"Dallas, don't! I swear to God-" Fiona Coyne screamed as she ran top speed all around the loft, her cries and pleas so high-pitched it could shatter glass.

Mike Dallas wasn't at all the guy that the majority of students at school saw him to be. His front was strong but had anyone given him just a second, they would've seen right through it all.

Sure, he was cocky and had the tendency of making jokes at other's expense. True, he would seek revenge for the pettiest wrongdoings done towards himself or his hockey team, and his past was full of playing girls like puppets. And yeah, he did sabotage Clare's surprise party, start a full out brawl in Fiona's home, and try to stop Romeo and Jules, probably the best play to ever be performed in Degrassi history: but underneath that tough guy façade?

Dallas was actually a sweetheart. He was a teen father, putting everything into his schoolwork and his role as captain of the Toronto Ice Hounds to provide a better future for his son. He was willing to be the bad guy on the hockey team, yelling at anyone who slacked off or wanted to give up because he knew that those individuals as well as the team as a whole were capable of so much more. His ultimate goal was to make people smile, laugh, and put his friends and family first. Dallas was just another teen trying to make it in this crazy world, working to figure out who he was and where he fit in all while hoping the perfect girl would stumble along amongst the madness to be by his side through the chaos. For a second he did think he found the perfect girl. No not Vanessa, his baby mama.

Fiona. Her name was even so lovely it made his seemingly stone cold heart want to melt, but he would never admit that to anyone. It did massively suck that her first impression of him was 'vile' and that she had once threatened to call the cops had he not left the party he was not invited to but after accepting that she was who she was – a lesbian - and after copious moments of acting like an obedient softie, she warmed up to him again and from there, their friendship blossomed.

Fiona was the perfect girl. She was highly educated, very cultured, dressed beautifully and was very productive in student council. She knew how to have down time, she knew how to be humble but she also knew how to let loose and display her confidence in herself. It also helped that she didn't drink – that meant she would always be herself and not act sloppy, stumbling around or making a horrid scene.

Fiona was also very good with Rocky. Dallas wasn't the type to bring his son around every woman he spent time with, but the two were often partners in the classes Imogen wasn't enrolled in and every now and then, their schedules were too hectic that they couldn't help but co-babysit while simultaneously working on projects. The bad part was that Fiona frequently got sidetracked; Rocky was just too adorable to not give her full attention to. She would hug him, hold him, feed him and play kiddie basketball with him. It was the greatest thing Dallas had ever seen. Rocky had his moments of crying and throwing a fit but Fiona would always soothingly talk to him – not baby talk him, she actually treated him like a person and Dallas highly appreciated that. Fiona truly loved Dallas's son and never had a problem with his presence. Sometimes she'd be in the middle of a breakthrough for their projects and she would just end the day there and convince Dallas to take her and Rocky to the park to walk, grab some ice cream or have a picnic.

Too bad she wasn't into guys though, that, to Dallas, was her only flaw, only because that meant he was friend-zoned for life. He had to admit that he felt less threatened knowing that she dated girls and her girlfriend at the moment was such a weirdo that Dallas could hardly take their relationship seriously. Regardless of the two dating or not, Fiona made Dallas want to be an even better person and around her, all of his brick walls came crashing down.

Being besties with Fiona, however, meant having to interact with that 'weirdo' girlfriend, Imogen Moreno. It was often awkward; they would merely speak just to fill in the painful silence. They had nothing in common, neither one cared to get to know the other and Imogen still couldn't get over how Dallas initially spoke to Fiona when they had just met, as well as causing unnecessary drama in her older girlfriend's home. Fiona would force that the three of them should sit for lunches in the cafeteria and the two would solely speak through Fiona to one another. Dallas was a little jealous of her here and there, not only because she was dating the most attractive girl he had ever laid his eyes on, but also because he knew that Fiona and Imogen were best friends before dating. That meant even in the friend department he took a back seat because had the two not been dating, she would be going to Imogen for everything, including relationship advice. But that's where Dallas felt empowered; Fiona's relationship was the one thing that she discussed with Dallas and not at all with Imogen. Of course, the girls would talk out their issues and come to understandings or compromises but whenever they weren't getting along or having some minor issues, Dallas would now be the first one Fiona would run to.

"Dallas...Dallas….DALLAS!" Fiona yelled, now leaping all over her couch, leaving water trails all over it, as well as on the wooden floor.

"Pick a punishment and it'll be over with!" Dallas attempted to compromise, chasing the socialite through the living room. In one hand he had a giant squirt gun, the other had a towel that he kept snapping, scaring the hell out of Fiona since she was not at all capable of handling even the most miniscule amounts of pain. She was quite the baby, but also quite the princess, so Dallas treated her as such but in ways that Fiona was grateful for. Even so, he couldn't help but mess with her every once in a while to keep the friendship extra fun.

"No! I was kidding! Kidding does not entail abuse towards me!" She shouted – half joking, half in sheer terror. Dallas never saw Fiona's athletic side until he chose to play around with her. She jumped over the back of the couch and managed to land well on her feet, bolting towards her bedroom, next the restroom, all which Dallas managed to beat her to and block. Fiona's places of safety were becoming very limited so she sprinted over to the kitchen and climbed on the countertop of the island that lie in the middle of the kitchen, standing directly in the center of it, praying the remaining area was enough to keep Dallas away from her.

Dallas had come over earlier dressed casually in a black v-neck, LA Lakers swim trunks and slip on black Vans. He always went out of his way to wear something sports related whether it be shirts, jerseys, a cap or any other miscellaneous items to mess with Fiona, knowing her sports knowledge was sparse. She'd go to the Ice Hounds games often wearing her jersey with Dallas's name and number that he had given to her (she actually liked it a lot, it gave her a different but still sexy look) and she'd understand bits of the games but when it came to all other sports she was almost entirely dim to what was going on. Fiona also knew that Vans was a popular skate brand, and whenever she saw it worn around she couldn't help but roll her eyes, especially when it was on girls. She found it overrated and couldn't comprehend why non-skaters would often dress head to toe in the brand – definitely though, she would not be caught dead wearing anything of the sort.

Fiona knew how Dallas's mind worked and being attracted to girls as well, she personally knew what kinds of things would make him tick and feel aroused: she would mess with him regularly, sometimes clueless to how effective her tactics were: she was pretty blind to the fact that Dallas was still really into her. She decided to let him off the hook today just a tiny bit and opt out on wearing his jersey which was a huge catalyst to making him squirm, but it was hardly any better when she answered the door in her alluring Victoria's Secret bikini, hot pink and softer pink stripes on the 50's inspired top, simple black bottoms completing her look. In that moment, Dallas was ready to hang himself – his best friend looked tantalizing, and it wasn't fair that he could look and hardly touch any part of her noticeable, perfectly voluptuous curves.

He walked in ready to go, kicking off his shoes and stripped off his shirt and then the two headed down to the indoor pool area provided to the loft owners. Mostly adults in their 30's or so were in the building, so the pool got little use which was good when Fiona would decide to throw little parties once in a while with only her closest friends and their dates in attendance. The space was beautiful though – there were huge windows that allowed for the heat and sunlight to come in, and many parts opened up to make it feel like the swimming tenants were actually outdoors.

Dallas immediately jumped into the pool but Fiona was more hesitant. She situated herself in a spot that let nature in, the sun shining down onto her body to give it a perfect tan. Dallas would lightly splash her whenever his laps brought him close to her and Fiona would scold him, but in reality she didn't mind it much, especially since the heat would be too much to bear at times so the water actually relieved her. Dallas was having fun as he swam around and Fiona continued laying out, but after a while he knew he couldn't just leave her there to burn so instead, he climbed out of the pool, scooped her up in his arms and tossed her into the pool, following behind shortly after.

Fiona was in absolute shock and wanted to kill Dallas, and as his manly laughter filled the space, she couldn't help but giggle along. She utilized the pool for 10 minutes before getting out and returned to soaking up the sun. Fiona wasn't a fan of her hair getting wet, so she was glad when it finally dried up 20 minutes later and in even better condition than before. Eventually the pair grew pretty sleepy because of the perfect sun and the water combination so they both decided to head back up to Fiona's loft.

As they made their way out of the pool area, Dallas was walking near the edge of the pool causing Fiona to snatch his towel and push him back in the water. He loved Fiona's playfulness and scurried out of the pool, giving her a big, wet hug before taking his towel back and going into the elevator.

In the elevator, Dallas was wiping himself off so erratically with the towel that he looked kind of funny so to keep the laughter going, Fiona made a joke involving Dallas and "Gorillas in the Mist": her joke was so good that Dallas was completely surprised and was dying to get back at her - hence their now mini war with Fiona in a state of terror and Dallas initiating it.

"Say you're sorry and this will end!" He shouted with laughter, surrounding Fiona completely. He held up his weapons of choice as Fiona's eyes fixated on them.


"Pain or water?!" Dallas bargained.


"Then say sorry!" He said, twirling the towel in one hand but pointing the water gun at her with the other.

"NO!" Fiona dismissed like a child.

Dallas wasn't going to hurt Fiona, of course, and he knew the thought of getting whipped with a towel was scaring her enough. He kept twirling the towel for dramatic effect, but shot the water gun, letting the stream of water gradually go up her body.

"Dallas!...Stop, stop!" She pleaded, trying her best to move away on the restricted amount of counter space she had available. "My hair finally dried and has natural beach waves, I haven't had my hair look this perfect in so long – don't fuck it up!" She demanded.

"Then say sorry!" He pressed, stopping the stream of water only to shoot right over her head, causing her to feel drops of water trickle down onto her skin while knowing some had fell into her hair.

"Fine, fine!" She said, letting out a defeated huff. "Sorry! I'm sorry!"

Dallas let out a deep, loud chuckle of victory, placing the towel and gun onto the counter and held his arms out.

Fiona sighed, relieved her nightmare was over and leaped into Dallas's arms, her landing making her look like a cradled baby or cheerleader as her arms instinctively wrapped around his neck. "You're so demonic. I feel like you plot diabolically against me right before we hang out each and every time."

"I do actually," he grinned. "At night I actually lay in bed and ponder how I can make your life hell."

"Ponder? Big word for a barbarian." She challenged, her perfectly shaped eyebrow cocking.

"Watch it, I'll drop you," he countered firmly.

"No don't!" Fiona whined, tightening her grip around his neck.

Moments like this, Dallas couldn't help but feel like Fiona was his girlfriend. He loved holding her, being close to her and just appreciating the beauty she was. But he knew the boundaries and never dared to cross them, he wasn't willing to let a momentary lapse ruin something so amazing.

"You know I'd never," he reminded, walking over towards the semi-soaking couch.

"I know," Fiona hummed, kicking her feet playfully as Dallas stood behind the couch. He leaned down as he set Fiona on the cushions gently, and suddenly shook a bit as he got caught off guard hearing the heavy door swing open.

"Fionssss," he heard a high voice sing, instantly causing him to roll his eyes.

"Hey Immy!" Fiona chirped eagerly, turning her attention to the door as her eyes met with Imogen's. "What are you doing here? Did we have plans that I totally forgot about? Because if so, I'm so sorry," she said, her lower lip pouted out hoping for immediate forgiveness.

"No," Imogen said, putting Fiona at ease; her eyes still fixated on her girlfriend's. "I just wanted to come over and say hello." Imogen was very oblivious yet very aware all at the same time but right now, she was oblivious going into a state of awareness. As her eyes moved away from Fiona's, she caught sight of her half-naked girlfriend. She then saw the large mass behind the couch, his arms retreating from under her. Fiona hopped up on her feet as Dallas stared, dumbstruck, and Fiona ran to Imogen, throwing her arms around her girlfriend's neck to give her a sweet hug. Her damp body pressed into Imogen's dry clothing, but that's not what she minded as her arms instinctively wrapped around the older girl's waist, returning the embrace. The scene Imogen had walked into was burning in her mind. "What's going on here?" She asked, her voice low as she tried to hide any traces of worry.

"Nothing," Dallas replied, grumpiness apparent in his voice.

Fiona looked back at him, then at Imogen as she pulled away slowly with a smile. She knew Dallas and Imogen weren't the best of friends and she did sense the awkwardness whenever the three of them were together, but she wasn't ready to give up on a potentially perfect trio. Fiona liked having alone time with Imogen and alone time with Dallas but sometimes she felt it would be easier had they all been able to just hang out together every now and then. Fiona was also disappointed that Eli Goldsworthy hadn't been coming around often due to his relationship with Clare, because she felt like he and Dallas could finally make up and be friends so there wouldn't always be a duo with the third wheel tagging along. At least had Dallas and Eli both been around with Fiona and Imogen, the two could chat and do 'stupid guy stuff' as Fiona would say in attempt to convince Eli and Dallas to tag along together along with the happy couple.

"Oh nothing," Fiona replied next to Imogen's question, her voice calm and soothing. "We just had a little swim day is all."

Imogen trusted Fiona completely, it was that Mike Dallas tool that she didn't. She knew Fiona would push him away had he tried making a move on her but even then she wouldn't be able to help but be irate that he'd be disrespectful of their relationship – although he had explained many times that he wouldn't try any funny business with Fiona. Fiona had also explained to Imogen that she was in fact Dallas's gay best friend – like how straight girls would have gay best friends who were boys, except Fiona was the gay one and had a straight guy best friend.

"Cute," Imogen said plainly.

"So," Fiona said merrily, always trying to lighten the mood, "what should the three of us do tonight?"

"Fi," Dallas said, causing Imogen to throw over a look that could kill at him. She felt like that was solely her name to call her girlfriend. "I can go and give you guys some time, after all we just got done hanging out."

"Yeah if you call bullying me hanging out," Fiona giggled. "Let me get out of this thing then we'll decide what we can do," she said, heading into her room and slid the door shut.

"Alright," Imogen and Dallas simultaneously responded, as Imogen caught Dallas intensely watching Fiona retreat to her room. Dallas looked over at Imogen, catching her evil stare and smiled innocently.

"What? I was just making sure she wouldn't slip."

"Oh please," Imogen dismissed. "You were checking out my girlfriend But don't worry, I would too if I weren't able to get a magnificent catch like Fiona Coyne."

"Well we hung out all day with her dressed like that," he challenged. "It's not really checking her out when she puts it all on display. And let me tell you, I loved what I saw."

"Well I get to see her naked," Imogen said with a smirk, which shut Dallas up completely.

"And would you put on a shirt," she continued. "No one wants to see that. Not Fiona most definitely, and not me. Although I still have some attraction to the male population, you aren't impressing anybody."

"Relax Moreno, stop being so uptight and insecure." He said, drying off as best as he could before slipping his shirt back on.

"Insecure? Stop trying to get with my girlfriend. It's pathetic, really, especially since she doesn't even like guys. You aren't going to change that."

"I told you, we're friends. I'm not going to do something stupid and fuck up my friendship with her."

"I don't trust you."

"And I don't trust bisexual girls," Dallas said grimly, walking over to the couch and plopping down onto it, his legs crossing as they rested up on the coffee table. "Who knows you won't cheat on her when you've got such a huge playing field."

"Shut up you idiot, you know I would never, ever cheat on Fiona." Imogen said, crossing her arms as she glared at Dallas. "And I'm not bisexual. I'll even admit that I don't know what I am. But I'm damn sure that I love Fiona so stop the bull-"

"Done!" Fiona announced, sliding her door back open as she stepped out of her room in dark grey jeans and a pink and white striped button-up with the sleeves rolled up beautifully. She let her hair remain down but combed it some to give it a more tamed look.

All of Imogen's anger suddenly dissipated. That was the Fiona Coyne. Stunning, alluring, breathtaking. And that was Imogen's girlfriend.

"You look absolutely gorgeous," Imogen said warmly, a smile taking over her face.

"Merci beaucoup darling," Fiona replied happily, walking over to her girlfriend and placing a gentle kiss on her lips.

Imogen couldn't help but peek and look at Dallas. He was obviously taken back too by Fiona's appeal and much to Imogen's pleasure, he looked highly uncomfortable at the two's loving gesture towards one another.

Fiona pulled back slowly, smiling at Imogen then smiling over at Dallas. "So, what shall we do?"

Dallas and Imogen shared a look for a moment before turning their attention back on Fiona.

"Whatever you want," Dallas responded wholeheartedly.

"Kiss ass," Imogen scoffed, her eyes rolling once again.

"Immy…" Fiona said, her eyes saddened as they settled on her girlfriend's.

"I'm sorry Fi but come on, he really is just trying to make himself look good. You didn't see how he was acting while you were changing."

"Well maybe you shouldn't come over unless you're invited," Dallas chimed in.

"Dallas!" Fiona said sternly, giving him a look at caused him to back down.

"I'm sorry Fiona but your girlfriend's psycho."

"I'll show you psycho," Imogen threatened, stomping over to Dallas. Fiona wasn't sure about Imogen's fighting skills, but she wasn't willing to take chances. Dallas sat there, unfazed, as Fiona grabbed her girlfriend's arms and pulled her back.

"Im, knock it off. Right now."

Imogen complied and Fiona released her girlfriend, looking back and forth between the two baby-acting teens. "You two are ridiculous, way too old to be acting like infants," she declared. "Why must you bicker so often?"

"He started it!" Imogen said, pointing a finger at Dallas.

"She started it!" Dallas said in harmony with Imogen, his finger too accusing the younger girl.

Fiona threw her head back and groaned, her hand resting on her forehead as she focused back on the two. "Seriously, you two need to sort out your differences, now, or else I'm done with you." She looked at Imogen and back at Dallas once again. "Both of you," she stressed.

Imogen and Dallas's hearts both sank. They weren't sure about the credibility of Fiona's words, but neither of them was going to jeopardize Fiona's presence in their lives.

"You," Fiona said, pointing at Dallas, "and you," she continued, her finger moving to Imogen, "are going to hang out."

Both Dallas and Imogen were ready to reject the idea, but halted their efforts as Fiona held up a finger. "I don't want to hear it. You two better learn to get along, or else. So tonight, you guys are both sleeping over and tomorrow, you two, without me, are going to hang out. One on one. I don't care what it takes, but I'm not dealing with this anymore."

Fiona's eyes settled on Imogen's. Imogen had to give into Fiona's wish – that was her girlfriend, the love of her life, and she wasn't going to lose her over some moronic jock. Fiona expected Imogen to be the bigger person and Imogen was aware of that, so she let out a sigh and nodded her head. "Fine."

Fiona then looked at Dallas, her brows raised as she gave a 'you better do what I say' type of look, which Dallas was always powerless to. "Alright, alright."

"Well since now I don't want to go out whatsoever," Fiona said, instilling guilt in the both of them, "get in your sleepwear and we'll see what to do with this night. Better be ready to get up bright and early tomorrow though and come up with something fun to do for yourselves because this is all in your hands."

Dallas grumbled as he got up, grabbing his bag with his spare change of clothes and headed towards the restroom to change. Fiona grabbed Imogen's hand, dragging her back to the bedroom hurriedly due to the anger and adrenaline pumping through her veins.

"I hope you know the only reason you're coming with me is because your stuff is in my room," she said, releasing Imogen as they got back into her bedroom and shut the door. "I honestly can't believe you," Fiona expressed disappointedly, taking off her fresh outfit.

Imogen couldn't help but stare at her girlfriend undressing, and it did seduce her some that her girlfriend was so angry, but she knew Fiona meant business and she wasn't going to piss her off any more than she had. "I'm sorry Fions," she said in an upset tone, undressing herself. "I couldn't help it. He's such a dick."

"Even so, I expect better of you," the older girl insisted, "if you don't fix this, we're going to have a big problem." Fiona finally got rid of her outfit, tossing it in her hamper of dirty laundry although she hadn't worn the outfit for more than a handful of minutes. She went to Imogen's drawer and pulled out a more oversized shirt that Imogen had purchased from the Imagine Dragon's merchandise table after the couple watched one of their concerts and slipped it on.

"So this is all on me?" Imogen questioned, going into her drawer as well and pulling out her own clothes – her outfit for bed for tonight was a band shirt as well, this one representing the Augustana concert that the two attended together, matching it with neon bright, baby blue shorts. Imogen took the extra clips out of her hair and other accessories and tied her hair up in a neat bun. She examined Fiona, not entirely pleased with her choice of sleepwear. "Would it kill you to put on pants?"

Fiona rolled her eyes and quickly slipped on her own Victoria's Secret yoga shorts black in color with pink and white jagged lines imprinted on the waistband. "You're my girlfriend, you fix this. Simple. Oh and keep up the attitude and Dallas will be sleeping on the couch and you'll be in the guest bedroom."

"Better than the couch," Imogen smirked.

Fiona cocked a brow. "I'm getting much closer to putting him in the bedroom and you on the couch. And just so you know, it's pretty damp. Either way, you lose out."

"Fine Fiona," Imogen agreed, going over to give her girlfriend a hug to solidify the fact that she was still allowed to sleep in the same bed with her tonight despite the dispute out in the living room; but Fiona stepped back, her eyes looking deeply into Imogen's, her expression softening.

"Immy, please play nice. Really. For me," she pleaded.

"Okay, okay." Imogen said, already exhausted from the back and forth between herself and Fiona, as well as herself and Dallas. Fiona finally stepped forward to Imogen though, her arms wrapping around the younger girl's neck and hugged her tightly, breathing her in softly.

"And you know I'd never put you in another bedroom, let alone on the couch," Fiona consoled. "I sleep better when you're beside me, even when you're acting like extremely childish."

Imogen disregarded the last comment and was a little more motivated by this embrace, holding Fiona closely for a moment before an abrupt, hard knock disrupted the moment.

"Come on ladies," they heard Dallas's deep voice sing through the door. "I definitely have to catch a massive amount of Z's before the walk through hell tomorrow."

Imogen pulled back from Fiona a bit, giving her an irritated expression of the 'what the hell are you getting me into' sort. Fiona still wasn't budging on her seemingly simple demand though, returning a dour look to her girlfriend.

"Fineee," Imogen quickly droned in response to Fiona's serious demeanor, absolutely dreading the day that would follow.

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