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When Diana landed and powered down all she could do was cry. After everything they've been through as a team. After all she had to sacrifice and had to put up with and now this? She was to be left for dead? She was so close to getting the money she needed and maybe that's why this was happening. She was a loose end in a bigger picture. Shell never forgive Victor or those two bird brains.


Katt and the Black knights were ready for anything that these three traitors and bounty hunters could come up with. The engineers we're done with the Asteroid defenses and started to head back to the station when unidentified ships began heading to the station.

"That's them! The Hunters are here!"

Sure enough the Hunters, a dangerous group of bounty hunters flew out of the asteroids and Katt and the Knights moved into intercept.

"Beg pardon. Is this thing on? Very good. Team, this is Wallace. The orbital defense is still down, give them time to warm up. It'll be about ten, fifteen minutes. Thank you."

There was a group sigh and the battle started.
Scott noticed right away the Renegades weren't attacking. They chased and shot a few lasers but they looked like novices.
"Charles, back me up." Charles looked out his cockpit and saw Scott pull a u-turn and so he followed. Scott flew under the two fighters Victor was chasing, flew straight up and fired in front of the Hunters and shot them both down.

Victor was pissed "H-Hey! Those were mine!" He fired warning shots at Scott who deflected the shots with his wings. "Better luck next time."

Charles saw what Scott's plan was and quickly told Thane and Katt to work in similar teams.

This was risky seeing how the four really were the only defense against the Hunters who were constantly on the Knights back.

"I'll be sure to get that reward." And "I'm gonna be rich!" Was heard often enough to where Thane almost didn't want to get paid for this. Almost. He laughed to himself as he shot down three Hunters.

Just then, a few cruisers entered the space near by and launched more hunters. Some of their elite fighters and that meant greater hull strength and shield defenses. This was quickly going bad and that's when Victor actively chased Charles.

"You're going down pup!" Victor yelled as he tried to keep up with Charles who quickly flew up and when he did Victor saw Scott flying straight to him already firing his twin lasers. Victor fired back but had to pull up and Scott had to laugh.

"That's a mistake!" Scott fired at Victor's exposed hull and he had to speed away to one of the cruisers for some repairs.

"I own ya one Scott." Charles said on the coms. "Shrimp and mushrooms for dinner tonight then."

Charles made a gagging noise as he weakened the Hunter in front of him. The rest of the team, including Katt had to laugh.

(Now the two mercenaries I forgot to introduce are now launching from the hanger bay. Their ships looked like modified Cornarian starfighters and painted them blue on the top but added chrome finishing on the button of the ship.)

Eva Goldtail is the first pilot and is a cheetah with blue eyes. She has a slim and athletic build so very tall and very thin. She also seemed to be the outgoing one of the two.

Alicia Snowfang was the second pilot and is a she wolf. She was more reserved than her friend and the better pilot. She has white fur, blue eyes a medium build and "well developed."

"Sorry to keep you all waiting but our ships are back to full strength!" Eva called moving in to assist Katt.

"Alicia! Eva! I thought you two would miss all the fun darlings." Cat said smiling.

"Better late than never." Charles said to himself. Shooting down another fighter. "Dang! They're tough!"

When Alicia exited the hanger she observed the situation and tried to plan accordingly and headed for a cruiser that seemed to be isolated.

Alicia's face showed up on the team chat screen. "Moving in to attack a cruiser. Someone back me up."

Charles' heart skipped a beat and he sped over to Alica's location.
"I'm on it."

Alicia nodded accepting the help.
Charles shot off the defensive guns and mini torpedoes as Alicia shot at the hull of the ship with her twin lasers.

The ship began to crumble and the two pulled up.

"Thanks for the cover." Alicia said
"Anytime, and name's Charles." Said smiling.

"Yo Charles! Back to the fight." Thane yelled interupting their small moment.

The mercenaries had taken a good amount of damage before the the defensive guns came online and started firing at the Hunters but the the enemy fighters could take a direct shot and keep going.

And if that wasn't enough, George and Mike where making life really hard for Scott and Thane.
They were in a constant circle trading blow for blow but Scott and Thane were also fired upon by other Hunters.

Scott's face appeared on Thane's video screen.

"Thane! Let's give 'em flight pattern beta."
Thane nodded "Sounds good to me. Let's do it."

Scott and Thane flew in opposite directions each with a Renegade behind him then made an easy U-turn enough to stay out of the laser fire then flew at top speed right at each other.

"Wait for it..." Scott said steadying himself. "Wait for it..."

Thane and Scott both turned right to get out of each others way and the hawk twins crashed their wings on each other.

"How did we-"
"-Not see that coming." They said one after the other then in unison shouted.
"Back to the cruiser." With that they flew as fast as they could away.

"Yes! It worked Scott!" Thane cheered.
"Of course it worked." Scott said with pride and then to himself said "Can't believe that actually worked."

Charles caught up with the two and shook his head. "Head back to the station for repairs you two."
When Scott was about to protest he looked at his shields and the two complied and no sooner had they flown in Diana flew out and began shooting fighters down left in right yelling as she did so.

Her eyes were red from crying but there was no mistake what was in them now and Charles was glad they were on the same side at the moment.

Victor also flew out of the hanger of a Hunter Cruiser he was on and yelled at Diana.

"What the hell are you doing?! Stick to the plan!"
As he spoke he fired warning shots at her but she merely barrel rolled out of the way and returned fire.

"And take all the heat for you guys?! You were going to abandon me!"

Charles joined the conversation "Truely hell has no fury... He's all your's Diana."

Victor swore as Diana fired at Victor again. The dog fight soon followed as Katt, Alicia, Eva and Charles cleared the rest of the fighters.

Sensing defeat and possible death he shot a Nova bomb at an asteroid and the following explosion covered his escape and the last cruiser fled the battle.

Diana shot at the cruiser in vain and Katt formed on her wing. "Diana honey?" Katt said with her silky voice trying to calm the rabbit down. "You showed him but we need to stick to the task okay?"

Diana let out a few deep breath before answering.

Everyone docked in the hanger bay and before going to the Rek room each member of the team took turns comforting Diana one at a time.
Scott was the last to do so and all he did was look at her and there seemed to be an understanding between the two and she hugged him tightly. Scott admitted later that he thought he broke something but he didn't.