Not really a standard pairing but I was inspired by a picture I saw. I don't care about either of these characters "acting out of character" I just wanted to write something so I wrote it. You can pretend it's an AU if that'll make you feel better

Sai was on an important mission from the Hokage. Since the invasion of Pain, Konoha and Ame had become allies. This was mostly due the fact that Konan, Amegakure's de facto leader, had sworn her life and allegiance to Naruto, who Nagato had trusted to find true peace. Sai's mission was to negotiate with Amegakure and enlist their help rebuilding the Leaf and, hopefully, tracking down Sasuke.

When Sai arrived in at the Rain Village, he was greeted by several visitors eager to help him in any way. "I need only meet with Konan," he told them. Sai could tell he had said something offensive by the look on their faces. He had a feeling they didn't attack him because they knew he was important. The villagers quickly put smiles back on their faces and escorted Sai to the tallest tower in the village. Sai thanked those who had helped him, whipped out his drawing pad and brush, drew his signature bird which sprang to life, and hopped on. Good thing it isn't raining or else my drawings would be washed away. In no time, Sai was at the top of the tower.

Konan was standing near the edge, observing her village and, when she saw Sai land, she greeted him. "Welcome to Amegakure, Sai. Let's go inside. It will start raining soon." Sure enough, no more than two minutes after they entered the building did it start to pour. The two made their way to Konan's office on the top floor. "You must be tired from your travels, no?"

"No, madam," Sai replied. "I came to do the Hokage's will and I will leave when that is accomplished. I cannot rest until my mission is complete."

Konan was impressed with the loyalty the Leaf shinobi had towards his kage and village. She poured them both a drink when they arrived at her office and took a seat behind her desk, gesturing for her guest to do the same. "Then let us talk."

The negotiations were short. Konan was eager to help the effort to rebuild the village she had helped level. She also agreed to send out several teams and help gather information to assist in locating Sasuke in hopes of bringing back the Konoha. "Locating this Sasuke matters a lot to Naruto and so it is important to me. Is that all?"

"Yes, madam," Sai answered. He stood up; ready to take his leave and report back to Lady Tsunade. "I'll return at once and inform the Hokage of our success."

"Oh," Konan said with an air of disappointment. "You can't leave now. It's raining cats and dogs out there. You will surely be washed away downstream never to be heard from again. I will have a room put together for you at once. Please, I insist." Sai reluctantly agreed to spend the night but only because refusing Lady Konan's hospitality would insult her. "Wonderful."