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It was a few days later and Letty was sitting cross legged on Mia's bed as they planned out their annual family vacation. They only had two weeks before the boys left for the road and Dom took over the garage so it had to be something quick.

Letty was surfing the internet when she smiled when she remembered one of the best vacations they had ever had,

"What if we go back to that cabin on the lake?"

Mia turned and smiled,

"That sounds so amazing"

Letty smiled and nodded,

"We'll call when Tony and the boys get home"

Mia nodded sitting up and sitting beside Letty as she roamed Facebook. Mia pointed at the screen,

"Molly always needs to show off"

Letty nodded, and bit her lip. Mia turned and shook her head,

"Alright so what aren't you telling me?"

Letty laughed and smiled,

"That obvious?"

"To your best friend yes"

Letty sighed,

"Dom said he loved me"

MIas eyes grew ten times wider and screamed. Letty laughed as Mia stood up on the bed and pulled Letty with her. Mia started jumping and Letty gave in and started jumping with her.

Mia grabbed her in a hug and Letty tucked her head in Mias neck. Mia stopped jumping and looked at her,

"You aren't happy?"

"No, I am extremely happy…"

Mia tilted her head and looked at her,


Letty sighed,

"But every since the BBQ he's been pulling away"

"Wait the BBQ?"

Letty nodded, and sat down on the bed, pushing the laptop to the end of it. Mia sat beside her, as Letty continued,

"We had a quickie"

Mia shoved her a bit,

"Gross, Let come on you know the rule"

Letty laughed and shrugged,

"Alright sorry, we had a lovely talk about butterflies and he told me"

Mia laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Why do you think he's pulling away?"

Letty bit her lip,

"I don't know, we've barely talked or kissed in the last four days."

"Did you talk to him?"

"Between him going to the shop, or driving off with Vince? No I haven't had time"

Mia shrugged,

"Call him right now."

"And say…"

Mia smirked,

"You want to get freaky"

Letty laughed,

"I can not say that"

Mia laughed,

"Then tell him you want to talk"

Letty sighed and put her head on Mia's shoulder,

"He doesn't talk about his feelings"

Mia smiled and put her hand on Lettys knee,

"He said I love you, that's a good start"

Letty nodded, Mia reached and got Letty's phone,

"Call him, just ask him out"

Letty took the phone and spun it in her fingers,

"I feel like were in middle school calling Drew"

Mia laughed and put her hands on her heart,

"God that smile, still gets me weak in the knees"

Letty laughed,

"And yet every time he answered you hung up the phone and threw It across the room"

Mia laughed, and smiled,

"Stop distracting me. Call him"

Letty scrunched her nose, and dialed Dom's number. She turned and whispered,

"If he answers can I hang up and throw my phone?"

Mia rolled her eyes, and mouthed no as she got up off the bed to go the bathroom. The phone rang two more times before Letty heard his voice answer almost in a laugh,



Dom smiled as he realized it was his girl on the other end,

"What's up?"

Letty bit her lip,


For the first time she was at a loss for words. Dom replied to the silence,

"Let, you alright?"

Letty smiled,

"I am, I'm good. I just … we need to talk"

Dom stopped, those four words were never good. He sighed,

"Okay shoot"

Letty smiled,

"No, in person. Can we meet up later?"

"Sure, I can pick you up in an hour"

"Okay, I'll be ready"

They hung up, and Letty collapsed on the bed. Mia walked back in putting her hair up in a pony tail,

"So how did it go?"

Letty sighed and rolled in to the bed face first, mumbling,

"I think I made it worse"

Mia laughed,


She groaned getting off the bed,

"I told him "we need to talk'"

Mia scrunched her nose,

"Bad choice of words"

Letty shrugged,

"Help me pick something to wear"

Mia laughed,

"Something sexy, then maybe he'll forget you said the worse four words in a relationship"

Letty nodding sadly as she walked to Mia's closet to find something to wear. For the next hour Mia found Letty a pair of baby blue shorts, and a white t-shirt, that you could see her black string bikini through. Mia waved Letty's hair just slightly.

"This isn't very sexy Mi"

"What do you want me to do? Put you in lingerie?"

Letty laughed and shrugged,

"I don't know"

"If I put you in anything else on he'll know something is up"

Letty nodded,

"I guess you're right"

The front door opened and Dom's voice was heard as he called up the stairs,


Letty walked out of the bedroom, and smiled down the stairs at him,



He nodded and smiled as she walked down the stairs,

"Bye Mi"

Mia leaned against the door frame and waved. Dom smiled at Letty as she finally reached him,

"You look beautiful"

She smiled,

"Thanks, we should go"

Dom nodded,

"Okay, I'm assuming the beach?"

Letty turned around as she opened the door,

"Yeah, that's a good place to talk"

Dom's smile fell and nodded,

"Talk yeah"

The car ride was beyond awkward for both parties. Dom's hand was resting on the gear shift tensely, Letty was biting her lip as she drummed her fingers on her knee.

Before they even made it to the beach Dom pulled over to the side of the road and Letty turned and looked over,

"This isn't the beach"

She laughed a bit and Dom smiled,

"I can't take this anymore"

Letty raised an eyebrow,

"Take what?"

He sighed and just blurted out,

"Are you going to break up with me? Did I freak you out when I told you I loved you? I can take it back if you aren't ready, I just don't want to lose you Let"

Letty smiled and rubbed her lips together, she leaned over and kissed Dom, and felt him smile against her lips. She pulled back and put her forehead on his,

"Don't take it back"

Dom smiled,

"I was hoping you would say that"

Letty smiled,

"But we still need to talk"

Dom sighed,

"So close"

Letty whispered,

"Why have you been pulling away?"

Dom shook his head,

"What do you mean?"

She shrugged,

"Last couple days you just have been sending so much time at the garage and ignoring my calls. And I don't know, I was afraid you didn't mean it when you said you loved me. Because we had just had sex and you were upset with your dad. I mean I know you just said you didn't want to take it back, but you can if –"

Dom cut her off with a kiss, and she sighed in to it, he pulled away and her eyes were still closed as he kissed her forehead,

"First, your phone died yesterday remember, I tried to call you back. Second I got home the last couple days and you were asleep, I tried to wake you up and you told me to screw off."

Letty laughed,

"I don't know why I am so emotional lately"

Dom shrugged,

"Take the good with the bad"

"So tonight I am all yours"

Dom smirked,

"Oh yeah"

She nodded,

"And you are all mine"


She smiled and sat back in her seat,

"To the beach"

Dom sat back,

"I have a better idea"

Letty raised an eyebrow as they began to drive,

"And what's that?"

"You'll have to trust me"

Letty smiled,

"I trust you"

Long Chapter in honour of me never updating. Hope you like it.