I decided to try a new style of writing with this story, hope you like it.

Dom was standing at this car waiting for the girl that was making his heart flutter at the moment. He smiled as she ran over to him and kissed him,

"Hey Stacey"

"Hey baby"

She kissed him again before she was tapped on the shoulder by Mia. Letty and Mia were standing there in disgust. Dom looked a little mad, but Mia smiled and simply stated,

"If you want to eat my brother's face can you do it some other time please? I have a huge history project to finish and I need him to drive me home"

Letty laughed and smirked. She tilted her head and looked at Dom. He shook his head,

"You made your point Mia"

She smiled as Dom opened the door for Letty and Mia to get it. They climbed in and watched in disgust while Dom started kissing Stacey again. Letty pounded on the window and they pulled away. She saw Stacey's lips move and Dom laughed a little bit. She couldn't help but think that it was about her. She sunk back in the seat as they both climbed in.

"Dad said you aren't supposed to go out today"

Dom started the car and was making his way home when he looked at his sister through the rearview mirror and simply asked,

"And why not?"

She shrugged, and went back to texting her current flame Blake. Letty was drumming her fingers on her binder to beat of the music. She was thinking she knew exactly why Mr. T didn't want him to go out. No one enjoyed Stacey's company but Dom. She was rude, laughed at her own jokes and honestly smelled too much like a piece of bubble gum to be around too long.

They finally pulled up to the front of the house and they all got out. Mia and Letty ran to the house and to her room starting on the project. Dom was driving Stacey home and about an hour later landed back at the Torreto house. It was too quiet for this little house. Usually Vince had let himself in by now and was playing some video game.


His question was answered with silence. He started up the stairs and went to his room changing into sweat pants and nothing else. He grabbed his book for math and was sitting at the kitchen table trying to figure out the problem when Letty walked in. He looked up and smiled. She didn't smile back as she grabbed two waters out of the fridge and was about to leave when he stopped her,


She turned around and hummed in response,

"You okay?"

She nodded and smiled a little running back up the stairs. He sighed and rubbed his head going back to the math. In his final year he never expected it to be so complicated. Mia and Letty were a year behind him and it seemed like everything was so simple for them. He decided to call the garage,



He heard laughter on the other end and then a reply,

"Homework got you down again son?"

"Yeah, why can't I just work at the garage again?"

"Because I want you to have a better life"

"I have a pretty good life"

Tony smiled smiling looking at the garage. He did have a pretty good life. Four kids that loved each other, when people asked him he had four kids not just two; Vince and Letty had become his children from such a young age. Dom started again,

"Mia and Let are working on some project do you want me to go pick something up for dinner?"

"No, I'll get something on the way home"

"Okay, oh wait. Have you seen Vince?"

There was silence on the other end. Dom had almost thought he had hung up,


"No, sorry Dom I haven't"

"Okay, I'll see you in a couple hours?"

"Yeah, bye bud"


They hung up and Dom went upstairs and walking in to his little sister's room. She looked up and glared at him,

"Ever heard of knocking?"

"Ever heard of attitude?"

She rolled her eyes,


"There it is again"

He pointed at her and Letty laughed from the bed. She was laying on her stomach with a pencil in her mouth looking at some book. He smiled when he heard her laugh, but Mia started again,

"So did you need something?"

He then remembered why he had come to see them.

"Have either of you seen Vince?"

Mia shook her head at her brother and then looked to Letty who seemed to not be listening to the bickering siblings anymore. Once she heard one fight she heard them all, but Dom snapped her out of her thoughts,


She smiled and looked up,


"Have you seen him?"



He simply stated and she shook her head going back to her and replying,

"No, not recently"

"Why Dom, shouldn't you know where your best friend is? I know where mine is"

She laughed as Letty raised her fist to bump it. They bumped them and Dom shook his head walking out of the room. He stomped down the stairs grabbing one of his hoodies from the bottom of the stairs and slipping on shoes walking the block to Vince's house.

He tried not going there very often. You didn't know what you were getting half the time, a drunken father who didn't care about anything or the loony crack addicted mother who was very touchy. As Dom knocked on the door he really hoped for the drunken father. But fate was not on his side as Vince's mom answered the door.


Dom didn't want to touch her. Afraid to get high off contact, she hugged him so tight he could barely breathe. He pulled away and smiled,

"Mrs. Hunter is Vince home?"

She moved aside and smiled,

"Oh yes dear. He's upstairs. Come on in"

Dom smiled and took the stairs two at a time not wanting anymore touching today. He got to his room and opened the door not knocking on it. Dom and Vince were more than best friends they were brothers. They had been storming in and out of each other's rooms for years. Vince had his back turned to the door working on what looked like the same math Dom was.

"You know, if you had come over we could have tried to figure that shit out together"

He heard Vince laugh and the squeak of his chair as he turned around,

"Oh you got Mia to do it for you?"

Dom laughed laying on the bed throwing a pillow at him. Vince smirked,

"What are you doing here?"

"The house is full of girls."

Vince nodded,

"What else is new?"

Dom shrugged,

"You want to come over for dinner?"

Vince smiled and shook his head,

"Is Stacey going to be there?"

Dom gave him a face and replied,

"No, family dinner"

"You two seem pretty serious"

Dom sat up and looked at Vince,

"Are you jealous?"

Dom smirked as Vince smiled a little bit,

"You wish, I just don't want to have to sit through another dinner with her looking at herself in a spoon or telling me about her newest beauty tip"

"Why does everyone hate her?"

Vince stood up grabbing his book, and Dom stood up as they continued the conversation down the stairs,

"She doesn't fit in well"

They said good bye to Vince's parents who were too distracted to care at this point and started walking to the Torreto house,

"You guys won't even give her a chance"

"She won't even touch motor oil"

Vince's hands went up in defense almost dropping his books.

"Mia doesn't"

"Mia can, she chooses not to. Mia isn't afraid of it like Stacey is, Mia just knows if she pouts enough someone will do it for her but she can do anything we can. Stacey ran away from a puddle the other day. The girl hates dirt, not a very good combination in the Torreto household"

"V, please give her a chance"

As they walked up to the house they noticed Stacey sitting on the front porch. Vince turned to Dom.

"What the hell man?"

Dom didn't know what to say,

"I didn't know why she was coming"

As they walked up Stacey got up and huffed towards them. Vince rolled his eyes, and tried to smile. He was about to say hello when she cut him off,

"Dominic your bratty little sister and her weird friend locked me out"

Vince was offended and he hated that Dom let his girlfriend talk about Letty and his sister like that.

"Watch how you talk about my family"

She turned her attention to him and smirked,

"Family? Last I heard your family was a drunk and a crack head."

Vince rolled his eyes pushing past her and into the house. He went up the stairs to Mia's room and laid on the other side of the bed next to Letty,

"Dom's looking for you"

He nodded and groaned dropping his book on the floor,

"He found me and so did his little girlfriend"

Mia turned and looked at him,

"She's here?"

He nodded and gave them a weird look,


Letty asked first, and he replied

"She said you wouldn't let her in"

Mia rolled her eyes,

"She didn't even knock."

Letty added,

"Can she even open a door?"

Vince and Mia laughed. Letty had to smile, they heard Mr. T call them downstairs and they all smiled as they ran to the kitchen first. They stopped smiling when they saw her sitting at the table. It was going to be a very long awkward dinner.

Hope you like it. Different then all the other stories I write. I wanted something different, something happier. More family moments. Let me know.