"What're you doing?"

"Using my laptop." Beca was quick to shoot down Chloe's question, not really wanting to open up to the red head that'd made herself at home on the bed in Beca's dorm.

"I meant what in particular." She could practically hear Chloe roll her eyes when she spoke.

"Talking to someone…" It wasn't that she didn't want Chloe to know, she just felt weird explaining everything (Beca could easily write a book on how little she liked opening up to people).

"When there's someone who's perfectly capable of talking to you right here?" Chloe motioned to herself.

"You're always here though." Beca winced when she realized how harsh her words had sounded.


"No, not like that." The brunette interjected before Chloe had a chance to rebound happily as if nothing hurtful had ever been said (which if possible only made Beca feel even worse when she did say something mean). "It's just… It's a girl, that I uh… that I met online. What I meant was… I only get to talk to her when she's not at work. I always get to see you." Her excuse was crap, but it was the best she had.

"You met someone online…" Chloe instantly sounded dubious.

"Yea but not in a creepy way." Beca insisted. "It wasn't like one of them pervy chat rooms or something."

"Okay…" Chloe still didn't seem convinced.

"Look, have you ever heard of tumblr?" Chloe nodded. "Well yea, I have a blog and…."

"Oh! Can I follow you?" Chloe's eyes lit up.

"Have you ever, rebloged a picture of a girl with dip dyed hair, or a starbucks coffee?" Beca shot back instantly.

"Yea… Both."

"Well then no, no you can't follow me." Chloe looked deject, but Beca continued regardless. "Anyway, my blog's dedicated to music obviously, and a few months ago this anon started talking to me about bands and stuff. Like she was cool and all anyway, but it turns out she likes all the same things I do. I mean we're basically the same person, and her parents are fuck ups as well apparently." Beca couldn't help but allow a smile to spread across her face as she spoke about her.

"And you don't think it's weird that you guys just happen to like all the same things, and have basically the same life experiences?" Chloe looked unsettled as she continued her line of questioning.

"You don't get it…" Beca was getting increasingly upset.

"Have you ever talked to her on anything other than tumblr? Like have you seen her on skype or anything?" Chloe pushed, apparently refusing to let this one go.

"Well no… we set up a private chat room a few weeks ago, so we talk there a lot." Beca explained. "But no, I've never talked to her on web cam or anything." She added meekly.

"How can you think of this as being safe?!"

"She's just right, ya know? She's exactly like me. She just gets what I'm going through and she knows what it's like to just feel shitty about yourself some days." She explained as a ping sounded on her laptop.

"So would other people if you'd let them in…" Chloe's words were lost as to Beca though as the brunette swivelled back round on her chair to check the screen.

Violet127: Hey sorry, had to go let the dog out
Violet127: Back now tho
DJBecaM: It's cool My friend's here anyway
Violet127: Oh who?
DJBecaM: Chloe. From Bellas
Violet127: Ah, sounds like fun
DJBecaM: She's quizzing me on you
Violet127: What you tell her?
DJBecaM: That we have cyber-sex all the time
DJBecaM: And we're eloping ;)
Violet127: lol
Violet127: You're so weird :P
DJBecaM: I do try

"Am I just going to be ignored for the rest of the evening?" Chloe's words drew Beca away from her screen momentarily.

"Huh…?" The brunette had kind of forgotten she'd had company.

"Oh forget it. I'm going home."

"Chloe, no, wait!" Beca's words stopped the red head before she reached the door.

DJBecaM: brb
Violet127: I'm not going anywhere…

"Look sorry." Beca felt like an ass now, as she finally turned back to face her friend, who's arms were crossed indignantly across her chest. "I didn't mean to ignore you." She felt like a child being scolded.

"It's fine." Chloe sighed, never having been able to stay mad at the brunette. "You really like her then?"

"I…" Beca paused; she wasn't used to opening up like this. "Yea… yea I think I do." She nodded finally, the tiniest shadow of a smile on her face. "Though I guess I'll find out for sure soon enough."

"Come again?" Chloe's eyebrow quirked, causing Beca to grin wider.

"Yea we're uh… we're meeting up." She was practically giddy now.

"Aca-scuse me?" The aca-ism just slipped out.

"Don't get all high and mighty with me Chloe." Beca instantly slipped into defensive mode. "We're just meeting up to talk and stuff… It'd just be like me and you going for coffee." She insisted. "Well… other than the fact that she lives in Virginia, so ya know… I'll be staying with her."

"You can't be serious." Chloe dead panned, folding her arms across her chest. "What part of that is the same as me and you going for coffee?"

"Well we will be going for coffee…." Beca tried her best to push back the nagging doubt in the back of her head; adamant that she wouldn't let Chloe's quizzing put her off this trip.

"Oh come on Beca!" Chloe's tone was becoming increasingly exasperated. "You and I both know that's not the same as meeting me. It's just not safe!"

"The second time I ever met you it was when you walked in on me showering… I feel a lot safer around Violet than I do around you." The second she said it, Beca knew she'd hurt Chloe's feelings again (god, she really was going for some kind of record today). "Okay, wait no, that came out wrong. I mean I obviously feel safe around you, you're my best friend I just… I don't even know, just please don't be mad, I already know I'm a dick." She tried to say everything before Chloe had a chance to walk out and ended up with a random jumble of words.

It made Chloe smile though. Even if it was only brief.

"I'm coming with you." The red heads tone was final.

"Wait… what?" Beca didn't know where her demand was coming from.

"To meet this Violet person. I mean I wont be with you the whole time. I'm just going to make sure you're okay with her first and she's not a psycho."

"You're so weird." Beca chuckled, deep down feeling oddly content in the knowing that Chloe cared for her like that.

"You'll thank me when she pulls a machete." Chloe laughed along.

"Like I said, so, so weird."


DJBecaM: brb

Violet127: I'm not going anywhere…


Violet sat unmoving in her chair. She watched as Beca's icon flashed on screen and eventually appeared away, then offline.

She felt heat rising through her as anger bubbled to the surface. How dare she be ignored. How dare Beca allow Chloe to interrupt their time together.

She needed to lash out, and made a move to knock her aged computer off its table, but stopped herself. No good would come from losing her one pathway of communication with Beca. She was so close now. So close to seeing her; to being with her. Alone together at last.

Never to part again.