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"What?!" Rye and I cry out in unison.

"Can this happen?" I ask.

"I'm afraid so." Dad answers. "Coriella is planning on avenging the death of her grandfather. So chances areā€¦"

"Peeta." Mom interrupts.

"We have to tell them, Katniss." He says. He looks at my brother and I.

"Chances are, the tributes will be the children of rebels and victors." Dad continues. He pauses and runs his hands through his blond hair.

"One of you, if not both, will be going into the arena. Coriella says that each person's name is entered once, but everyone knows that's not true." He says. Mom bursts into tears and Dad wraps his arms around her. I look at Rye and he is frozen. I suddenly run out of the house and into the woods. I stop when I reach the lake. I sit on a big rock near it and cry. Surely both Rye and I will be reaped. I decide right now that I will do whatever it takes to get my brother home safe. Even if it means my death. I sit on the rock for a while and watch the sun set. I marvel at the beauty of all the colors. I wonder if the arena will be like the woods. The sky had just begun to get dark when I see my mother sit down beside me.

"I knew I would find you here." She says softly. I look at her and she looks back at me. She is as stunningly beautiful now as she was at my age. I inherited her dark hair and Rye, her silvery grey eyes. She wraps her arm around me pulls me to her. I let her hold me.

"I used to come out here with your grandfather all the time." She reminisces. "Those were the greatest days of my life. The days before your grandma fell into her depression." She pauses. "And your Aunt Prim was just a carefree child."

"How could this happen?" I ask. "Doesn't she have a conscience?"

"She was raised to believe this sort of thing was okay." Mom answers. "Just like her grandfather was. The entire Snow family thinks of killing children as a sport." She pauses for a second.

"You took this better than I did when they announced the Quarter Quell. When I heard that I would have to go back in again, I went to your Uncle Haymitch's house and got drunk." I can't help but smile.

"We're going to get through this, Lucy." She says.

"I'm going to save Rye." I tell her.

"There's no saying who will be reaped." My mom says.

"We all know that both Rye and I will go in." I snap. Mom sighs and holds me tighter. I bury my face into her chest like I used to do when I was young.

"You're just like me, you know." Mom says. She sounds proud, but her voice is laced with sadness. "Saving a sibling, even if it means your own death." She sighs. "Of course I failed, otherwise Aunt Prim would be here." I look up at her.

"I think it's time you saw the Games. I never wanted to show them to you, but since they're coming back, I have to." She says.

"Are you sure?" I ask.

"Maybe not, but you're seventeen now. Rye's fifteen." She says. "I think you're ready." My mom and I stay there, me wrapped in her arms, until the sun sets completely.

Mom, Dad, Rye, and I sit in front of the T.V. Dad just put in a round disc that he says the Games have been recorded on. I know how the Games work. Twenty four people go in and only one comes out alive. I knew that both my parents came out on the same year, which sparked the rebellion. I knew that they were both on fire in the parade. I even know about Rue and how Dad lost his leg. But there's so much I don't know. So much that I'm going to find out now.

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