Jade's POV

"What?" I held the phone against my shoulder and ear as I pulled open my dark blinds to let in a few tiny rays of sunshine. The bright orange lines contrasted against my pale skin, making me almost glow under the light. My eyes squinted across the horizon, the sun was just setting over the Hollywood hills, making the sky various colors. It was the first time I had seen natural light all day.

"Please come tonight." Cat whined down the phone. Even though I couldn't see her, I could tell she was doing her best 'kitty eyes', as she calls them.

"Why would I go?" I rolled my eyes, snapping the blinds back and leaving my room black again. It was the beginning of summer vacation and already I'd spent the first few days in my bedroom locked away from everyone and everything. I had no plans for this summer, other than to watch 'The Scissoring' as many times as possible and collect more vintage scissors for my collection. Everyone else seemed to have real summer plans, Cat was going to Disneyland for the millionth time, Beck was going to Canada, Andre and Robbie were going on some stupid camping trip together and Sinjin was going to summer camp, even though he was 16 and not 6. Everyone had plans, but of course not my family. My Dad was working all summer long as usual, and my Mom was going on a girls holiday, without me, but theres no surprise there. It didn't bother me too much, I never did anything anyways.

"Because it'll be fun! You liked the last one?" Her high pitched voice squealed back at me.

"That's because I was dating Beck then. Why would I go to one of his lame parties now we're not together?" I snapped. As I sat against my double bed, checking my hair in the mirror, I heard her take a deep breath against the phone.

"I'm single and I always have fun!" I could tell she was smiling through the phone. "Oh please come, Jade!"

"I'm not coming." Was my final response. I hung up before she could argue back. I knew she meant well, but the last thing I wanted to do was go to one of my ex boyfriends lame parties. Beck and I had been dating on and off for two years now, and as of right now, it was an off stage for us. He ended it; he said it was him and not me. Could he have been any more cliche?

I threw my phone onto my bed, making my way back over to my blinds and hurling them open, exposing myself and my bedroom to the extreme colors and lights that burst through my now open windows. It was a beautiful evening, one I was not going to miss.

"Oh for fucks sake." I cussed under my breath. I had already wasted almost a week in bed alone, I was bored out of my mind. Maybe this party wouldn't be as lame as the last ones?


The party was in full swing when I arrived. I'd never had a problem with confidence so I walked right into Beck's house. In the hallway were groups of friends I'd never seen before at Hollywood Arts, each of them stumbling about and attempting to dance while holding red cups obviously filled with some type of alcohol in their sweaty hands. No one looked around as I slammed the door, the music was so loud you could barely hear anything over it.

As I headed down towards the kitchen, two girls from the grade below stumbled past, brushing into me and spilling half their drinks on me. "Are you fucking serious?" I growled, wiping my hands across my soaked top.

"Oh shit. It's that West girl." The first girl stumbled, a slight smirk still on her face.

"Please don't hurt me!" The second and smaller girl squealed, holding her hands over her face. "I'm sorry!"

"You will be fucking sorry." I lunged forward as if I were going to hit them, making both of them scream at the top of their voices and rush off as quick as possible.

I looked down at my blue shirt. There was no way I could walk around like this, I looked as though I had thrown up on myself. As I dried myself off in Beck's downstairs bathroom I sighed heavily. I'd actually made an effort tonight. I'd curled my light brown hair, I'd even redyed my pink and blonde streaks. I'd worn one of my favourite blue shirts, which exposed my cleavage nicely, and I'd worn my usual black skinny jeans with my heavy black boots. But of course nothing ever went in my favour.

"Excuse me, is anyone in here?" A sweet voice called as a few taps sounded against the white door.

"Yes." I barked, making sure the door was firmly shut as I finished cleaning myself off. With one final dab against my less wet shirt, I exited with my head held high, as usual.

"Sorry, I didn't know you were in there." A friendly girl smiled sweetly at me as I opened the door. She stood with her hands held together in front of her, her big brown eyes captured mine with confidence right away.

I glanced at her for a brief second before pushing past her, our bodies brushing briefly as she squeezed into the bathroom.

"Oh yay, you came!" Cat jumped up off her seat as she saw me stood in the kitchen doorway.

"Yeah, whatever. Don't make a big deal about it." I peeled the giddy red head off me as I stepped out into the cool garden. The sun had almost set totally and the last remnants of the sun sparkled through the trees and shone brightly against the glass windows and door behind me. The garden had been done up for the party, tables and chairs spread across the green grass and fairy lights hung from the trees surrounding the edges of the yard. It couldn't of looked any gayer. "I was bored." I huffed, edging towards where Cat had just been sat.

"Hey chica, nice of you to grace us with your glorious presence." Andre joked, holding his hand up for a high five which I rejected, cocking my eyebrow up at him.

"Gurl, you are looking fly tonight." Rex piped in, his fixed eyes 'eyeing' me up and down.

"Bite me." I replied, sitting down beside Cat, who had a new drink in her hand and a wide grin on her face at the fact I'd chosen to sit beside her. It was hardly out of choice, it was one of the only seats left.

"Don't tempt me." Rex growled.

"REX!" Robbie shouted at the puppet. His eyes landed back on me, fear glazed in them.

How did I end up with these crack jobs as friends?

"So.. Where's Beck then?" I questioned, my eyes scanning across my friends who all went obviously silent.

"He's DJing I think." Cat smiled, batting her eyelids at me.

"Need a bit of man loving sweet cheeks?" Rex cooed across the table at me.

"I'd sooner fuck the person I hated more than anything than you, puppet." I was sick of guys. Sick of being hit on by a dumb puppet. I needed some excitement that didn't revolve around my crazy bunch of friends.

"Andrew? Hey."

We all turned around to face two Latina girls stood smiling at us. The older one flicked her curly hair over her shoulder as she lent across the table, spilling half of our drinks. "You're all in 11th grade, right?"

We all nodded, picking up our half empty red cups from the table, all of us staring contently at the two girls. The oldest one was Trina Vega, probably the most annoying girl in the school. We all knew of her, not because she had any talent, but because she was so irritating. The younger one looked nothing like her sister, she actually was pretty. She seemed to be everything Trina wasn't.

"This is my sister. She doesn't know anyone and she's totally cramping my style, can she hang with you?" She pointed to her younger sister who had a small, nervous smile on her lips. Before she could let us respond she'd rushed off back into the house, abandoning her younger sister with us.

"Hi." She smiled slightly more confidently now. "I'm Tori, Tori Vega. I'm sorry about her.." She trailed off, her eyes glancing back to the door her sister had darted into.

"Hey, it's cool. We understand. You can hang with us." Andre pointed to the seat next to me, a warm, welcoming smile on him. "We're all friendly."

"All but Jade." Rex mumbled under his breath.

I glared across at him, making him and Robbie quiver in fear.

Cat giggled as she watched Tori sit down. "I'm Cat."

"It's nice to meet you all. Thanks for this." Tori sat beside me. She watched how close she had got to me, obviously what Rex had said had worried her.

"I'm Andre, this is Cat, Robbie, Rex and Jade." Andre pointed at us all, everyone smiling but me. I caught my lips in a smug smirk as we caught eyes again.

She'd been the girl I'd briefly met in the bathroom earlier on this evening. I wouldn't have even recognised her if it wasn't for those chocolate brown eyes and her somewhat flawless cheek bones.

"So how come you don't go to Hollywood Arts?" I questioned right away. I'd eyed her up several times before speaking. She looked like the 'Hollywood' type. She had long brown hair that complimented her tanned skin and deep brown eyes. She was roughly my height, only skinnier and less curvy. And her dress sense was totally different to mine. She wore a pale blue pair of skinny jeans with a cutsey tank top and a light yellow cardigan. She was totally opposite from me.

"I'm not really into performing like Trina. I like science." Her perfect cheek bones blushed a heavy shade of pink as she admitted the last bit of her sentence.

"My brother ate our car tires once for a science experiment. He had to go to hospital for four days because his stomach didn't like the rubber." Cat giggled, her face half serious.

We exchanged bizarre looks to one another, we were mildly used to Cat's wild stories about her mad brother, but some still surprised us.

"So..Got the hots for anyone here?" Rex spoke towards Tori, changing the topic dramatically.

Tori's eyes widened as she realised the puppet stuck on Robbie's arm was the one that had just spoke to her. "Excuse me?" She cleared her throat, hoping to ignore him.

"You get used to it, he used to hit on me all the time." Cat rolled her eyes, batting her long lashes at the new girl.

"Used being the main word there, Cat." Rex chuckled.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Cat shrieked, her face going through several different emotions as she worked out what he had just said.

Tori laughed nervously as Cat sat back down, flattening out her hair and forming another child like smile on her face. "No, I'm not really looking." She replied to the puppet. She squinted with a confused look on her face as her eyes darted between Robbie and Rex, not knowing who she was really talking too.

Before I could let Rex try and chat any of us up anymore I stood up, brushing gently against Tori, my arm grabbing onto hers as I pulled her up beside me. "We're going to get some more to drink." She looked at me cautiously as she reached my eye level but she didn't fight me as I dragged her away from the table of friends. Neither of us knew one another, but I liked that. And frankly, she seemed the most sane out of my group of friends.

"The kitchen's this way?" After Tori followed me in silence she spoke up, her voice gentle.

"I know." I replied, heading in the opposite direction. At the back of Beck's yard was a public park, which had a large hill that overlooked the majority of Hollywood. It was quiet and since I was a kid I'd always loved coming here.

After walking for several minutes with Tori following sheepishly behind me, I sat carefully at the top of the hill. No matter how many times I go there, the view from the top of the hill still takes my breath away. A million shimmering lights reflect against the horizon, your entire sight being captured by so many different beauties. It's hard to take it all in. The night sky is like a navy blue blanket that covers the city, glittering in all the right places. It feels as though you are sat at the top of the world, that you could almost touch the clouds and the stars above.

"Wow." Tori gasped. Her eyes glistened with the lights from the city below us, her mouth open slightly as she looked around, obviously trying to take it all in. "I've lived here all my life, and I've never been up here."

"It's nice right?" From a hidden pocket pinned against my thigh I pulled out a small flask of Jack Daniels. "JD straight alright for you?"

Tori nodded, taking the flask off me and sipping it tenderly, her face crinkling as the tangy liquid hit her lips.

"I take it you don't drink normally." I laughed at her reaction, taking the flask back and necking a shot easily in front of her.

"Not really, no." She admitted, getting more comfortable on the moist grass under her.

"So what do you do for fun?" I'd hoped she'd be cooler than her annoying sister, perhaps I was wrong about them being totally opposite, they seemed pretty boring right now.

"I like to write songs." She twirled a strand of her long brown hair around her index finger nervously as I questioned her.

"I thought you didn't like to perform?" I bounced back, cocking my studed eyebrow at her.

"Oh, I don't really. I mean I play them to my parents sometimes, but apart from that they are just for me. Performing is Trina's thing." She smiled slighlty, her head bowed as her hair fell partcially in front of her face.

I laughed. "Is it really? You have seen her perform, right?"

Tori laughed along with me. "Sadly, yes."

"Alright, whatever you say." I took another swig from the flask. After various drinks from earlier on, the JD was kicking in nicely, making the world swirl and spin beautifully around me.

"How come you took me up here?" Tori brushed the hair out of her face, turning slighlty to face me.

We locked eyes, both of our pupils deep and larger than usual. I smirked at her. "I wanted to get out of there. Plus my friends are all insane." I rolled my eyes as she smiled. "How come you're even at this party? It's for Hollywood Arts students."

"Trina forced me to go. She has a major crush on this guy, Buck? Or something. And she wanted me to help set them up."

"Oh I see." I held back laughter. As if Beck would ever hook up with Trina. "So you're whipped."

Tori laughed again. Her laughed seemed to be contagious. It echoed across the hill, floating through the air like a cloud. "Am not!"

"Sure you are." I replied, my lips cracking into a smirk again. "You didn't even argue when I walked up here. You just walked straight up behind me, following me very willingly. You're either whipped or scared." I pursed my full lips together at her.

"I think I'm a bit of both." She tried to relax again, taking her eyes off me and back onto the view in front of us. "You don't seem as scary as they make you out to be."

"You say that very confidently. How do you know I didn't come up here to throw you off this hill?" I raised my eyebrow, my eyes pulling into a devious glare.

She laughed again, this time more of a nervous giggle than an eruption of laughter. "Because in the state of California, first degree murder would get you twenty five years in a state prision, and you're far too smart and pretty to waste away in a cell."

"That's if I get caught." I winked at her. Her new found confidence had surprised me. It was a nice change for someone not to fear me, it was something I hadn't felt in a long time. "And I wouldn't get caught."

"You're funny, Jade." She pushed at me jokingly. "It's Jade..?"

"For some reason, people are inclined to think my name is Jadelyn. It's not. I have no idea who the hell started that stupid rumour up, but it's just Jade. Jade West." The one thing I had in this world was my name, and I hated nothing more than when people got it wrong.

"People always assume my full name is Victoria, it's not." She grinned. "It's just plain old Tori." Tori held her hand out to me, a cheeky look on her face. "Well Jade, not Jadelyn, West. It is a pleasure to meet you."

I gripped her hand tight as what felt like a spark of electricity flew through my body, starting in my hand and ending with a shiver down my spine. "You're much better company than your sister, Tori Vega."

"Thanks?" She rose her eyebrow at me as she parted our hands.

Our eyes stayed locked for what felt like a lifetime. She seemed to be amazingly soulful and down to earth. There was something about her that made me curious. Curious to know everything about her, to spend time with her, to keep on looking at her.

She broke the gaze first. "Oh wow, the sun's coming up. Just look at the colors. Orange, yellow and red. It's like a fire over the hills."

I shook my head to myself. What the hell was I doing? I had stayed up all night with a girl I'd just met and I actually liked her and didn't want to hurt her. What was she doing to me?

I stood up, brushing stray strands of grass off me and turning to head back down the hill, stepping carefully over thick grass as the light was breaking onto the hill around us. "We best be getting back. It's late, or early. I don't know." I smirked as she followed me down the hill slowly. "Do you have anywhere to sleep?"

She shook her head. "Trina was hoping to sleep in that guys bed, she told me there'd be a sofa I could crash on."

Without thinking I spoke quickly. "You can share mine and Cat's tent."

"Thanks." She smiled as we entered the garden again.

The entire place was in an eerie silence, only slight mumbles of people could be heard. The garden itself had turned into a festival, tents covering almost every patch of grass. The one neartest to the corner was bright pink with a red cat on the side of it. Any idiot could guess who's tent that was. Cat was curled into a ball at the back end of the tent, her eyes gently closed and her body rising and falling as she took deep breaths.

Tori and I stepped carefully into the tent, positioning ourselves under a blanket Cat had left for me. Although the blanket was small, we left a gap between us meaning we had less cover for ourselves. I guess she was still scared of me.

"Goodnight Jade." Tori whispered against my ear as my eyes fell heavy.

The entire night raced through my brain. The alcohol and emotion pulsing through my veins. "Goodnight Tori." I replied immediately.

A/N - This fic is going to be based around the summer before Tori joins HA. It'll start to make more sense as it goes on and it'll connect back to episodes of Victorious. And obviously, there will be Jori. So let me know what you guys think of it! (I do not own Victorious obviously, or else Jori would have been canon by episode 3)