The castle ruins rocked as the aliens flew over head. Twilight Sparkle could feel the very ground shake from the vibrations. She and her friends had found a box in the woods, one that could end all of Equesrtia if opened, and hundreds of thousands of space ships were there to do just that. Any one of them could destroy what was left of the castle, with the bearers of the Elements of Harmony inside. Said Elements of Harmony would be able to get rid of them permanently, but it would take time to prepare.

Twilight had asked Pinkie Pie to stall for time but she privately doubted that even Pinkie could stall an uncountable number of alien empires for long enough. This was the end. Suddenly a weird sound was heard. It was high pitched, and shattered some of the remaining windows. It faded out slowly and voice was heard. It was bright and peppy, with an insane yet genuine amount of cheerfulness in it. Twilight gave a violent start when she realized it was Pinkie.

"Sorry, I was standing to close to the speakers!" She cleared her throat, and spoke up, as if addressing a sporting event and not the destruction of all that she knew. "Hi, everyone! Who takes the Pandorica, takes the universe." Her expression changed to sad, almost as if she didn't want to give some bad news. "But, I'm sorry everyone, but there's bad new: because guess who got here first!" She leapt in the air and stood, expecting some recognition, but the aliens paid her no heed. She frowned, and then smiled sweetly at the sky. "Oh, sorry, it's just; you're all flying around, and distracting me. Could you please stand still a minute because I. AM. TALKING!"

Twilight and the others stared in shock. They had never heard Pinky say an angry word before, let alone shout. The aliens were apparently surprised as well, because they all stopped and listen. Pinkie smiled again. "Thank you!" Now, the question everyone is wondering is; who has the Pandorica? Answer, WE DO! Next question: who's going to take it from us?" She gave them no time to respond, and hurried on.

"After all, we are the Bearers of the Elements of harmony. We defeated the Nightmare moon, an entity that had the power to move an 81 billion ton celestial rock with a thought! We stopped Discord, a creature who could warp reality itself! We've fought hundreds of thousands of monsters that could have destroyed all of you at once!"

"We haven't," Twilight thought, "but the way Pinkie is talking it's hard to refute."

The aliens seemed to be buying it. Pinkie lowered her voice, somehow sounding like the most fearsome thing in the universe. "Look at us. We have no plan, no back up, no weapons, but do you know what's most important? We don't have a THING TO LOSE!" The girls jumped back as Pinkie yelled. The aliens also seemed spooked. Pinkie paid them heed. "So If any of you are sitting up there in you're silly little space ships, with all you're little gimmicky guns, and you have any pathetic little plans about stealing the Pandorica tonight, just remember whose standing in you're way! Remember, every monster we fought, every time we saved the world from an unbeatable threat, and then, do smart thing.'

She paused for breathe, and gave the sweetest smile she could, to go with one of the most chilling voices the universe had ever heard. "Let some one else try first." The ponies watched in shock as the aliens began to fly away. They turned to pinkie, which had somehow moved to right behind them, and was somehow wearing a tweed jacket and bow tie. She smiled "Trust me; I'm the Doctor." Twilight Sparkle tried to form words. "Wha- what was that?" Pinkie grinned, now wearing a blue suit and brown trench coat. "Well; it's pretty brilliant actually. Pandorica opens, 2010, written by Steve Moffat. Good job none of those aliens were Whovians." She somehow changed into a fedora and impossibly long scarf, and asked in a much deeper voice, "Would you like a jelly filly?"

Hoof Note

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