Music Box: God's Gonna Cut You Down, Johnny Cash

Character: Sakazuki

Rating: K+

Spoilers: Nope

Vice Admiral Sakazuki scowled at the clock. The man he was supposed to see was four minutes late. It irritated Sakazuki greatly. If he could take time out of his patrol schedule to come down to headquarters, the least they could do is be on time.

Tick-tock. Time better off spent doing his duty.

Finally, seven minutes after his appointment should have begun, a small man came in and handed him a packet of papers.

"Vice Admiral, please fill these out. Everyone who was a part of the incident last week has to. Then you are to go see Admiral Sengoku for your debriefing."

Sakazuki's hackles rose at the allusion of the Buster Call. All that hard work, all that sacrifice, was all for nothing. And it was all because some idiot hadn't been thorough enough to catch the little demon that had slipped away.

He wished he knew who screwed up. He would make sure that they never made such a costly mistake again.

"Thank you. Tell Admiral Sengoku this won't take long." The man left with a nod and left Sakazuki to his paperwork.

Most of it wasn't important, clarification on some past reports and whatnot, but there was one official file on the Buster Call that required his signature.

Memories of Ohara flashed through his mind. The shocked silence of his subordinates as he gave the order to attack the refugee ship, the smell of burnt flesh, the rage when he had discovered it had all been for naught.

A tendril of smoke rose from his clenched fists, and Sakazuki took a breath to calm himself. It wouldn't due for him to lose control and accidently melt the pen he held in his hand.

Sakazuki knew he had a reputation as a cold, heartless monster. That was perfectly fine with him. He made the tough decisions because others couldn't. If that meant going above and beyond the call of duty, so be it.

He stood by his choices.

In this age a marine had to be resolute and unbending. World threatening, seemingly invincible powers didn't start out as such. Criminals needed to be cut down before it had the chance to grow into something unmanageable. Failure to do so was unacceptable.

That's why the Ohara business upset him so much. The Demon Child wouldn't stay a child forever, and the marines had missed their chance in exterminating the threat once and for all. Now no one knew when their next opportunity would be as the archeologist's evil grew inside her.

Justice is absolute and unyielding.

Uncapping his pen, the plastic lid still soft and moldable in his too-warm hands, Sakazuki scrawled his name across the bottom of the page. He had done his part and wasn't afraid to let the world know it.

Taking the time to straighten his paperwork into perfect order, Sakazuki left to find Admiral Sengoku.

He had a job to do, and Sakazuki wasn't going to let anything stand between him and his duty.