Sai woke up to a beam of sunlight hitting his eyes. He wrinkled his face, sat up, and stretched his arms out, letting out a large yawn. He looked next to him see Konan still asleep which spots on her naked body that marked where Sai had cum on her last night. Just looking at the woman, whose body was lit up by the sun through the window, brought a rise to his penis again. He thought of entering her right then and there while she was still asleep. But, Sai remembered he had to return to Konoha and report back to Lady Tsunade on the success of the negotiations. Sai managed to get out of the bed without waking Konan but when he had gathered up his clothes and made his way out of the room to get dressed elsewhere, he stubbed his toe on the door frame. Konan woke up from the cry of pain he produced.

"Leaving without saying goodbye?" Konan climbed out of bed and put on a night gown from a dresser nearby. The gown was transparent so her body was still visible.

"I should get going," Sai explained. "And I didn't want to wake you, madam."

"How sweet," she replied, patting his chest. "And drop the 'madam' would you? We just shared the night together. You've earned the right to call me Konan." Sai started to get dressed, much to Konan's disappointment, who wanted to have some more fun. He remembered how he seemed to have insulted the villagers when he first arrived and decided to ask Konan about it. "Oh," she started to explain. "They call me 'God's Angel.' A nickname I got when Nagato ruled the village as 'God.' I told them there was no need to call me that anymore but old habits die hard I suppose."

"I suppose," Sai said. "Konan." He saw her smile. "I have to go now. Lady Tsunade will be waiting for me."

"Before you go," Konan stopped him, "I need you to give a scroll to the Hokage. It's in my office upstairs, come." The two walked to her office on the top floor, Konan still dressed in her transparent nightgown, and Sai fully clothed now. Occasionally, they passed people in the hallway and, when they saw Konan approaching, they stood up against the wall and looked down, not wanting to disrespect their leader. "Here," Konan handed Sai a thin scroll when they reached the office. "For her eyes only. Oh, well it looks like the skies are clear for you to fly off. Have a safe trip."

Sai said his goodbye to Konan and headed to the roof. Hopping on his bird, Sai flew off towards Konoha. He looked back to the tallest tower, recalling last night's events and secretly hoping he would get another chance to spend another night with lovely Konan.

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