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Chapter 1

Worse Than the Twins?

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Major Will Lennox sat up in his bed with a groan. His wife Sarah lay next to him. She had been asleep but the sound of Will expressing his unhappiness awakened her. She frowned up at him, obviously concerned. "What's wrong? I thought you enjoyed your job."

Will looked at her fondly. "That's not it. Besides, what's better than working with giant robots?"

Sarah gave her husband a sour look. "I could think of plenty of safer jobs. Anyways..." Will put his face in his hands.

"Marissa is coming today," he said, sounding as if he were doomed. Sarah laughed at his expense and crawled out of bed, getting ready for the day.

"Oh, come on! She loves you-even if you are probably the world's most annoying brother."

Will swung his feet out of bed and stood, stretching. Sarah could be heard, rummaging through her closet. "I'm actually glad she's coming now. I'm in need of a shopping trip," she said mischievously.

Will walked towards the bathroom saying "I don't get it, you say I'm the annoying one even though every time she catches sight of a mall it's like listening to a cat getting ready for a fight." Sarah quickly reached for a shoe (not one of her good ones, though) and tossed it towards his voice, hearing him chuckle as it hit the door. Will called out to her "all I'm saying is that it's you're funeral!"

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Ironhide watched his charge warily as he stood in bipedal mode across the hanger. Major Lennox seemed distracted while talking to his superiors, which was always a bad sign. The weapons specialist knew that he was usually very professional when speaking to the General or Defense Secretary Keller so he decided to question him about it once he had finished. He turned his attentions to the other bots in the room. Optimus Prime was with Lennox, the twins, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe were trying to look innocent by the hanger doors, and Arcee and Moonracer were standing as well as they could on their single legs with one wheel for a foot chattering in the Autobot's native language, Cybertronian. Ironhide felt his spark sag for a moment until he heard Lennox's cellphone ringing.

"Oh, sorry General, it's my wife, excuse me for a moment." The Major walked away from Prime and the General towards Ironhide.

"Hey hon', yah I'm in a meeting but I can try to wrap it up. Anything for my baby girl."

Ironhide's spark hummed contentedly now at the thought of the Lennox's baby girl Annabelle. He would do anything for her, same as he would for Sarah Lennox and his charge. He hated the thought of them being involved in the war against the Decepticons, though he took reassurance in the fact that Megatron was sitting in the bottom of the ocean. However, he growled to himself, Starscream and some other fragging 'Cons are still on the loose. His thoughts were then interrupted by a loud exclamation from Lennox.

"She's here already?!"

Ironhide stepped towards his charge with concerned optics as he told his wife 'goodbye' and pocketed the phone with haste. The Major trotted back over to the Prime and the General with Ironhide following quietly behind him. "I'm really sorry sirs but I have a family problem at the moment."

The General nodded and said: "Understood, we'll finish this some other time, Prime?"

Optimus looked down at the small human and asked in his booming voice: "Is 0900 hours tomorrow agreeable to you?" The human nodded and walked away.

Ironhide acknowledged the Prime and asked Lennox "who is here already?" Lennox shook his head irritably.

"My sister, Marissa. I have to warn you though, she is the most annoying, stubborn thing on two legs." Optimus kneeled down to the human, probably so he could talk to the human better but Ironhide figured it was so two certain bots couldn't hear him after he heard what his Prime had to say.

"I was under the impression that the twins fit that description." Lennox snorted in laughter but cleared his throat as Sunstreaker and his brother shot him a questioning look.

"Nope, she is much worse."-the two bots above him shuddered-" I could tell you of the millions of crazy things she's done but that would take hours." Ironhide gave Optimus a hopeful look, which was quite the feat considering he was made of metal.

"We're not going to tell this femme about us are we? The last thing we need is another Sunstreaker or Sides running around the base!"

Optimus stood up straight and addressed Ironhide as only a leader could. "I have already spoken to Major Lennox and Defence Secretary Keller about this. The human femme will be made aware of our presence. And you, Ironhide will be the first to show yourself at the Lennox's farm, you are the Lennox's guardian aren't you?" The Prime raised his optic brow, something he had picked up the humans around the base.

The Weapons Specialist made no other comments to his leader and looked down at the ground hastily muttering "Slag!" He then turned his optics onto his charge. "You ready to go?"

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Marissa Lennox tickled her niece, causing her to giggle loudly and uncontrollably. "Auntie 'Rissa! Stop! I have to go..."

"Auntie 'Rissa" laughed manically. "Where do you think you're going to go?" The little girl struggled to get free and ran from the living room to her mother.

"Annabelle, I'm trying to make some lunch. Go play outside with your Aunt for Mommy OK?" Sarah went back to kitchen and Marissa took the girl's hand, heading to the back door.

"We'll go for a walk in the cornfield OK? Maybe we can find a ripe ear of corn for your supper tonight," she said making sure Sarah could hear her. Sarah nodded, even though they wouldn't be able to find a ripe one this time of year. Marissa knew that as long as it kept her energetic niece busy long enough for Sarah to finish preparing lunch no one was going to argue. She followed the girl down the porch steps and shook her head as Annabelle started running wildly into the cornfield. "Annabelle, come back! Wait for Aunty 'Rissa!" She started running among the stalks, listening for the girl's squeals. "Annabelle, come here!" Marissa yelled louder, panic clenching her heart as the squeals stopped. They were quite a ways into the field by now, and she couldn't begin to imagine what had happened. She slowed down to a stop and tilted her head, trying to hear her niece. As soon as she heard a whimper of to her left she bounded past the stalks, some hitting her face giving her a scratch. "ANNABELLE!" She stopped again to listen and heard a call somewhere in front of her.

"Aunty 'Rissa!"

Marissa went towards the voice once again and sighed with relief when she saw her sitting down on the ground, with a terrified look on her face. "Aunty, I was scared! And lost! You found me!" Marissa bent down and picked her down.

Darn, cute kids... "Yeah, and you better not do it again, I was scared too. You stay with me, Daddy or Mommy when you're outside, OK?" When the girl nodded, she jokingly told the girl: "Because if you don't, I'll tickle you 'till you do listen!" She attacked the girl in her arms, poking her tummy and tickling her sides. The girl squealed shrilly and jumped to the ground. Marissa's attention was grabbed by a sudden roaring sound behind her. She turned around, trying to decipher the noise when she muttered to herself. "Is that an engine?..." Realization leaped into her eyes and she grabbed Annabelle in her arms, holding her tight. She would have run but fear kept her rooted to the spot until she snapped out of it and just as she started to run, a large vehicle braked to a stop in front of her.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000

Ironhide and Lennox drove down a road with a cornfield on one side and pastures on the other. Will thought about his sister as they neared his house. She was five years younger then him and acted like it, loved Annabelle, but was a trouble maker. She was, by fault, a very curious person and two times more mischievous than the Lambo twins. Her most memorable stunt was jumping off of a bus and landing on the top of a moving car in answer to a dare and her biggest prank was covering everything with bubble wrap in her high school (even the outside.) He and the rest of the family had hoped she would calm down when she graduated but she ended up going to a military school like himself and got kicked out. She almost made it too, the last semester, he mused to himself.

"William!" Ironhide's voice yelled over the radio. "My audio receptors have picked up Annabelle's scream! She is in the cornfield!"

Will jumped in seat as Ironhide drove off the road straight into the cornfield. "'Hide! You sure you heard her?" Ironhide's engine roared as he plowed down the stalks in front of him. Will grew afraid for his little girl. She might be in danger! Decepticons could have attacked the house! "Annabelle!" Will screamed her name out the window, hoping she was OK. If Ironhide heard her she had to be out here, the weapons specialist's hearing was better than any normal humans ears. Suddenly, the truck started slowing down and Will's seat belt tightened. He grabbed at the seat belt, trying to get it off. Oh no, he was not going to keep him from getting involved!

Ironhide saw with surprise, a human femme standing in front of his alt mode. He growled when he realized the femme was holding Annabelle. He put the brakes on and stopped in front of them. The human femme started yelling at him, cussing him out.

"Hey, asshole! I don't appreciate your driving! What do you fucking think you're doing? Driving into a motherfucking cornfield?! You could have run us over!" Ironhide activated his holoform and stepped out of the truck. He walked over to the femme, his anger rising.

"I advise you to watch your language around the girl. What are you doing with her anyways?" Ironhide's demanding tone seemed to have taken the femme off guard. She recovered quickly.

"What am I doing with her? What makes you able to ask that question? Do you even know her?"

The femme put down the little girl and stepped in front of her, looking for all the world she was about to slug his holoform. Lennox was at the moment glancing nervously out the tinted windshield and struggling to get the seat belt off him. Ironhide's voice came through the radio. "Stay put William. I will retrieve Annabelle, this human femme might be a Decepticon Pretender." Lennox rolled his eyes and beat on the truck's dash.

"'Hide, that's my sister!" The holoform's eyes widened and the seat belts released Lennox. He opened the door of the truck and rushed to his sister, picking up Annabelle.

"Will?" The femme looked in confusion from Ironhide's holoform to the Major. "Who is this guy?"

Lennox didn't pay any attention to his sister and told his daughter sternly "if I ever hear you repeat any of the words your Aunt said to 'Hide you will be grounded for a whole month." The little girl nodded, seeming sincere then turned to her amusing Aunt. Ironhide had looked up the meaning of nieces and aunts but did not like the idea of this femme around the Lennox's daughter. Lennox glared at his sister. "What were you doing out here?"

Expression changing from confusion to apologetic, the femme tried to calm Will. "Sarah asked me to take her outside for a walk but this little ankle-biter ran off." She stuck out her tongue at the little girl then glanced back at the holoform. "Who's he? And how did you guys know we were out here?"

Stepping forward, Ironhide attempted to stare down the femme, resulting in his holoform's toes getting stomped on.

"Hey, back off Sasquatch!"

Ironhide looked down at his holoform's foot, which had started to throb, also, in the process of looking down he noticed the femme's heavy combat boots which surprisingly looked a lot cooler than his own, with studs lining the black leather. He found himself noticing what the human femme was wearing. She had thick black cargo pants, a grey camo tank top, and a blue denim jacket. Primus, I wouldn't even know what these articles were if I hadn't gone shopping with Sarah so much! Sarah enjoyed taking Ironhide with her on shopping trips and had wasted no time in instructing him on human clothing. He was confused on the femme's style though. He didn't know if she had a military background but she wore much of the same articles as human femmes on the NEST base did.

Hey, would you stop undressing me with your eyes! Marissa wanted to yell at the large man in front of her. Of course, was she any better when she first saw him? Despite her anger at him she was taken aback at his large muscles that seemed alive when he moved his arms. His muscle shirt seemed to be molded to his skin and his blue jeans showed off his hips. Nom, nom, nom, she thought to herself and giggled. That seemed to have caught the guy's attention again. He gave her a 'something funny' glare and started to open his mouth to speak before Will cut him off.

"We heard her squealing, are you forgetting this is the Annabelle?"

Marissa smiled at the little girl, if you tickled her enough she could wake up the distant neighbors at three am. She shot another look at the guy across from her pointedly and Will coughed a little.

Apparently the bodybuilder took this as a cue to introduce himself. "I work with William, my code name is Ironhide,"he said curtly. Rolling her eyes, Marissa scoffed. "Codename? You serious?"

'Ironhide' went to say something but was interrupted once again. "I-on-ide!" Marissa looked with surprise at Annabelle as the youngster reached her arms out to the big guy and laughed happily. She was even more surprised when Will handed the kid to him. Annabelle curled up in Ironhide's arms, chattering about anything and everything as the presumably tough guy gazed at her fondly. Will chuckled, receiving a light shove from him. Marissa could not believe that the guy who had tried to stare her down melted in the Annabelle's gaze. It was cute, the way she reached up to touch his chin while telling him about her escapade in the cornfield. Will pointed to the truck and he took the little girl to the backseat. Will climbed in to the passenger seat and Marissa hurried to the other side of the truck to sit in the back seat beside Annabelle. She smiled when she saw Ironhide buckling her into a car seat and kissed her forehead before shutting the door and getting into the driver seat. Maybe this Ironhide guy isn't so bad... Marissa mused to herself again, and he sure is cute!