details from someone else. No one else in my family will tell me. Not Uncle Haymitch or Aunt Johanna.

I carry back my haul of two rabbits and a squirrel. I had just reached the meadow when I see Rye run up to me.

"Lucy!" He calls.


"Mom and Dad told me to find you, they said it's urgent." He says.

"Why? I left Mom a note telling her I was hunting." I say.

"It's not about that." He says. "Mom got off the phone with someone and she looked upset. Dad told me to find you. They won't tell me what happened."

"Well then, we should go." I say. Rye and I head home.

I walk in the house with my brother.

"Mom! Dad! I found her!" Rye yells.

"Lucy, Rye, come in the living room." My father says. When we walk in, I see grave expressions on my parents' faces. Dad has his arm around Mom, who I can tell has been crying.

"What's going on?" I ask.

"President Paylor was assassinated." Dad says.

"By who?" I ask.

"We don't know." He answers. "But President Snow's granddaughter is now president."

"What?!" Rye exclaims. "Will things go back to the way they were?" My mother sighs.

"That's what we need to tell you." She says. Her grey eyes shine with tears. "Coriella Snow is reinstating the Hunger Games."

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