Zoro snarled, withholding nothing back as he sliced down an All Blue operative, wasting no time as he forced his way through. Fucking cook wasn't responding to any of that head set shit, that yes even he had tried putting on in order to get him to respond and no one Zoro had ran into, several times actually, had seen him. Whether he was alive or dead was up in the air, but damn shouldn't someone have at least seen him?
The swordsman sheathed his katanas. Something about this hallway was different and he hadn't noticed it before. It got narrower and instead of the shit art that looked like something Robin might own, were photos and other documents on the wall. The Marimo looked around himself at any other directions before deciding to choose this path. He didn't recognize it, which could easily mean it was where the idiot cook would be hiding out.

Zoro rested his hand on the hilt of his Katana, his dark eyes scanning the floor as he walked. There were blood drops as well.. Why did that make him suddenly eager, but unsure? He reached the end of the hall and paused, glancing straight ahead into the large open office. A breeze flew in from two open and shattered windows, tickling at the small spikes of his moss hair.

What the hell had exactly gone on in here? He began walking forward, to the window most shattered. The other only having a single bullet hole. The glass crumbled beneath his boots until he made it to the edge and glanced over. Several pieces of glass sparkled in greeting from the ground below, surrounding the body of a man Zoro could not recognize. At least, he could assure it wasn't Sanji, since his hair was a dull brown.

The Marimo stepped back a few paces, looking at the window. But something didn't make sense here. If he had jumped from this window, he would not have been so close to the building. If he had been pushed, he would not have landing on his chest and the window wouldn't be as shattered towards its edges. This scenario didn't make sense unless there was another person involved and the fight continued on the ground.

"You're late Marimo." A familiar voice, that relieved the swordsman echo'd from the desk and turned chair.

Sanji, finally he'd found him. He turned toward the desk and made his approach. So then he'd been hiding here had he? But why didn't he say anything when Zoro first entered? Stalking and watching him was a little creepy.

"Oi, what you doing just sitting here on your ass?" He smirked.

Sanji swallowed thickly, slightly shrugging though Zoro wouldn't really get to see it from where he was behind the chair. "It's comfy."

Zoro rolled his eyes. This really wasn't the time to go furniture shopping or something. He reached out, grabbing the corner of the chair in his hand and spinning Sanji around to see him. Then his smile faded, his eyebrows narrowing.


Sanji was slumped down into the chair, blood still oozing from a wound on his head that soaked his hair and didn't help the swelling that was beginning around his eye. Luckily the blood from his nose and his mouth had stopped for the time being. He wasn't looking up at Zoro though, instead staring down at one of the picture frames he had pulled off the wall. The one from his parents squad.

However, feeling a bit artistic he used some of the blood from his glass cut hands to blot out his father, leaving him nothing but the image of his mother. After watching how his father had literally gone bat shit insane from the mere memory of her face and decided to take it on him, he had the sudden need to see it for himself and remember. Finally though he looked up, right around the time the swordsman snatched the photo, apparently having been annoyed by the spacing out blonde.

"Ah Zoro." Sanji said a little hesitant and low. Maybe the blood loss or something was getting to him, he didn't know, he still couldn't feel his face or legs either. Probably a rare and life risking adrenaline rush again. "Fuck my head hurts."

Zoro scowled. "Nah shit," He growled, setting the photo Sanji was staring at off to the side before guiding him back into the chair and forcefully draping his bang back for a better visual of the wound. He let out a low hiss, it wasn't pretty, nor handsome compared to the cooks usual terms. He looked like crap, an image Zoro was beginning to see more and more to his distaste. "The fuck did you do Cook?"

Sanji lightly closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, rejoicing in the calming and relieve that came from the lover being close in his vicinity. Then, opening them again slowly he looked up at Zoro again, met his dark eye and then over at the window.

"I ended it." He explained, saying the statement like it was the easiest thing to come off his lips.

Zoro followed his gaze, a little uncertain why he looked to the window, but upon turning back and noticing the cook's hands for the first time, did he understand. Had Sanji pushed that man out the window.. no, the more he looked past the dirt staining the blonde's fair skin, he saw more nicks and cuts. Sanji had gone out, alongside him.

The Marimo clenched his teeth. The fucking cook had gone off on his own and yet again did more than his body was ready to handle. Though, even if it looked like he had a dare devil street about him, Zoro knew Sanji wouldn't have just acted on his own if he didn't feel it was important, or hadn't a choice.

The swordsman leaned in, wrapping his arms around Sanji and embracing him softly, taking note of the tremble in the blonde's breath past his ear. Then when he made his retreat, he lightly brushed Sanji's hair back over his wound; the priss was picky about that shit. The fight was going on around them still, but Zoro was determined, he needed to get Sanji out of here. Fast the inside of the building was becoming a dangerous area.

"Come on dartbrow, let's go."

"Zoro." Sanji looked down a little shameful. How he hated having to ask this bastard for assistance but.. he really had overdone himself again.

But the Marimo already knew what he meant. Hell, Zoro should've expected to find an overly exhausted cook. Against his will, though his protest was very small to begin with, the swordsman peeled his lover from the chair and guided his arm over his shoulder. It took Sanji a moment but then he was slowly walking beside him as they made their way out, trying to ignore the next shudder through the manor.

"So it's over?" Zoro felt the need to confirm again. He wanted to know whether or not it was safe to feel satisfied.

The messy blonde head next to him nodded, then while using most of Zoro for his support, he dug his injured hand in his pocket, dismissing the slight pain while he still could and retrieved a small cylinder. The reason he forced himself back up here when he should have never attempted. It was his father's detonator.

"We have to gather the others then... it's over."

The swordsman only got a side glance at the small device, but didn't pry. There would be a time and a place for all to be discussed, but there were other things to focus on now.

When the couple found their way back into the manor, they finally found their missing captain. It was a bitter sweet moment, since they were relieved that Luffy was well in this shit storm, but infuriated that he seemed to have gotten distracted immediately after finding the kitchen. After scolding him for indulging himself, Sanji made the call on the headsets for the crew to fall back and meet up near the trees as soon as they could.

By this time a lot of battles had already been one; many corpses were being walked over. Only one provoked slight conversation when Zoro brought Sanji outside, glancing at the body of his father only long enough to mention that they looked alike.

Everyone looked like hell finally when they met up again, surrounded by Franky family grunts. Chopper nearly lost his shit when he saw Sanji, forcefully taking him from Zoro to begin looking him over, going on again and again why he knew it wasn't a good idea to let him come. Robin though seemed relieved at Sanji's condition, her intuition confirmed when Sanji announced he'd done it, killed the mastermind behind it all.

Then he showed it to them, the device that would free them all. Ace, having escaped majority of his battles unscathed and looked over all the explosives personally, knew exactly what it was and took it for himself. He met the eyes of all his companions, his thumb over the top. This was the answer to all their problems was it not? It was the explosion that would erase this bitter memory and free them.

For once after seeing how much it affected his friends, he didn't mind going against his usual values to use it. He pressed it and they all watched, the flames reflecting in their eyes as it went sky high. All traces of that shitty All Blue in flames. They stood there for some time, just watching and indulging, until finally someone reminded them that before the authorities washed in from the city that they should flee.

No one really had protests about that. Zoro helped load his injured beloved into the back of Franky's van, which had been hidden somewhere along the bush. Anyone else who came in a different ride found it and they ripped out of there. Only Ace, having turned the evidence of the device into ash in his hand, remained. This was his job after all; he would need to respond accordingly.

So when a blonde with lazy and half lid eyes came with his men to search for survivors and calm the fire, It was Ace who stood in the way, explaining that there weren't any, regardless of how guilty it might have made him seem.


That night, back at the lovely Robin's, the crew had a celebration. They had won and were finally free. Sanji didn't cook, but his former employees, hired in advance from a sweet Kaya, had it all prepared. They knew they'd win, was there ever any doubt? Chopper had scolded Sanji over and over again, while tending to his wounds.

They weren't as bad as they seemed. His nose was bruised and he had to have stitches on his temple as well as wrapped. Otherwise, minus some bruising and cuts along his body that would heal normally, he was fine. Still he was exhausted, feeling for the first time relief at seeing his wheelchair waiting for him at the side. He collapsed back into it, taking a deep exhausted breath and opening his eyes only enough to watch as some of the Franky Family started a congo line.

Zoro, having found himself a nice bottle of Sake, moved to the wall and leaned against it, watching the show as he popped the top and began to guzzle away. He gasped out after his rather long gulp and glanced over at his bandaged cook. He let out a slighty annoyed whine.

"Shit cook, you couldn't wait a little bit before getting your face rearranged?"

Sanji glared over at him. Bastard, how dare he say something about his face. When Sanji was out of this chair he would let him know how that 'face rearranging' really feels-

"Sorry, did my will to live ruin your fantasy?" Sanji snapped back.

Zoro wrinkled his nose a bit, milking his drink and rolling back his shoulders. "S'your wedding. You'll be wearin' the white."

Sanji's eye widened slightly. "Ohoho, is that so shit face? And who decided I was the bride?"

Zoro rolled his eyes. "Pretty sure I've carried your ass over the threshold enough times to make it official."
Sanji let out a huff at that, jerking his head away to glance back at the celebration in full swing. He rested his chin in his palm and sighed.

"You still want to do that then, huh?" He mumbled slightly before turning his chin in his hand and glancing back at Zoro.

The brute caught a burp in his mouth, hit his chest once and nodded. "Too late to back out now cook, you gave me a yes in advance." The swordsman was sure to point out.

It was something he hadn't forgotten so easily and that he'd used somewhat for motivation through all the commotion. He watched as Sanji lightly shook his head.

"Nah, I'm not backing out..." He began, taking a moment to just glance off and get lost in his thoughts before returning. "You just aren't getting me anywhere an aisle with this shit on my face."
Zoro scowled. "Oi!"

That didn't seem far that just because the cook went and got himself messed up and had to get some cast shit on his nose and head that he had to suffer. He took a step forward and turned towards the blond, bending over to grab his attention.

"I ain't waiting cause you're self-conscious or some shit!"

Sanji met his scowl with his own glower, reaching out and snatching the Marimo close by the collar of his shirt.

"If I'm hiring a fucking photographer we are!"

Zoro snarled. "Photographer? The fuck you been planning cook? I'm talkin' about Vegas."

"Vegas?! You uncultured neanderthal-"
Nami laughed lightly, watching the scene from across the room where she sat with her drink. She glanced over at her drinking partner, Robin and offered her a smile.

"They've already gone back to normal, I think." She couldn't help but comment.

Robin nodded, her finger elegantly tracing the edge of her glass.

"They're finally able to heal."

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