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The main themes for this story however, are mine.

The title for this story came from the Twin Atlantic song; Crash Land (However, it is not based on that song.)

I'm alone and I cant go without you
Drive me back home I deserve to be rescued~Crash Land; Twin Atlantic


It started with a chair, I know, it's not the best way to start anything, but that's how Jade's story starts. Well, that's how this story starts. Jade west, is eighteen years old, she used to go to Hollywood Arts high school. But she left in the summer time.

She's negative, sarcastic, and most of the time mean… Oh, and she's pregnant… She has two month left until she delivers her child. She doesn't know what to do; it had never occurred to her that something like this might happen. She has no idea how to handle the situation she's in.

She always saw herself being a mother, but in the very distant future. Not now.

That's where the chair part comes in, she and her boy friend Beck, had sex on a chair in Jade's Dad and Step-mom's house, and that's how they ended up in the situation they are in.

She now lives with her boyfriend of two years Beck Oliver, he is the father to her unborn child, he attended the same high school as Jade, but he now works in a car garage in California.

Her step-mom had made, Jade's dad help them out until Beck could find a job. Luckily he had found one in a local car garage- though he had never worked with cars before, they gave him payed training, so he could learn how to do the job as he went along the way-. He hadn't wanted this, he had always wanted to be an actor, and the chances of that happening had looked promising.

He had attended the same high school as, Jade, and had landed roles in almost every school play, he was good at acting, he knew that. Besides he enjoyed it, but now it didn't seem likely to happen at all.

Jade won't lie, this isn't the way she thought her life would be by the time she was eighteen, she always saw herself in college and then later in life as an actress, that was always her dream, but now it had been put on hold.

She walks into the kitchen-after being to the toilet to throw up for what must be the tenth time today-where Beck stands over a pan that has steam teaming out of it. "Hey, babe," Beck says, he looks away from the pan and to Jade, who is rubbing her stomach and wincing. "What's wrong?" he asks, his chocolate brown eyes fill with worry as he looks at his heavily pregnant girlfriend.

"Nothing, he's just kicking, kicking away," Jade says.

"He?" Beck asks, "How'd you know we're having a boy?"

Jade shrugs "I just think we are."

"You're wrong, we're having a little girl, I promise you that much."

Jade just rolls her eyes as she has done for months now. She wants to have a boy badly; it's not that she minds what she has she just wants to be able to tell Beck, he was wrong. "So, what's for dinner?" she asks.

"Noodles," Beck says casually.

"Do we have cheese?"

Beck nods "Yeah, I already grated you some; it's in a dish waiting for your noodles to be ready."

"Good," Jade says through a smile. Lately, she had been eating everything with cheese on it, weather it was sliced cheese, or grated cheese, it's what she had been craving; she just couldn't eat soft cheese.

Beck makes the food and the young couple eat it at the small table in the kitchen.

After the couple has eaten dinner, they lounge around in the living room, they lay together on the couch, Beck has his arm weaved around Jade, he rubs her stomach gently.

He feels the baby kicking against his hand, and he smiles to himself, he loves this feeling, he has since the first time he felt it, thought Jade regularly complains about the feeling.

But then again, he isn't feeling the full force of his child's foot.

He kisses Jade on her cheek and whispers "I love you," Jade can't help but smile.

"I know you do." She replies.

Beck continues to rub Jade's stomach, Jade's eyes slowly start to close, and within no time at all, the pregnant teenager is asleep wrapped in her boyfriend's arms.

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