Their day began with a noiseless walk as the pair strolled the streets of Toronto. Normally there had been so much to do that no one had difficulty coming up with an exciting day to occupy the day. However, the sports obsessed Dallas and the artsy Imogen had no common ground at all, which would prove to add difficulty to the task of finding a common ground.

"This will go quicker if we actually agree on something," Imogen offered.

"You hate sports and I'm not into the whole looking-at-wiggly-lines-and-calling-it-art sort of thing," Dallas pointed out.

Imogen inhaled deeply, as if her patience would come from thin air, and shrugged her shoulders. "We can't just go back and tell Fiona we couldn't do this. She'll be very upset and I'm not dealing with an upset girlfriend."

"I'll deal with her then," Dallas provoked. Imogen knew he meant it in a way that would make her want to sock him straight in the Adam's apple. She gave him a death stare and with that, Dallas backed down from the I'm-going-to-steal-your-girlfriend type of remarks for a moment. "Or we could just sit around for a little bit, come up with a matching story, go back to the loft and feed it to Fiona. She'll never know the difference and we'll get this over with even faster."

"You're a selfish pig," Imogen accused. "Not only do you consistently hit on my girlfriend and make disrespectful remarks to me, but you're suggesting that I lie to my girlfriend? No way, no how. You can tell her that you didn't want to try and we can deal with her consequences from there, but I am not lying to Fiona. And for someone so obsessed with her, I'm actually shocked that you would do something so devious towards her."

"Calm down drama queen," Dallas said nonchalantly. "It's not that big of a deal."

Imogen shook her head; she was not budging on this matter. She let her mind travel back to the basics to help her think of something the two could do without strangling each other. "Do you like food?"

Dallas made an annoyed look. Who the hell asks a question like that? "Do you really need me to answer that?"

Imogen, again, shook her head. "Nope. Just wanted to make sure you're human," she said, now being the one to take a slight jab at the jock. "Let's go talk over some food and we can throw in the towel after that. It sucks since we'll actually have to talk but at least we'll get this over with."

"Fine," Dallas agreed, then changed walking direction abruptly.

Imogen was caught off guard and nearly fell trying to follow his direction and pace, luckily catching herself instead and followed his lead. "Where are you going?"

"Little Miss Steaks," Dallas answered calmly. "We're just gonna keep it simple."

"Alrighty then," Imogen replied. She honestly did not care where they went to eat at this point; she was done with the bickering and was willing to agree with most things to make this day as painless as possible.


Within ten silent minutes the two arrived at Little Miss Steaks, grabbing a secluded booth near the back. The one other thing they were mutual about was the fact that neither of them wanted to be seen in public together by someone that they knew.

Neither Dallas nor Imogen uttered a word until it was time to place their orders: Dallas had ordered water and hot wings – typical of any male sports fan, whereas Imogen splurged slightly on the appetizers, ordering water, fried zucchini and mozzarella sticks.

As the waiter went away, Imogen folded her hands on top of the table, twiddling her thumbs. She had put in a lot more effort with Dallas than he had with her – being noticeably more mature, breaking the silences, and following his lead with the choice of diner. There was only so much she could do and the urge to get up and leave was rapidly growing within her.

The feeling suddenly halted as Dallas's deep voice floated through the air. "So…" he attempted, "ever been to an Ice Hounds game?"

Imogen was hopeful at first, but not surprised when the conversation directed towards Dallas. He was so self-centered, not even rightfully so, and he definitely needed to be put in his place before she lost her mind. "What's your deal? Really. You're so typical."

"What are you talking about?" He asked defensively.

Imogen leaned her arms down on the table, more aggressive now. "You're something that has come in and out of Degrassi as often as an STD outbreak. You're the big, bad jock. Captain more specifically, so you think you're all that." She paused for a moment as their waitress returned, placing their glasses of water down. Imogen kept her gaze on Dallas, the tip of her index finger running around the rim of her glass. "You get mediocre grades but hey, you get all the girls. You think you're cool because you can - what do you guys call it? 'Hit it and quit it', right? But in actuality, you want a relationship. But you're scared. Scared that someone could come in and turn your whole life upside down. So you act like sleeping around is fun and makes you 'cool', but what you really want someone that wholeheartedly loves you, supports you and won't give up when the going gets tough. Hence, you inappropriately making advances towards my girlfriend that has done all of those things for me."

"Moreno, please," he scoffed. "You've got it all wrong. I'm captain of the first hockey team to even go to your school; we brought something different. We're the best - everyone knows it. And I'm young, that's why girls are disposable. I'm not looking to get wifed up. And you try keeping your grades at straight A's while having hours of hockey practice everyday. You'd die half a week into my life."

Imogen smirked. "I don't want your life Dallas. I love mine because I have Fiona, and you don't. She's the hottest girl at Degrassi; everyone knows it. I may just be the artsy, glasses wearing weirdo but she fell in love with me, and now we're in one of the best couples the school has ever seen. You want her, so how does it feel that you can never, ever have her?"

Dallas felt a pain in his chest, but he wasn't going to show weakness. However, just as he was about to dispute Imogen's claims, the waitress appeared, placing their food down on the table. Imogen had a cocky grin but kept further comments to herself, instead digging into her food. Dallas had the absence of any smile-like feature and hesitantly started eating his food, remaining quiet throughout the meal.

What felt like a century later, the two finished off their food, no words spoken since its arrival. The bill came and Imogen immediately snagged it, breaking the silence as she pulled out her wallet. "No worries, jock. I've got this. Your life does suck after all," she shot, sliding the cash on top of the receipt and placing it in the middle of the table. "We tried, it didn't work, now let's go," she ordered, sliding out from the booth and this time, led the way back to Fiona's loft.


Her tiny fist pounded on the large door, then transitioned to ferociously ringing the doorbell when there was no immediate answer. Within a couple more seconds the door swung open, Fiona giving off a look of displeasure. "Hellooo, you know it takes me a while to get the door."

"Yeah sorry," Imogen said, walking past Fiona into the loft and plopped down on the couch.

Fiona face formed into a puzzled one, looking over at Imogen then back out the door at Dallas. "What's her problem?"

Dallas shrugged, walking less hostilely into the loft and sat in one of the higher chairs at the island in the kitchen.

Fiona shut the door, turning to look at the both of them, winced, and shook her head. "Okay I'm confused, someone please fill me in."

Imogen was surprisingly hesitant to speak up and Dallas, frankly, was pissed off by her demeanor considering how mouthy she was just moments ago. "Are you serious?"

Imogen turned her body to look at Dallas, eyebrows just slightly raised. "What ever could you be talking about?"

"You insulted me most of our stupid hangout and now you have nothing to say?" Dallas interrogated, volume rising as well as his position from the chair. "You're going to act all innocent in front of Fiona?!"

"Dallas lower your voice right now," Fiona demanded.

"But Fiona-"

"Zip it, right now."

Dallas sunk back into his seat, letting out a breath as he shook his head.

Imogen turned back around to see Fiona's full attention on her, cocking her head to the side slightly.

"Care to explain?" Fiona questioned.

"Keep in mind, you'd never lie to Fiona," Dallas added, causing Fiona to throw an irritated glare.

"Imogen, what's going on?"

Imogen let out a groan, standing up from the couch. "I put that immature bastard in his place, that's what happened," she said coolly.

Fiona gasped, "Imogen!"

"I'm sorry Fiona," Imogen said honestly, her face softening. "But I've been trying hard with this jerk even after he insulted me all yesterday and made our hang out pretty difficult. He's always pushing my buttons, so I snapped." She slowly approached Fiona, taking her hands into her own. Fiona complied, but Imogen's hands received no grip from the older girl's end. "I love you Fiona, I really do. I did what I could, even beyond that, but when someone constantly disrespects you and won't take kindly to your mature gestures you go a little crazy."

Fiona looked at Imogen, her blue eyes focusing on her brown ones. The older girl could tell from her eyes that she was being honest, and with the replays of the prior day occupying her mind, she couldn't help but see past Dallas's victim role.

"Fiona I didn't deserve it. I was pretty cordial with her today. You can't believe her," Dallas interrupted, approaching the couple.

Fiona slid her hands away from Imogen's, crossing her arms over her chest as her and Dallas met face-to-face. Concentrating on her face only made her frown: she had so many wonderful memories with this guy. They could talk about virtually anything, had fun anywhere they went and just seemed to clique. "Dallas…" she said quietly, "I told you to try, for me. And I know you may have tried, but not without low blowing Imogen. I didn't even have to be there to know that you were provoking her. It's already unfair that I put pressure on her to make peace with you, but it's even worse that you won't treat her decently as a human being."

"I'll try harder," Dallas attempted to compromise. The words were there, sincerity was not.

Fiona shook her head, her bottom lip quivering some. "Dallas we need a little friendship break. Until you can learn to respect Imogen, it's completely wrong for me to be hanging out with you, especially as much as I do."

Dallas seemed like stone for a moment as he stared at Fiona, then broke as his gaze shifted to Imogen, belligerently approaching her. This caused Fiona to abruptly stand between them, her hands up on his chest as she pushed him back some. "See! And that's not even about being rude, you cannot do that to a girl, that's threatening."

Dallas looked down at Fiona, his jaw flexing as he clenched his teeth. "You want to choose that freak over me? Fine," he retorted.

Fiona became infuriated. "You know it's not about choosing one or the other! I made a lot of empty, verbal threats but all I asked of you was to play nice! But look at you, being a childish brat! Maybe you'll grow up one day, and maybe we can fix our friendship but as of right now, we're done," she declared, her arm extending and pointing her finger towards the door. "Go!"

Imogen's eyebrows rose, looking between her girlfriend and Dallas. She remained speechless now, knowing she had no place to butt in.

Dallas slowly nodded his head at Fiona's request, the rest of his body staying still. As Fiona lowered her gesture and furrowed her eyebrows together, Dallas turned and almost mutely exited the loft.

Both girls let out deep breaths and Fiona returned her attention back to Imogen. Fiona gave a weak smile, her voice cracking. "I'm sorry I made you suffer through all the crap. I thought I knew him better than that."

Had this been one of their more light-hearted situations, Imogen would've sang some type of 'I told you so' song, but right now, she knew that would be inappropriate and that right now what her girlfriend needed was to be comforted. Imogen grabbed Fiona's hand and pulled her close, sliding her arms around her girlfriend's waist. She hugged her tightly, the older girl's body pressing into her own. Fiona threw her arms around Imogen's neck and buried her face into the crook of it, the sadness in her shining through her voice. "I love you."

"And I love you," Imogen consoled immediately. "And just so you know, I won't make you feel bad about being friends with him. Boys will be boys, right?" Though Imogen hated Dallas's guts, she refused to be the type of partner that controlled the other's life. She knew that separately Dallas made Fiona happy, and she wasn't about to ruin that for her.

Fiona shook her head. "No, boys will not be boys. If he doesn't respect the person I'm in love with, then I have no intentions of even looking his way."

Imogen pulled back from their embrace a bit, looking intently at Fiona's face. The corners of her mouth turned upward into a small smile and she gently kissed the curly-haired beauty's forehead. "Come on, let's go in your room and do your favorite thing."

Fiona smiled more genuinely this time, grabbing Imogen's hand and dragged her into the bedroom. Imogen pulled back the covers and plopped into bed, Fiona joining her with her laptop. Imogen was sitting up, resting back against the fluffed pillows and pulled Fiona in close, having a comforting hold around her. Fiona happily leaned with her back against her girlfriend, opening up her laptop.

"I think I'm the only person ever to do this," Imogen said with a gentle laugh.

"I'm sure you are," Fiona confirmed with a smile. She leaned up, kissing Imogen's cheek lightly before turning her attention back to her laptop. "Now hush. Do you job and cuddle me while I shop online."